NIL LARA Nil Lara (1996) & The Alternate Nil Lara (1993-1996)

Nil Lara (1996)
Cuban-Venezuelan-American Rock

Nil Lara’s sensational debut LP completely caught me off guard when it was first nationally released. After three listens I was totally hooked. He’s a true original, but his label just didn’t know how to sell him to the masses. Nil Lara trafficks in raw, seemingly live-in-the-studio, Cuban-esque rockers mixed with expressive, heart-wrenching ballads that sound like they’re tearing at the guy’s very soul. “My First Child” is a beautiful (and, in a surprising twist, ultimately heartbreaking) must-hear for anyone having the same experience. You can hear a few examples below (give him till the band kicks in), but Lara’s magic really begins once his intoxicating rhythms and genuine, emotional delivery start to seep into your own soul. Highly recommended for those that like their music with an exotic touch of ethnicity. 4-1/2 stars from the All Music Guide and one of my all-time favorite debut albums.

Money Makes The Monkey Dance (5:35)
Fighting For My Love (4:09)
How Was I To Know (5:41)
My First Child (5:41)
Baby (4:32)
I Will Be Free (4:30)
Vida Mas Simple (3:40)
Crawl (5:45)
Mama’s Chant (5:04)

The Alternate Nil Lara (1993-1996)
Indie, Promo & Live Rarities

Rare tracks from Nil Lara’s first few indie releases, a Capitol/Metro Blue promo and a live performance from The World Cafe. Lara would re-record most of these songs for his 1996 major label release, Nil Lara, while some songs are exclusive to these releases. You’ll find the arrangements similar (though different) since Lara co-produced his self-released records and his 1996 national debut.

I Will Be Free (3:48) –
My First Child, 1993
How Was I To Know (5:42) – My First Child, 1993
My First Child (6:05) – My First Child, 1993
A King’s Throne (4:04) – My First Child, 1993
Sunshine (3:49) – My First Child, 1993
Love Let Go (3:58) – My First Child, 1993
Vida Mas Simple (3:39) – My First Child, 1993
Money Makes The Monkey Dance (4:46) – The Monkey, 1994
Hey Mother (3:39) – The Monkey, 1994
Fighting For My Love (4:03) – The Monkey, 1994
Vida Mas Simple (remix) (3:38) – The Monkey, 1994
En Ti (4:17) – Nil Lara (Capitol Promo), 1996
Mountain Men (5:26) – Nil Lara (Capitol Promo), 1996
(6:08) – Nil Lara (Capitol Promo), 1996
Crawl (6:59) –
Live at The World Cafe, Volume 4, 1996


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    The post above is great! Have you seen Testimony (2004) or DA (2004) from Nil? Very hard to find. Thank You.

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