Daughter Of Horror (1955)

DAUGHTER OF HORROR (1955) Without a doubt, one of the weirdest flicks ever to masquerade as a horror movie. Daughter Of Horror plays like an avant-garde theater piece, or some newly discovered, under-developed b&w footage found in Dali’s basement. The bizarre, sometimes hypnotic, sometimes grating, soundtrack score dominates the entire 55 minutes, which is nearly silent except for the gloriously spooky monologues. Midgets selling newspapers? Come on! A Wells-ian fat cat flicking his cigar in the work of a kneeling scrub woman? This is too much! Genuinely weird. Great photography, bad acting, arty naked city locales, musically fueled nightmarish visions… it doesn’t end. In one scene, even the way a waiter innocently walked by made me laugh. I never saw this one as a kid, and it never aired on my local television midnight creep show. And… not likely, anywhere else. Anywhere else outside of… the Twilight Zone (do do do do, do do do do). New Movies… Fridays ‘Round Midnight.

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