Psycho A Go-Go (1965)

PSYCHO A GO-GO (1965) WARNING: Don’t even consider hitting that play button unless you’ve got an hour to kill. The first thing that will draw you in to Al Adamson’s debut cult grindhouse flick is the go-go girls, backed by a house band, The Shondels. The colors alone will make you think some lingering diathyimide is playing tricks with you. By the time it segues into a Tarantino-styled skinny-tied heist, you might as well tell your girl to hold your calls. From IMDB: “Here we have thin-tied gangsters in black zoot suits, dames in beehive hair with lounge voices, the catchy but surreal siren call of go-go song and dance, a chipmunk-voiced black doll, and a killer who is a cross between a young Jack Nicholson and Michael Ironside, with an ugly butch haircut and an uglier mind. The scene where he sadistically strangles a girl, intercut with the blinking neon blue lights of a seedy motel sign, is unquestionably a work of art, or at least of high imitation.” The Quinn-Martin score music seals the deal. New Movies, Fridays ‘Round Midnight.

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