CADILLAC JONES The Big Takedown + Junk In The Trunk

The Big Takedown (2006)
Junk In The Trunk (2003)
Funksters With A Sense Of History And All The Right Moves

I’m surprised The Big Takedown isn’t more appreciated. It’s a concept album, based on 70s blaxploitation soundtracks, and you can almost imagine the non-existent screenplay from the songs titles alone – which tell a rags-to-criminal-riches tale through character-driven tunes like “East Coast Eddie,” Blackbyrd’s Theme” and “Ike’s Regret.” Even providing a ready-to-go sequel opportunity (should the album ever reach the ears it should) with “Return Of The Narq.” Fortunately, while the premise here is a lost 70s film soundtrack, Cadillac Jones doesn’t sacrifice musicianship or ideas to that altar, and they feel free to use more modern nuances, rather than adhere to a strict parody or homage. You can hear many of the same ideas on 2003′s, Junk In The Trunk, a slightly jazzier funk affair, filled with bristling horn charts and solos coloring that vital back beat. There’s a digital glitch in “Power.” Hard drive files, what can you do? Get one or the other @ Amazon.

The Big Takedown
Narq (0:28)
Hottub (5:26)
Tarzan (5:32)
14th Street Hustle (4:56)
Speakeasy (4:56)
East Coast Eddie (2:14)
Blackbyrds’ Theme (6:09)
The Mac (3:59)
Casin’ The Joint (7:55)
Ike’s Regret (5:16)
Barbados (0:49)
Power (5:51)
Return Of The Narq (5:17)
(Untitled) (2:57)

Junk In The Trunk
Tilt (4:53)
Upper Decker (3:39)
Sammy Sosa (6:44)
Galaxy Galore (4:18)
Friend Or Foe? (8:39)
Yahtzee Champ (3:36)
Giant Steps (5:13)
Concourse ’73 (5:40)
Janine Is Fat (4:46)
Your Mama (6:47)
Adults Making Love (7:19)
Anthesis (10:19)

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