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Wormhole #72 (Living In The Past)

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Wormhole #71 (Louis CK)

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Wormhole #70 (Have Two J’s)

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Wormhole #69 (CCRevived)

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Wormhole #68 (12 x Five)

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Twelve by Five (1964-1968). I chose the streaming player track solely on the basis of it sounding like a lost, mid-60s Nick Lowe tune. One of the twelve has some sound/quality issues (it’s noted), but it’s the only copy I have.

Wormhole #67 (Brian’s Songs)

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They’re calling this online-only set another in what looks to be a long line of upcoming Copyright Extension releases. Finally a law that music fanatics can get behind. Thanks to Phoenix and SmokyPS for originally posting links here.

Wormhole #66 (Plugged In… Again)

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Wormhole #65 (Cry For A Box)

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When the world cries out for a set of historic recordings to be definitively compiled, so that no future reissues will ever be necessary… call the Japanese. Thanks to ALLexxess, Andi and 3410.

Wormhole #64 (When He’s 64)

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Wormhole #63 (Seilloh)

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Wormhole #62 (No Sugar)

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Wormhole #61 (The Man Who Would Be King)

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Wormhole #59 (Bob)

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NOTE: This is one where we can’t use last names in comments, as comments are searchable. In fact, we shouldn’t use album titles, either… or even say much about the circumstances of this limited (to only 100 copies) package. We’re sure you’ll understand why… and thanks for playing the home game.

Wormhole #58 (Frank’s PAL)

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Wormhole #57 (With Friends Like These)

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Wormhole #56 (For The Late Great Ray Collins)

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Wormhole #55 (A Nice Pair)

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Wormhole #54 (Gaye Man)

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Wormhole #53 (Stoned Boot-y)

Wormhole #52 (No Moss, No Moss)


Wormhole #51 (Jagged Big Pill)

Wormhole #50 (onogordonmoore)

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Wormhole #49 (Orchestrated Covers & More Covers)

<—Click To Enter… His first solo album in 22 years is a covers album. The other solo album he released this month is a somewhat mistitled, note-for-note covers album of his own past hits. How odd. Both are well worth your time. Check the archives for lots more from this guy, HERE.

Wormhole #48 (Oh, Nevermind)

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Wormhole #47 (Electric Riot)

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Wormhole #46 (Old, Southern, Dead, Needs A Maid)

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Wormhole #45 (10GG Thing)

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Wormhole #44 (You’ve Got To Ask Yourself One Question: Do I Feel Lucky?)

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Wormhole #43 (It Was 50 Years Ago Today…)

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It wasn’t actually “today,” but look who’s quietly celebrating their 50th Anniversary. The reason I like this modest compilation (only available on iTunes), is because it boasts so many of my own personal “non-hit” favorites. Find two pages more from these guys in the archives (HERE). Any bum links, just let me know. BTW… does anybody know what’s being said in the end? After the line “That’s it, you got it?” It’s been nagging at me for over four decades. No band names in comments, please.

Wormhole #42

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God, I love this guy when he rocks.
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