OINGO BOINGO Boingo (1994) w/ Cassette-Only Bonus Track, “Helpless”

Boingo (1994)
A Final, Otherworldly Vision

Don’t think you’ve heard all Oingo Boingo had to offer unless you’ve listened to their final studio release, Boingo. As swan songs go, it might be one of the greats… though, nobody thought so at the time. Boingo fuses the band’s tight ensemble attack (an over mechanized attack, some say) with Danny Elfman & Steve Bartek’s new-found genius for dark soundtrack orchestration – which, by 1994, included Beetlejuice, two Batmans and a dozen other major films. The result of this fusion, the band’s first album in four years and last studio release is, in a word, dramatic. Boingo is a more organic album, stuffed with stunning vocal harmonies and epic orchestral arcs. Historically, some have had difficulty getting past Elfman’s vocal quirks, but give a listen to the breathless, 9-1/2 minute “Pedestrian Wolves,” and the incessant vocal counterpointing. It’s merely an example of how many ideas these guys seem to effortlessly generate. Boingo is a mighty and majestic album, where a densely packed cover of “I Am The Walrus” not only fits in perfectly, but even manages to get overshadowed by the band’s equally elaborate originals. Hard to believe a ‘name’ band can make an album this sprawling and dynamic, only to have it largely ignored. It’s no wonder Elfman & Bartek quit the pop life and stuck to filmwork. Included is the cassette-only, R-rated bonus, “Helpless.” Under a buck at Amazon (HERE), which is criminal. The one I got in the cutout bins a year after release had an elaborate 50 page, faux-leather bound booklet.

Insanity (7:57)
Hey! (7:44)
Mary (6:29)
Can’t See (Useless) (4:36)
Pedestrian Wolves
Lost Like This (4:54)
Spider (5:27)
War Again (5:53)
I Am The Walrus (4:09)
Tender Lumplings (0:38)
Change (15:59)


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