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Zontar, The Thing From Venus (1966)

1966zontarthethingfromvenus3ZONTAR, THE THING FROM VENUS (1966) For those of us who thought Roger Corman’s It Conquered The World (HERE) wasn’t quite cheap enough, here’s an even cheaper remake… Zontar, The Thing From Venus, starring B-movie mainstay, John Agar (Attack Of The Puppet People HERE, Journey To The Seventh Planet HERE, The Mole People HERE, The Brain From Planet Arous HERE). A megalomaniac scientist is communicating with space static to help what he believes is an earth-saving alien who, in reality, is out to conquer the world. Zontar holes up in a cave (which is supposed to simulate his environment on Venus, but is actually just a money-saving production option), and messes with the operation of cars, running water and electrical power, putting all the puny humans on notice about who their daddy is. You’d think that Zontar’s death couldn’t be achieved any easier than “It’s” death in Corman’s previous 1956 version of this story… but you’d be wrong. Directed by the great (not actually) Larry Buchanan (Mars Needs Women, HERE). EXCLAMATION-MARKED TAG LINE: It’s Coming For YOU! DIALOG ALERT: “I don’t know exactly HOW I understand, but it’s a form of hyperspace hypnotism. I DO know that I DO understand.” Find Zontar, The Thing From Venus at Amazon, HERE. New Movies, Fridays ‘Round Midnight.



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DAN HICKS & HIS HOT LICKS Original Recordings (1969/1991) + Nine More LPs In Comments (RIP 2016)

Original Recordings (1969/1991)
Forgotten Pre-Rock Americana

After getting a number of comments about the
beloved Dan Hicks on our Blue Thumb Records post (All Day Thumbsucker Revisited: The History Of Blue Thumb Records, HERE), our pal Coffee Messiah was kind enough to send along this long-lost favorite for us all to enjoy. Original Recordings is the out-of-print, 1991 set of Hicks & Licks’ early recordings from 1969. The motley crew’s shufflin’, post-war, acoustic folk & jazz/blues stew was an anomaly in San Franpsychedelica in the late 60s, but somehow Hicks’ witty repartee and tongue-in-cheek sophistication easily won over the young heads’ hearts and minds. That gypsy bluegrass violin work made it easy, and it’s used to amazing effect on one of Hicks’ high water marks, the slow burning, “I Scare Myself.” Still a valued taste of forgotten, pre-rock Americana… and there are nine more Hicks releases to be found in comments, courtesy of Slidewell. Find Original Recordings at Amazon (HERE). Dan passed away today, February 6, 2016.

Canned Music (4:05)
How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away (2:39)

I Scare Myself (5:18)

Shorty Takes A Dive (3:12)

Evenin’ Breeze (3:56)

Waiting For The 103 (3:44)
Shorty Falls In Love (3:23)
Milk Shakin’ Mama (4:10)
Slow Movin’ (3:10)
It’s Bad Grammar, Baby (2:32)
Jukies’ Ball (5:12)


PETE TOWNSHEND LIVE: The Fillmore 1996, The Empire 1998, Sadler’s Wells 2000, La Jolla Playhouse 2001, BAM 1993 & Brixton Academy ’85 (2000-2004)


Six Seven live concerts originally released via Pete Townshend’s website back at the dawn of the new millennium. All are excellent, and all offer varying views of Townshend’s work through the years. Live > The Fillmore 1996 features just Pete and keyboardist Jon Carin, while Live > Sadler’s Wells 2000 focuses on material from the Lifehouse project (with varied arrangements). Thanks to heartsofstone, we’ve just added Live > Brixton Academy ’85, completing this PT live series. The notes below are from Pete’s website (except Brixton). Click the covers for links to Amazon. Tons more Pete & Who, HERE.

Live The Fillmore 1996Live > The Fillmore 1996 (2000)

This live album was recorded at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco on April 30 1996. Pete is accompanied by Jon Carin on Keyboards and provides a rare live outing for many tracks.

Let My Love Open The Door (3:32)
English Boy (6:57)
The Shout (6:54)
I Put A Spell on You (3:52)
Cut My Hair (4:26)
Sheraton Gibson (3:08)
I’m One (5:07)
Heart to Hang Onto (5:10)
O’Parvardigar (7:14)
A Legal Matter (3:12)
A Friend Is A Friend (7:51)
I Am An Animal (6:43)
All Shall Be Well (5:45)
Slit Skirts (5:25)
Eyesight To The Blind (2:12)
Drifting Blues (2:57)
Now And Then (4:47)
Rough Boys (6:34)
I’m a Boy (5:07)
Magic Bus (8:30)

Live The Empire 1998Live > The Empire 1998 (2000)

Recorded at London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire on November 9 1998, this double CD release marks Pete Townshend’s return to the UK stage as a solo artist after an absence of thirteen years. Backed by musicians such as Rabbit, Chucho Merchan and Pete Hope Evans, as well as featuring freestyle rapper Hame on a number of Pete’s best known tunes.

On The Road Again (5:05)
A Little Is Enough (5:16)
Pinball Wizard (2:55)
Drowned (7:29)
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (10:45)
You Better You Bet (5:39)
Behind Blue Eyes (3:44)
Baby Don’t You Do It (8:56)
English Boy (0:47)
Three Steps To Heaven (1:16)
Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (1:24)
Sheraton Gibson (1:52)
Substitute (2:45)
I Am An Animal (4:01)
North Country Girl (3:34)
(She’s) A Sensation (2:35)
A Friend Is A Friend (5:52)
Now And Then (4:17)
Let My Love Open The Door (4:23)
Who Are You (13:11)
The Kids Are Alright (8:26)
The Acid Queen (3:40)
Won’t Get Fooled Again (12:19)
Magic Bus (11:44)

Live Sadler's Wells 2000Live > Sadler’s Wells 2000 (2000)

This double CD brings the remarkable Lifehouse music concert to you. Recorded in February 2000 at London’s Sadler’s Wells Theatre, the concert was a celebration of the music from the Lifehouse project. Backed by a full band and the London Chamber Orchestra this release contains many Pete Townshend classics performed live for the first time.

One Note (2:08)
Purcell (1:09)
Teenage Wasteland (7:16)
Time Is Passing (3:16)
Love Ain’t For Keeping (3:01)
Goin’ Mobile (5:01)
Greyhound Girl (3:22)
Tragedy (5:16)
Mary (6:14)
I Don’t Even Know Myself (5:33)
Bargain (4:48)
Gettin’ In Tune (4:33)
Pure And Easy (6:04)
Baba O’Riley (Orchestral Version) (10:19)
Baba O’Riley (5:27)
Hinterland Rag (3:39)
Behind Blue Eyes (3:58)
Let’s See Action (6:31)
Sister Disco (7:04)
Relay (4:42)
Who Are You (6:34)
Join Together (5:20)
Won’t Get Fooled Again (11:35)
Tragedy Explained (8:26)
The Song Is Over (5:53)
Can You Help The One You Really Love? (7:57)

Live La Jolla Playhouse 22Live > La Jolla Playhouse 2001 (22/06/01) (2001)

In June 2001 Pete performed two fundraising shows at the intimate La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego. The Playhouse has a particular place in Pete’s heart, as it was where Tommy was first staged prior to moving on to Broadway. The shows raised around $300,000. Pete performed solo and the small theatre atmosphere led to a ‘Storytellers’ type of show. As well as the different set lists both nights also provide some unique dialogue.

Pinball Wizard (5:46)
Let My Love Open The Door (4:24)
Heart To Hang Onto (9:14)
Cut My Hair (9:36)
Slit Skirts (5:20)
Drowned (9:51)
Greyhound Girl (5:30)
Tattoo (5:16)
The Sea Refuses No River (6:02)
Saint James Infirmary (1:51)
Eminence Front (7:59)
Won’t Get Fooled Again (10:44)
Behind Blue Eyes (3:30)
Won’t Get Fooled Again (Electric) (4:03)

Live La Jolla Playhouse 23Live > La Jolla Playhouse 2001 (23/06/01) (2001)

In June 2001 Pete performed two fundraising shows at the intimate La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego. The Playhouse has a particular place in Pete’s heart, as it was where Tommy was first staged prior to moving on to Broadway. The shows raised around $300,000. Pete performed solo and the small theatre atmosphere led to a ‘Storytellers’ type of show. As well as the different set lists both nights also provide some unique dialogue.

Pinball Wizard (5:21)
Let My Love Open The Door (6:23)
Heart To Hang Onto (8:29)
Cut My Hair (7:42)
Slit Skirts (7:22)
Drowned (5:13)
Greyhound Girl (6:02)
Tattoo (4:28)
Collings (5:37)
Eminence Front (6:57)
Sheraton Gibson (6:46)
Won’t Get Fooled Again (6:00)
I’m One (5:12)
Behind Blue Eyes (5:51)
Driftin’ Blues (2:42)
Eyesight To The Blind (2:53)
Won’t Get Fooled Again (Electric) (4:51)

BAMLive > BAM 1993 (2003)

Recorded live at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on August 7 1993, during the acclaimed Psychoderelict tour, this double CD set features, for the first time live, the entire Psychoderlict performance as well as a selection of hits from Pete Townshend’s extensive catalogue.

Intro (1:25)
English Boy (5:29)
Meher Baba M3 (3:48)
Let’s Get Pretentious (2:28)
Meher Baba M4 (Signal Box) (3:33)
Early Morning Dreams (2:54)
I Want That Thing (4:22)
Intro: Outlive The Dinosaur (0:54)
Outlive The Dinosaur (3:34)
Gridlife 1 (1:20)
Flame (Demo) (0:50)
Now And Then (4:03)
I Am Afraid (5:31)
Gridlife 2 (2:05)
Don’t Try To Make Me Real (3:23)
Intro: Predictable (0:44)
Predictable (2:01)
Flame (1:46)
Meher Baba M5 (Vivaldi) (1:59)
Fake It (3:29)
Intro: Now And Then (Reprise) (1:00)
Now And Then (Reprise) (2:54)
Baba O’Riley (Demo) (1:19)
English Boy (Reprise) (9:47)
Pinball Wizard/See Me Feel Me/Listening To You (6:34)
Let My Love Open The Door (2:57)
Rough Boys (4:23)
Behind Blue Eyes (3:50)
The Kids Are Alright (2:57)
Keep Me Turning (5:02)
Eminence Front (5:53)
A Little Is Enough (6:10)
You Better You Bet (5:49)
Face The Face (4:46)
Won’t Get Fooled Again/Let’s See Action (13:47)
Magic Bus (10:22)

Live Brixton Academy 85Live > Brixton Academy ’85 (2004)

Thanks to heartsofstone for supplying this 2CD (equivalent) release, the last of the Townshend live series posted in 2004 on his Eel Pie website. The November 1, 1985 Brixton Academy show was actually partially released just six months after it happened, as Deep End Live!, but was missing more than half of the material from the concert, mostly performances from the band’s guest musicians, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour, drummer Simon Phillips, keyboardist John “Rabbit” Bundrick, and others.

Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand (2:50)
Won’t Get Fooled Again (5:36)
A Little Is Enough (5:22)
Secondhand Love (5:07)
That’s All Right, Mama (3:00)
Behind Blue Eyes (4:25)
The Shout (5:34)
Harlem Shuffle (5:43)
Barefootin’ (3:35)
After The Fire (5:51)
Love On The Air (5:44)
Midnight Lover (5:12)
Blue Light (10:10)
I Put A Spell On You (4:17)
I’m One (2:46)
Driftin’ Blues (2:21)
Magic Bus (4:09)
Save It For Later (5:09)
Eyesight To The Blind (4:20)
Walkin’ (5:28)
Stop Hurting People (5:33)
The Sea Refuses No River (6:55)
Boogie Stop Shuffle (7:46)
Face The Face (8:17)
Pinball Wizard (4:02)
Give Blood (7:22)
Night Train (7:12)


JEFFERSON AIRPLANE The Bonus Track Reissue Series (1966-1971) + Volunteers & Bark Sessions

UPGRADED If you’re hanging on to ancient, 80s versions of Jefferson Airplane CDs, dump ’em. The mastering on some of the early releases is atrocious and the growing number of reissues that followed got downright confusing. In 2003 & 2004, however, the band’s catalog was overhauled by the great Bob Irwin (of Sundazed fame) and bonus tracks were ponied up for this series of (thus far) definitive remasters of JeffAir’s indelible psychedelia. Bark was finally expanded over 12 years later and is now included below. Only Long John Silver remains un-updated at present. You can get these essentials cheap at Amazon. As a bonus, we’ve also included two sets of rare, outtake session recordings from 1969’s Volunteers and 1971’s Bark.

Takes Off (1966)
In 1966, before fame would find them, Jefferson Airplane were still revolutionary… as part of the burgeoning, San Francisco music scene that was quietly inv
enting “psychedelic folk” music. Most of the writing is by Paul Kantner and Marty Balin, but the female lead vocals, by Signe Anderson, still seem out of place after all these years of hearing Grace Slick. The clean, primitive recording techniques, however, are preferable to the gobs of trendy echo used by producer Rick Jarrard on Surrealistic Pillow. Not your quintessential Jefferson Airplane album, but nearly all the recognizable characteristics are in place. Amazon.

Blues From An Airplane (2:13)
Let Me In (3:00)
Bringing Me Down (2:24)
It’s No Secret (2:40)
Tobacco Road (3:31)
Come Up The Years (2:33)
Run Around (2:40)
Let’s Get Together (3:36)
Don’t Slip Away (2:34)
Chauffeur Blues (2:28)
And I Like It (3:20)
Runnin‘ ‘Round This World (2:26)BONUS TRACK
High Flyin‘ Bird (2:36)BONUS TRACK
It’s Alright (2:17)BONUS TRACK
Go To Her (Early Version) (4:09)BONUS TRACK
Let Me In (Original Uncensored Version) (3:31)BONUS TRACK
Run Around (Original Uncensored Version) (2:35)BONUS TRACK
Chauffeur Blues (Alternate Version) (2:50)BONUS TRACK
And I Like It (Alternate Version) (10:36)BONUS TRACK

Surrealistic Pillow (1967)
Consider this… Surrealistic Pillow is probably the album most responsible for the glut of nameless, faceless, now forgotten psychedelic acts that littered the musical landscape of 1967-68. Label execs and talent scouts, weaned on, and still thinking in terms of, fads and a 6 month shelf life, spread out across California with open-ended contracts in an attempt to re-capture the staggering sales success of Jefferson Airplane’s psychedelic brew. But, this was a rare alignment of the stars, thanks to the only two compositions Grace Slick brought with her into the Airplane’s fold, “White Rabbit” and “Somebody To Love” (the latter written by bro-in-law, Darby Slick). After the indoctrination of drugs and self-indulgence, however, future psychedelic acts (the real ones, that is) were rarely this commercially viable again. Including the Airplane. Amazon.

She Has Funny Cars (3:11)
Somebody To Love (2:58)
My Best Friend (3:01)
Today (3:00)
Comin‘ Back To Me (5:18)
3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds (3:42)
D. C. B. A.-25 (2:37)
How Do You Feel (3:31)
Embryonic Journey (1:54)
White Rabbit (2:31)
Plastic Fantastic Lover (2:38)
In The Morning (6:22) – BONUS TRACK
J. P. P. Mc Step B. Blues (2:38)BONUS TRACK
Go To Her (4:03)BONUS TRACK
Come Back Baby (2:57)BONUS TRACK
Somebody To Love (Mono Single Version) (2:59)BONUS TRACK
White Rabbit (Mono Single Version) (5:21)BONUS TRACK

After Bathing At Baxter’s (1967)
Released in 1967, After Bathing At Baxter’s was an early test of meddle for Jefferson Airplane, one of the first psych bands to find themselves at the crossroads of art and commerce. Quite unexpectedly, they were pressured to choose between the commerciality of Surrealistic Pillow and what they were alternately offering up to live audiences up and down the West Coast. JeffAir honorably followed their muse… and the result is one of the great psychedelic albums of all time. Throughout ABAB, the patented psych harmonies of Slick, Balin and Kantner are magically inventive, carrying the purity of the era like a freak flag into the present. Jorma Kaukonen’s fuzz guitar explorations were, and are, the essence of psychedelia. You can even hear the Airplane out-Mother The Mothers of Invention on “A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You, Shortly.” The 11 minute “The Ballad Of You Me And Pooneil” showcases the band’s live prowess, which would be further explored on Bless Its Pointed Little Head. Amazon.

The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil (4:35)
A Small Package Of Value Will Come To You, Shortly (1:34)
Young Girl Sunday Blues (3:36)
Martha (3:26)
Wild Thyme (H) (3:11)
The Last Wall Of The Castle (2:41)
Rejoyce (4:04)
Watch Her Ride (3:11)
Spare Chaynge (9:13)
Two Heads (3:13)
Won’t You Try/Saturday Afternoon (5:07)
The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil (Live – Long Version) (11:08)BONUS TRACK
Martha (Mono Single Version) (3:29)BONUS TRACK
Two Heads (Alternate Version) (3:19)BONUS TRACK
Things Are Better In The East (Demo Version) (6:41)BONUS TRACK

Crown Of Creation (1968)
Crown of Creation is an alternately quiet and powerful release – and a truly democratic one, too, with shared space for all the band’s songwriters. Curiously, for such a cohesive effort, the album was recorded in bits and pieces throughout 1968, in between gigs when time permitted. Paul Kantner scores big with the totally Jeffersonian title track, while Grace Slick’s oblique “Lather” remains one of the band’s more memorable ballads. The addition of David Crosby’s “Triad” is a perfect fit, too. On a few tracks, you can hear the influence of Frank Zappa (a bit of a hidden Spencer Dryden trademark, as it turns out), but this expanded version’s bonus track, “Would You Like A Snack,” is actually a co-write by Zappa and Slick, and features performances by Art Tripp, Don Preston & Ian Underwood of The Mothers. Amazon.

Lather (2:58)
In Time (4:14)
Triad (4:56)
Star Track (3:12)
Share A Little Joke (3:10)
Chushingura (1:21)
If You Feel (3:22)
Crown Of Creation (2:54)
Ice Cream Phoenix (3:03)
Greasy Heart (3:27)
The House At Pooneil Corners (5:55)
Ribump Ba Bap Dum Dum (1:33)BONUS TRACK
Would You Like A Snack (2:40)BONUS TRACK
Share A Little Joke (Mono Single Version) (3:09)BONUS TRACK
The Saga Of Sydney Spacepig (10:30)BONUS TRACK

Bless Its Pointed Little Head (1968)
One of my biggest musical regrets is not seeing these guys in their prime, and Bless Its Pointed Little Head captures that psych abandon and inter-band chemistry in spades. Reportedly, it’s each member’s favorite Airplane album, probably because it documents what they did night after night on the road. Fittingly, it was recorded at The Fillmores East & West. This expanded disc offers 3 previously unreleased tracks. Amazon.

Clergy (1:35)
3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds (4:39)
Somebody To Love (4:16)
Fat Angel (7:37)
Rock Me Baby (7:49)
The Other Side Of This Life (6:45)
It’s No Secret (3:31)
Plastic Fantastic Lover (3:53)
Turn Out The Lights (1:25)
Bear Melt (11:28)
Today (3:45)BONUS TRACK
Watch Her Ride (3:19)BONUS TRACK
Won’t You Try (5:30)BONUS TRACK

Volunteers (1969)
Still my favorite JA album, for its ballsy, in-your-face declarations and finely tuned execution (despite how gloriously loose much of the album is). Ideas like “we are all outlaws in the eyes of America” spoke to a generation of misfits and drug users, who would fervently raise their fists to sing along with “revolutionary” rhetoric like “Up against the wall, motherfucker”… before sulking back to the couch for another bong hit. The live bonus tracks were recorded in November, 1969 at the Fillmore East. Amazon.

We Can Be Together (5:48)
Good Shepherd (4:23)
The Farm (3:14)
Hey Frederick (8:34)
Turn My Life Down (2:57)
Wooden Ships (6:28)
Eskimo Blue Day (6:36)
A Song For All Seasons (3:30)
Meadowlands (1:04)
Volunteers (2:09)
Good Shepherd (Live) (7:20)BONUS TRACK
Somebody To Love (Live) (4:11)BONUS TRACK
Plastic Fantastic Lover (Live) (3:22)BONUS TRACK
Wooden Ships (Live) (7:00)BONUS TRACK
Volunteers (Live) (3:27)BONUS TRACK

Bark FrontBark (1971)
JeffAir took two years off to start their own label and re-tool the band. Original members Marty Balin and Spencer Dryden had left, and fresh blood in the form of violinist Papa John Creach and drummer Joey Covington were now on board. Despite the layoff (and how generally ignored the album seemed to be in comparison to the rest of their catalog), Bark still nearly cracked the Top Ten and even featured members of Santana on the minor hit, “Pretty As You Feel.”

When The Earth Moves Again (3:57)
Feel So Good (4:40)
Crazy Miranda (3:26)
Pretty As You Feel (4:32)
Wild Turkey (4:47)
Law Man (2:45)
Rock And Roll Island (3:46)
Third Week In The Chelsea (4:37)
Never Argue With A German If You’re Tired or European Song (4:35)
Thunk (3:01)
War Movie (4:50)
Pretty As You Feel (Mono Single Version) (3:11) – BONUS TRACK
Feel So Good (Unedited) (9:25) – BONUS TRACK


VS FrontBS
Volunteers Sessions (1969)
Bark Sessions (1971)

Two gatherings of outtakes and studio jams. Volunteers was, for some, Jefferson Airplane’s apex, while the follow up sessions for Bark, from December 1970 and January 1971, found the band already splintered apart, with both Marty Balin and Spencer Dryden leaving the fold. The sound on these unreleased boots is kinda thin, but still interesting for fans of the studio process. On the acoustic take of “We Can Be Together,” you’ll hear Paul Kantner debuting the song, offering asides on how it should go as he plays.

Volunteers Sessions
Volunteers (Take 18) (2:17)
We Can Be Together (Extended Intro w/Lead Guitar Overdub) (6:23)
We Can Be Together (Acoustic Demo Version) (6:16)
We Can Be Together (Take 75 Master w/Lead Guitar Overdub) (6:14)
Good Shepherd (w/Vocal Overdubs) (4:32)
Good Shepherd (Alternate w/Vocal Overdubs) (4:36)
The Farm (w/Acoustic Guitar Overdubs) (3:07)
The Farm (Alternate w/Acoustic Guitar Overdubs) (3:15)
Turn My Life Down (Demo Version Take 33) (3:06)
Wooden Ships/J. P. P. McStep B. Blues (8:32) – artwork mis-titles this track
Wooden Ships (8:28) – artwork mis-titles this track
A Song for All Seasons (Alternate Take) (3:32)
Hey Frederick (w/Lead Guitar Overdubs) (6:58)
Hey Frederick (Alternate Take w/Lead Guitar Overdubs) (7:15)

Bark Sessions
Pretty As You Feel (13:48)
Banjo (5:50)
Wild Turkey (4:24)
Jam 1 (11:30)
Jam 2 (11:27)
Jam 3 (6:34)
Jam 4 (13:19)
Feel So Good (10:25)


JEFFERSON AIRPLANE Bonus Tracks (1966-1971) – UPGRADED

Bonus TracksBonus Tracks (1966-1969)
Bless Their Pointed Little Heads

Since Bark was finally expanded last year, this seems like a good time to upgrade this post. Another round of bonus tracks, this time culled from the 2003/2004 Jefferson Airplane reissue series. As with some of the other bonus posts of late, I didn’t investigate any other reissues to search for hidden files, or include any rarities from box sets that weren’t considered bonuses. So, it’s a lazily prepared collection, but a good one nonetheless… better with the 2015 reissue of Bark. We’ve still got the 03/04 series in the archives if you need the full platters (Takes Off, Surrealistic Pillow, After Bathing At Baxter’s, Crown Of Creation, Bless Its Pointed Little Head, Volunteers, Bark), along with some rare session outtakes for Volunteers & Bark and Paul Kantner’s Blows Against The Empire. All for the clicking, HERE.

Jefferson Airplane Takes Off
Runnin’ ‘Round This World (2:26)
High Flyin’ Bird (2:36)
It’s Alright (2:17)
Go To Her (Early Version) (4:09)
Let Me In (Original Uncensored Version) (3:31)
Run Around (Original Uncensored Version) (2:35)
Chauffeur Blues (Alternate Version) (2:50)
And I Like It (Alternate Version) (10:36)
Surrealistic Pillow
In The Morning (6:22)
J. P. P. McStep B. Blues (2:38)
Go To Her (4:03)
Come Back Baby (2:57)
Somebody To Love (Mono Single Version) (2:59)
White Rabbit (Mono Single Version) (5:21)
After Bathing At Baxter’s
The Ballad Of You & Me & Pooneil (Live) (Long Version) (11:08)
Martha (Mono Single Version) (3:29)
Two Heads (Alternate Version) (3:19)
Things Are Better In The East (Demo Version) (6:41)

Crown Of Creation
Ribump Ba Bap Dum Dum (1:33)
Would You Like A Snack (2:40)
Share A Little Joke (Mono Single Version) (3:09)
The Saga Of Sydney Spacepig (10:30)
Bless Its Pointed Little Head
Today (3:45)
Watch Her Ride (3:19)
Won’t You Try (5:30)
Good Shepherd (Live) (7:20)
Somebody To Love (Live) (4:11)
Plastic Fantastic Lover (Live) (3:22)
Wooden Ships (Live) (7:00)
Volunteers (Live) (3:27)
NEW – Pretty As You Feel (Mono Single Version) (3:11)
NEW – Feel So Good (Unedited) (9:25)

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PAUL KANTNER Blows Against The Empire (1970) + DAVID CROSBY If I Could Only Remember My Name…

Paul Kantner Blows Against The Empire (1970)
David Crosby If I Could Only Remember My Name…
Birds Of A Feather

Both were recorded at roughly the same time in 1970 at Wally Heider Recording Studios in San Francisco, and both shared many of the same, loose amalgamation of players, including Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Jorma Kaukonen and assorted others. The solo debut from the Jefferson Airplane’s Paul Kantner is a science fiction fantasy about abandoning a dead planet, while Crosby’s debut is an inner journey of self. Both exemplified a new ideal in music making, when ‘bands’ and individual credits were less important than raw invention and the creative community. At a time when multi-tracking was quickly becoming the norm, these are albums about human interplay. I’ll spare you the hyperbole about Crosby, one of my favorite writers, captured here during his finest hour. If I Could Only Remember My Name… is still considered a minor classic, while Blows Against The Empire is an ambitiously admirable continuation of Jefferson Airplane’s previous blow against the republic, Volunteers. Each has its detractors, but few albums represent the promise of the future of 60s folk & rock better than these similarly different examples. Blows has bonus tracks, including a live, 13 minute “Starship,” as does this IICORMN reissue. If you want the 2006, DVD/5.1 Surround mix, you’ll need a hard copy (HERE). Amazon’s acting like it’s already out of print, but has Blows HERE. We’ve still got those fantastic IICORMN outtakes (brimming with Jerry Garcia, HERE), and LOTS more Crosby (HERE) and Kantner (HERE). Kantner died today, Jan. 28th (HERE).

Mau Mau (Amerikon)
The Baby Tree (1:44)
Let’s Go Together (4:22)
A Child Is Coming (6:18)
Sunrise (1:54)
Hijack (8:18)
Home (0:37)
Have You Seen The Stars Tonight (3:43)
X-M (1:25)
Starship (7:05)
Let’s Go Together (Alternate Lyrics) (4:21)
Sunrise (Grace’s Acoustic Demo Tk. 8) (1:21)
Hijack (Paul’s Acoustic Demo Tk. 5) (7:01)
SFX (Jerry Garcia & Mickey Hart) (2:02)
Starship (Live) (13:04)

Music Is Love (3:22)
Cowboy Movie (8:12)
Tamalpais High (At About 3) (3:33)
Laughing (5:27)
What Are Their Names (4:15)
Traction In The Rain (3:47)
Song With No Words (Tree With No Leaves) (6:00)
Orleans (2:02)
I’d Swear There Was Somebody Here (1:27)
Kids And Dogs (Bonus Track) (7:01)

Soundtracks T BONE BURNETT

Various Artists THE BIG LEBOWSKI – The Complete Soundtrack (Unofficial 1998)

FrontThe Big Lebowski (The Complete Soundtrack) (1998)
“I Hate The Fuckin’ Eagles, Man…”

Sure… you can always get the official soundtrack to the Coen Brothers’ cult movie milestone, The Big Lebowski… but it’s abbreviated, and missing half of the music that helped to make the film – and T Bone Burnett’s glorious sonic gathering – such an essential cultural experience. So we took a cue from the community of fanatics who have penned essays, started blogs and created entire websites – compiling numerous variations of the film’s musical landscape – to bring you this nearly two-hour collection, in the order in which it all appears in the film (we think). Including… full versions of songs that only merited a brief moment of screen time, score composer Carter Burwell’s “Technopop (Wie Glauben)” (from the movie’s psuedo-Kraftwerk band, Autobaun), classical cues and both renditions of “Viva Las Vegas” – one comically credited to “Big Johnson,” a.k.a. ZZ Top. Not to mention such left field oddities as the Monks’ “I Hate You,” Captain Beefheart’s “Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles” and Townes Van Zandt’s cover of the Stones’ “Dead Flowers.” Listening to The Complete Soundtrack will finally allow you to safely re-live The Big Lebowski in your car, bringing to mind classic scenes like… a stoned Dude driving headfirst into a dumpster to CCR’s “Lookin’ Out My Back Door,” Jesus dropping pins to the Gipsy Kings’ “Hotel California,” and a hallucinatory montage backdropped by (Kenny Rogers &) The First Edition singing “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In).” (Fun Fact: That’s Glen Campbell on backwards guitar.) Even the Mussorgsky excerpt from “Pictures At An Exhibition” will immediately recall that nightmarish dance recital that can never be mentally erased. All in all, a great listen for fans of the movie, and a uniquely oddball gathering for those that have yet to abide, or imbibe. To quote Bob, “Oh, what a wonderful feeling.” The official half-soundtrack’s @Amazon, HERE.

SONS OF THE PIONEERS Tumbling Tumbleweeds (2:42)
BOB D. The Man In Me (3:08)
ESQUIVEL Mucha Muchacha (2:22)
MONKS I Hate You (3:35)
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & THE MAGIC BAND Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles (2:54)
GIPSY KINGS Hotel California (5:47)
BOOKER T & THE MG’S Behave Yourself (3:55)
MEREDITH MONK Walking Song (2:56)
PIERO PICCIONI Traffic Boom (3:16)
DEAN MARTIN Standing On The Corner (2:50)
ELVIS COSTELLO My Mood Swings (2:10)
MUSSORGSKY Pictures At An Exhibition (2:20)

SANTANA Oye Como Va (4:18)
YMU SUMAC Ataypura (3:03)
HENRY MANCINI Lujon (2:38)
THE FIRST EDITION Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) (3:21)
TEO USUELLI Piacere Sequence (5:26)
DOMINIC FRONTIERE & ALAN ALCH Branded (Theme Song) (0:56)
THE EAGLES Peaceful Easy Feeling (4:19)
BIG JOHNSON Viva Las Vegas (4:48)
NINA SIMONE I Got It Bad And That Ain’t Good (4:07)
CARTER BURWELL Dick On A Case (2:38)
MOONDOG (WITH ORCHESTRA) Stamping Ground (5:11)
CARTER BURWELL Technopop (Wie Glauben) (3:21)
TOWNES VAN ZANDT Dead Flowers (4:46)
THE RUSTAVI CHOIR We Venerate Thy Cross (2:04)
SHAWN COLVIN Viva Las Vegas (4:52)



MILES DAVIS The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions (2003) + A Dozen Other Miles Boxes

The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions (2003)
#7 of 8

The original 1970 LP sounded like a brutally raw response to the swirling cut & paste psychedelia of Bitches Brew. Still does, actually. But, the novelty of a jazz guy rockin’ out is now long past the point of understanding how it could even be a novelty in the first place. These days the original, heavily edited sides that make up A Tribute To Jack Johnson, “Right Off” (26:54) and “Yesternow” (25:35), still retain their spacey first take allure, despite being massive cut ups themselves. The jams that would form the basis for Jack Johnson (and others) are a ragged array of naked funk, rock and soul constructs, recorded from February to June, 1970. With dueling guitarists, the occasional three-keys line up and lots of stark back beats, you might sometimes be reminded of a Sly Stone rehearsal, before Sly shows up. I loved the original LP back in the day, and not just because it pissed off most everyone I forced it on. Yet another all-star roster includes; Chick Corea, Sonny Sharrock, John McLaughlin, Dave Holland, Jack DeJohnette, Steve Grossman, Billy Cobham, Mike Henderson, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Airto Moreira, Bennie Maupin, Ron Carter and Hermeto Pasoal. Material from these sessions would also appear on Live Evil, Big Fun, Get Up With It and Directions. Most of it is previously unissued (in this uncut form). Fantastic pics and liners. Look at that cover, just beggin’ for purchase, isn’t it? We’ve got a dozen other multi-disc Miles boxes in the archives, along with a bunch of other essential releases (HERE). Amazon has this box, HERE.
Willie Nelson (Take 2) (6:43)
Willie Nelson (Take 3) (10:23)
Willie Nelson (Insert 1) (6:33)
Willie Nelson (Insert 2) (5:24)
Willie Nelson (Remake Take 1) (10:45)
Willie Nelson (Remake Take 2) (10:19)
Johnny Bratton (Take 4) (8:19)
Johnny Bratton (Insert 1) (6:40)
Johnny Bratton (Insert 2) (5:21)
Archie Moore (4:45)

Go Ahead John (Part 1) (13:09)
Go Ahead John (Part Two A) (7:02)
Go Ahead John (Part Two B) (10:07)
Go Ahead John (Part Two C) (3:40)
Go Ahead John (Part One Remake) (11:06)
Duran (Take 4) (5:39)
Duran (Take 6) (11:22)
Sugar Ray (6:16)

Right Off (Take 10) (11:10)
Right Off (Take 10A) (4:34)
Right Off (Take 11) (6:00)
Right Off (Take 12) (8:50)
Yesternow (Take 16) (9:51)
Yesternow (New Take 4) (15:48)
Honky Tonk (Take 2) (10:06)
Honky Tonk (Take 5) (11:29)

Ali (Take 3) (6:50)
Ali (Take 4) (10:16)
Konda (16:32)
Nem Um Talvez (Take 17) (2:51)
Nem Um Talvez (Take 19) (2:50)
Little High People (Take 7) (6:53)
Little High People (Take 8) (9:29)
Nem Um Talvez (Take 3) (4:38)
Nem Um Talvez (Take 4A) (2:05)
Selim (Take 4B) (2:17)
Little Church (Take 7) (3:18)
Little Church (Take 10) (3:15)

The Mask (Part One) (7:49)
The Mask (Part Two) (15:48)
Right Off (26:54)
Yesternow (25:35)


MILES DAVIS & GIL EVANS The Complete Columbia Studio Recordings (HERE)
MILES DAVIS & JOHN COLTRANE The Complete Columbia Recordings (HERE)
MILES DAVIS Agharta, Black Beauty, Dark Magus & Pangaea (HERE)
MILES DAVIS Ascenseur pour l’Échafaud (HERE)
MILES DAVIS Deep Brew Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 (Bitches Brew Outtakes) (HERE)
MILES DAVIS In Person Friday & Saturday Night At The Blackhawk, Complete (HERE)
MILES DAVIS Kind Of Blue… plus (HERE)
MILES DAVIS Live At The Fillmore East (March 7, 1970): It’s About That Time (HERE)
MILES DAVIS Live At The Fillmore East, March 6, 1970 – Unreleased (HERE)
MILES DAVIS Miles At The Fillmore – Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 3 (HERE)
MILES DAVIS QUINTET Live In Europe 1969: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 2 (HERE)
MILES DAVIS QUINTET Miles Davis Quintet 1965-’68 (HERE)
MILES DAVIS Seven Steps: The Complete Columbia Recordings of Miles Davis 1963-1964 (HERE)
MILES DAVIS The Cellar Door Sessions 1970 (HERE)
MILES DAVIS The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions (HERE)
MILES DAVIS The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions (HERE)
MILES DAVIS The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions (HERE)
MILES DAVIS The Complete On The Corner Sessions (HERE)
VARIOUS ARTISTS The Hot Spot Soundtrack (HERE)
BILL LASWELL Panthalassa:The Music Of Miles Davis 69-74 + Panthalassa:The Remixes (HERE)
YO MILES! (w/ Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith) Live At The Fillmore, October 21, 1999 (HERE)
YO MILES! (w/ Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith) Live At The Fillmore, March 4, 2000 (HERE)
YO MILES! (w/ Henry Kaiser & Wadada Leo Smith) Live At The Fillmore, September 1, 2000 (HERE)


ART JACKSON’S ATROCITY Gout (1974) – Official Remastered Release Coming, With Bonus Track

AJAGout (Remastered & Expanded) (2016)
After 10 Years Of Speculation… It’s Official!

Reliable sources have it that the much-speculated about Gout, by Art Jackson’s Atrocity, is getting an official release in 2016. Discogs pinpoints it at March 22nd. The release will be digital-only, featuring an 8-minute outtake from the original sessions (“Chimps Do Five”), and available at regular online outlets, like Amazon, for purchase. There is also a promo-only advance CD available now at Ebay (HERE), that is said to be a limited edition promo created only for media outlets (note the retro cut-out hole, which purports to be a “a sly homage to the release’s legendary status as a “promo-only” album”). You’ll also see a familiar review on the Ebay page, too, as well as the glowing review that was posted on Julian Cope’s Head Heritage. Our original post from 2007 is below (which was culled from Art Jackson’s Atrocity’s original MySpace page), along with a streaming player featuring the PRE-mastered version of “Shaft In Afghanistan” (with surface noise). As MOJO Magazine’s Fred Dellar said a few years ago, “I’ve heard Gout and, whatever the provenance, it’s a fine, percussion-fueled free-for-all.”

Our Original Post From 2007
Gout (1974)
Unreleased Miles Davis Proteges

From The May, 07 Archives This is the tale of one of the great lost experimental jazz/rock albums. According to legend, Gout was bankrolled by Miles Davis in 1974, delivered to Columbia Records and pressed for promotion… then summarily abandoned by the label. Reasons, besides its lack of commercial potential, are unclear. Though theories range from guitarist Art Jackson’s already developed heroin addiction to Columbia’s desire to distance themselves from a band that may have included a few radical Black Panthers. Reportedly, when Miles (with his own drug problems) began withdrawing into seclusion, so did the desire to release Gout. Specializing in free form, live-in-the-studio, jazz/rock experimentation, The Atrocity was a chaotic, 8 to 11 piece collective fronted by the 20 year old Jackson – whose guitar explorations were prone to both violent outbursts and spacey sonic excursions. No charts, no songs, no rhyme or reason. Driven by extra heavy propulsion drumming, the musical interplay between the players suggests a drug fueled free for all. A long lost curio ripped from a vinyl promo… and the subject of much speculation.

Shaft In Afghanistan (7:39)
Arabian Fabian (8:59)
Available Bush (7:11)
Tomato Reign (16:20)
Gout (6:22)

Various Artists

VARIOUS ARTISTS Refugees – An Anthology Of The Famous Charisma Label 1969-1978 (2009)

Refugees – Anthology Of The Famous Charisma Label 1969-1978 (2009)
Obscure Brit Experiments In Music Fusion

From a personal perspective… when I started looking beyond the radio at the dawn of the 70s, I began by investigating jazz, world music and obscure Brit pop. Oldsters remember that practically everything was obscure back in the late 60s/early 70s, and getting an “import” album in those days required ordering it from a hip record store (if your town was lucky enough to have one), waiting… and then paying nearly twice the price for something you had few details on, since the alternative music press was almost as anemic as routes for international vinyl exchange. So, plenty of the artists that were signed to the highly regarded Charisma label – who routinely combined varying aspects of pop, rock, jazz, English folk and fusion – were on my hit list; Bo Hansson, The Nice, Van Der Graaf Generator, Hawkwind and even String Driven Thing (whose domestic debut was a mainstay of department store cut-out bins). Alas, many of those once cherished vinyl albums are long gone from my collection now, victims of storage issues and changing musical tastes. As a result, I never replaced a lot of those great old albums with CD versions… so hearing some of the music on this cool, 2009 3CD collection is, for me, like stepping into a time machine. Click the cover art to better read the participants. Amazon’s got it, HERE.


THE FIREMAN (PAUL McCARTNEY & YOUTH) Electric Arguments (2008), Electric Arguments (Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc) (2009), Rushes (1998) & Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest (1993)

Electric Arguments (2008)
Electric Arguments (Deluxe Edition Bonus Disc) (2009)
Rushes (1998)
Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest (1993)
Four Sides Of Just One Of McCartney’s Experimental Alter-Egos

Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest and Rushes are Paul McCartney’s first two slabs of ambient house electronica, via one of his numerous pseudonyms, The Fireman. In reality, The Fireman is a joint effort (pun intended) by McCartney and producer, Youth (ex-bassist of Killing Joke), that delves into sampled/instrumental electronic dance rhythms. For the sake of accuracy, Strawberries, the duo’s first effort is primarily Youth’s work, using samples he made of material from McCartney’s Off The Ground sessions. To be honest, I’m not much of a fan of it, as it’s a bit too repetitious for my tastes, which rarely extend into electronica anyway. Rushes is a meatier exercise in the same vein, with more varied textures and effects – even guitars – finding their way into the mix. It’s not as robotic as Strawberries and is far more entertaining as a result. Rushes also quickly went out of print and is now trading at collectors’ prices. Electric Arguments, McCartney & Youth’s third, is an altogether different animal. It’s also McCartney at his best, acting as a solid primer for his more eclectic and experimental ideas. Recorded a track a day for two weeks, Electric Arguments is filled with vocals, off-the-cuff ideas, full band instrumentation, chaos, spontaneity and who-knows-what’s-coming-next surprises. The kind of pure invention Paul usually leaves off the albums he tours behind, making this a McCartney almost like you’ve never heard him before. There are familiar elements – balls out vocals, disparate styles, melodic asides and plenty of improvisation – it’s just that Paul usually offers this sort of thing in bite-sized morsels, so as not to alienate his fan base. Electric Arguments is McCartney untethered and it has quickly become one of my all time favorites from the ex-Beatle. He re-writes his own book for this one – a marvel for a 65-year-old guy… and, probably for anyone half that age, too.

Many thanks to Reggie, from over at Music My Owner Listens To, for providing the Deluxe Edition bonus disc to Electric Arguments. Seven tracks in all, most are extended versions of material from the album proper. “Sawain Ambient Acapella” was originally an iTunes exclusive. We’ve got lots more from McCartney in the archives, HERE.

Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight (4:59)
Two Magpies (2:17)
Sing The Changes (3:48)
Travelling Light (5:10)
Highway (4:21)
Light From Your Lighthouse (2:36)
Sun Is Shining (5:16)
Dance Till We’re High (3:41)
Lifelong Passion (4:53)
Is This Love? (5:56)
Lovers In A Dream (5:26)
Universal Here, Everlasting Now (5:10)
Don’t Stop Running (10:32)

Dance Till We’re High [Long Version] (5:02)
Highway [Long Version] (5:42)
Light From Your Lighthouse (2:54)
Sing The Changes [Long Mix] (3:56)
Sun Is Shining [Short Version] (4:28)
Highway [Electro Dynamo Lemon Sherbet Sunrise Dubstep Mix] (5:43)
Sawain Ambient Acapella [”Lifelong Passion” Remix] (4:53)

Watercolour Guitars (5:48)
Palo Verde (11:57)
Auraveda (12:46)
Fluid (11:20)
Appletree Cinnabar Amber (7:09)
Bison (2:40)
7am (7:49)
Watercolour Rush (1:41)

Transpiritual Stomp (9:04)
Trans Lunar Rising (9:10)
Transcrystaline (8:39)
Pure Trance (8:40)
Arizona Light (8:39)
Celtic Stomp (8:34)
Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest (8:07)
4 4 4 (7:35)
Sunrise Mix (8:16)


HERMAN’S HERMITS Blaze (1967) + 12 Bonus Tracks

Blaze (1967)
Their Overlooked Last… And Best!

Like many, you may have dismissed Herman’s Hermits as a catchy, sing-along, British Invasion novelty act a long time ago. But, before closing the book on Peter Noone & his mates, check out the band’s last real album, the ever-so-slightly psych-inspired Blaze. Picking up where There’s A Kind Of Hush All Over The Word left off, ace studio producer Mickie Most (of Yardbirds & Donovan fame) introduces a bit more sophistication, and a touch more experimentation to the Hermits’ repertoire. Blaze opens with a noticeable shift in tone and texture, as Donovan’s “Museum” is given a muscular, sonically rambunctious treatment that should be familiar to Leitch-ers. Though, there are still plenty of familiar Brit Invasion-style pop numbers here, all rather likable, if lightweight. “Green Street Green” borrows from The Kinks’ stylistic shuffle (the Hermits’ “Dandy” was written by Ray Davies), while “Moonshine Man” is yet another variation of the recognizable bass riff/beat from “Taxman.” Pre-10cc’s Graham Gouldman (who penned Hush‘s “No Milk Today”) contributes 3 compositions to this expanded re-issue, including the sophisto-pop sharp, “Upstairs, Downstairs.” The original 10-song LP failed to catch fire (their first commercial misstep), and the Hermits barely even attempted to follow it up, instead they issued a few singles for a few years (included here as bonus tracks) before calling it a day. Peter Noone co-produced Gouldman’s debut solo album, The Graham Gouldman Thing (HERE). Hit the archives for The Hermits’ 4CD, Into Something Good – The Mickie Most Years 1964-1972 (HERE). Blaze is apparently out of print, but gettable at Amazon, HERE.

Museum (2:42)
Upstairs, Downstairs
Busy Line (2:31)
Moonshine Man (2:32)
Green Street Green (2:13)
Don’t Go Out Into The Rain (You’re Going To Melt) (2:13)
I Call Out Her Name (1:53)
One Little Packet Of Cigarettes (2:00)
Last Bus Home (2:19)
Ace, King, Queen, Jack (2:49)

Sleepy Joe
(3:10) (Single)
Just One Girl (2:38) (Single)
London Look (2:06) (Single)
Sunshine Girl (2:37) (Single)
Nobody Needs To Know (2:38) (Single)
Something Is Happening (3:10) (Single)
The Most Beautiful Thing In My Life (1:54) (Single)
Ooh, She’s Done It Again (2:17) (Single)
My Sentimental Friend (3:18) (Single)
My Lady (2:44) (Single B-Side)
Here Comes The Star (3:23)
It’s Alright Now (2:25)

Bonus Tracks David Bowie

DAVID BOWIE Rykodisc Bonus Tracks (1967-1990) – R.I.P. 1/10/16

FrontThe Rykodisc Bonus Tracks (1967-1990)
Most Exist On More Recent Reissues… Some Don’t!

When Bowie took his catalog to Rykodisc in the late 80s/early 90s, the label reissued all of his albums – from 1969’s David Bowie (a.k.a. Space Oddity) to 1980’s Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) – with a slew of bonus tracks for each (except, for whatever reason, 1973’s Aladdin Sane, which had no extras). We’ve gathered them all together for you and spread them across three virtual discs, adding, as bonus bonuses, Ryko’s 5-song CD, Fame ’90, and non-LP tracks from Ryko’s 1989 Sound + Vision box. Of course, many of these added tracks have since found their way onto later reissues, via other companies, but a few are still only available on the original, long-deleted Rykos. For this collection, we didn’t attempt to hunt down any other oddities, and the descriptions are straight from the liners…. so you Bowie-ites don’t need to mention that the “Holy Holy,” found on The Man Who Sold The World, isn’t actually the A-side single version from 1970. NOTE: A majority of these rips come from Ryko’s AU20 Gold Discs series… if anyone can actually tell the difference. There’s more Bowie in the archives, including his work on When The Wind Blows, the unreleased Pinups Radio Show, a Mott The Hoople production and a MOJO compilation (all HERE). Bowie died yesterday, January 10, 2016.

Conversation Piece (1970 B-Side Of “Prettiest Star”) (3:08) Space Oddity, 1969
Memory Of A Free Festival Part 1 (1970 A-Side Single Version) (4:02) Space Oddity, 1969
Memory Of A Free Festival Part 2 (1970 B-Side Single Version) (3:31) Space Oddity, 1969
Lightning Frightning (Previously Unreleased Track From 1970) (3:42) The Man Who Sold The World, 1970
Holy Holy (Single A-Side From 1970) (2:23) The Man Who Sold The World, 1970
Moonage Daydream (Released As Arnold Corns In 1971) (3:55) The Man Who Sold The World, 1970
Hang On To Yourself (Released As Arnold Corns In 1971) (2:53) The Man Who Sold The World, 1970
Bombers (Previously Unreleased Track Recorded In 1971) (2:41) Hunky Dory, 1971
The Supermen (Alternate Version Recorded In 1971) (2:44) Hunky Dory, 1971
Quicksand (Demo Version Recorded In 1971) (4:47) Hunky Dory, 1971
The Bewlay Brothers (Alternate Mix) (5:22) Hunky Dory, 1971
John, I’m Only Dancing (Previously Unreleased Mix) (2:46) The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust…, 1972
Velvet Goldmine (Single B-Side) (3:13) The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust…, 1972
Sweet Head (Previously Unreleased Track) (4:17) The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust…, 1972
Ziggy Stardust (Previously Unreleased Original Demo) (3:40) The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust…, 1972
Lady Stardust (Previously Unreleased Original Demo) (3:33) The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust…, 1972

Growin’ Up (Previously Unreleased Track From The Pin Ups Sessions) (3:27) Pin Ups, 1973
Port Of Amsterdam (1973 B-Side of “Sorrow”) (3:22) Pin Ups, 1973
Dodo (Previously Unreleased Track Recorded In 1973) (2:56) Diamond Dogs, 1974
Candidate (Demo Version Recorded In 1973) (5:08) Diamond Dogs, 1974
Band Intro (Bonus Track) (0:17) David Live, 1974
Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Bonus Track) (3:46) David Live, 1974
Time (Bonus Track) (5:18) David Live, 1974
Who Can I Be Now? (Previously Unreleased Track From 1974) (4:39) Young Americans, 1975
It’s Gonna Be Me (Previously Unreleased Track From 1974) (6:30) Young Americans, 1975
John, I’m Only Dancing (Again) (Single A-Side Recorded 1974) (6:59) Young Americans, 1975
Word On A Wing (Live Version/Station To Station Tour 3/23/76) (6:16) Station To Station, 1976
Stay (Live Version/Station To Station Tour 3/23/76) Station To Station, 1976
Some Are (Previously Unreleased Track Recorded 1976-1979) (3:16) Low, 1977
All Saints (Previously Unreleased Track Recorded 1976-1979) (3:38) Low, 1977
Sound And Vision (Remixed Version, 1991) (4:42) Low, 1977

Abdulmajid (Previously Unreleased Track Recorded 1976-1979) (3:36) Heroes, 1977
Joe The Lion (Remixed Version, 1991) (3:09) Heroes, 1977
Alabama Song (Bonus Track) (3:56) Stage, 1978
I Pray, Ole (Previously Unreleased Track Recorded 1979) (3:56) Lodger, 1979
Look Back In Anger (New Version Recorded 1988) (6:58) Lodger, 1979
Space Oddity (Re-Recorded Single B-Side, 1979) (5:00) Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), 1980
Panic In Detroit (Re-Recorded Previously Unreleased, 1979) (3:03) Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), 1980
Crystal Japan (Japanese Single A-Side, 1979) (3:11) Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), 1980
Alabama Song (UK Single A-Side, 1979) (3:51) Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps), 1980
Fame 90 (with Queen Latifah) (4:10) Fame ’90, 1990
Fame 90 (House Mix) (6:00) Fame ’90, 1990
Fame 90 (Gass Mix) (3:41) Fame ’90, 1990
Fame 90 (Hip Hop Mix) (6:01) Fame ’90, 1990
Fame 90 (Absolutely Nothing Premeditated/Epic Mix) (14:31) Fame ’90, 1990

Space Oddity (Previously Unreleased Demo Version) (5:07) Sound + Vision, 1989
Wild-Eyed Boy From Freecloud (1969 B-Side To Space Oddity) (4:48) Sound + Vision, 1989
The Prettiest Star (Single Version) (3:09) Sound + Vision, 1989
London Bye Ta-Ta (Previously Unreleased) (2:33) Sound + Vision, 1989
Round And Round (1973 B-Side To Drive-In Saturday) (2:40) Sound + Vision, 1989
John, I’m Only Dancing (1973 Aladdin Sane Outtake) (2:41) Sound + Vision, 1989
1984 / Dodo (Previously Unreleased Track From 1973) (5:27) Sound + Vision, 1989
Rebel Rebel (1974 US Single Version) (2:58) Sound + Vision, 1989
After Today (Previously Unreleased 1975 Young Americans Outtake) (3:47) Sound + Vision, 1989
It’s Hard To Be A Saint In The City (Previously Unreleased Track From 1975) (3:46) Sound + Vision, 1989
Helden (1977 German Version Of Heroes) (3:37) Sound + Vision, 1989
John, I’m Only Dancing (Live, Previously Unreleased) (2:40) Sound + Vision, 1989
Changes (Live, Previously Unreleased) (3:18) Sound + Vision, 1989
The Supermen (Live, Previously Unreleased) (2:44) Sound + Vision, 1989

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MOJO PRESENTS… Pretty Vacant (2016)

Pretty vacantPretty Vacant (February, 2016)

The latest free CD from the February, 2016 issue of MOJO Magazine is a recap of the (expanded) punk years, featuring tracks from The Stooges, 101’ers, The Dolls, The Dictators and other less celebrated purveyors. In a timely coincidence, Lemmy pens two tracks here. Find all 166 of MOJO‘s free CDs, dating back to 1997, HERE.

The Dictators – Master Race Rock (4:09)
Flamin’ Groovies – Slow Death (4:38)
Mick Farren & The New Wave – Lost Johnny (3:26)
The Count Bishops – I Need You (2:22)
The 101’ers – Keys to Your Heart (3:39)
New York Dolls – Who Are The Mystery Girls (2:55)
Pink Fairies – Do It (2:59)
MC5 – Sister Anne (6:46)
The Stooges – Cock in My Pocket (3:51)
The Hollywood Brats – Sick On You (5:05)
Hawkwind – Motorhead (3:02)
Sonic’s Rendezvous Band – Electrophonic Tonic (3:49)
Death – Politicians in My Eyes (5:46)
Electric Eels – Agitated (2:08)
Crushed Butler – It’s My Life (2:10)


ROGER McGUINN Cardiff Rose (1976) … Which Includes An Amazing Audio Oddity You Should Hear

Cardiff Rose (1976)
His Best Post-Byrds Work… Plus A Prescient Moment

Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Review was an eclectic, mid-70s carnival of souls that not only artistically invigorated ol’ Bob, but also planted many ideas in many minds throughout the tour’s run. Dylan would be inspired by Christian co-Roller T-Bone Burnett to find Jesus. While Roger McGuinn walked away from the tour with Mick Ronson in tow (yeah, the guy from Bowie’s Spiders From Mars), as well as Rob Stoner, David Mansfield & Howie Wyeth, who all aided and abetted some of McGuinn’s finest solo work, Cardiff Rose. What’s unique about Roger’s performances on this album is his new-found vocal energy. Listen for his riveting vocal inflections on “Pretty Polly” and the outstanding cover of Joni Mitchell’s “Dreamland.” Obviously inspired by Dylan’s hyper-delivery during Rolling Thunder, McGuinn, for the first time in years, found a new source of energy within himself on Cardiff Rose. Sure… it’s still McGuinn (the obligatory Dylan cover is the then-unreleased, “Up To Me”), but you’ll hear an artist who just got side-swiped by his long-standing mentor, and was suddenly intent on expressing himself without the safety net of his past success. Musically, there’s a contrasting energy weaving throughout – from drunken pirate songs (“Jolly Roger”) to elaborate 50s sock-hop (“Partners In Crime”) to Jersey shore balladeering (“Friend”). But, it’s all held together by an elastic band of vets playing with a genuine intensity and road-forged alchemy. Lyricist Jacques Levy, a co-writer on The Byrds’ (Untitled) is aboard, too. Dylan was so knocked out by that LP’s “Chestnut Mare,” he’d later enlist Levy to co-write one of his best albums, Desire. Find more Roger (and The Byrds) in the archives, HERE. Apparently out of print, there are numerous CD versions of Cardiff Rose floating around at Amazon.

PLUS A TRACK OF NOTE: There’s also one truly bizarre oddity on Cardiff Rose. A sore-thumb track that made no sense in the pre-punk mid-70s, since the song clearly didn’t belong with the rest of this album. McGuinn was apparently unconcerned by this, because there it was, three tracks high in the running order. “Rock And Roll Time” – written by McGuinn, Kris Kristofferson and Bobby Neuwirth (another Roller) – amazingly sounds exactly like… The Clash! Yet, before The Clash ever made an album. Listen for yourself. How funny would it have been if “Rock And Roll Time” had been a UK single at the dawn of the punk movement, and given credit for influencing Joe Strummer’s entire career? It’s on the streaming player below just to amaze you… and mess with your fragile musical bearings.

Take Me Away (3:02)
Jolly Roger (4:58)
Rock And Roll Time (2:47)
Friend (2:08)
Partners In Crime (4:52)
Up To Me (5:38)
Round Table (4:07)
Pretty Polly (3:17)
Dreamland (5:20)
Soul Love (Demo Recording) (3:07) – BONUS TRACK
Dreamland (Live) (5:30) – BONUS TRACK


THE BANGLES Sweetheart Of The Sun (2011) – Produced By Matthew Sweet

Sweetheart Of The Sun (2011)
Matthew Sweet Makes The Past OK

I’ll admit, I haven’t listened to The Bangles in a long, long time. So, they may have been this clever all throughout the 90s/00s. But this union with pop great Matthew Sweet is so perfect it makes your teeth ache. Some may view it as inevitable, given Susanna Hoffs work with Sweet on a trio of wonderful covers albums (Under The Covers, Vols. 1, 2 & 3, HERE). So, the idea of The Bangles being taken over by a true pop producer, with real ideas about production, harmonies, arrangements, etc…. could work. These types of situations are always about attitude and adventurism, and all participants have plenty to spare. Weaker compositions are buoyed by the musical arrangements, where a new bridge or a vamp acts as an excuse for a boatload of fresh harmonies. Find a bunch more Matthew Sweet in the archives, HERE. Get this one for a penny at Amazon, HERE.

Anna Lee (Sweetheart Of The Sun) (3:31)
Under A Cloud (4:07)
Ball N Chain (3:51)
I’ll Never Be Through With You (3:41)
Mesmerized (3:47)
Circles In The Sky (4:04)
Sweet And Tender Romance (2:12)
Lay Yourself Down (3:23)
One Of Two (3:40)
What A Life (3:22)
Through Your Eyes (3:51)
Open My Eyes (3:00)


ROBIN ZANDER Countryside Blvd. (2011) Recalled 2nd Solo LP From Cheap Trick’s Frontman – w/ Rare Alt Mix

FrontCountryside Blvd. (2011)
Why Was This Album Yanked?

Don’t ask me why the second solo album from Robin Zander was released, then immediately un-released, back in 2011. It’s a first-rate outing from the lead singer of Cheap Trick that has had fans flummoxed by its very (non) existence since it originally surfaced… before mysteriously disappearing within a few days of its online debut. First things first, however. Don’t believe the online hype that Countryside Blvd. is a “country” album. It’s not! Yes, it was recorded in Nashville and, yes, Robin sports a cowboy hat on the cover and, yes, it does contain elements of country instrumentation, including fiddles, acoustic guitars and the occasional pedal steel. But, categorizing this as country, or country-rock, completely misses the point. When I first heard this LP last year – the follow-up to 1993’s Robin Zander – I found it likable and catchy, at times suggesting The Traveling Wilburys (“Every Dog”) and Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers (“Ballad Of Jean & Me”), with hints of Zander’s own Cheap Trick (“Pamela Jean”). But, repeated listens quickly convinced me that Countryside Blvd. is a bedpost notch for Zander, with enough nuance and palate-expanding flavors to showcase his abilities and crossover appeal, without distancing himself from those looking for a Cheap retread. The ballads (like, “I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight”) are smart and appropriately sentimental, while the slight country accoutrements give the proceedings a contemporary air – a valid commerciality – without succumbing to the limited demands of modern rock radio. Again… I didn’t hear all this so clearly the first time through. It took a few spins for Countryside Blvd.‘s compositional smarts to charm me. Not to mention Zander’s still impressive vocal strength, as the 60 year-old easily ping-pongs from raucous rockers (“Say You Will”) to overly romantic duets (“Was I Wrong”) with aplomb. All in all, Countryside Blvd. is a satisfying stretch for Robin Zander… that fans can’t have. There’s also an alternate mix of “What’s Her Name” that, apparently, was mistakenly posted as one of the withdrawn downloads. Thanks to RS, my brother from another coast. Find more Cheap Trick in the archives (HERE). Countryside Blvd. is not currently available at Amazon (HERE).

Every Dog (3:58)
Walkin’ Shoes (4:05)
The Ballad Of Jean & Me (3:49)
Heart Of Glass (4:16)
What’s Her Name (2:24)
I Wonder What You’re Doing Tonight (4:12)
Pamela Jean (3:38)
Say You Will (3:57)
Was I Wrong (4:12)
Love Comes (5:08)
Save The Last Dance For Me (6:36) (w/ Hidden Track: You Are My Sunshine)

What’s Her Name (Alternate Mix) (2:20)


TODD RUNDGREN The Todd Rundgren Radio Show (1972)

coverThe Todd Rundgren Radio Show (1972)
Todd’s Hour-Long Promotional Concoction

The Todd Rundgren Radio Show is a fun, hour-long promotional LP distributed by Bearsville in 1972 to promote Todd’s Something/Anything? LP. Not really a “radio” show (though it was sent to radio), it’s more like Todd’s studio work around this time period – a potpourri of music, sounds, voices and effects that has Todd telling his own history, using what sounds like his old tapes, along with more recent recordings. Including stuff I’d never heard before, like an alternate studio take of “Christopher Columbus.” There’s a lot of weirdness here and it offers a rare glimpse of Todd at work during one of his creative peaks. Almost like a demo for A Wizard, A True Star, or an experimental musical biography. I looked all over for a track listing, but nobody seems to have bothered, probably because the LP includes numerous outside Rundgren productions inter-cut with snippets from advertisements to The Marx Brothers. We’ve got lots more Todd in the archives, HERE. Listen to The Todd Rundgren Radio Show below, or get an original LP at Amazon (HERE) for hundreds. The show was finally re-issued on CD as part of Todd’s Complete Bearsville Box (also going for hundreds, HERE), but the quality is not quite dynamic, or loud, as this vinyl rip.

The Todd Rundgren Radio Show (1:00:06)


RANDY NEWMAN Johnny Cutler’s Birthday (1973) – Live-In-The-Studio Demos For Good Old Boys

Randy Newman Demo BoxJohnny Cutler’s Birthday (1973)
Live In The Studio: The Good Old Boys Demos

On February 1st, 1973, Randy Newman sat down with producer Russ Titelman to record demos for his 4th album, Good Old Boys – Newman’s acerbic crucifixion of the post-Depression South. These legendary studio-quality tapes show that Newman’s initial concept was very different from the album he would eventually end up with. They also capture Newman’s complete storyline – designed to include segues, sound effects and dialog – which Randy often comically details. At its heart, this is a Broadway show composer’s “backer’s demo,” an audition of songs, snippets and ideas… including some that wouldn’t make the final cut. All the more entertaining because the performance – just Randy at the piano – is so seemingly off-the-cuff. You can just imagine Titelman mentally checking off all of the lost consumer demographics (and airplay) when first hearing the song, “Rednecks.” These tapes are so good, they were added as bonus tracks to the 2002 reissue of Good Old Boys, HERE, at Amazon. There’s more Randy to be had HERE.

If We Didn’t Have Jesus


The Joke


My Daddy Knew Dixie Howell



Good Morning

Birmingham Redux

Doctor, Doctor

Albanian Anthem



AL KOOPER / MIKE BLOOMFIELD / STEVE STILLS Super Session (1968), The Live Adventures Of Mike Bloomfield And Al Kooper (1968) + Fillmore East: The Lost Concert Tapes 12/13/68 (w/Johnny Winter 2003)

Super Session (1968)
The Live Adventures Of Mike Bloomfield And Al Kooper (1969)
Fillmore East: The Lost Concert Tapes 12/13/68 (2003)
In 1968… Al Kooper Was On Fire

We’re unabashed Al Kooper fans around here. As a teen, Al was a staple of my growing musical diet. Since he dabbled in rock, soul, jazz, orchestration, horns and psychedelia, Kooper had already mastered the idea of “fusion” before many of his contemporaries… and in 1968, that concept was king. Speaking of 1968, this post is only a sampling of the albums, bands and configurations Kooper was simultaneously juggling that year. His record deal with Columbia Records was unprecedented, allowing him the latitude to pursue what seemed like every last one of his whims – from his horn-driven Blood Sweat & Tears debut, Child Is Father To The Man (HERE), to his psychedelic solo debut, I Stand Alone (HERE), to two of Columbia’s biggest selling albums of the time, Super Session & The Live Adventures Of Mike Bloomfield And Al Kooper. The brilliance of Super Session alone is just one of Kooper’s seminal accomplishments. Teaming up with flash guitarist Mike Bloomfield (a cohort with Koop in styling Bob Dylan’s ‘wild mercury sound’ of 1965/66) and a pre-CS&N, Steve Stills – the modern-day ‘super session’ was proven a valid and worthwhile concept… via sales. As an impressionable kid, my ears were opened wide by the stoic blues workouts, the rich Hammond explorations and two, count ’em, great cover songs, both spotlighting Stills – Donovan’s “Season Of The Witch” and Dylan’s “It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry” (stylistically, a precursor to Crosby Stills & Nash’s “Marrakesh Express”). Note that – despite all the name talent (including Harvey Brooks on bass), and that exquisite vocal arrangement – it’s drummer Eddie Hoh that steals the show on “It Takes A Lot To Laugh…” (and, if you listen closely, you can even hear Hoh adapting on the fly during these quickly captured recordings). This 2006 reissue features outstanding bonus tracks, too. As for The Live Adventures Of Mike Bloomfield And Al Kooper, the original 2LP release, recorded the same year, became an early blueprint for live jam albums, mixing covers and loose performances into an essential 60s stoner experience. Elvin Bishop and a young Carlos Santana appear. The 2003 issue of The Lost Concert Tapes, taped in ’68, continues the super session design, introducing Johnny Winter to his first New York concert crowd. Amazon’s got Super Session (HERE), Live Adventures (HERE) & Lost Concert Tapes (HERE).

Albert’s Shuffle (6:54)
Stop (4:19)
Man’s Temptation (3:25)
His Holy Modal Majesty (9:13)
Really (5:26)
It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (3:30)
Season Of The Witch (11:08)
You Don’t Love Me (4:10)
Harvey’s Tune (2:11)
Albert’s Shuffle (2002 Remix Without Horns) (6:59) – Bonus Track
Season Of The Witch (2002 Remix Without Horns) (11:08) – Bonus Track
Blues For Nothing (4:15) – Bonus Track
Fat Grey Cloud (Live) (4:39) – Bonus Track

Opening Speech (1:35)
The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) (5:34)
I Wonder Who (6:02)
Her Holy Modal Highness (9:00)
The Weight (4:01)
Mary Ann (5:19)
Together ‘Til The End Of Time (4:16)
That’s All Right (3:17)
Green Onions (5:21)
Opening Speech (1:29)
Sonny Boy Williamson (6:04)
No More Lonely Nights (12:20)
Dear Mr. Fantasy/Hey Jude (8:04)
Don’t Throw Your Love On Me So Strong (10:59)
Finale/Refugee (1:59)

Introductions (1:27)
One Way Out (4:21)
Mike Bloomfield’s Introduction Of Johnny Winter (0:59)
It’s My Own Fault (featuring Johnny Winter) (10:57)
59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy) (6:16)
(Please) Tell Me Partner (10:12)
That’s All Right Mama (3:40)
Together Till The End Of Time (4:30)
Don’t Throw Your Love On Me So Strong (8:41)
Season Of The Witch (9:00)