GENE PAGE Blacula (Soundtrack 1971)

Blacula (1971)
Sink Your Teeth Into This

If you’re going to have the blood drained from your body and your soul damned for eternity, best to have the proper soundtrack handy, don’t you think? Gene Page’s Blacula is one of the benchmarks of the genre, awash with funky beats and plenty of wah-wah madness. This original score contains a few sloppy ballads and some mindless fare, but if you want some soul for your soulless afterlife, you could do a lot worse. Composer/conductor Page comes from sturdy Motown stock and The Hues Corporation is on board, too. Old school vinyl rip. Amazon‘s got a 2009 remaster.

Blacula (The Stalkwalk) (2:38)
Heavy Changes (2:50)
Run Tina Run (1:29)
There He Is Again (2:46)
Movin’ (1:30)
Main Chance (3:09)
Good To The Last Drop (2:20)
Blacula Strikes (1:23)
What The World Knows (3:43)
I’m Gonna Catch You (3:10)
The Call (3:08)
Firebombs (1:28)
Finding Love, Losing Love (0:42)
Wakeeli (2:27)


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    Search HERE

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    Ernie 45
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    Great film and Soundtrack. Thanks.

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    Gearing up for Halloween – this and your Psycho reviews help me prep!

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    I came here looking for a better cover image/s for my ost and would up getting a nifty upgrade instead!


    Thank you Willard :)

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      Cool. But, remember that it’s a vinyl rip… and no two are alike.

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