GIRL BROS. (Wendy & Lisa) Girl Bros. (1998)

Girl Bros. (1998)
From Prince’s Revolution… Via Tchad Blake

Wendy Melvoin & Lisa Coleman, also known as Wendy & Lisa from Prince’s Revolution, deliver their best album to date under the alias of Girl Bros. Tchad Blake produces. Contains plenty of dreamy vocals, slightly psychedelic whimsy and a dose of Blake’s bang & clang drum technique. Why their profile is so low on this release is curious (no names, no pics… Girl Bros. has long been their publishing company’s name), but the style is rich with texture and sincerity. This is the duo’s 4th album. A more recent release, White Flags Of Winter Chimneys, is at

Reaching One (4:11)
Love & Trouble (3:30)
I Will (3:38)
All Nite (3:09)
Bring You Back (4:12)
I’ve Got A Big Bowl Of Cherries (3:14)
Uh-Uh, Don’t Look Down (4:33)
All I Wonder / Anyway (5:16)
If I Were Brave (2:45)
Jonathan (3:47)
Let’s Say (3:31)
I’ve Got No Strings (6:53)

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