VARIOUS ARTISTS Turn Me Loose: The Songs Of Pomus & Shuman + Till The Night Is Gone: A Tribute To Doc Pomus

Turn Me Loose: The Songs Of Pomus & Shuman (2008)
Till The Night Is Gone: A Tribute To Doc Pomus (1995)
Promo-Only Original Recordings & A Various Artists Tribute

Two cool tribute CDs. The first, Turn Me Loose: The Songs Of Pomus & Shuman, is a promo-only CD never sold in stores, and was created by Warner Chapell Publishing. The non-label status allows for a cross-section of material that crosses label lines, while an artist rundown will give you an idea of what a wildly diverse listen this CD is. Fabian, Bowie, Drifters, Hollies, Joplin, Billy J. Kramer, even Presley. This disc is also the only one in my collection to feature Andy Williams. I’m guessing it’s also kinda rare, as Gracenotes didn’t even recognize it when I ripped it. The Doc Pomus tribute is a first-rate collection – a gathering of greats, including Dylan, Brian Wilson, The Band, John Hiatt, Dr. John, Solomon Burke and plenty of others paying their respects to a catalog of indelible work. Shawn Colvin magically transforms “Viva Las Vegas” into a moody, last chance redemption song. Listen below to Big Joe Turner’s original, and Bob Dylan’s cover of, “Boogie Woogie Country Girl.” Both Till The Night Is Gone (HERE) and promo copies of Turn Me Loose (HERE) are at Amazon.

Turn Me Loose: The Songs Of Pomus & Shuman
BIG JOE TURNER – Boogie Woogie Country Girl (2:58)
RAY CHARLES – Lonely Avenue
FABIAN – Turn Me Loose (2:25)
DION & THE BELMONTS – Teenager In Love (2:39)
THE MYSTICS – Hushabye (2:32)
THE DRIFTERS – (If You Cry) True Love, True Love (2:20)
FABIAN – Hound Dog Man (2:16)
JIMMY CLANTON – Go Jimmy Go (2:16)
THE DRIFTERS – This Magic Moment (2:32)
THE DRIFTERS – Save The Last Dance For Me (2:36)
THE DRIFTERS – I Count The Tears (2:10)
THE DRIFTERS – Sweets For My Sweet (2:38)
GARY U.S. BONDS – Seven Day Weekend (2:34)
ANDY WILLIAMS – Can’t Get Used To Losing You (2:26)
ELVIS PRESLEY – Viva Las Vegas (2:23)
THE HOLLIES – Here I Go Again (2:21)
JANIS JOPLIN – Get It While You Can (3:25)
DAVID BOWIE – Amsterdam (3:25)
B.B. KING – There Must Be A Better World Somewhere (3:47)
POMUS & SHUMAN – Great To Be Young And In Love (1:55)

Till The Night Is Gone: A Tribute To Doc Pomus
LOS LOBOS – Lonely Avenue (3:38)
BOB DYLAN – Boogie Woogie Country Girl
SHAWN COLVIN – Viva Las Vegas (4:52)
JOHN HIATT – A Mess Of Blues (2:36)
LOU REED – This Magic Moment (3:35)
B.B. KING – Blinded By Love (4:31)
THE BAND – Young Blood (3:30)
IRMA THOMAS – There Must Be A Better World Somewhere (4:17)
DION – Turn Me Loose
ROSANNE CASH – I Count The Tears (3:31)
DR. JOHN – I’m On A Roll (3:32)
SOLOMON BURKE – Still In Love (4:09)
BRIAN WILSON – Sweets For My Sweet (2:24)
AARON NEVILLE – Save The Last Dance For Me (3:58)



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