VARIOUS ARTISTS Mexico And Mariachis: Music From And Inspired By Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi Trilogy

Mexico And Mariachis: Music From And Inspired By Robert Rodriguez’s El Mariachi Trilogy
The Cinematic Sounds of Mexico

A 2004 collection of material that, as the title states, bears a relationship to the films of Robert Rodriguez. It’s a cross-section of styles, all with a Mexicali theme, featuring many of Rodriguez’s familiar crew of go-to guys – an incestuous array, featuring Chingon (with Rodriquez himself on lead guitar), The Cruzados (with Tito Larriva, who also performs solo and also stars in some of Rodriguez’s films), Del Castillo (Chingon’s main man) and even pals Los Lobos (naturally). The Cruzados material dates back to the days of 80s roots rock, and there’s a killer rendition of “Cancion Del Mariachi” by Los Lobos & actor Antonio Banderas from Desperado. Watch the film’s stylish intro below (and check out that Guitar Bar). There’s also a face ripping “Malagueña Salerosa,” which appeared during the credits of Kill Bill 2 (hear it on our Chingon post, HERE). Fans of Rodriguez know how essential music is to his films’ flavor & feel, and Mexico And Mariachis helps to bring those musical elements into focus. Find it at Amazon, HERE.

CHINGON Malagueña Salerosa (4:07)
TITO LARRIVA & CHINGON Alacran Y Pistolero
PATRICIA VONNE Severina (3:04)
THE CRUZADOS Flor De Mal (4:04)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Theme From El Mariachi (1:36)
TITO LARRIVA Back To The House That Love Built (Acoustic) (3:45)
ANTONIO BANDERAS & LOS LOBOS Cancion Del Mariachi (2:07)

LOS LOBOS Volver, Volver (Live) (3:49)
THE IGUANAS Por Mi Camino (5:31)
THE CRUZADOS Just Like Roses (4:59)
DEL CASTILLO Spanish Castle Tango (3:06)
LOS LOBOS La Pistola Y El Corazon (3:29)
THE LEFTOVERS Torquay (2:43)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Once Upon A Time In Mexico (Main Titles) (2:40)


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