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Black Friday (1940)

BLACK-FRIDAY-1940-5BLACK FRIDAY (1940) For over 70 years, until modern post-Thanksgiving marketing took over, the words “Black Friday” conjured up a different kind of horror for consumers. Black Friday is a classic Universal offering, featuring two greats, Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, though they don’t appear in a single scene together. A kindly old professor and a hard-nosed gangster are both involved in an auto accident, and doctor Karloff performs a brain transplant to keep his old friend alive. As you can easily guess, the meek professor (Stanley Ridges, in a freakishly believable dual-performance that dignifies the term “character actor”) begins to adopt the gangster’s tough guy persona, eventually becoming him, as Karloff selfishly – despite his good intentions – tries to ascertain the whereabouts of his hidden loot. Beautiful noir-ish mystery with a hint of sci-fi, whose concept was later used for dozens of future brain-transplant variations (both directly and indirectly), including Donovan’s Brain (HERE), The Brain (HERE) & The Colossus Of New York (HERE). Great performances by Ridges, Karloff and Lugosi (in a small role), a typically rousing (if familiar) Universal score and a crisp, commercial-free print combine to make this Black Friday a joy to experience. EXCLAMATION-MARKED TAG LINE!: A Man-Made Monster Is On The Loose! DIALOG ALERT: “Doc, you’re a genius, but you could’ve given me a better chassis.” Find Black Friday at Amazon, HERE. New Movies, Fridays ‘Round Midnight.



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LOU REED Rock N Roll Animal: The Complete Concert – The 1973 Academy Of Music Performance (1973/2015)

Rock N Roll Animal_ The Complete ConcertRock N Roll Animal: The Complete Concert (1973/2015)
Because It Needed To Be Done…

Lou Reed’s complete Academy Of Music Concert from December 21, 1973, which was first issued (in part) on 1974’s Rock N Roll Animal. Further excerpts from the show found their way onto 1975’s Lou Reed Live. So, between both albums, the entire show has been officially released, but not in its original sequence, which this excellent fan-made concoction does for the first time. Why Lou’s label hasn’t thought of this yet is clearly an oversight, but if they did, they would probably have created a 45 to help promote it, which the compiler here has thoughtfully already done – including exclusive, edited versions of “Sweet Jane” b/w “Rock N Roll.” The only thing missing is a bio and 8×10. Lou’s backing band for this show is killer, bringing some much-needed power and energy to Reed’s well documented slacker indifference. Four of the five players would later form the core of Alice Cooper’s Welcome To My Nightmare band – Steve Hunter & Dick Wagner (guitars), Prakash John (bass), Ray Colcord (keyboards) and Pentti “Whitey” Glan (drums). This is the first time this nearly 90-minute, properly-sequenced “Complete Concert” (and the 45 edits) has been online, for which we are grateful to the original creator. We’ve got more Lou in the archives, HERE.

Intro/Sweet Jane (8:01)
How Do You Think It Feels (3:44)
Caroline Says I (3:52)
I’m Waiting For The Man (3:41)
Lady Day (3:44)
Heroin (13:17)
Vicious (5:59)
Satellite Of Love (5:59)
Walk On The Wild Side (4:44)
Oh, Jim (10:39)
Sad Song (7:31)
White Light/White Heat (5:11)
Rock N Roll (10:09)

Sweet Jane [Single Version] (4:30)
Rock ‘N’ Roll [Single Version] (4:17)


THE ROLLING STONES IN MONO – The Complete London/Decca Studio Recordings (1964-1971)

Some of you may remember the short-lived, but much loved music blog, And Your Bird Can Swing, whose curator, Blank Frank, is still kicking up dust around the web with occasional contributions and custom creations. One of which he has kindly sent our way to share with you. A complete collection of The Rolling Stones in mono, from their 1964 debut, to 1971’s Sticky Fingers, with some thoughtful additions (necessitating a few faux “Deluxe Editions”) and bonus tracks. “This has been something that I’ve wanted to see for a long time,” Blank Frank relates. “I finally got tired of waiting and made it myself.” With our collective thanks, I’ll let Blank Frank detail the contents…

This is The Complete London/Decca Studio Recordings presented in mono – not re-channeled stereo – sounding the way they were meant to be played… on the radio or in a club! I liked the idea of having every mono RS LP, and their two greatest hits collections, Big Hits [High Tide And Green Grass] and Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2), are included because they were both great stand-alone LPs, not just collections of songs. This series also has a few extra albums. The second LP is a recreation of Around And Around, the great German collection, and includes all of the 1963-64 tracks that weren’t on LPs or greatest hits sets. [High Tide and Green Grass] pretty closely follows the UK version, with a few alterations. But, maybe the strangest addition here is Stone Age, which now collects all of the B-sides, USA tracks and other leftovers from 1965-66. I know “Sittin’ On A Fence” and the other USA Flowers tracks came out in 1967, but I’m pretty sure they pre-date Aftermath. Regardless, they puzzle together just fine this way, staying pretty close to chronological sequence. Through The Past, Darkly is unique in that it uses only the mono single mixes, including “Ruby Tuesday,” since ABKCO has always substituted a “fold-down” masquerading as a true mono master. It, too, closely follows the UK version, only removing duplicates and adding in more 1967-70 unique single mixes and edits. “Cocksucker Blues” is included at the end only because it really didn’t fit anywhere else. It’s only right to have some bonus 45s, too. The first is the band’s never-released 2nd single, “Fortune Teller,” while the Bill Wyman/Stones 45, “In Another Land” (which is barely different from the mono Their Majesties Satanic Request version), fits here best… not on TTP,D. Trust me, I tried it! Finally, the really hard to find (for me, anyway) original mono mix of the “Brown Sugar” single is here, too. All this material is officially released (no boots or Metamorphosis demos & rejects), and is mostly culled from Prof. Stoned or MFSL needle drops, with a good part of it coming from the latest ABKCO reissues. What I had and liked the sound of, is what I went with. – Blank Frank

The Rolling Stones 1964THE ROLLING STONES
Route 66 (2:20)
I Just Want to Make Love to You (2:17)
Honest I Do (2:09)
I Need You Baby (3:34)
Now I’ve Got a Witness (2:29)
Little By Little (2:38)
I’m a King Bee (2:35)
Carol (2:33)
Tell Me (4:05)
Can I Get a Witness (2:56)
You Can Make It If You Try (2:00)
Walking the Dog (3:08)

Around And Around (Deluxe)AROUND AND AROUND (Deluxe Edition)
Around And Around (3:05)
Good Times, Bad Times (2:30)
Empty Heart (2:37)
Confessin’ The Blues (2:48)
Not Fade Away (1:47)
Bye Bye Johnny (2:09)
You Better Move On (2:41)
I Wanna Be Your Man (1:44)
2120 South Michigan Avenue (2:07)
If You Need Me (2:03)
Poison Ivy (Version 2) (2:06)
I Want To Be Loved (1:52)
Stoned (2:09)
Money (2:31)
Little By Little (2:39)
Surprise Surprise (2:30)
How Many Times (1:57)

Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (5:01)
Down Home Girl (4:14)
You Can’t Catch Me (3:37)
Time Is On My Side (Guitar Intro) (2:58)
What A Shame (3:06)
Grown Up Wrong (2:06)
Down The Road Apiece (2:54)
Under The Boardwalk (2:45)
I Can’t Be Satisfied (3:26)
Pain In My Heart (2:10)
Off The Hook (2:34)
Susie Q (1:50)

She Said Yeah (1:36)
Mercy, Mercy (2:47)
Hitch Hike (2:26)
That’s How Strong My Love Is (2:26)
Good Times (2:00)
Gotta Get Away (2:08)
Talkin’ ‘Bout You (2:32)
Cry To Me (3:10)
Oh Baby (2:10)
Heart Of Stone (2:51)
The Under Assistant West Coast Promo Man (3:08)
I’m Free (2:24)

Mother’s Little Helper (2:48)
Stupid Girl (2:58)
Lady Jane (3:12)
Under My Thumb (3:26)
Doncha Bother Me (2:41)
Goin’ Home (11:19)
Flight 505 (3:28)
High And Dry (3:09)
Out Of Time (5:18)
It’s Not Easy (2:56)
I Am Waiting (3:16)
Take It Or Leave It (2:53)
Think (3:17)
What To Do (2:30)

Big Hits (Deluxe)BIG HITS [HIGH TIDES AND GREEN GRASS] (Deluxe Edition)
Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow? (2:34)
Paint It, Black (3:44)
It’s All Over Now (3:28)
The Last Time (3:42)
Play With Fire (2:14)
Tell Me [Single Version] (2:37)
Come On (1:48)
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (3:43)
Get Off Of My Cloud (2:54)
As Tears Go By (2:45)
19th Nervous Breakdown (3:57)
Out Of Time (US. Version) (3:44)
Time Is On My Side (2:52)
Little Red Rooster (3:05)

Stone Age (Deluxe)STONE AGE (Deluxe Edition)
Congratulations (2:28)
I’ve Been Lovin’ You Too Long (2:52)
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (3:01)
One More Try (1:58)
Gotta Get Away (2:07)
The Spider And The Fly (3:38)
The Singer Not The Song (2:22)
Look What You’ve Done (2:18)
Sad Day (3:02)
Blue Turns To Grey (2:29)
Con Le Mie Lacrime (2:46)
Long Long While (3:01)
Who’s Driving Your Plane? (3:14)
Sittin’ On A Fence (3:05)
My Girl (2:42)
Ride On Baby (2:58)

Yesterday’s Papers (2:21)
My Obsession (3:22)
Back Street Girl (3:26)
Connection (2:14)
She Smiled Sweetly (2:46)
Cool, Calm And Collected (4:18)
All Sold Out (2:16)
Please Go Home (3:16)
Who’s Been Sleeping Here (3:50)
Complicated (3:17)
Miss Amanda Jones (2:50)
Something Happened To Me Yesterday (4:58)

Sing This All Together (3:46)
Citadel (2:47)
In Another Land (3:15)
2000 Man (3:08)
Sing This All Together (See What Happens) (7:57)
She’s A Rainbow (4:36)
The Lantern (4:25)
Gomper (5:09)
2000 Light Years From Home (4:46)
On With The Show (3:43)

Sympathy For The Devil (6:31)
No Expectations (4:05)
Dear Doctor (3:30)
Parachute Woman (2:26)
Jig-saw Puzzle (6:22)
Street Fighting Man (3:22)
Prodigal Son (3:00)
Stray Cat Blues (4:43)
Factory Girl (2:13)
Salt Of The Earth (4:56)

Through The Past Darkly (Deluxe)THROUGH THE PAST, DARKLY (Big Hits Vol. 2) (Deluxe Edition)
Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Single) (3:38)
2000 Light Years From Home (Single) (4:45)
Let’s Spend The Night Together (Single) (3:26)
You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Single) (4:50)
We Love You (Single) (4:36)
Street Fighting Man (Single) (3:08)
She’s A Rainbow (Single) (4:12)
Ruby Tuesday (Single) (3:14)
Dandelion (Single) (3:48)
Child Of The Moon (rmk) (Single) (3:12)
Honky Tonk Women (Single) (2:59)
Cocksucker Blues (3:28)

Gimme Shelter (4:31)
Love In Vain (4:19)
Country Honk (3:05)
Live With Me (3:32)
Let It Bleed (5:27)
Midnight Rambler (6:51)
You Got The Silver (2:51)
Monkey Man (4:10)
You Can’t Always Get What You Want (7:27)

Brown Sugar (3:47)
Sway (3:51)
Wild Horses (5:41)
Can’t You Hear Me Knocking? (7:10)
You Gotta Move (2:33)
Bitch (3:35)
I Got The Blues (3:53)
Sister Morphine (5:30)
Dead Flowers (4:03)
Moonlight Mile (5:52)

Fortune Teller (2:19)
Poison Ivy (Version 1) (2:36)
In Another Land (Single Version) (2:53)
The Lantern (Single Version) (4:26)
Brown Sugar (Single Version) (3:52)
Bitch (Single Version) (3:38)
Let It Rock (Single Version) (2:36)


THE FACES & ROD STEWART Last Step (1998) – Ohh La La Outtakes & More From 1973-1974

Faces Last StepLast Step (1998)
Grab Bag Boot With Ohh La La Outtakes & More

Generally high-quality boot featuring outtakes and alt mixes from Rod Stewart & The Faces’ final album together, 1973’s Ohh La La. I get a kick hearing bands working out material I had already memorized over 40 years ago, so the first half of this well-recorded, crisp sounding boot (on the Tendolar label) is a joy to have. The rest of the material is a mixed bag of b-sides and live tracks that is just as hit and miss as that sounds. Take note that the original release’s liners contained some inaccurate information regarding the sources for some of these tracks, so take the details below with a grain of salt. Some of this stuff showed up on an officially released box set, but this gives us an opportunity to point you to the archives for more Stewart & Faces material, including; THE FACES Five Guys Walk Into A Bar… Box Set and ROD STEWART Reason To Believe: The Complete Mercury Studio Recordings Box Set (both HERE). You can also find some of one or the other’s work on THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA Tommy (HERE), LONG JOHN BALDRY It Ain’t Easy (Expanded) (Half produced by Rod, HERE) and 2014’s MOJO Presents… Small Faces & Friends (HERE).

My Fault (3:05)
Flags & Banners (1:59)
Ooh La La (2:26)
Glad And Sorry (2:43)
Silicone Grown (3:06)
Cindy Incidentally (2:37)
If I’m On The Late Side (2:33)
Borstal Boys (2:47)
Just Another Honky (1:53)
Don’t Forget To Tell Him (4:13)
You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything (4:37)
Pool Hall Richard (4:23)
I Can Feel The Fire (5:05) – From The Faces Last Concert
You Can Make Me Dance, Sing or Anything (6:36) – From The Faces Last Concert
Medley: You Wear It Well/Maggie Mae (9:12) – From The Faces Last Concert
Take A Look At The Guy (4:29) – From The Faces Last Concert
Wyndlesham Bay (Jodie) (3:08) – Rod Stewart B-Side (That’s Really The Faces)
I Wish It Would Rain (4:22) – Live
True Blue (4:03) – Live
The Stealer (0:57)

Capitol Blues Series

The Capitol Blues Collection: 23 Volumes (1995-1997)

From 1995 to 1997, Capitol Records dug deep into their vaults to unearth a wide variety of old blues music, primarily from – but not limited to – the 40s, 50s & 60s, issued on various labels like Capitol, Imperial, Aladdin and others. The Capitol Blues Collection became a 22-volume, 39-disc series that gathered together lost or forgotten recordings, as well as rare live performances and even long out-of-print LPs, including… a live Son House show from the UK, a “deluxe edition” of Mississippi Fred McDowell’s, I Do Not Play No Rock ‘N’ Roll, and the only CD/digital release (that we know) of James Cotton’s 1970 Todd Rundgren-produced LP, Taking Care Of Business. We’ve had some of these posted in the archives since 2010, but figured it was time to pull them all together in one place. Dr. Feelgoed (aka ARTKoen), took the time to create .pdf files for each release’s art and liner notes for us – which are essential to appreciating what’s included with each set. Thanks also go out to Steve626 and Clarence E. Jones III for sharing five of the harder-to-find stragglers, to complete the series. One anomaly in the series is #18 Rediscovered Blues 2, a 3CD set that was produced, but never released. So additional thanks to Bob Mac, who went to the trouble of reconstructing the missing files from the unreleased #18 to help us (nearly) complete this entire Capitol Blues Collection offering. Many thanks to all involved.

NOTE: Click any cover for a pop-up link to the album, or click HERE for the entire series.
TBWcoverSTcoverChicago Blues Masters Volume OneRediscovered BluesFrontRoy BrownSHcoverJLHcoverJimmy Rogers Chicago Blues Masters V2Snooks Eaglin FrontTexas Guitar Killers FrontMFMcoverLivin' With The BluesPee We CraytonamosmilburnFloyd DixonZZ HillReconstructed 18Jumpin' Like MadThe Cocktail CombosKansas City BluesLouisiana Swamp Blues FrontChicago Blues Masters Vol 3


CAPITOL BLUES #23: VARIOUS ARTISTS Chicago Blues Masters Volume Three (1997) – Includes James Cotton’s Bizarre Todd Rundgren-Produced 1970 LP

Chicago Blues Masters Vol 3Chicago Blues Masters Vol. Three: Shakey Jake, George ‘Harmonica’ Smith, James Cotton, (1997)
The Series’ Final Installment…

Chicago Blues… with a twist. This final offering in the Capitol Blues Collection is a gathering of three different 1969/1970 albums from James Cotton, George ‘Harmonica’ Smith and Shakey Jake Harris. Since they don’t fit snugly on two discs, James Cotton’s very strange 1970 LP, Taking Care Of Business, is split between both discs. It’s not a favored LP by Cotton’s hardcore blues fans, as it was produced by Todd Rundgren & Mark ‘Moogy’ Klingman, and includes three songs penned by the pair (“Kiddy Boy,” “Goodbye My Lady” & “Tonight I Want To Love Me A Stranger”)… not to mention a rock backing (despite being credited to JC’s “Blues Band”), which prominently includes Todd, along with Matt “Guitar” Murphy, Johnny Winter, Michael Bloomfield, Stu Woods and Richie Hayward (Little Feat). Flawed, but a unique study for those who are interested in Todd’s unusual participation here. Unless I’m mistaken, this music never been properly reissued on CD, except here. George “Harmonica” Smith’s material comes from his 1969 debut LP with The Chicago Blues Band, Blues With A Feeling: A Tribute To Little Walter – an excellent release showcasing Smith’s harp chops, driving Little Walter’s classic blues material. The set is rounded out by Shakey Jake (Harris) & The All Stars’ Further On Up The Road, from 1969, which features the likes of Luther Allison, John Mayall & Sunnyland Slim (as well as a couple of extra tracks from the sessions). Thanks once again to Steve626 for these files, and ARTKoen for the .pdf liner notes (and all the liners for this series). And many thanks to everyone who contributed to this series of posts. Find all of our Capitol Blues Collection posts, HERE. Find the 2CD Chicago Blues Masters Volume 3 at Amazon, HERE.
James CottonGeorge 'Harmonica' SmithShakeyJake

Shakey Jake Everything Gonna Be Alright (2:38)
Shakey Jake
Hold That Bus, Conductor (3:19)
Shakey Jake
Strollin’ The Strip (2:36)
Shakey Jake
Respect Me Baby (3:32)
Shakey Jake
I Will Always Love You (3:18)
Shakey Jake
Three Times Seven (3:05)
Shakey Jake
Farther On Up The Road (2:59)
Shakey Jake
A Hard Road To Travel (3:24)
Shakey Jake
Save Your Money, Baby (2:40)
Shakey Jake
Too Hot Too Hold (3:19)
Shakey Jake
Long Distance Call (3:08)
Shakey Jake
Don´t Answer The Door (3:13)
Shakey Jake
Love Me Baby (3:54)
Lucille Spann
Chains Of Love (4:03)
James Cotton
The Sky Is Falling (3:58)
James Cotton
Long Distance Operator (5:16)
James Cotton
I´m A Free Man (2:34)
James Cotton
Can´t Live Without Love (4:26)
James Cotton
Kiddy Boy (4:04)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith Mellow Down Easy (2:30)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith
Can’t Hold Out Much Longer (3:06)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith
My Babe (2:35)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith
Juke (3:14)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith
West Helena Blues (3:38)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith
Tell Me Mama (2:47)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith
Last Night (4:24)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith
You Better Watch Yourself (2:58)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith
Key To The Highway (2:33)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (2:03)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith
Too Late (3:15)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith
Love With A Feelin’ (2:45)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith
Goin’ Down Slow (5:23)
George ‘Harmonica’ Smith
Just A Feelin (3:33)
James Cotton
She Moves Me (4:28)
James Cotton
Tonight I Wanna Love Me A Stranger (3:12)
James Cotton
Nose Open (4:07)
James Cotton
Goodbye My Lady (3:09)
James Cotton
Georgia Swing (4:50)

Capitol Blues Series

CAPITOL BLUES #22: VARIOUS ARTISTS Louisiana Swamp Blues (1997)

Louisiana Swamp Blues FrontLouisiana Swamp Blues (1997)
Blues, Boogie And A Rockin’ French Accordion

The Guitar Slim material offered here is from his first 1951 recording session, actually billed as Eddie Jones & His Playboys… the leader being later demoted (in the credits) when Slim’s career took off. Clarence “Bon Ton” Garlow is an early proponent of the blues-based, boogie-zydeco recordings from the region, which still relied heavily on the stylings of the previous generation for its inspiration. While accordionist Clifton Chenier – who started out in Garlow’s club, The Bon Ton Drive-In – eventually became synonymous with the geographically-embedded rockin’-zydeco variation. As for the two recordings by accordion player Boo Zoo Chavis, even the liner notes are forced to point out Boo’s “unique” timing and tuning, both of which are almost non-existent. Big thanks to Clarence E. Jones III for sharing this once-elusive release, and ARTKoen for putting together the .pdf liner notes. Get the rest of the Capitol Blues Collection in the archives, HERE. Find Louisiana Swamp Blues at Amazon, HERE.

Guitar Slim & His Band Cryin’ In The Mornin’ (2:12)
Guitar Slim & His Band
Bad Luck Is On Me (aka Woman Troubles) (2:14)
Guitar Slim & His Playboys
New Arrival (2:34)
Guitar Slim & His Playboys
Standin’ At The Station (2:44)
Clarence “Bon Ton” Garlow
New Bon Ton Roulay (aka Bon Ton #2) (2:53)
Clarence “Bon Ton” Garlow
Hey Mr. Bon Ton (2:36)
Clarence “Bon Ton” Garlow
You Got Me Crying
Clarence “Bon Ton” Garlow
Dreaming (2:40)
Clarence “Bon Ton” Garlow
I’m Hurt (2:15)
Clarence “Bon Ton” Garlow
Flip Flop (1:59)
Clarence “Bon Ton” Garlow
Jumping At The Zadacoe (1:56)
Boo Breeding
I Can’t Fly (aka Date With An Angel) (2:55)
Boo Breeding
My Love (She’s Gone) (3:05)
Boo Breeding
Low And Lonesome (2:55)
Boo Breeding
Country Woman (2:25)
Clifton Chenier
Louisiana Stomp (2:54)
Clifton Chenier
Cliston Blues (3:15)
Clifton Chenier
Tell Me (aka I’ll Be On My Way; aka Just A Lonely Boy) (2:17)
Clifton Chenier
Rockin’ Hop (2:01)
Clifton Chenier
Country Bred (2:29)
Clifton Chenier
Rockin’ The Bop (2:44)
Boo Zoo Chavis
Boo Zoo Stomp (2:22)
Boo Zoo Chavis
Paper In My Shoe (2:14)

Capitol Blues Series Various Artists

CAPITOL BLUES #21: VARIOUS ARTISTS Kansas City Blues (1997)

Kansas City BluesKansas City Blues (1997)
The KC Connection…

The liner notes detail a post-depression Kansas rife with political corruption, illegal liquor, gambling and prostitution… and the music that sprang from the turmoil throughout the city’s clubs, juke joints and dives, culminating with this 40s war-time smorgasbord of blues, jump and jazz. Personally speaking, I wasn’t familiar with the names included here, so, as usual, the CBC booklet (included) is an essential part of understanding both the artists and era. But, even if you’re not a reader, the music should be stylistically familiar from a hundred old movies and documentaries of the times. That’s the great Jimmy Witherspoon with the Jay McShann & His Jazz-Men, and sax man Ben Webster sitting in with Walter Brown and Jay McShann’s Kaycee Stompers. 3CDs of KC-styled juke from a lost, bygone era of American blues. Thanks to ARTKoen for the .pdf liner notes. Check out the rest of the Capitol Blues Collection in the archives, HERE. Find Kansas City Blues at Amazon, HERE.

Moten Swing (2:57)
Come On Over To My House (2:52)
Trouble In Mind (2:53)
On The Sunny Side Of The Street (2:59)
Confessin’ The Blues (3:07)
Walkin’ Blues (3:21)
Hard Working Man Blues (3:20)
When I’ve Been Drinking (3:13)
Merry-Go-Round Blues (3:14)
Bad Tale Boogie (2:11)
McShann’s Boogie Blues (3:05)
Everything Will Be All Right (2:47)
Pic’s Boogie (2:53)
Scotty’s (2:45)
Cover Up (2:11)
(Scotty Can Blow) Kicks (2:29)
Tonight’s The Night (3:03)
My Man Stands Out (2:15)
Do You Want It (2:33)
It Comes In Like A Lion (2:42)
When You Want Chili (2:56)
It’s Hard To Laugh Or Smile (2:50)
You’ll Wind Up On Top (2:45)
On The Gravy Train (2:19)
Don’t Come Too Soon (3:00)
Ugly Papa (2:54)
Don’t Save It Too Long (The Money Song) (2:27)
After Hours Waltz (2:37)
I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None Of My Jelly Roll (2:24)
Sugar Daddy Blues (2:39)
Gone (2:51)
Gotta Good Reason For Being Bad (2:18)
Play The Blues (2:40)
What Evil Have I Done (3:05)
Gonna Play With Your Woman (2:09)
Work Don’t Bother Me (2:39)
Goosed (2:17)
Jackson County Romp (2:41)
Mizzou’ (2:57)
Hot Sauce (3:03)
Inform Me Baby (2:59)
Lyin’ Woman Blues (2:30)
Suppressin’ The Blues (2:20)
Hello and Goodbye (2:10)
You Ain’t Got It No More (2:48)
When Your Lover Has Gone (2:46)
Oh Chuck It (In A Bucket) (2:57)
Decent Woman Blues (2:41)
Dragging My Heart Around (2:59)
Kickapoo (2:25)
Tea For Tommy (2:58)
If You Don’t, Why Don’t You (2:20)
I Want You To Be My Guy (2:27)
Douglas Boogie (2:33)
The Killion (2:20)
Leaving Town Blues (2:31)
Lights Out (2:22)
Turn It Over (2:39)
That Did It (2:48)
Best Friend Blues (3:09)
Baby You Messed Up (2:21)
You Better Leave My Gal Alone (2:44)
Lou, Cindy Lou (2:48)
Squabblin’ Woman (2:55)
I’m Gonna Get Married (2:22)
New Style Baby (2:38)
Let’s Love Awhile (2:59)
Nasty Attitude (2:56)
Slow Down Baby (2:56)
The Lady With The Black Dress On (3:09)
Sister Flat-Top (2:40)
It Ain’t No Use (2:20)
Jumpin’ Little Woman (2:37)



The Cocktail CombosThe Cocktail Combos (1997)
A Seriously Sweet Collection Of Greats…

Everybody needs a little Nat King Cole in their collections, and his early stuff from the 40s is as good a place as any to start. The liner notes for The Cocktail Combos provide a history lesson of the 30s, 40s and 50s Los Angeles club scene: “One uniquely Los Angeles phenomenon is the cocktail combo, so named because of its (usually) drum less, relatively quiet sound, which did not interfere with conversation in the small lounges around town.” The collection is split between four artists, with continuity coming from the supporting players, including Johnny & Oscar Moore (guitars), Johnny Miller (bass), and Johnny Otis (drums), performing in various combinations with other players from the era. The headliners are The King Cole Trio (with Oscar Moore), Charles Brown (with Johnny Moore & Johnny Otis), Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers (featuring Charles Brown) and Floyd Dixon (with Johnny Moore), all collected together for this compelling flip side to the radio & jukebox-aimed blues of the era. Thanks again to ARTKoen for the essential .pdf liner notes. Check out the rest of the Capitol Blues Collection in the archives, HERE. Find The Cocktail Combos at Amazon, HERE.

Straighten Up And Fly Right (2:27)
Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good To You (2:56)
Sweet Lorraine (3:09)
Easy Listening Blues (3:10)
Bring Another Drink (2:20)
I’m A Shy Guy (2:55)
You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You (2:51)
Don’t Blame Me (3:24)
I’m Through With Love (2:56)
Come To Baby, Do! (3:04)
The Frim Fram Sauce (3:18)
Loan Me Two Till Tuesday (2:38)
(Get Your Kicks) Route 66 (3:02)
Baby, Baby All The Time (3:02)
Oh, But I Do! (2:40)
But She’s My Buddy’s Chick (3:08)
You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love) (3:05)
(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons (2:54)
You’re The Cream In My Coffee (2:29)
You Don’t Learn That In School (3:07)
I Miss You So (3:04)
I Think You Get What I Mean (2:41)
(Everyone Has Someone) But All I’ve Got Is Me (2:52)
What’ll I Do (3:04)
I’ll String Along With You (3:11)
Blazers Boogie (2:34)
Baby Don’t You Cry (3:27)
Drifting Blues (3:14)
Homesick Blues (3:14)
How High The Moon (2:16)
Get Yourself Another Fool (3:02)
In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down (2:56)
Trouble Blues (2:22)
I Don’t Care Who Knows (2:53)
When Your Lover Has Gone (2:57)
Tormented (2:46)
Alley Batting (3:01)
Take Me (2:50)
Let’s Have A Ball (2:37)
Did You Ever Love A Woman (3:09)
Again (3:09)
Gee! (3:06)
I’ve Made Up My Mind (2:52)
That Old Feeling (3:14)
Without The One You Love (2:22)
Black Night (3:06)
Once There Lived A Fool (2:24)
Hard Times (3:03)
Evening Shadows (2:46)
Rollin’ Like A Pebble In The Sand (2:51)
Rising Sun (2:31)
Cryin’ And Driftin’ Blues (2:38)
Goodnight My Love (3:08)
Cryin’ Mercy (2:42)
P.S. I Love You (2:34)
My Silent Love (2:42)
I Want To Fool Around With You (2:39)
Married Woman (3:04)
Wino Blues (2:15)
Empty Stocking Blues (3:01)
Walkin’ And Talkin’ Blues (3:01)
San Francisco Blues (3:02)
Bad Neighborhood (3:01)
You Played Me for A Fool (2:48)
Telephone Blues (3:14)
You Need Me Now (3:04)
Broken Hearted Traveler (3:09)
Do I Love You (3:05)
A Long Time Ago (2:59)
Lovin’ (Brought Me Into This World) (2:31)
Tired, Broke, And Busted (2:37)
Come Back Baby (2:32)
Call Operator 210 (2:58)
Wine, Wine, Wine (2:42)
Red Cherries (2:47)

Capitol Blues Series Various Artists

CAPITOL BLUES #19: VARIOUS ARTISTS Jumpin’ Like Mad: Cool Cats & Hip Chicks Non-Stop Dancin’ (1996)

Jumpin' Like MadJumpin’ Like Mad: Cool Cats & Hip Chicks Non-Stop Dancin’ (1996)
Juke Box Music Of The 40s & 50s

According to Billy Vera’s liner notes, “The music herein does not neatly fit into any anally defined and accepted category… The sole reason for the existence of this album in FUN, although it also may be the hippest R&B compilation ever attempted.” The end result is a collection of juke box music from the late 40s and early 50s, featuring a slew of uncredited sax players (Dexter Gordon, Maxwell Davis & Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis) supporting the bevy of titled artists detailed below. No further explanation necessary. Thanks once again to ARTKoen for the .pdf liner notes (and before you bitch about it, two pages are missing. No big deal). Check out the rest of the Capitol Blues Collection in the archives, HERE. Find Jumpin’ Like Mad: Cool Cats & Hip Chicks Non-Stop Dancin’ at Amazon, HERE.

Joe Turner Jumpin’ Tonight (aka Midnight Rockin’) (2:24)
Calvin Boze
Safronia B (2:23)
Ella Mae Morse
Cow Cow Boogie (3:14)
Lester Young
Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid (3:12)
Jesse Price
Jump It With A Shuffle (2:48)
Kay Starr
Oh Babe! (2:28)
Cootie Williams Orchestra
Stingy Blues (3:02)
Babs’ Three Bips & A Bop
Oo-Pa-Pa-Da (2:54)
T-Bone Walker
Hypin’ Women Blues (2:49)
Nellie Lutcher
Fine Brown Frame (2:56)
Jesse Price
Baby, Let’s Be Friends (2:51)
Helen Humes
Be Baba Leba (2:42)
King Cole Trio
The Frim Fram Sauce (3:18)
Ella Mae Morse
Solid Potato Salad (2:57)
Ernie Andrews with Maxwell Davis Orchestra
Pork Chops And Mustard Greens (2:59)
Gene Ammons Quintet
Jack’s Town (3:01)
Betty Hall Jones
This Joint’s Too Hip for Me (2:33)
Lalo Guerrero
Marihuana Boogie (2:59)
Ike Carpenter Orchetra
Pachuko Hop (2:15)
Cootie Williams Orchestra
Juice Head Baby (3:09)
Jack ‘The Bear’ Parker
Cheap Old Wine And Whiskey (3:10)
Calvin Boze
Looped (2:22)
Jimmy Liggins
I Ain’t Drunk (2:25)
Big Jay McNeely All That Wine Is Gone (2:56)
Louis Jordan
I Seen What’cha Done (2:41)
Jimmy Liggins
No More Alcohol (2:28)
Big Jay McNeely
Insect Ball (2:36)
Charles Brown
Gee! (3:08)
Ella Mae Morse with Don Raye
The House Of Blue Lights (2:54)
T-Bone Walker
The Hustle Is On (2:33)
Gene Ammons Quintet
Blowin’ Red’s Top (2:31)
Johnny Mercer & Cootie Williams
He Should’a Flip’d When He Flop’d (3:02)
Nellie Lutcher
He’s A Real Gone Guy (3:02)
Jessie Price
My Baby Done Left Me (3:02)
Lalo Guerrero
Chicas Patas Boogie (Oh Babe!) (2:56)
King Porter Orchestra
Chittlin’ Ball (2:28)
Cootie Williams Orchestra
Wrong Neighborhood (2:49)
Ella Mae Morse
Jumpin’ Jack (2:44)
Al Hibbler with Tab Smith Orchestra
Fat And Forty (3:05)
Joe Lutcher
No Name Boogie (2:55)
Gene Ammons Quintet
Concentration (2:25)
Harry ‘The Hipster’ Gibson
Two Cats (4:20)
Peggy Lee
Yeah Yeah Yeah (2:15)
Louis Jordan
I’ll Die Happy (3:07)
Cootie Williams Orchestra
I May Be Easy, But I’m No Fool (3:08)
Ernie Andrews with Maxwell Davis Orchestra
Travelin’ Baby (2:31)
Calvin Boze
Blow Man Blow (2:28)
Jimmy Liggins
Boogie Woogie King (2:30)
Calvin Boze
Keep Your Nose Out Of My Business (3:04)
Jimmy Liggins
Talking That Talk (2:31)
Louis Prima with Sam Butera & the Witnesses
5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days (2:08)


CAPITOL BLUES #18 Rediscovered Blues 2 (3CD Reconstruction) – UNRELEASED w/ Roosevelt Sykes, Bumble Bee Slim, Sunnyland Slim & Arthur Crudup

Reconstructed 18Rediscovered Blues 2 (Reconstruction)
An Unreleased 3CD Set Is Now Reconstructed…

The Capitol Blues Collection’s #18 Rediscovered Blues 2 was organized, produced (with cover art) and even promoted in many of the series’ liners notes… but never actually released. Why, we don’t know, but its absence has long been a mystery that we were prepared to ignore since the 3CD set didn’t exist. So, big thanks go out to Bob Mac for taking the time to put together this reconstruction of Rediscovered Blues 2, helping us complete this series of CBC posts. Three of the four artists found here were originally represented by re-issues of their old albums (Bumble Bee Slim, Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup & Sunnyland Slim). So what we don’t get in this reconstruction is the “previously unreleased” outtakes (mostly from Sunnyland Slim) that are still locked in Capitol’s vaults. Check the track list below (and reference Bob Mac’s notes in the d/l) to see what’s included and what’s not. Most of Roosevelt Sykes’ material comes from Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 10 (1951-1957), except the unreleased “Cannonball” (replaced here with an earlier, 1936 version, “The Cannon Ball”). Bumble Bee Slim’s 1962 LP, Back in Town! (featuring Les McCann, Joe Pass, Richard Holmes and others) – a revelation to these ears and my favorite music from this set – is included in its entirety, as originally planned. As is Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup’s last, 1970 LP, Roebuck Man (save a substituted outtake), a cool London session recording with Benny Gallagher, Dave Gelly, John Lewis, and Tom McGuinness & Hughie Flint (a.k.a. McGuinness Flint). Sunnyland Slim’s 1969 LP, Slim’s Got His Thing Goin’ On, is here too, and features a solid assortment of players, including Mick Taylor (The Stones), Luther Allison and most of Canned Heat (with the late Alan Wilson). One track, “Little Girl Blues,” credits Big Mama Thorton on drums. Full personnel details are HERE. Unfortunately, the 11 “previously released” Slim tracks slated for Rediscovered Blues 2 haven’t been issued in any other form yet, and constitutes the bulk of what’s missing from this reconstruction, but what is here is most welcomed. Big thanks again to Bob Mac for reconstructing the missing pieces of this long-lost puzzle. Find the rest of the official Capitol Blues Collection releases in the archives, HERE.
Roosevelt SykesBumble Bee SlimSunnylandArthur Crudup

NOTE: What follows is the official track list, with appropriate edits for this reconstruction.
ROOSEVELT SYKES (1955 Imperial recordings)
You Can’t Be Lucky All the Time
Sweet Old Chicago
She’s Jail Bait
Blood Stains
Hush Oh Hush
Cannonball (previously unreleased) The Cannon Ball (Earlier 1936 Version Substituted)
I’m Tired
Crazy Fox
BUMBLE BEE SLIM (Back in Town!, 1962)
Direct South
Wake Up In The Morning
Driftin’ Blues
Puppy Love
New B & O Blues
Midnight Special
In The Evening
Meet Me In The Bottom
Wee Wee Baby
I’m The One

SUNNYLAND SLIM (Slim’s Got His Thing Goin’ On, 1969 + bonuses)
You Used To Love Me
My Past Life
She’s Got A Thing Going On
Substitute Woman
Canada Walk (previously unreleased)
Blue And Lonesome (previously unreleased)
Goin’ Back To Memphis(previously unreleased)
Blue And Lonesome II (previously unreleased)
Dust My Broom (previously unreleased)
Come Day, Go Day (previously unreleased)
Well, Alright (previously unreleased)
The Devil Is a Busy Man (previously unreleased)
Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie (previously unreleased)

Goin’ Back To Memphis II
Dust My Broom II
Unlucky One
Canada Walk II (previously unreleased)
Jumpin’ After Midnight (previously unreleased)
Hot House Stuff (previously unreleased)

Got To Get To My Baby
Miss Bessie Mae
Everytime I Get To Drinkin’
Midnight Stomp (previously unreleased)
Little Girl Blues

ARTHUR ‘BIG BOY’ CRUDUP (Roebuck Man, 1970 + bonus)
I Don’t Worry
Room And Board
Long Curly Mane
Roebuck Man
Before You Go
Boogie In The Morning
What Are You Trying To Do
Burying Ground
Death Valley Blues (previously unreleased) Death Valley Blues (Earlier 1962 Version Substituted)
Korrina Korrina
Old And Grey
Needle Time
Get You In My Arms
Blind Man Sees

Capitol Blues Series ZZ HILL

CAPITOL BLUES #17: Z.Z. HILL The Complete Hill Records/United Artists Recordings, 1972-1975 (1996)

ZZ HillThe Complete Hill Records/United Artists Recordings, 1972-1975 (1996)
“An Intense Slice Of Deep Southern Soul…”

Like many of those in the Capitol Blues Collection, Z.Z. Hill was born in Texas, but found his career opportunities waiting for him in L.A. He played a vital role in the resurgence of contemporary southern soul, which this collection – a gathering of Hill’s three early 70s LPs, The Best Thing That’s Happened To Me (1972), Z.Z. Hill (1974) and Keep On Loving You (1975) – illustrates. It’s gritty, blistering, and lovingly arranged soul music, with a full complement of horns and background vocalists, boasting a throwback connection to 60s R&B/soul and blues, circa Sam Cooke, Otis Redding and B.B. King. The charts liked him, too, as his out-of-the-box debut single was able to crack the Top 100. By 1975, Hill’s style – and associations – began to expand, incorporating country-soul into his repertoire, while working with the likes of Lamont Dozier, Allen Toussaint (who contributes compositions) and McKinley Jackson (check out Jackson’s soul psychedelicized group, The Politicians, HERE) on his final LP for U/A. Thanks to ARTKoen for the essential .pdf liner notes. Check out the rest of the Capitol Blues Collection in the archives, HERE. Find The Complete Hill Records Collection/United Artists Recordings, 1972-1975 at Amazon, HERE.
The Best Thing That's Happened To MeZZ HillKeep On Lovin You

I’ve Got To Get You Back (3:15)
You Were Wrong (3:22)
Your Love Makes Me Feel Good (3:03)
My Adorable One (3:24)
Can I Get A Witness? (2:47)
Love In The Street (2:49)
Your Love (2:51)
Cause I Love You (2:57)
Dream Don’t Let Me Down (3:21)
Friendship Only Goes So Far (3:23)
The Red Rooster (2:51)
Ain’t Nothing You Can Do (2:57)
It Ain’t Safe (3:12)
Let Them Talk (3:02)
Am I Groovin’ You? (4:39)
Snap Your Fingers (3:12)
Bad Mouth And Gossip (3:13)
Clean Up America (3:04)
Country Love (2:30)
The Best I Ever Had (3:10)
Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right (2:48)
You’re Killing Me (Slowly But Surely) (2:51)
Funny Face (2:40)
I Created A Monster (4:12)
That Ain’t The Way You Make Love (3:48)
Steppin’ In The Shoes Of A Fool (3:02)
Two Sides To Every Story (3:33)
I Keep On Lovin’ You (2:45)
Whoever’s Thrilling You (Is Killing Me) (3:17)
Look What You’ve Done (3:04)
My Turn (3:28)
I Don’t Need Half A Love (3:11)

Capitol Blues Series FLOYD DIXON

CAPITOL BLUES #16: FLOYD DIXON His Complete Aladdin Recordings (1996)

Floyd DixonHis Complete Aladdin Recordings (1996)
Smooth, Smokey and Smoldering Blues…

Another essential set of blues & boogie piano playing, this time from Floyd Dixon, yet another Texan who migrated to L.A. before breaking into the biz. There he would mingle with generous pros, like Charles Brown and Amos Milburn, who helped him learn the ropes. Of course, in 40s & 50s California, Dixon had his share of gangster run-ins and royalty screw jobs, but he survived the trials-by-fire, working on various labels, before landing at Aladdin Records from 1949-1952. And, while he had numerous backing musicians, some of these recordings feature the potent backing trio of Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers, with Johnny & Oscar Moore on guitar and Johnny Miller on bass. Two CDs of smooth, smokey and smoldering blues, with a dash of boogie when the occasion calls for it. Dixon’s best known composition, “Hey Bartender” (recorded after his stint with Aladdin, thus not included here), is recognizable to modern listeners via covers by The Blues Brothers, among others. Thanks to ARTKoen for the .pdf liner notes. Check out the rest of the Capitol Blues Collection in the archives, HERE. Find His Complete Aladdin Recordings at Amazon, HERE.

Sad Journey (2:49)
She’s Understanding (2:51)
Let’s Dance (2:42)
We’ll Be Together (2:45)
Rockin’ At Home (2:46)
Pleasure Days (2:57)
Don’t Cry Now Baby (2:53)
I’m So Worried (2:48)
Hamp’s Gumbo (2:49)
Pretty Baby (2:40)
Sonny’s Blues (2:23)
Sad Feeling (2:33)
I Want A Little Girl (2:39)
Married Woman (3:05)
Wino Blues (2:15)
Empty Stocking Blues (3:02)
Walkin’ And Talkin’ Blues (3:01)
Girl Fifteen (2:47)
Hard Road Blues (Travelin’ Man) (3:13)
Blues In My Heart (2:58)
San Francisco Blues (3:03)
Long Distance Telephone Blues (3:07)
Bad Neighborhood (3:01)
You Played Me For A Fool (2:47)
Real Lovin’ Mama (2:49)
Unlucky Girl (3:16)
Evil Lover Blues (2:50)
Four Years (2:57)
Telephone Blues (3:15)
Blues For Cuba (2:43)
Time And Place (3:12)
You Need Me Now (3:05)
Broken Hearted Traveller (3:10)
Do I Love You (3:06)
A Long Time Ago (3:00)
Lovin’ (Brought Me Into This World) (2:32)
I Paid The Price (2:43)
How Could You Be So Mean (3:26)
Mean Papa Blues (3:10)
My Wonderful One (2:37)
Too Much Jelly Roll (3:04)
Baby Let’s Go Down To The Woods (3:17)
Tired, Broke And Busted (2:38)
Come Back Baby (2:33)
Call Operator 210 (2:59)
Wine, Wine, Wine (2:44)
The River (3:10)
Red Cherries (2:47)

AMOS MILBURN Capitol Blues Series

CAPITOL BLUES #15: AMOS MILBURN Blues, Barrelhouse & Boogie Woogie: The Best Of Amos Milburn, 1946-1955 (1996)

Blues, Barrelhouse & Boogie Woogie: The Best Of Amos Milburn, 1946-55
3CD Set of Amos’ Aladdin Sides

irresistible, long gone collection of juke joint blues from pioneer 40s/50s pianist Amos Milburn. 3CDs of bluesy, boozy, down and dirty boogie anchored by Milburn’s rollicking piano and sweetly suggestive vocals. There’s plenty of innuendo here, but there’s also some raunchiness, too. Even on his first 1946 recording, “After Midnight,” Amos gets straight to the point; “she said drill me, drill me daddy, drill me like you did the night before.” Milburn’s appeal lies in his inviting, melodic flair and nimble finger work. While it’s true that between 1946-1955 (this collection’s span), Milburn’s song stylings were uniformly similar – alternating between either boogie woogie and/or beer-soaked blues – it’s all consistently engaging. Shacks, sex, boogie, whiskey, blues… it’s all here. We’ve got more releases in The Capitol Blues Series, HERE. Blues, Barrelhouse & Boogie Woogie 1946-1955 is out of print, but at Amazon, HERE.

After Midnite
My Baby’s Boogying
Down The Road Apiece
Amos’ Blues
Amos’ Boogie
Operation Blues
Cinch Blues
Everything I Do Is Wrong
Blues At Sundown
Money Hustlin‘ Woman
Sad And Blue
Mean Woman
Aladdin Boogie
Nickel Plated Baby
Real Gone
Rainy Weather Blues
Train Whistle Blues
Train Time Blues
Bye Bye Boogie
Pot Luck Boogie
It’s A Married Woman
My Tortured Mind

Hold Me Baby
Chicken Shack Boogie
Hard Driving Blues
I’m Gonna Leave You
Pool Playing Blues
Rocky Road Blues (Take 1)
Rocky Road Blues (Take 2)
Lonesome For The Blues
Slow Down Blues
Anybody’s Blues
It Took A Long, Long Time
Wolf On The River
Frank’s Blues
Empty Arms Blues
A & M Blues
Won’t You Kinda Think It Over
Jitterbug Fashion Parade
My Luck Is Bound To Change
Roomin‘ House Boogie
Walkin‘ Blues
Blue And Lonesome
Let’s Make Christmas Merry, Baby

Drifting Blues
Untitled Boogie
Melting Blues
Boogie Woogie
Atomic Baby
Sex Shack Boogie
Birmingham Bounce
Let’s Rock A While
Hard Luck Blues
Two Years Of Torture
Bad, Bad Whiskey
Tears, Tears, Tears
Put Something In My Hand
Trouble In Mind
Flying Home
Let Me Go Home, Whiskey
Please Mr. Johnson
Let’s Have A Party
One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
Good, Good Whiskey
After Awhile
I Guess I’ll Go

Capitol Blues Series PEE WEE CRAYTON

CAPITOL BLUES #14: PEE WEE CRAYTON Pee Wee’s Blues – Complete Aladdin & Imperial Recordings (1996)

Pee We CraytonPee Wee’s Blues – The Complete Aladdin And Imperial Recordings
An Early, Charismatic Electric Blues Proponent…

Pee Wee Crayton was a T-Bone Walker disciple, and learned much about the guitar from the man himself, whom he befriended while living on the West Coast in the late 40s. Crayton recorded for Modern Records before migrating to Aladdin and Imperial Records from 1951-55 (the basis for this collection) and performed across the country on the strength of some early hits, including “Blues After Hours,” a song credited as being “the first electric blues guitar chart-topper.” Though… the phrase “chart-topper” might require a pre-1950s asterisk. According to this collection’s liner notes, Pee Wee’s good looks and stage charisma (including forays into his audiences with a 50 foot guitar cord) had an influence on the young Elvis Presley, who caught one of his shows in Memphis in the early-50s. “Do Unto Others,” from 1954, is rumored to be one of the first releases ever to feature a Fender Stratocaster – given to Crayton by Leo Fender himself. Check out the opening guitar riff, which could almost be confused for The Beatles’ barn-burning opening to “Revolution.” The liners offer a great portrait of a little known Texas-born bluesman, and the post-war evolution of the blues that shaped him, for which we thank ARTKoen for the essential .pdf liners. Check out the rest of the Capitol Blues Collection in the archives, HERE. Find Pee Wee’s Blues at Amazon, HERE.

When It Rains It Pours (2:59)
Daybreak (2:42)
Win-O (2:15)
Do Unto Others (2:21)
Every Dog Has His Day (2:22)
Hurry, Hurry (2:04)
Eyes Full Of Tears (2:08)
I Need Your Love (2:11)
You Know-Yeah (2:31)
Runnin’ Wild (2:30)
My Idea About You (2:36)
I Got News For You (2:37)
Baby Don’t You Cry (2:10)
Don’t Break My Heart (2:52)
Wondering Why (1:55)
Yours Truly (2:11)
I Must Go On (2:37)
Be Faithful (2:03)
Blues Before Dawn (1:57)
Don’t Go (2:36)


CAPITOL BLUES #13: VARIOUS ARTISTS Livin’ With The Blues – Capitol Blues Sampler Volume 1 (1995)

Livin' With The BluesLivin’ With The Blues (1995)
A First Half Sampler/Overview

Along with the first dozen entries in the Capitol Blues Series, comes this sampler disc (that surely doubled as a promo disc) designed to introduce the series’ participants with a taste of the series’ history and music. For those who are grabbing the entire series, #13 isn’t a necessity, as the tracks are all duplicates from the other releases. But, as a stand-alone disc, it’s still a great distillation, and a great listen, if only a taste of the big picture. The series would resume the following year with strong collections from Amos Milburn, Floyd Dixon and a slew of very cool compilations, all coming up. Many thanks to Clarence E. Jones III for getting this one to us, and ARTKoen for the .pdf liner notes. Check out the rest of the Capitol Blues Collection in the archives, HERE. Find Livin’ With The Blues at Amazon, HERE.

Muddy Waters Rock Me (3:16)
Brownie McGhee/Lightnin’ Hopkins/Joe Williams/Sonny Terry
Wimmin From Coast To Coast (3:50)
Lil’ Son Jackson
Ticket Agent Blues (3:35)
T-Bone Walker
Call It Stormy Monday But Tuesday Is Just As Bad (3:03)
Memphis Slim
How Long (Studio Version) (3:21)
Brownie McGhee w/ Sonny Terry
Livin’ With The Blues (3:59)
Jimmy Rogers
That’s All Right (3:07)
John Lee Hooker
Three Voice Original Mood (3:07)
Mississippi Fred McDowell
Kokomo Me Baby (3:02)
Son House
Death Letter Blues (3:50)
Big Joe Williams
Pearly Mae (3:34)
Sonny Terry
Whoopin’ The Blues (3:43)
Smokey Hogg
When I’ve Been Drinkin’ (3:26)
Snooks Eaglin
By The Water (3:39)
Lowell Fulson
Good Woman Blues (3:16)
Gatemouth Brown
Gatemouth Boogie (3:33)
Pee Wee Crayton
Daybreak (3:44)
Roy Brown
Let The Four Winds Blow (3:01)


CAPITOL BLUES #12: MISSISSIPPI FRED McDOWELL I Do Not Play No Rock ‘N’ Roll (Deluxe Edition 1969/1995)

I Do Not Play No Rock ‘N’ Roll (1969/1995)
A 1995 ‘Deluxe’ Version Of Fred’s 1969 Classic

This Capitol Blues Collection re-issue is actually an expanded version of Mississippi Fred McDowell’s 1969 album I Do Not Play No Rock ‘N’ Roll, adding 11 tracks (three previously unreleased) that were recorded at the original sessions. The other eight additional tracks were first released on Mississippi Fred McDowell: 1904-1972, just after Fred’s death. The original LP was a wryly titled classic, McDowell’s first using an electric guitar, and it still stands as one of the more engaging Delta blues albums ever. Though he’d been around since the 20s/30s, McDowell wasn’t “discovered” until the 60s, and it was this material that helped bring his name to the masses. McDowell is probably best known for writing “You Got To Move” (though, it’s disputed), immortalized in the modern era by The Rolling Stones. Thanks to ARTKoen for the .pdf liner notes. We’ve got more releases in The Capitol Blues Collection, HERE. Find I Do Not Play No Rock ‘N’ Roll at Amazon, HERE.

Baby Please Don’t Go (4:49)
Good Morning Little School Girl (4:28)
Kokomo Me Baby (3:02)
That’s All Right Baby (5:05)
Red Cross Store (4:06)
Everybody’s Down On Me (9:14)
61 Highway (4:45)
Glory Hallelujah (2:49)
Jesus Is On The Mainline (3:40)
Someday (4:33)
Write Me A Few Of Your Lines (3:37)
Mortgage On My Soul (4:25)
Baby Let Me Lay Down (In Your Cool Iron Bed) (4:30)
Drop Down Mama (3:44)
Rap/Louise (8:18)
Somebody Keeps Callin‘ Me (3:33)
Eyes Like An Eagle (4:40)
My Baby She Gonna Jump And Shout (Previously Unreleased) (2:40)
Long Line Skinner (Previously Unreleased) (5:54)
Baby Please Don’t Go (Alternate) (Previously Unreleased) (3:08)


CAPITOL BLUES #11: VARIOUS ARTISTS Texas Guitar Killers (1995) w/ T-Bone Walker, Gatemouth Brown, Lowell Fulson, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Smokey Hogg & more

Texas Guitar Killers FrontTexas Guitar Killers (1995)
A Bevy Of Post-War Texas Blues Guitarists

A two-disc gathering of early recordings from six different Texas Blues greats, T-Bone Walker (from 1945 and 1950. The first Capitol Blues entry is a 3CD T-Bone set, HERE), Gatemouth Brown (from 1947), Lowell Fulson (from 1948 and 1953. He’s actually a Oklahoman), Lightnin’ Hopkins (maybe… accompanying L.C. Williams in 1949), Pee Wee Crayton (from 1951. A dedicated disc from Pee Wee is coming up on #14), and Smokey Hogg (Lightnin’ Hopkins’ cousin from 1950). The liner notes are essential for this one, covering a brief history of each artist, as well as an overview of the pre- and post-war Texas blues scene in general. Big thanks to ARTKoen for crating the nifty .pdf liners for all our Capitol Blues posts, and a mighty thanks to Steve262 for these formerly hard-to-find files. Check out the rest of the Capitol Blues Collection in the archives, HERE. Find Texas Guitar Killers at Amazon, HERE.

T-Bone Walker My Baby Left Me (2:54)
T-Bone Walker
Come Back To Me Baby (3:08)
T-Bone Walker
I Can’t Stand Being Away From You (3:11)
T-Bone Walker
She Is Going To Ruin Me (2:57)
Gatemouth Brown
Gatemouth Boogie (2:32)
Gatemouth Brown
Guitar In My Hand (2:46)
Gatemouth Brown
After Sunset (2:35)
Gatemouth Brown
Without Me Baby (2:33)
Lowell Fulson
Night And Day (3:15)
Lowell Fulson
Double Trouble Blues (3:34)
Lowell Fulson
Stormin’ And Rainin’
Lowell Fulson
Good Woman Blues (3:16)
Lightnin’ Hopkins
All Through My Dreams (3:00)
Lightnin’ Hopkins
Mean And Evil Blues (2:58)
Smokey Hogg
Uo Today – Down Tomorrow (2:55)
Smokey Hogg
Great Big Mama (2:40)
Smokey Hogg
Worryin’ Blues (2:41)
Smokey Hogg
Need My Help (2:36)
Smokey Hogg
In This World Alone (2:47)
T-Bone Walker The Hustle Is On (2:30)
T-Bone Walker
Baby Broke My Heart (2:41)
T-Bone Walker
Evil Hearted Woman (2:39)
T-Bone Walker
No Reason (2:31)
T-Bone Walker
Look Me In The Eye (2:10)
T-Bone Walker
Too Lazy (3:05)
Pee Wee Crayton
When It Rains It Pours (3:03)
Pee Wee Crayton
Daybreak (2:45)
Lowell Fulson
Blues Don’t Leave Me (3:02)
Lowell Fulson
Blues Never Fail (2:37)
Lowell Fulson
Chuck With The Boys (2:21)
Lowell Fulson
You Gotta Reap (2:54)
Smokey Hogg
When I’ve Been Drinking (2:26)
Smokey Hogg
I Gotta Ride (2:31)
Smokey Hogg
Tear Me Down (2:05)
Smokey Hogg
Train Whistle (2:27)
Smokey Hogg
My Baby’s Gone (2:20)
Smokey Hogg
Peace Of Mind (2:18)
Smokey Hogg
Oo-Oo-Wee (2:44)

Capitol Blues Series SNOOKS EAGLIN

CAPITOL BLUES #10: SNOOKS EAGLIN The Complete Imperial Recordings (1995)

Snooks Eaglin FrontThe Complete Imperial Recordings
A Little Known New Orleans Institution

Blind street singer/folk minstrel guitarist, Snooks Eaglin, has often been compared to Ray Charles. So much so that, early on, he even sometimes billed himself as “Lil’ Ray Charles” just to score club gigs from club owners who needed a “hook.” A former member of The Flamingoes (with Allen Toussaint), Eaglin is now considered a New Orleans institution – best known (but not by many outside of Louisiana) for blurring the lines between folk and blues… and finding ways to incidentally insult the purists in both camps in the process. Following his first recorded work for Folkways Records in the late 50s (among numerous other small labels), this tenth entry in the Capitol Blues Collection gathers together Eaglin’s entire recorded output for Imperial Records, from 1960-1963. That’s James Booker on the session that produced the bluesy version of “C.C. Rider.” Thanks to ARTKoen for the .pdf Liner Notes. Check out the rest of the Capitol Blues Collection in the archives, HERE. Find The Complete Imperial Recordings at Amazon, HERE.

Yours Truly (2:08)
Nobody Knows (The Trouble I’ve Seen) (2:12)
That Certain Door (3:15)
By The Water (2:37)
If I Could (2:13)
Guess Who (2:19)
C.C. Rider (2:59)
(Mama) Talk to Your Daughter (2:15)
I’ve Been Walkin’ (2:33)
My Head Is Spinnin’ (2:19)
Would You (2:09)
Travelin’ Mood (2:18)
Goin’ To The River (2:26)
I’m Slippin’ In (2:51)
Nothing Sweet As You (1:52)
Don’t Slam That Door (2:16)
People Are Talkin’ (2:28)
Long Gone (2:15)
Willy Lee (1:53)
Reality (formerly Wake Up) (2:29)
If I Loved You Baby (2:07)
You Call Everybody Sweetheart But Me (2:45)
Little Eva (2:20)
Cover Girl (2:20)
Is it True (2:07)
Down Yonder (We Go Balling) (2:33)

Capitol Blues Series JIMMY ROGERS

CAPITOL BLUES #9: JIMMY ROGERS Chicago Blues Masters Volume Two (1995) – The Complete Shelter Records Sessions

Jimmy Rogers Chicago Blues Masters V2Chicago Blues Masters, Volume Two: Jimmy Rogers (1972/1995)
Reissue Of Rogers’ Shelter Records LP Sessions

It’s been said that if you don’t know what music’s on your shelves, then maybe you’ve got too much music. But then… you can never have too much music. So pick your poison. We first posted a bunch of the mid-90s Capitol Blues Collection releases way back in 2010, but I just recently came across another one sitting on the shelf that I missed completely. It’s a Jimmy Rogers collection called Chicago Blues Masters Volume Two. But, in reality, it’s the original session recordings for Rogers’ 1973 album for Leon Russell’s Shelter Records’, Gold-Tailed Bird. The 12-song Shelter album has never been reissued on CD, but in 1995 Capitol compiled three sessions, one produced by J.J. Cale and another co-produced by Freddie King, for this addition to their Gold-Tailed BirdBlues Collection series. If you haven’t checked out the Collection releases before, you should. A couple of them are straight up compilations, but others are (like this one) remasters of some incredibly interesting sessions and releases; like the live 1970 Son House concert from the UK (Delta Blues & Spirituals) or the incredible live studio summit of Lightnin’ Hopkins, Big Joe Williams, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee (Rediscovered Blues). Thanks to ARTKoen for the .pdf liner notes. All the Capitol Blues Collection (there’s more coming) are HERE. Find this excellent Jimmy Rogers disc at Amazon, HERE.

Act Like You Love Me (2:27)*
Broken Hearted Blues (3:44)*
Information Please (3:11)*
Bad Luck Blues (2:55)*
Gold-Tailed Bird (3:57)*
Lonesome Blues (3:53)*
Brown-Skinned Woman (4:19)**
That’s All Right (3:07)**
You’re Sweet (3:24)**
Sloppy Drunk (3:35)**
Live At Ma Bee’s (3:36)**
House Rocker (2:17)**
Pretty Baby (3:20)**
You’re The One (4:27)**
Blues (Follow Me All Day Long) (3:46)
Slick Chick (2:41)
I Lost A Good Woman (3:20)
Dorcie Belle (2:31)

* JJ Cale-Produced Sessions:
Jimmy Rogers – guitar/vocal
Louis Myers – guitar
David Myers – bass
Bob Riedy – piano
Fred Below – drums
** Freddie King/Jimmy Rogers-Produced Sessions:
Jimmy Rogers – guitar/vocal
Freddie King – guitar
Jim Kahr – guitar
Bill Lupkin – harmonica
Bob Riedy – piano
Richard ‘Hubcap’ Robinson – drums
Unspecified Producer Sessions:
Jimmy Rogers – guitar/vocal
Frank Capek – guitar
Jim Wydra – bass
Bob Riedy – piano
Richard ‘Hubcap’ Robinson – drums