RANDY BACHMAN & BURTON CUMMINGS The Thunderbird Trax (2006) The Guess Who Bandmates

FrontThe Thunderbird Trax (1987/2006)
Long Lost Home Demos From The Ex-Bandmates

More from the kindness of strangers (meaning: rarities found in Readers Links). This post isn’t the best place to start if you’re just now getting curios about Burton Cummings or Randy Bachman, as these tapes, by the former Guess Who bandmates, are but long-lost demos never intended for public consumption. But, fans will find some interest in these rare 1987 recordings… and the story that goes along with them. Both Cummings and Bachman were pretty much at career lows at this point in time, but were still communicating and working together, albeit, outside the public eye – and this collection was written and recorded by the pair (with a drum machine) in Bachman’s toolshed in 1987. Then… promptly forgotten about, until almost 18 years later when Burt decided to sell a cherished ’57 Thunderbird that Randy was lusting after. After getting the classic car restored, Bachman was “given a bag of junk stuff that was in the car: pencils, manuals, tire gauge, old registration and a tape.” The “tape” was this collection of homemade demos. The duo dubbed it The Thunderbird Trax, pressed up CD copies and has been selling it at shows (and through their website) since 2006. Musically, The Thunderbird Trax is more fascinating than essential, but the stylistic spirit of the old Guess Who is present, even if the entire band vibe isn’t. Many thanks to Thomas for posting this rarity in Readers Links. Of course, as regulars around here know, we love The Guess Who, and have tons to choose from if you’re interested, including THE GUESS WHO: Canned Wheat & American Woman (both HERE), Share The Land & The Way They Were (both HERE), So Long, Bannatyne (HERE), Rockin’ (HERE), Artificial Paradise (HERE), #10 (HERE), Road Food (HERE), Live At The Paramount (HERE), Live At Electric Ladyland, 1975 (HERE) – as well as RANDY BACHMAN & BURTON CUMMINGS: Jukebox (HERE) and solo BURTON CUMMINGS: Up Close And Alone (HERE), live at Massey Hall (HERE), Heart & Sweet Sweet (both HERE), June 16, 1977 The Bottom Line (HERE) and an unusual Canadian rarity with A Guess Who connection from SCRUBBALOE CAINE Round One (HERE).

American Dream (5:06)
In Your Eyes (3:46)
Yo Te Amo (6:08)
Just About Sane (3:36)
Martyr (3:05)
Something About That Woman (5:20)
Saturday’s Gloom (3:18)
Another One (5:36)


BRIAN ENO Kite Stories (1999)

FrontKite Stories (1999)
A Digital Chill Pill

I haven’t been getting out much, so most of what I’ve been listening to lately (and am posting this week) has come from the kindness of strangers on this blog… links found in Readers Links and in the comments of various posts. This gem was originally uploaded by Kwai Chang years ago, but I just got around to listening to it. Not available commercially (except directly from Eno, and the CD edition is long gone), Kite Stories is “three studies for an installation at the Kiasma Museum in Helsinki, 1999.” Part of Eno’s Installation Soundtrack Series. Mesmerizingly soothing, this is one you’ll put on loop and just plain forget to stop, at least until it chills your battered psyche enough to prepare you to face the outside world again. Which may be never. Thanks Kwai Chang. We’ve got more Eno in the archives, including Textures (HERE), Eno Box I: Instrumentals + Eno Box II: Vocals (both HERE), My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts (with David Byrne, HERE) and 2011′s Drums Between The Bells (buried in a Wormhole, HERE).

Kites I (8:06)
Kites II (7:34)
Kites III (14:30)

THE BEATLES: THE CAPITOL ALBUMS Vol. 1 (2004) & Vol. 2 (2006) Meet The Beatles, The Beatles’ Second Album, Something New, Beatles ’65, The Early Beatles, Beatles VI, Help!, Rubber Soul (Original US Albums)

41n4dPP4jpLFIRST POSTED IN 2011: The Brits must think we’re daft for dragging these mangled, reverb-laden old Capitol Records releases back from oblivion and into the digital age. For youngsters not acquainted with the peculiarities of Beatlemania in America, Capitol Records took George Martin’s original tapes and doused them in reverb, then chopped the British albums into smaller differing configurations, all to squeeze a few extra sales out of a fad that was practically guaranteed to expire before the last lunch box or bubblegum card could roll off the assembly line. That’s how the The Beatles’ UK debut morphed into their 5th LP in the States, how The Beatles’ Second Album ended up being almost a ‘covers’ album, and how Capitol was able to squeeze out five Beatles albums in 1965 alone, Beatles ’65 (actually issued in December ’64), The Early Beatles, Beatles VI, Help! and Rubber Soul. For disciples, there are oddities to be found buried in these digital grooves; the false start on “I’m Looking Through You,” the original score music from Help! (first time on CD) and – it should probably be mentioned to those that think about these things – the mono on these first issue discs are “folded down,” 51JN6M0E24La combination of two stereo tracks into one. These are NOT the new 2014 re-issues that inexplicably used 2009 remastered files instead of the original Capitol masters we all remembered. These are the 2004 & 2006 box sets, The Capitol Albums Vol. 1 & 2 that were “compiled from the original U.S. master tapes.” For all their faults, Capitol did do one thing right for the new millennium crowd… they fit both stereo and mono versions on the same disc. A Hard Day’s Night is not included in the first Capitol box, as it was originally issued on United Artists Records – though Something New closely approximates it. So… why is it we Yanks seem to be clinging to these clearly inferior versions, oh-so-many decades later? Well, truth is… we’re not. Capitol was merely filling a minor marketing void with these re-issues, so except for those rabid collectors that just must have it all, there’s really only one reason all this stuff could hold any interest for the average Joe… memories. Those misty, water-colored memories of the way we were. Personally, I just wanted those nifty cover reproductions. Of course, we’ve got dozens of Beatles-related posts hiding in the archives… just click HERE. You can still get the 2004 & 2006 Capitol boxes at Amazon, HERE & HERE. File Under: The Beatles – Pop Rock, Vocal Group.

I Want To Hold Your Hand
I Saw Her Standing There
This Boy
It Won’t Be Long
All I’ve Got To Do
All My Loving
Don’t Bother Me
Little Child
Till There Was You
Hold Me Tight
I Wanna Be Your Man
Not A Second Time

Roll Over Beethoven
Thank You Girl
You Really Got A Hold On Me
Devil In Her Heart
You Can’t Do That
Long Tall Sally
I Call Your Name
Please Mr.Postman
I’ll Get You
She Loves You

I’ll Cry Instead
Things We Said Today
Any Time At All
When I Get Home
Slow Down
Tell Me Why
And I Love Her
I’m Happy Just to Dance With You
If I Fell
Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand

No Reply
I’m A Loser
Baby’s In Black
Rock And Roll Music
I’ll Follow The Sun
Mr. Moonlight
Honey Don’t
I’ll Be Back
She’s A Woman
I Feel Fine
Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby

Love Me Do
Twist And Shout
Anna (Go To Him)
Ask Me Why
Please Please Me
PS I Love You
Baby It’s You
A Taste Of Honey
Do You Want To Know A Secret

Kansas City
Eight Days A Week
You Like Me Too Much
Bad Boy
I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party
Words Of Love
What You’re Doing
Yes It Is
Dizzy Miss Lizzie
Tell Me What You See
Every Little Thing

The Night Before
From Me To You Fantasy (Instrumental)
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
I Need You
In The Tyrol (Instrumental)
Another Girl
Another Hard Day’s Night (Instrumental)
Ticket To Ride
The Bitter End / You Can’t Do That (Instrumental)
You’re Gonna Lose That Girl
The Chase (Instrumental)

I’ve Just Seen A Face
Norwegian Wood
You Won’t See Me
Think For Yourself
The Word
It’s Only Love
I’m Looking Through You
In My Life
Run For Your Life

JOHN LENNON, YOKO ONO, FRANK ZAPPA & THE MOTHERS Live At The Fillmore East, June 5, 1971

Live At The Fillmore East
June 5, 1971
Lennon’s Mix & Zappa’s Mix, Side By Side

FROM 2010: It stands as John Lennon’s most daring live performance. The night he and Yoko Ono stepped onstage with Frank Zappa’s Mothers during the final days of the Fillmore East. Lennon released the tapes on Sometime in New York City in 1972. Zappa re-edited the material 20 years later for his own Playground Psychotics. Both mixes differ and have their own strengths. Still, either version of Lennon & The Mothers’ hair-raising opening, the Cavern Club-era cover of “Well (Baby Please Don’t Go),” must be considered one of John Lennon’s finest live recordings (acting as a reminder of how good Lennon was with a great band behind him). Yoko detractors routinely dismiss this entire show because of her equal presence. Instead… it might be her shining hour, and maybe Lennon and Ono’s live high-water mark, filled with sounds most people had never heard before… including improvisational adventures via Lennon’s noise-making and Yoko’s two-ton balls. It would be decades before Sonic Youth and Yamatsuka Eye would make this show’s raw guitar feedback and genre-shattering vocals appear cool, though… this history witnessing crowd seemed to get it OK. Say what you will about the credibility of their experimentations together, John & Yoko’s antics introduced millions of teens to their very first taste of mind-altering anti-music with “Revolution #9,” and then got weirder after that. Lennon’s artistic revenge (HERE) for Zappa’s We’re Only In It For The Money (HERE).

LENNON’S MIX (Sometime In New York City 1972)
Well (Baby Please Don’t Go) (4:40)
Jamrag (5:36)
Scumbag (4:28)
Au (8:02)

ZAPPA’S MIX (Playground Psychotics 1992)
Well (4:43)
Say Please (0:57)
Aaawk (2:59)
Scumbag (5:54)
A Small Eternity With Yoko Ono (6:07)

JIMI HENDRIX The Winterland Reels (1968)

The Winterland Reels (1968)
6 Complete Shows Over 3 Nights

From 2010: The original Experience, captured live at Winterland, October 10-12, 1968. These are the raw reels, later plundered for the Ryko release(s), Live At Winterland, as well as various Hendrix collections over the years. What you’ll hear over these 6-1/2 hours is all the music, patter, tuning, miscues and triumphs that took place during Hendrix’s three-day residency at the famed venue. The sound is raw but good, with plenty of tweaking and balancing happening on the fly. Note that because the tapes ran out during the early, Oct. 11 show, an audience bootleg was used for three songs to complete the set. As experienced fans know, the Experience wasn’t always at their peak, and Winterland is no exception. Between the 20 minute jams, drum & bass solos and Jimi’s growing intolerance for “the hits,” there are rushed performances, boring indulgences and plenty of out of tune moments. But… it’s a rare chance to hear three straight days of prime Experience. And how often does one get a chance to experience that? Hear “Manic Depression” from the Oct. 12 late show, below. We’ve got tons of Henrix in the archives, including… Blue Wild Angel (Isle Of Wight 1970, HERE), First Rays Of The New Rising Sun (HERE), Jimi By Himself: The Home Recordings (HERE), Studio ’69 (15 CDs of outtakes, HERE), Jimi Plays Monterey (HERE), South Saturn Delta (HERE), The Complete Are You Experienced (HERE), The L.A. Forum Concert (HERE), The Rainbow Bridge Concert (HERE), The Voodoo Chile Sessions (HERE), Winterland – the commercially produced 5CD box set of the above Reels (HERE), Jimi Hendrix Speaks (maybe his last audio interview, HERE), BBC Sessions (HERE) and Sacred Sources, Vol. 1 Live Forever (a 1993 CD produced by Carlos Santana that features some live Hendrix, HERE).

OCTOBER 10, 1968 (Early Show)
Intro (3:29)
Are You Experienced (7:37)
Voodoo Child (slight return) (7:38)
Red House (14:52)
Foxy Lady (6:15)
Like A Rolling Stone (9:48)
Star Spangled Banner (5:29)
Purple Haze/Outside Woman Blues (6:07)

OCTOBER 10, 1968 (Late Show)
Intro (2:42)
Tax Free (13:34)
Lover Man (4:28)
Sunshine Of Your Love (9:10)
Hear My Train A Comin(14:04)
Killing Floor (w/ Jack Casady on bass) (9:19)
Hey Joe (w/ Jack Casady on bass) (5:32)
Star Spangled Banner (7:34)
Purple Haze (7:28)

OCTOBER 11, 1968 (Early Show)
Intro (5:24)
Are You Experienced (w/ Virgil Gonsales on flute) (17:56)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (8:15)
Red House (11:38)
Foxy Lady (Audience Tape) (6:06)
Star Spangled Banner (Audience Tape) (6:33)
Purple Haze (Audience Tape) (6:03)

OCTOBER 11, 1968 (Late Show)
Intro (2:19)
Tax Free (20:32)
Spanish Castle Magic (11:05)
Like A Rolling Stone (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (11:35)
Lover Man (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (6:11)
Hey Joe (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (5:14)
Fire (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (4:44)
Foxy Lady (w/ Herbie Rich on organ) (5:14)
Purple Haze (6:00)

OCTOBER 12, 1968 (Early Show)
Intro (3:41)
Fire (3:48)
Lover Man (5:37)
Like A Rolling Stone (12:14)
Foxy Lady (7:30)
Drum & Bass Jam (8:58)
Tax Free (9:06)
Hey Joe (7:12)
Purple Haze (3:40)
Wild Thing (3:39)

OCTOBER 12, 1968 (Late Show)
Intro (1:32)
Foxy Lady (9:31)
Manic Depression (5:55)
Sunshine Of Your Love (9:07)
Little Wing (4:41)
Spanish Castle Magic (7:07)
Red House (12:09)
Voodoo Child (slight return) (7:03)
Star Spangled Banner (4:57)
Purple Haze (7:45)

THE CHRYSANTHEMUMS Odessey And Oracle (1989) + THE ZOMBIES Odessey And Oracle (1968)

THE CHRYSANTHEMUMS Odessey And Oracle (1989/2011)
THE ZOMBIES Odessey And Oracle (1968/2004)
Odessey And Oracle x 2

You could say The Chrysanthemums were ahead of their time when, in 1989, they decided to record a song-for-song remake of the commercially obscure Zombies 1968 psych classic, Odessey And Oracle. Except… there never really was a “time” for The Chrysanthemums – a band of beloved indies that never rose above the level of “inspired cult geniuses” in the hearts and minds of their small and adoring fan base. Following a parody of The Peel Sessions, 1988′s 12″ EP, The XXX Sessions (which featured lyrics etched into the vinyl’s b-side), and that year’s 2LP, Little Flecks Of Foam Around Barking, an elaborate and bizarre pop parody of lyrically elevated prog/concept albums, The Chrysanthemums taking on The Zombies seemed almost par for the course… for them, anyway. Their version of Odessey And Oracle is a grab bag of alt musical styles ranging from sly psych to lo-fi pop, all delivered with an obvious love of the source material… despite their desire to re-imagine the original. Thankfully, The ‘Mums don’t do a hatchet job on what made The Zombies’ experiment so imaginative in the first place, opting instead to scale back the whimsy and focus on the essence of the material’s melodic charms. This 2011 Remastered Edition (of the 1989 original LP) features five bonus Zombies covers, a couple of which (“Is This The Dream” and “She Does Everything For Me”) are top-shelf standouts. And… so you don’t have to go hunting around in the archives for it, we’re also including the Deluxe Edition of The Zombies’ 1968 masterwork, with 10 (count ‘em) bonus tracks. Big, big thanks go out to Miles over at Birds With Broken Wings (HERE) for sending The Chrysanthemums our way. If you’re not already hanging out at Miles’ place, he posts some of the more enlightened music commentary found on the web. Thanks Miles. Find The Zombies O&O at Amazon (HERE), along with The Chrysanthemums’ O&O (HERE), but make sure you score an original CD from one of the sellers, as Amazon-proper is only offering a CD-R version these days. We’ve got more Zombies in the archives, including Begin Here (HERE) and The EP Collection (HERE). AND, check comments… narcosislabs was kind enough to post the bulk of The Chrysanthemums discography… just for you. Thanks narcosislabs.

THE CHRYSANTHEMUMS Odessey And Oracle (1989/2011)
Care Of Cell 44 (3:28)
A Rose For Emily (4:24)
Maybe After He’s Gone (2:57)
Beechwood Park (2:15)
Brief Candies (2:55)
Hung Up On A Dream (2:20)
Changes (3:15)
I Want Her She Wants Me (2:55)
This Will Be Our Year (2:07)
Butchers Tale (Western Front 1914) (2:13)
Friends Of Mine (2:04)
Time Of The Season (5:25)
I Must Move (2:15) - Bonus Track
Indication (2:39) - Bonus Track
Remember You (1:56) - Bonus Track
Is This The Dream (3:19) - Bonus Track
She Does Everything For Me (9:55) - Bonus Track

THE ZOMBIES Odessey And Oracle (1968/2004)
Care Of Cell 44 (3:54)
A Rose For Emily (2:17)
Maybe After He’s Gone (2:32)
Beechwood Park (2:42)
Brief Candles (3:28)
Hung Up On A Dream (3:00)
Changes (3:17)
I Want Her She Wants Me (2:51)
This Will Be Our Year (2:07)
Butchers Tale (Western Front 1914) (2:45)
Friends Of Mine (2:15)
Time Of The Season (3:32)
Ill Call You Mine (2:37) - Bonus Track
Imagine The Swan (3:14) - Bonus Track
Conversation Off Floral Street (2:43) - Bonus Track
If It Dont Work Out (Overdubbed) (2:27) - Bonus Track
Dont Cry For Me (Overdubbed) (2:13) - Bonus Track
Smokey Day (2:23) - Bonus Track
She Loves The Way They Love Her (3:00) - Bonus Track
Time Of The Season (Uk Mono Mix) (3:30) - Bonus Track
Ill Call You Mine (Overdubbed) (2:37) - Bonus Track
Imagine The Swan (Stereo Mix 2) (3:11) - Bonus Track

5054227003271_1-1.170x170-75Speaking of Miles, Birds With Broken Wings and The Zombies…

Miles just posted a Zombies album over at Birds With Broken Wings that you DON’T have, entitled Conversations Off Floral Street… Read about it and get it THERE.

JIM WHITE Where It Hits You (2012) + (The Mysterious Tale Of How I Shouted) Wrong-Eyed Jesus (1997) & Searching For The Wrong Eyed Jesus (Video 2005)

Where It Hits You (2012)
Mystically Distant, Yet Wryly Knowing

Being an old guy, I don’t always find the time to devote to newer artists. I think it has something to do with a stubborn belief that 20 (or 30) somethings don’t have a lot to tell me that I haven’t already considered… whether that’s actually true or not. But one of the few new millenium artists I’m consistently wowed by is Jim White. His music is filled with dreamy atmospherics, colored by sparsely utilized mandolins, violins and banjos (not in any bluegrass kind of way), often drenched in detached, mystical strangeness. Dreamy, near-mystical excursions that might require a certain mind-mood to appreciate. He’s a poet in the true sense of the word, offering a mix of wry, all-knowing vocals fueled by casual backwoods wisdom. I’ve been listening to the guy for years and am already pre-sold on his curious style and random instrumentation, so it might take the uninitiated a few spins to digest his curious habits. This is one artist who clearly benefits from repeated listens, as his records reveal little hidden miracles of mood and language. We posted his wonderful 2001 release, No Such Place, a few years back (HERE – check out that album’s “The Wound That Never Heals” for an eye-opener of a tale), and should probably post his debut, (The Mysterious Tale Of How I Shouted) Wrong-Eyed Jesus!, which is where most who know him, know him from (aw, hell… it’s below). Personally I’d recommend the same path I took, grabbing the earlier albums first, but… that’s just how I came to appreciate him. Your own path might be equally rewarding. Find Where It Hits You at Amazon, HERE.

Chase The Dark Away (5:31)
Sunday’s Refrain (5:00)
The Way Of Alone (5:46)
State Of Grace (5:19)
Infinite Mind (3:23)
What Rocks Will Never Know (5:04)
Here We Go (3:04)
My Brother’s Keeper (7:22)
That Wintered Blue Sky (5:51)
Epilogue To A Marriage (6:50)
Why It’s Cool (5:02)

Wrong Eyed JesusWrong-Eyed Jesus! (1997)
The Strange Debut…And Equally Strange Film

Because I’m lazy, I’ve cribbed this text about White’s debut from our earlier Jim White post. JW’s 1997 debut, Wrong Eyed Jesus! – a loosely conceptual partner to White’s bizarre, swamp-infested two-hour video, Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus (below, while it lasts) – is a meandering, ramshackle set of pseudo-spiritual, country folk dreams that’s both unique and intriguing, but so purposely Searchingdiffused that it takes several listens for White’s storytelling strengths to become apparent. His surreal blend of fragile acoustics & drifting melodies may not initially make much sense… but, just give him a little space and time and you’ll be quietly mesmerized by what floats to the surface. A word of warning… if you just listen to the streaming players once and move on, you’ll miss the magic. As for the 2005 video (David Byrne calls it “beautiful, dark and weird stuff”), give it a few minutes to take hold… like White’s music. Includes music from The Handsome Family, 16 Horsepower & David Johansen. Find Wrong-Eyed Jesus! at Amazon, HERE, and the DVD, Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus, HERE.

Book Of Angels (4:56)
Burn The River Dry (5:00)
Still Waters (6:37)
When Jesus Gets A Brand New Name (5:18)
Sleepy-Town (5:39)
A Perfect Day To Chase Tornados (6:07)
Wordmule (4:29)
Stabbed In The Heart (4:27)
Angel-Land (5:27)
Heaven Of My Heart (4:35)
The Road That Leads To Heaven (9:06)

ANALOG BIRDS Don’t Let It Slow You Down (2004) – And… A New 2014 Mini-Album Coming This Month!

Analog Birds - Dont Let it Slow You Down Cover ArtDon’t Let It Slow You Down (2004)
Humble Pop Beginnings From Our Favorite Unsigned Band

Good news for Analog Birds (and Asa Milbankx) fans. The unique and eclectic pop outfit is preparing a new release this month. Regular readers here know that we’ve been big fans since accidentally stumbling on their website a little over two years ago (Mount Valley, HERE) and re-posting a number of their very cool and very engaging exercises in harmony and invention; including the highly recommended Analog Birds release, Musique Concrete (HERE), and the equally recommended Simple Shapes + Patterns by The Latters (actually solo Asa Milbankx, HERE), along with an assortment of single releases. We’ve already posted a chunk of their catalog, but thought we’d offer some more in anticipation of the new release… going back 10 years for this one, Don’t Let It Slow You Down. The recording, as should probably be expected from a young, 2004 band, is relatively primitive compared to the group’s more recent work. But their often surreal approach to pop music is a characteristic that was intact in the earliest of Analog Birds’ music. Throughout this release, harmonies, grooves and patterns seem to come out of nowhere, songs are apt to begin one way, only to morph and end another way altogether, while instrumentation refuses to fall in line with anything conventionally familiar… more or less a band trademark. For pop-smart listeners, weaned on the invention of the 60s, when anything might happen next, these guys might be right up your alley. These decade-old recordings may be tentative first steps, but Analog Birds is an outfit that would eventually (if quietly, in their small corner of the web) evolve into savvy popsters with an able command of the studio – evidenced on the recordings linked above. Watch for their new mini-album, Anti-Presence, this month. Find Analog Birds at Facebook, HERE.

Is It Slowing Down? (3:04)
Beanie! (2:31)
Green City (3:47)
Through The Woods (3:00)
Window Mountain Man (4:03)
Cheapest Shot (2:23)
Symbol Minded (3:05)
Sleep Project (3:32)
Who’s Fearless (7:46)

GRAHAM GOULDMAN And Another Thing… (2002) + The Graham Gouldman EP (2006)

FrontAnd Another Thing… (2002)
The Follow Up To Gouldman’s 1968 Debut

Outstanding under-the-radar sophomore solo release from 10cc’s Graham Gouldman, coming nearly 35 years after his debut. GG’s 1968 introduction, The Graham Gouldman Thing, was a calling card from a little-known songwriter whose talents wove an invisible thread through the British Invasion, via his songs for The Yardbirds, Hollies, Herman’s Hermits and others. Gouldman’s career got “sidetracked,” however, by his tenure in 10cc, not to mention his soundtrack work (Animalympics) and the myriad of side projects he’s been involved in… before, during and after 10cc. There’s a beautiful simplicity to And Another Thing… that serves its style and mood well. Lots of acoustics, with an emphasis on melody, warm harmonies and uncomplicated musical beds, with none of the self-conscious cleverness that could sometimes undermine 10cc’s pop pageantry. There are echoes of Gouldman’s stylistic contributions to 10cc, of course, but And Another Thing… is more intimate and, as a result, more memorable. Aged, but not tired. Studied, yet fresh. A veteran exercising an unparalleled melodic touch. You should read this guy’s resume some day… everything from Kasenatz/Katz to lost solo singles to producing The Ramones. If there’s anybody primed and ready for a career-encompassing box set, it’s Graham Gouldman. We’ve got more from him in the archives, including The Graham Gouldman Thing (HERE) and his latest, 2012′s winning Love And Work (HERE). Check out our archival post of Herman’s Hermits‘ 1967, Blaze (HERE) for a bunch of Gouldman-penned bonus tracks. And, of course, tons of 10cc (HERE). Hard copies of And Another Thing… are bargain priced at Amazon, HERE.

You Stole My Love (3:13)
Walking With Angels (5:24)
Dancing Days (3:56)
Just Another Day (4:07)
Sometimes (3:54)
There Was A Day (3:46)
Heart Full Of Soul (3:15)
Ready To Go Home (4:28)
Single Tonight (4:03)
Walkin’ Away (3:23)
Can Anybody See You (4:10)
What Became Of 10cc? (0:37)

The Graham Gouldman EPThe Graham Gouldman EP (2006)
Fake, But Fantastic

On the 2006 10cc hits collection, Greatest Hits… And More, the band’s current caretaker, and sole original member, included four re-recordings of his classic 60s compositions written for Herman’s Hermits (“No Milk Today”), The Yardbirds (“Heart Full Of Soul” & “For Your Love”) and The Hollies (“Bus Stop”). We came across them when putting together our 10cc Bonus Tracks & Rarities collection (HERE) and can’t stop playing them, so we broke them out for a faux bonus EP here. “Heart Full Of Soul” appeared on And Another Thing…, while Graham’s original versions of the others can be found on 1968′s The Graham Gouldman Thing (HERE). Cool updates for fans of the era.

No Milk Today (3:13)
For Your Love (2:35)
Bus Stop (3:26)
Heart Full Of Soul (3:16)

ZEPPELIN TOOK MY BLUES AWAY Trading Cards – An Illustrated History Of Copyright Indiscretions! …plus 25 Track Various Artists Collection

#0 Zeppelin Took My Blues Away FrontThey’re one of rock’s greatest bands. They’re also one of rock’s worst… when it comes to properly crediting their sources of inspiration. Led Zeppelin’s many incidents of copyright infringement are legendary. There are those who have called it outright theft, and have sworn in a court of law that Led Zeppelin (primarily Jimmy Page and Robert Plant) have repeatedly taken credit for writing music that wasn’t their’s to take credit for. And, many of those cases have been vindicated. Of course… this is not to take away from Led Zeppelin’s greatness; the amazing arrangements, renditions, covers, interpretations, performances and history they’ve created and been a part of. But, the truth is they’ve become rich partly from royalties they were never entitled to. Jimmy Page was uncharacteristically candid on the subject when he spoke to Guitar Player Magazine in 1993, downplaying his own culpability while simultaneously throwing his partner, Robert Plant, under the bus. “I always tried to bring something fresh to anything that I used. I always made sure to come up with some variation. In fact, I think in most cases, you would never know what the original source could be. Maybe not in every case – but in most cases. So most of the comparisons rest on the lyrics. And Robert was supposed to change the lyrics, and he didn’t always do that – which is what brought on most of the grief. They couldn’t get us on the guitar parts of the music, but they nailed us on the lyrics. We did, however, take some liberties (laughs), I must say.” Note that Page says, “Robert was supposed to change the lyrics…” which might accidentally say a lot more about their process than Page intended.

Trading Card #1 is below, to illustrate what you’ll find with each card. Click for a pop-up enlargement. Streaming players of the songs are provided for comparisons. Collect Them All! (plus a bonus card)!

TRADING CARD #1: Jake Holmes (Click For A Pop-Up Enlargement)
#1 JAKE HOLMES#1.1Dazed And Confused

LED ZEPPELIN “Dazed And Confused” 1969

JAKE HOLMES “Dazed And Confused” 1967


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#1 JAKE HOLMESDazed And Confused
#2 BERT JANSCH Black Mountain Side
#3 HOWLIN’ WOLFHow Many More Times
#4 ANNE BREDONBabe I’m Gonna Leave You
#5 WILLIE DIXONWhole Lotta Love
#6 HOWLIN’ WOLFThe Lemon Song
#7 WILLIE DIXONBring It On Home
#8 BUKKA WHITEHats Off To (Roy) Harper
#9 BOB MOSLEYSince I’ve Been Loving You
#10 BERT JANSCHBron-Y-Aur-Stomp
#11 RANDY CALIFORNIAStairway To Heaven
#12 MEMPHIS MINNIEWhen The Levee Breaks
#15 RITCHIE VALENSBoogie With Stu
#16 BLIND WILLIE JOHNSONNobody’s Fault But Mine
#17 DAVY GRAHAMWhite Summer
#18 SLEEPY JOHN ESTESThe Girl I Love She Got Long Wavy Black Hair

FrontZeppelin Took My Blues Away (2014)
25 Tracks Led Zeppelin Took To The Bank

Many of these tracks, which form the basis for quite a number of Led Zeppelin’s earlier recordings, have found their way onto “Roots Of” Zep collections before, so this gathering is nothing new. Many already know this story, and these songs, but those that haven’t stayed abreast of the decades of abuse Zep has endured for their costly “borrowing” from others just might be shocked at what they hear on this collection. Of course, musicians borrow from each other all the time. Zeppelin were just way too blatant about it, and way too often took the credit (and royalties) for themselves. And, depending on how you slice it, this is only the half of it. On its own, this is a fun, mostly old blues collection made up of all the original songs heard on these pages… with a strangely familiar twist.

JAKE HOLMES Dazed And Confused (3:48)
BERT JANSCH Blackwaterside (3:45)
HOWLIN’ WOLF No Place To Go (a.k.a. How Many More Years) (2:53)
ALBERT KING The Hunter (2:46)
JOAN BAEZ Babe, I’m Gonna Leave You (2:39)
MUDDY WATERS You Need Love (2:43)
SMALL FACES You Need Loving (4:00)
HOWLIN’ WOLF Killing Floor (2:49)
ROBERT JOHNSON Travelling Riverside Blues (2:39)
SONNY BOY WILLIAMSON Bring It On Home (2:38)
BUKKA WHITE Shake ‘Em On Down (3:02)
MOBY GRAPE Never (6:15)
BERT JANSCH The Waggoner’s Lad (3:26)
KANSAS JOE McCOY & MEMPHIS MINNIE When The Levee Breaks (3:11)
SPIRIT Taurus (2:37)
SLEEPY JOHN ESTES Drop Down Mama (3:12)
BLIND BOY FULLER I Want Some Of Your Pie (2:45)
JOSH WHITE Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed (a.k.a. In My Time Of Dying) (3:06)
RITCHIE VALENS Ooh, My Head (1:47)
BLIND WILLIE JOHNSON It’s Nobody’s Fault But Mine (3:11)
SLEEPY JOHN ESTES The Girl I Love, She Got Long Curly Hair (2:58)
BOBBY PARKER Watch Your Step (2:44)

THANKS: The “Zeppelin Took My Blues Away” Trading Cards are a new twist, but the information is not new. The band’s history of infringement – real and imagined – is well-documented, and thanks must go to numerous informational sources for the help, including The Led Zeppelin Home Page, Wiki, ASCAP, Turn Me On Dead Man, Perfect Sound Forever, Now That’s What I Call Bullshit and a few other places. And, of course… many apologies to R. Crumb, as we’ll as William Stout, whose illustrations on this post are from his book, Legends Of The Blues, available HERE (and autographed). Some details may change with the 2014 re-issues still coming out. We’ll update as we can. Frankly, I’m mostly interested in who sees the humor in all this and who gets their panties in a twist… like some did on the Neil Young String Theory post (HERE).

SQUEEZE Live At Newcastle City Hall – November 25, 2010 (BBC) + The Complete BBC Sessions (2008)

FrontLive At Newcastle City Hall (2010)
Live On The BBC

The on again/off again, new millennium Squeeze did something kinda strange in 2010. For their first studio album in well over a decade, they decided to re-record their greatest hits, note-for-note, for a new CD release, Spot The Difference. While there might have been business/financial reasons for the concept (not owning, or earning any royalties on, their original masters, perhaps) the project did provide them a valuable service when they hit the road that year, as the studio refresher course gave the band a new-found exuberance and dedication to their past catalog. This unreleased live show is proof positive, and is even a bit of a rarity in that it captures Squeeze during the brief, few month period when Steve Nieve (of Costello’s Attractions) was the group’s touring keyboardist. The opening track’s audience sing-along may not be the best example of this set’s setlist, but it does capture the show’s fun energy and intimacy quite well. We’ve got more Squeeze in the archives, including the 2CD Deluxe Edition of Argybargy, 1990′s A Round And A Bout (both HERE), the 1985 reunion album, Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti (HERE) and Glenn Tilbrook’s The Completely Acoustic Glenn Tilbrook (a rare 2001 bonus disc, HERE). Go to Amazon for Squeeze’s re-recorded hits collection, Spot The Difference, HERE.

Introduction (0:38)
Black Coffee In Bed (6:53)
Take Me I’m Yours (3:47)
Annie Get Your Gun (4:06)
Loving You Tonight (4:03)
When The Hangover Strikes (4:31)
It’s So Dirty (3:20)
Up The Junction (3:09)
If It’s Love (3:48)
The Knack (4:37)
Model (3:57)
Labelled With Love (4:46)
Hourglass (4:18)
Tempted (5:36)
Cool For Cats (3:28)

FrontThe Complete BBC Sessions (2008)
The Rest Of The BBC Shows

Very satisfying BBC collection from everybody’s favorite power pop/new wavers. I had initially ignored this 2CD set when it first surfaced, perhaps not wanting to endure more substandard BBC recordings or yet another round of live covers. But The Complete BBC Sessions is a surprising treat, primarily for its crisp sound, but also for the focus on Squeeze’s glory years, from 1977 to 1984 (U.K. Squeeze to Some Fantastic Place). The track selection is deep, featuring more than just the familiar hits… but even the well-known choices are given a twist, with faves like “Pulling Mussels (From A Shell), “Take Me I’m Yours” and “Up The Junction” showing up via acoustic renditions. The Complete BBC Sessions runs the gamut from the infectiously innocent early material to the smartly nuanced gems crafted by a band of vets. It’s going for collector’s prices at Amazon, HERE.

Cat On A Wall (3:26)
Model (5:14)
All Fed Up (3:54)
Sex Master (2:39)
Bang Bang (2:02)
Ain’t It Sad (3:40)
I Must Go (2:04)
The Knack (3:44)
Onto The Dance Floor (3:41)
Elephant Girl (3:24)
I Can’t Hold On (3:28)
The Apple Tree (4:59)
She Doesn’t Have To Shave (3:12)
Footprints In The Frost (3:09)
Is That Love? (2:14)
Melody Motel (3:51)
Take Me I’m Yours (3:13)
Up The Junction (2:44)
Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)/Labelled With Love (7:23)
Tempted (3:51)
Third Rail (3:41)
Cold Shoulder (5:55)
Loving You Tonight (4:55)
Some Fantastic Place (4:37)
Third Rail (3:30)
Hourglass (4:00)
Tempted (4:16)
Some Fantastic Place (4:08)
Tempted (4:04)

THE FRATERNAL ORDER OF THE ALL Greetings From Planet Love (1997) – Andrew Gold’s Psychedelic LP

Greetings From Planet Love (1997)
Andrew Gold’s Great/Fake Psychedelic LP

Released in 1997, 70s popster Andrew Gold sings and performs almost every note on Greetings From Planet Love – a faux 1967 album anchored by Beach Boys harmonies, Beatles experimentation and a plethora of recognizable nods to The Kinks, Byrds, Dylan, Monkees, Doors & others. 10cc’s Graham Gouldman (Gold’s co-hort in the band, Wax UK) also joins in the fun on this loving and entertaining spot-the-influence tribute. There are a couple of sore thumbs – including the (excellent, but post-’67 sounding) 10cc ringer, “King of Showbiz,” and an unhealthy reliance on less inventive, outright parody near the end of the collection. But, fans of the Wilson Brothers, and 1967 in general, will have a blast with the attention to detail and mixing & matching of styles and characteristics. The short, transitional segues add to the “conceptual” feel of the era. Listen to Gold’s as-good-as-any-Beach Boys homage, “Love Tonight,” below, a step up from his 30 year-old hit, “Thank You For Being A Friend.” The awful cover art couldn’t have helped sales. Andrew Gold passed away in 2011. Read more about the project at AMG, HERE. Find a rare hard copy at Amazon, HERE.

Greetings From Planet Love (0:35)
Rainbow People (2:46)
Love Tonight (5:46)
Chasing My Tail (2:29)
Swirl (1:19)
Tuba Rye And Will’s Son/Balloon In The Sky (3:44)
King Of Showbiz (4:12)
Whirl (0:58)
Freelove Baby (2:44)
Groovy Party At Jimmy’s Magic Pad (2:29)
It’s Beautiful (0:52)
Wink Of The Third Eye (2:00)
It Has No Eyes But Sight (0:55)
Twirl (0:58)
Space And Time (3:24)
Time Is Standing Still (4:48)
Ride The Snake (1:47)
Mr. Plastic Business Man (4:14)
Ccosmicc CCarnivall (0:32)
Tomorrow Drop Dead

CARL WILSON Carl Wilson (1981), Youngblood (1983), Long Promised Road (Promo 1999), CARL (Comp)

Cherished rockers die every day. Most just get a shrug of the shoulders from many of us, though… there are some passings that have an effect. I felt really bad when Carl Wilson died. I wasn’t what you’d call a fanatic, but I’ve always loved The Beach Boys and always admired Carl’s prime BB years, especially when he stepped up in the late 60s/early 70s with some brilliant material, just as brother Brian was heading into retreat. Carl’s productions (“Sail On Sailor”), compositions (“Long Promised Road”) and studio creations (“Feel Flows”) are among the group’s finest, Brian be damned. It was also Carl who stood up to The Beach Boys’ “oldies faction,” actually leaving his own band in the early 80s to move forward artistically… simply because the band collectively refused to leave the past. Carl’s two solo albums, 1981′s Carl Wilson and 1983′s Youngblood, are smart efforts, produced with purely commercial intent by James William Guercio and the Doobie Brothers’ Jeff Baxter (respectively), but the material is far removed from Carl’s work with The Beach Boys, and most of the consumer complaints centered around the albums’ trendy production and sub-quality co-compositions. Yet… when all else failed, there was always Carl’s voice. So here’s a small Carl Wilson collection for your approval. One album not included here is the Beckley-Lamm-Wilson release, 1999′s Like A Brother – a solid, if largely forgotten, project from the expatriate America/Chicago/Beach Boys members. We’ve got more Beach Boys in the archives, including The Smile Sessions box set (HERE), Instrumental Hits (HERE), The Big Beat 1963 (HERE), 1968′s Stack-O-Tracks (HERE), “Here Comes The Night” Disco 12″ (HERE) and Pet Sounds (a cappella) (HERE).

Carl+Wilson+-+Long+Promised+Road+-+CD+ALBUM-150916Long Promised Road (1999)
The Rare Promo-Only Tribute
A promo CD that was given away to attendees of the Carl Wilson Benefit Concert, held in LA in 1998 (though, it’s dated 1999). A few copies were also sold to benefit the American Cancer Society. The CD, which came in only a plastic sleeve with inserts, is extremely rare. The only other hard copy I’ve seen was selling online for £175. The disc contains some of Carl’s high-profile compositions as a Beach Boy, including two songs co-written with Randy Bachman for Keepin’ The Summer Alive, alongside material from his two 80s solo albums.

Long Promised Road (3:35) – Surf’s Up
Feel Flows (4:50) – Surf’s Up
Trader (5:06) – Holland
Full Sail (2:58) – L.A. (Light Album)
Goin’ South (3:18) – L.A. (Light Album)
Keepin’ The Summer Alive (3:43) – Keepin’ The Summer Alive
Living With A Heartache (4:06) – Keepin’ The Summer Alive
Hold Me (4:09) – Carl Wilson
Hurry Love (4:50) – Carl Wilson
Heaven (4:30) – Carl Wilson
What More Can I Say? (3:26) – Youngblood
Givin’ You Up (4:43) – Youngblood
One More Night Alone (3:07) – Youngblood
Rockin’ All Over The World (3:00) – Youngblood
What You Do To Me (3:58) – Youngblood
Of The Times (4:08) – Youngblood
It’s Gettin’ Late (3:27) – The Beach Boys
Maybe I Don’t Know (3:54) – The Beach Boys
Where I Belong (2:58) – The Beach Boys

CarlCARL (1998)
The Personal Compilation

After his death in 1998, I put together a comp for a pal who was curious why I was obsessing over Carl’s passing. The idea was to spotlight Carl’s productions, compositions & that wondrous voice, via his work with The Beach Boys. It’s not meant to be definitive, complete or even historically accurate, as it’s just a collection of material where Carl shines, whether taking the reigns himself (“Trader”), singing lead on Brian’s compositions (who cried when first hearing Carl sing “God Only Knows”) or helping out brother Dennis’ skeletal creations (“Baby Blue”). All in all, I’d recommend this one for the Carl-curious, as it has a lot of familiar material by one of America’s great bands (not to mention a who’s who of session players). Repeated listens will reveal Carl’s compositional characteristics, and that’s where the real appreciation begins. Listen to “All This Is That,” above, to hear one of those hidden Beach Boys miracles you sometimes forget about.

KOMA (0:12)
Long Promised Road (3:35) #*
Feel Flows (4:47) #*
Sail On, Sailor (3:22) #
Cool, Cool Water (1:14)
Surf’s Up (4:12)
Trader (5:05) #*
God Only Knows (2:50)
All This Is That (4:00) #*
Darlin’ (2:14)
It’s Gettin’ Late (3:27) *
Let The Wind Blow (2:21)
Baby Blue (3:18)
You Need A Mess Of Help To Stand Alone (3:27) #
Marcella (3:52) #
Our Sweet Love (2:39) *
I Can Hear Music (2:37) #
*Written, #Produced and many vocals by Carl Wilson

Carl Wilson (1981)
Youngblood (1983)
The Solo Albums

If you can fight past the production, which is very much of its time, you’ll find both of Carl Wilson’s solo albums have their moments. It’s just a strange sensation to hear one of the architects of The Beach Boys’ sound purposely side-stepping his own legacy to write for a new generation of listeners. Carl left the band over the idea that The Beach Boys could please their fans and attract new ones. When these albums failed to make their marks, the experiment failed, and Wilson would eventually return to the fold, rarely to venture outside the safety of the band again. Which is a shame. His talents deserved much more, if only because he had the balls to take the road less traveled. Carl Wilson was mostly co-written with Mynra Smith Schilling, but the end result generally lacks adhesive distinction. Youngblood introduces some spirited E-Street sax work to the mix to “update” the overall sound, which, of course, only ends up sounding more dated than ever. Listen above to the simply lovely “Heaven” and Youngblood‘s rockin’, “Time.”

Hold Me (4:09)
Bright Lights (3:54)
What You Gonna Do About Me (4:31)
The Right Lane (5:24)
Hurry Love (4:50)
Heaven (4:30)
The Grammy (3:10)
Seems So Long Ago (5:01)

What More Can I Say (3:26)
She’s Mine (3:11)
Givin’ You Up (4:43)
One More Night Alone (3:07)
Rockin’ All Over The World (3:00)
What You Do To Me (3:58)
Young Blood (2:43)
Of The Times (4:08)
Too Early To Tell (2:50)
If I Could Talk To Love (4:14)
Time (3:02)

RICHARD LLOYD Stock Audio (Ex-Television, 2012)

Richard Lloyd Stock Audio2Stock Audio (2012)
(Sort Of) Unreleased Music From The Ex-TV Star

RE-UPPED, FROM 2012: Those involved in video production and content licensing know all about “stock audio.” It’s music that has been created (or legally cleared) for use as background music for videos, films, television and various multi-media projects. We hear it all the time but don’t often think much about it. Ex-Television guitarist, Richard Lloyd, has produced some stock music himself. It’s not just instrumental background rumblings either, as much of this material comes in the form of structured song composition with vocals. As far as I know, none of this material has ever been on any album and seems to have first been made available this year, 2012 – though, we have no idea when it was actually recorded. Listen to two examples below, the driving instrumental “We Will Climb” and the Television/Big Star/Twilley-esque, “Want You To Stay.” This is some excellent stuff and requires no video embellishment for your entertainment pleasure. We’ve got a similar project from Eno in the archives called Textures (HERE). NOTE: This is the first time this music has been “offered” outside of the industry, so act fast… it may not last long. Find bonus track versions of Television’s Marquee Moon (1977) and Adventure (1978) HERE in the archives.

Want You (3:21)
Murder Boogie (5:36)
We Will Climb (6:34)
Diogenes (1:36)
Want You To Stay (3:03)
Tasting Quicksand (2:01)
Pull (4:13)

THE BLUES, PART II: BIG BILL BROONZY Good Time Tonight, BLIND BOY FULLER East Coast Piedmont Style, LEADBELLY King Of The 12-String Guitar, JOSH WHITE Blues Singer (1932-1936), LONNIE JOHNSON Steppin’ On The Blues, WILLIE DIXON The Big Three Trio (Columbia/Legacy 1990-1996)

BluesBIG BILL BROONZY Good Time Tonight (1990)
BLIND BOY FULLER East Coast Piedmont Style (1991)
JOSH WHITE Blues Singer (1932-1936) (1996)
LEADBELLY King Of The 12-String Guitar (1991)
LONNIE JOHNSON Steppin’ On The Blues (1990)
WILLIE DIXON The Big Three Trio (1990)
Start An Old Blues Collection (Part II)

Part II of a slew of off-the-shelf blues discs issued by Columbia/Legacy around 1990 & 1991. Part I (HERE) included six various artist collections, while this post features dedicated discs to six early blues greats, Willie Dixon, Leadbelly, Big Bill Broonzy, Josh White, Lonnie Johnson & Blind Boy Fuller. Most of this stuff comes from the 30s & 40s, with some 20s & 50s material mixed in. Click the covers for links to Amazon to grab hard copies cheap.

FrontBIG BILL BROONZY Good Time Tonight
I Can’t Be Satisfied (2:48)
Long Tall Mama (2:50)
Worrying You Off My Mind – Part I (3:07)
Too Too Train Blues (2:54)
Come Home Early (3:02)
Hattie Blues (2:46)
I Want My Hands On It (2:56)
Made A Date With An Angel (3:01)
Horny Frog (3:12)
I Believe I’ll Go Back Home (2:28)
Good Time Tonight (2:33)
Flat Foot Susie With Her Flat Yes Yes (3:00)
W.P.A. Rag (2:50)
Going Back To Arkansas (2:53)
It’s A Low Down Dirty Shame (2:57)
Too Many Drivers (2:37)
Woodie Woodie (2:57)
Whiskey And Good Time Blues (2:55)
Merry-Go-Round Blues (2:44)
You’ve Got To Hit The Right Lick (2:50)

FrontBLIND BOY FULLER East Coast Piedmont Style
Rag, Mama, Rag (3:07)
Baby You Gotta Change Your Mind (3:16)
My Brownskin Sugar Plum (3:02)
I’m A Rattlesnakin’ Daddy (3:08)
I’m Climbin’ On Top Of The Hill (3:20)
Baby, I Don’t Have To Worry (‘Cause That Stuff Is Here) (3:06)
Looking For My Woman (3:11)
Ain’t It A Cryin’ Shame? (3:06)
Walking My Troubles Away (2:57)
Sweet Honey Hole (2:50)
Somebody’s Been Playing With That Thing (3:18)
Log Cabin Blues (3:21)
Keep Away From My Woman (3:15)
Cat Man Blues (3:07)
Untrue Blues (2:52)
Black And Tan (3:23)
Big Leg Woman Gets My Pay (2:46)
You’ve Got Something There (2:48)
I’m A Stranger Here (2:57)
Evil Hearted Woman (3:04)

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THE BLUES, PART I: Legends Of The Blues Volume 2; RAUNCHY BUSINESS: Hot Nuts & Lollypops; The Beauty Of The Blues; PREACHIN’ THE GOSPEL: Holy Blues; GOOD TIME BLUES: Harmonicas Kazoos Washboards & Cow Bells; THE SLIDE GUITAR: Bottles, Knives & Steel (Columbia/Legacy 1990-1991)

Good Time Blues: Harmonicas, Kazoos, Washboards & Cow-Bells (1991)
Preachin’ The Gospel: Holy Blues (1991)
Legends Of The Blues, Volume Two (1991)
The Beauty Of The Blues (1991)
Raunchy Business: Hot Nuts & Lollypops (1991)
The Slide Guitar: Bottles, Knives & Steel (1990)
Start An Old Blues Collection, Whydoncha? (Part I)

While putting together a recent post about a certain heavy rock band, I hit the shelves to research some old blues recordings. As a result, I’ve been wallowing in a ton of pre- and post-WWII blues issued by Columbia/Legacy in 1990 and 1991 (and beyond). Here are six of the twelve 12 discs I had sitting on my shelf (the other six will come tomorrow in Part II). A hefty various artists assortment of the roots of modern blues… and rock ‘n roll, as it turns out. There are a few themed discs, including Raunchy Blues, which specializes in the sexually suggestive double-entendre records of the era (for fans of this blues sub-genre, Potzorbie just posted a dozen racy collections in Readers Links – dated May 1). I could go on about the music and artists on these sets, but… you’re either interested or you’re not. Tomorrow’s post (HERE) features full discs dedicated to Willie Dixon, Leadbelly, Big Bill Broonzy, Josh White, Lonnie Johnson & Blind Boy Fuller. I’m pretty sure there were a few other releases in Columbia’s “Roots ‘N’ Blues” series, but this is what I still had on my shelves. Peruse the track listings below. Click the covers for links to Amazon to purchase these collections pretty cheap.

Good Time BluesGood Time Blues: Harmonicas, Kazoos, Washboards & Cow-Bells
Mississippi Jook Band – Hittin’ The Bottle Stomp (2:39)
Mississippi Jook Band – Skippy Whippy (2:50)
The Memphis Jug Band – Mary Anna Cut Off (3:05)
The Memphis Jug Band – Gator Wobble (2:42)
Son Becky – Mistreated Washboard Blues (2:41)
Charlie Burse & His Memphis Mudcats – Baby You Win (2:51)
Charlie Burse & His Memphis Mudcats – Oil It Up And Go (2:44)
Georgia Browns – Tampa Strut (2:58)
Georgia Cotton Pickers – Diddle-Da-Diddle (3:02)
Georgia Cotton Pickers – She’s Coming Back Some Cold Rainy Day (3:08)
Big Joe & His Washboard Band – If You Take Me Back (2:47)
Big Joe & His Washboard Band – I’m Through With You (2:35)
Big Joe & His Washboard Band – When You Said Goodbye (2:42)
Big Joe & His Washboard Band – I Love You Baby (3:01)
Buddy Moss – Struggle Buggie (2:44)
Buddy Moss – I’m Sittin’ Here Tonight (2:48)
Mississippi Jook Band – Dangerous Woman (2:46)
Mississippi Jook Band – Barbecue Bust (2:42)
Peter Chatman – Diggin’ My Potatoes No.2 (2:53)
Sonny Terry & Jordan Webb – Touch It Up And Go (2:25)
Bernice Edwards – Ninth Street Stomp (3:27)

Preachin' The BluesPreachin’ The Gospel: Holy Blues
Blind Willie Johnson – Mother’s Children Have A Hard Time (3:23)
Blind Willie Johnson – I’m Gonna Run The City Of Refuge (3:25)
Washington Phillips – Denomination Blues – Part 1 (3:11)
Washington Phillips – Denomination Blues- Part 2 (2:41)
Arizona Dranes – God’s Got A Crown (3:00)
Arizona Dranes – He Is My Story (3:15)
Josh White – Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dying Bed (3:06)
Josh White – While The Blood Runs Warm In Your Veins (3:05)
Elder Charlie Beck – Drinking Shine (3:12)
Reverend Gary Davis – Lord, I Wish I Could See (3:06)
Jessie May Hill – Untitled (2:51)
Jessie May Hill – Sunshine In The Shadows (2:48)
Washington Phillips – You Can’t Stop A Tattler – Part 1 (2:54)
Washington Phillips – You Can’t Stop A Tattler – Part 2 (2:49)
Rev. Johnny Blakey – King Of Kings (3:17)
Rev. Johnny Blakey – Jesus Was Here On Business (3:09)
The Blue Chips – Crying Holy Unto The Lord (2:49)
The Blue Chips – Stay On The Right Side Of The Road (2:45)
Sister O.M. Terrell – The Bible’s Right (2:51)
Sister O.M. Terrell – I’m Going To That City (2:51)

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DELBERT & GLEN Blind, Crippled & Crazy (2013) – The Great Delbert McClinton…

51F9coH-DgL._SY300_Blind, Crippled & Crazy (2013)
40 Years After

Texas roadhouse blues doesn’t get any better than the 50 year career of the great Delbert McClinton. Though already a bar band vet before he ever entered a recording studio, McClinton, along with Glen Clark, helped outline the blueprints of the genre with their debut LPs in 1972/73, Delbert & Glen and Subject to Change. Both are worthy of your time and attention, if you can find them. Fast cut to over four decades later, and Delbert and Glen have re-teamed for another go with 2013′s Blind, Crippled & Crazy. And, what’s truly amazing is they haven’t lost a step, picking up exactly where they left off in the 70s with an LP that wallows in the glory of their classic mix of soulful, honky tonkin’, rockin’, country, R&B, roadhouse blues. Bar band originals, save for one outsider track, “More And More, Less And Less,” which sounds like a re-write of Dylan’s “Things Have Changed.” The streaming player will give you the skinny, and we’ll point you to one other brilliant Delbert McClinton solo release in the archives, the outstanding Genuine Cowhide (HERE, with one of the 70s best album covers. Remember album covers?). Find Blind, Crippled & Crazy at Amazon, HERE.

Been Around A Long Time (3:34)
Whoever Said It Was Easy (2:52)
Oughta Know (3:06)
World Of Hurt (3:41)
More And More, Less And Less (2:52)
Just When I Need You The Most (3:17)
Somebody To Love You (4:08)
Sure Feels Good (4:22)
Tell My Mama (3:11)
Peace In The Valley (2:48)
Good As I Feel Today (3:07)
If I Could Be Your Lover (2:43)

TROUBLE FUNK Droppin’ Bombs – The Definitive Trouble Funk (1999)

FrontDroppin’ Bombs
The Definitive Trouble Funk
Long Gone Go Go

A solid 2CD anthology from the kings of Washington, DC’s 80s Go Go scene, Trouble Funk. For those not familiar, Go Go was a home-schooled black movement, born in a black town and run locally by black artists and managers. The pre-rap sub-genre never caught on nationally since neither rock radio or MTV were playing any black music (except for, after much hand-wringing, “Billie Jean”). Not that it would have had much chance of survival, anyway. The format was massively percussive, anchored by horn sections, with call-and-response vocal interaction largely substituting for the melodies. Live, the stuff was like a marathon, with beats and rhythms often lasting up to an hour without a break. The locals lived it and loved it, but the music didn’t translate well to vinyl, or outside D.C., for that matter. This two-disc comp is Trouble Funk’s best, but for a broader view, visit the archives for a few of our other Go Go posts, the essential 1985 various artist compilation, Go Go Crankin’ (HERE), with Trouble Funk, Chuck Brown And The Soul Searchers, Redds And The Boys, Experience Unlimited, Slim and Mass Extension and the equally essential Trouble Funk Live (HERE), from 1981. For Henry Rollins’ white boy take on Go Go, check out Wartime’s Fast Food For Thought (HERE). Get Droppin’ Bombs – The Definitive Trouble Funk at Amazon, HERE.

Don’t Touch That Stereo (5:58)
Pump Me Up (6:35)
Drop The Bomb (5:58)
Don’t Try To Use Me (6:15)
Trouble Funk Express (6:42)
Hey Fellas (7:14)
Supergrit (10:13)
So Early In The Morning (7:05)
Freaky Situation (4:01)
Let’s Get Small (5:35)
Say What (5:15)
E Flat Boogie (8:50)
Still Smokin’ (5:10)
Good To Go (8:07)
I’m Chillin’ (feat. Kurtis Blow) (12″ Club Remix) (5:53)

BIG MAMA THORNTON Hound Dog – The Peacock Recordings (1992)

Hound Dog The Peacock Recordings (1992)
Greasy Blues And R&B

Unless you’re the hardcore type, this collection of Big Mama Thornton’s work from the 50s might be all you’ll need. Elvis Presley may have introduced her name to the white people of the world, but “Hound Dog” – a contested Leiber & Stoller tune – was no obscure curio. It spent seven weeks atop Billboard’s R&B charts in 1953, proving that Thornton was making a name for herself years before Presley’s re-make took the country by storm. It’s funny now to realize that Elvis, the game-changer that made middle America so nervous, was tamed compared to what was happening in Thornton’s world of R&B. Who thought twice about what Elvis was singing about on “Hound Dog?” Thornton’s rendition, however, is totally about sex… so you didn’t see her on Sullivan, even from the waist up. For all the shit thrown at the likes of Pat Boone for the wholesale white-washing of black music, Elvis was doing pretty much the same thing. Just better. I’ve personally still never heard a singular BMT album, but this collection of material from 1951-1957 is a good place to start for anyone interested. Johnny Otis is here, too. Under $3 @ Amazon, HERE.

Hound Dog (2:52)
My Man Called Me (2:41)
I Smell A Rat (1:46)
They Call Me Big Mama (2:05)
You Don’t Move Me No More (2:44)
Let Your Tears Fall Baby (2:46)
Rock-A-Bye Baby (2:38)
Yes, Baby (2:53)
How Come (2:34)
Nightmare (2:54)
Stop A-Hoppin‘ On Me (2:29)
Just Like A Dog (2:49)
Walking Blues (3:01)
The Big Change (2:46)
Hard Times (2:13)
Laugh, Laugh, Laugh (2:45)
The Fish (2:43)
I’ve Searched The Whole World Over (2:39)


THE TEMPTATIONS The Temps In The Motown Studios (1965-1972)

The Temps In The Motown Studios (1965-72)
A Cappella Temps

Maybe it’s not as classic as our Beach Boys Pet Sounds a cappella post (HERE), but it’s cool, nonetheless. 15 original performances from 1965 to 1972, stripped of all instrumentation, leaving only the vocal mastery of The Temptations. There’s the occasional can leakage and some primitive technique, but overall it’s a pretty clean vocals-only album that just might hit the spot. Unreleased rip from the Get Ready DVD, HERE. We’ve got more Temps in the archives, including a great 2CD comp, Psychedelic Soul (HERE), and two classics, Puzzle People and Psychedelic Shack (HERE).

Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone
Just My Imagination (Running Away With Me)
Ball Of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today)
Cloud Nine
I Can’t Get Next To You
Runaway Child, Running Wild
I Wish It Would Rain
(I Know) I’m Losing You
Ain’t Too Proud To Beg
You’re My Everything
Get Ready
My Girl
Don’t Look Back
My Baby
The Way You Do The Things You Do

30 ROCK: Original Television Soundtrack (2010)

Front30 Rock: Original Television Soundtrack – Collector’s Edition (2010)
Short, Smart & Saavy

This surely won’t appeal to many readers here, but I’m a big fan of Jeff Richmond’s soundtrack cues for the NBC/Tina Fey vehicle, 30 Rock. The 15 second theme song, by itself, has always mystified me, with its speed-walking bass line, rolling circular drums and early 60s-styled jazz-scat vocals (hear it below). It’s delivered at such a rapid fire pace, it’s hard to distinguish the musicians at work. The rest of the music Richmond concocts for the show is subtly devious in its own way, often leaning to lounge jazz, with some scattered tongue-in-cheek vocals, oddball passages and not nearly enough of those complex vocal scats. The second disc of this 2CD “Collector’s Edition” release (which all fits on one disc, by the way) is comprised of episode-specific numbers sung by the show’s stars. Personally, this doesn’t interest me as much as Richmond’s instrumental work, but fans of the show who know the storylines, and how these tunes fit into the plots, will appreciate more than I (like the comically needy Jane Krakowski as the voice of the network’s new sports show, “Tennis Night”). Hear some below. Find it at Amazon, HERE.

Page Off Intro/Theme From 30 Rock/Kenneth Chokes (0:51)
Carol (2:17)
Frenchy/Slummin’ It/Donald (2:36)
Restaurant (Giancarlo Vulcano)/ Snowy Night/Light Of Day (3:18)
Jack In Four/Cha Cha/Cleveland (Performed by Jason Sudeikis & Tina Fey)/Grizz & Liz (4:32)
My Funny Valentine (Richard Rodgers/Lorenz Hart) (1:19)
Boys In Gayland/Halloween/Chicken Killer/Jack Attack (3:11)
Meet Donny/Spanx/Dirty 30′s/Liz Taylor (3:26)
Mr. Templeton (Performed by Michael Bublé)/Burnt (2:13)
Sunset Rounds (2:28)
Lizzie’s Blues/Sad Clown (2:35)
Claire/Handkiss/The Getaway (2:40)
Colleen/Dumb Moon/Headlights (1:48)
Dad/Pieces of Wood (2:02)
Ave Maria As Played By Kathy Geiss At The Cryogenic Freezing Of Her Father/Blind Love (2:52)
Midnight Train To Georgia (Performed by The Cast) (2:16)
30 Rock (Long Play Version)/The Bitenuker (3:25)
Make A Pizza (Performed by Jane Krakowski) (0:27)
That’s Her (Performed by Katreese Barnes & Kyle Gordon) (0:37)
Muffin Top (Performed by Jane Krakowski) (1:58)
Werewolf Bar Mitzvah (Performed by Tracy Morgan & Donald Glover) (2:53)
Simple Things (Performed by Alec Baldwin & Jeff Richmond) (0:17)
Tennis Night (Performed by Jane Krakowski) (1:03)
Danny Boy (Performed by Cheyenne Jackson) (0:21)
The Christmas Waltz (Performed by Jane Krakowski & Cheyenne Jackson) (2:15)
The Christmas Song (Performed by Jane Krakowski, Elaine Stritch & Alec Baldwin) (2:17)
The America Song And The Mob (Performed by Jane Krakowski) (1:18)
I Will Always Love You (Performed by Tracy Morgan & Jack McBrayer) (0:53)
All My Nights I’ve Been Waiting [Liz Lemon’s Theme] (Performed by Tina Fey & Christopher Cross) (4:24)
Don’t Go To Bed With A Frown (Performed by Anita Gillette, Jan Hooks, Patti LuPone & The Cast) (0:27)
What Do You Say To Cleveland (The Demo Of The Unused Cleveland Song, By Jeff Richmond) (1:08)

DIRTY THREE Horse Stories (1996) – Bad Seed Violinist Warren Ellis & Friends

FrontHorse Stories (1996)
Raw Longing

I was never a Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds fan. Nothing against them, I just happened to miss the boat on them. And you know how it can be sometimes trying to play catch up with an older catalog from a different time. Maybe one day…. I did, however, become a big fan of Nick Cave’s soundtrack work with Bad Seed violinist, Warren Ellis. You own it to yourself to experience their cinematic collaborations on 2005′s The Proposition (HERE) and, my favorite, 2007′s The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford (HERE). Both are exercises in distant restraint, characterized by ambient, barren instrumentation and fronted by Ellis’ raw, heartbreakingly somber violin work. Those soundtracks led me to Warren Ellis’ not-quite similar, but not-quite dissimilar band, Dirty Three. An apt moniker for a uniquely attuned instrumental trio of violin, guitar and drums that have abandoned any pretense of “presentation” in favor of a “dirty,” improvised approach to… what, I’m not sure. Rock? Indie? Cinemascopic grunge jazz? I can’t tell what it is, but I’m drawn to its longing atmospherics and live-in-the-studio technique. I’ve included a few streaming tracks for you to define it your own way. The group has about a dozen albums to their credit, dating back to 1993, and one is as good as the next. Find it at Amazon, HERE.

1000 Miles (4:41)
Sue’s Last Ride (7:23)
Hope (4:53)
I Remember a Time When Once You Used to Love Me (6:12)
At The Bar (6:39)
Red (3:55)
Warren’s Lament (8:44)
Horse (5:39)
I Knew It Would Come To This (8:35)

THE NECKS Chemist (2006) + Silent Night (1996) & Silverwater (2009) – 6 Tracks, Over 4 Hours

FrontChemist (2006)
Mystical Intoxication

Yet another mesmerizing release from The Necks. I was lucky enough to stumble on this trio’s very first album back in 1989, an import partially financed by the Australian Arts Council, that somehow made it to my local record store’s discount bin – six years before being re-issued in the US by Private Music. That release, Sex, was a minimalist, barely evolving, jazz improv that sounded just like the intro to The Doors’ “Riders Of The Storm”… for an hour. A highly recommended escape (we’ve got it HERE). Since then, The Necks’ career has followed a similar trajectory to their music… changing in infinitesimally small ways, with near-hypnotic precision running throughout their yearly, clockwork releases since 1996 (their U.S. debut). An inexplicably intriguing trio, The Necks are not-quite-jazz, not-quite-minimalist, not-quite-rock, but curiously magnetic regardless of any stylistic labels that might apply, even as the concept – on paper, anyway – seems like it couldn’t be sustained. Most of their LPs feature a single, hour-long excursion, but Chemist must be some concession to commercialism, as they’ve here opted for three, 20-minute jaunts. Listen to the lead-off track, “Fatal” below. As we’ve suggested before with these guys, just hit play and park it in the corner while you surf elsewhere, and let it slowly seep into your subconscious. We’ve got more from The Necks in the archives, including their 1989 debut, Sex and 2003′s Drive By (HERE), as well as two 50 minute sets Live @ Issue Project Room, 2010 (HERE). As a bonus… there’s three more hours of mystic magic below. Find Chemist (HERE), Silent Night (HERE) and Silverwater (HERE) at Amazon.

Fatal (21:10)
Buoyant (19:48)
Abillera (19:51)

Silent Night (2CD Set) (1996)
Silverwater (2009)

Black (1:03:27)
White (53:50)

Silverwater (1:07:15)

LOONEY TUNES A Big Box Of Looney Tunes – Music Scores For 71 Full Length Warner Bros. Cartoons

Big Box Of Looney TunesBig Box Of Looney Tunes (1949-62)
Unofficial Collection Of Music Scores & Effects For 71 Full-Length WB Cartoons

Seven discs… 71 scores… over 8 hours of original music from the creatively untouchable Warner Brothers cartoon factory, dating from 1949 to 1962. Some of the most daring, unpredictable and subversive music ever made. As kids in the 50s/60s, we were all so busy laughing it up over the dumb ducks and bloviating roosters that many of us never stopped to study the musical chaos that was seeping into our psyches via the soundtrack. The genius of court composer Carl Stalling and Warner Brothers’ composer/arranger Milt Franklyn (as well as jazz band leader Raymond Scott and countless others), has been spotlighted in recent decades, most notably via Hal Willer’s two volumes of Looney music, The Carl Stalling Project (HERE, in the archives). I was accidentally ahead of the curve on this stuff as a kid, recording cartoons from my TV set as a teen, and freaking out my parental units with the unexplainable obsession. So consider this unofficial collection – boasting 71 complete cartoon scores – my long-lusted-after holy grail. These “music-only” and “music & effects-only” scores are culled from the highly recommended Looney Tunes Golden Collection, a 24-DVD box set with 375 cartoons and countless bonus features, including these priceless stand-alone soundtracks… for all those that want – no, need – their cartoon music undiluted. Amazingly, there are only about a half-dozen duplicates to be found from Willner’s Stalling CDs, as the famed producer was prone to editing, paring, cherry-picking and re-imagining Warner’s scores for introduction purposes. This set, on the other hand, is the straight-up, unedited stuff. Many begin and end with the familiar Merry Melodies theme song, but many don’t… while some scores feature orchestral count-offs that lend a ‘you are there’ feel to these largely, live-in-the-studio recordings. You’ll hear a few patches of silence on occasion, but that’s actually pretty rare. I could go on for hours about this stuff (and already have on previous posts), but I think I can guarantee that Frank Zappa’s developing brain was partly rewired by Stalling’s colorful vibes arrangements heard throughout this material. There are two streaming tracks below… “Rabbit Seasoning,” a music & effects example, and one of the numerous ‘duck season – rabbit season – duck season’ plots in the WB catalog. While “Jumpin’ Jupiter” is a music-only, space-themed toon that incorporates Raymond Scott’s immediately recognizable “Powerhouse” into the arrangement. We’ve got more Scott – along with a disc of Tex Avery cartoon music – in the archives, HERE. Get the essential 24-DVD box set for yourself at Amazon, HERE.

The Windblown Hare (7:09)
What’s Up, Doc? (7:14)
The Scarlet Pumpernickel (7:04)
Hillbilly Hare (7:24)
Drip-Along Daffy (7:18)
Rabbit Fire (7:30)
Putty Tat Trouble (6:13)
Bunny Hugged (7:11)
A Bear For Punishment (7:11)
Tweet Tweet Tweety (6:59)
Rabbit Seasoning (6:47)
Rabbit’s Kin (6:52)
Feed The Kitty (7:21)
A Bird In A Guilty Cage (7:01)
Operation: Rabbit (7:17)
The Super Snooper (7:09)
The Turn-Tale Wolf (6:58)
Duck Amuck (6:58)
Duck! Rabbit, Duck! (6:49)
Southern Fried Rabbit (6:44)
Cat-Tails For Two (6:39)
A Peck O’ Trouble (6:41)
Punch Trunk (7:00)
Baby Buggy Bunny (7:05)
Claws For Alarm (6:48)
Bewitched Bunny (6:57)
Guided Muscle (6:39)
Speedy Gonzales (6:42)
Hyde And Hare (6:50)
One Froggy Evening (6:46)
Knight-Mare Hare (7:30)
Sahara Hare (7:05)
Red Riding Hoodwinked (6:55)
Jumpin’ Jupiter (7:00)
Rabbit Rampage (6:54)
The Hole Idea (6:49)
There They Go-Go-Go (6:36)
The Unexpected Pest (6:32)
Broomstick Bunny (7:08)
Gee-Whiz-z-z (6:33)
Wideo Wabbit (7:01)
The Honey-Mousers (6:55)
Rocket Squad (6:35)
Barbary-Coast Bunny (6:49)
To Hare Is Human (7:02)
Stupor Duck (6:39)
Raw Raw Rooster (6:45)
Yankee Dood It (7:46)
Zoom And Bored (6:02)
The Three Little Bops (6:41)
Scrambled Aches (6:51)
What’s Opera, Doc? (6:52)
Birds Anonymous (6:53)
Gonzales’ Tamales (6:20)
Rabbit Romeo (6:53)
Tabasco Road (6:31)
Go Fly A Kit (6:57)
Ali Baba Bunny (6:55)
Tweety And The Beanstalk (6:43)
Boyhood Daze (7:21)
Cat Feud (5:50)
Robin Hood Daffy (6:35)
Baton Bunny (4:55)
Broken Leghorn (6:18)
Mexicale Shmoes (6:45)
West Of The Pesos (6:18)
Goldimouse And The Three Cats (6:24)
Wild Wild World (6:08)
The Last Hungry Cat (7:03)
The Abominable Snow Rabbit (6:05)
Martian Through Georgia (6:32)
Alternate Opening Themes (Merrily We Roll Along) (4:27)

MOJO Presents… Heavy Nuggets III (2014)

FrontHeavy Nuggets III (July 2014)
The latest free CD from the July, 2014 issue of MOJO is loosely tied to the magazine’s promotion of their Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page interview, parodying the cover of LZ-III. It’s a righteously heavy collection that’s better than it looks on paper, largely because the material isn’t typical MOJO fare. This is the mag’s third “Heavy Nuggets” collection, which means you can find the first, from December, 2007 (HERE) and Vol. 2, from June, 2013 (HERE) in the archives… along with all 147 MOJO‘s HERE. See the complete list of MOJO CDs, HERE.

ATOMIC ROOSTER Sleeping For Years (5:25)
BANG Keep On (3:37)
FREEDOM Going Down (4:43)
PENTAGRAM Little Games (2:54)
JOSEFUS Situation (1:53)
MORGEN Welcome To The Void (4:45)
ROG & PIP Why Won’t You Do What I Want (2:44)
MORLY GREY Peace Officer (5:45)
CAIN Born Of The Wind (3:10)
BULLET The Orchestrator (3:22)
AIR Twelve O’Clock Satanial (3:21)
CROW Evil Woman (3:09)
HEAVY JELLY Bio Blues (5:03)
ANCIENT GREASE Freedom Train (4:01)
MEDUSA Transient Amplitude (9:18)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Lynne Me Your Ears – A Tribute To The Music Of Jeff Lynne (2001)

Lynne Me Your Ears – A Tribute To The Music Of Jeff Lynne (2001)
Assorted Popsters Bow To Their Sales Mecca

A good collection featuring a few revered posters, a couple of actual stars and a buttload of Jeff Lynne’s pop classics and re-writes. The overall feel of this 2CD set is amazingly consistent, which is a feat in itself, as a majority of these artists take a faithfully reverent swing at highlights in Lynne’s catalog. And, since modern keyboards can mimic The Move’s and EL’s Orchestra these days, many of these offerings take advantage and end up sounding, in a way, like alternate ELOs. So much so, that when a left field rendition saunters by – like Carl Wayne’s countrified version of “Steppin’ Out” – it’s more of a sore thumb than the inspired reading it might be in another context. When it comes to covers… some folks balk at note-by-note tributes, as they’d just as soon listen to the original again. While others are just as suspicious of all out reinvention, which can remove everything you liked about the tune in the first place. Lynne Me Your Ears falls in the former’s camp, but that group mind-think is one of the album’s strengths. Plenty of little treasures can be found here, like Bill Lloyd’s gorgeous “When Time Stood Still” and The dB’s Peter Hosapple’s take on “No Time.” Unlike most tributes, however, this one is highly sought at Amazon, HERE.

BOBBY SUTLIFF & MITCH EASTER 10538 Overture (4:36)
EARL SLICK Ma Ma Belle (4:06)
JEFFERY FOSKETT Telephone Line (4:50)
BEN LEE Sweet Is The Night (3:29)
PAT BUCHANAN (Lynne Me Your Ears Rockaria! (3:50)
MICHAEL CARPENTER Every Little Thing (3:53)
RICHARD BARONE Showdown (4:27)
JAMIE HOOVER Handle With Care (3:25)
MARK HELM Strange Magic (3:54)
ROSS RICE Evil Woman (4:52)
CARL WAYNE Steppin’ Out (4:27)
SWAG Don’t Bring Me Down (3:13)
DOUG POWELL Can’t Get It Out Of My Head (4:58)
THE SHAZAM Twilight (3:11)
TONY DISCONTI Mr Blue Sky (5:03)
THE HEAVY BLINKERS You Took My Breath Away (3:08)
THE BALLS OF FRANCE Message From The Country (4:28)
FERENZIK The Minister (4:43)
BILL LLOYD When Time Stood Still (3:28)
SPARKLE JETS UK Above The Clouds (4:00)
JEREMY Morning Sunshine (2:19)
RICK ALTIZER Boy Blue (3:45)
PFR Livin’ Thing (3:57)
TODD RUNDGREN Bluebird Is Dead (5:07)
ROGER KLUG Turn To Stone (5:11)
FLEMING AND JOHN Eldorado (6:42)

ISAAC HAYES Hot Buttered Soul (1969) – 40th Anniversary Edition

Hot Buttered Soul (YEAR)
40th Anniversary Of An Influential Soul Classic

Here’s an uploaded post with no text to go along with it. The 40th Anniversary Edition of Hot Buttered Soul, though… the bonus tracks are skimpy – two single/radio edits. But the LP, a slow, cinematic re-envisioning of the possibilities of soul music – with a 12m “Walk On By” an 18m “By The Time I Get To Phoenix” – is a unique beast. The amazing Bar-Kays provide the background for Hayes’ expanded workouts. AMG gives it 5 stars. Cheap at Amazon, HERE.

Walk On By (12:01)
Hyperbolicsyllablecsesquedalymistic (9:37)
One Woman (5:10)
By The Time I Get To Phoenix (18:41)
Walk On By (Single Edit) (4:26) – Bonus Track
By The Time I Get To Phoenix (Single Edit) (6:46) – Bonus Track

10CC Bonus Tracks & Rarities – 54 Tracks, 4 Hours ALSO: Rare US 45 of “The Wall Street Shuffle” UPDATED w/ 5 More Mixes

10cc Bonus Tracks & RaritiesBonus Tracks & Rarities (2014)
Fifty Nine From 10

UPDATED! Thanks to George The Penguin for providing most of these rarities and kick starting this new addition to our ongoing Bonus Tracks & Rarities series. And thanks also to furrball for a handful of extras. There’s not much in the way of “alternate” mixes or unfinished ideas among 10cc’s bonus tracks, as the band routinely paired their 45 releases with non-LP tracks, so this set – nearly 4 hours – is made up largely of those radio edited singles and long-lost b-sides – playing pretty much like an A’s & B’s collection. Worth noting is that two of the band’s albums (Ten Out Of 10 and Mirror Mirror) featured radically altered editions for the US and UK markets. In the case of 1981′s Ten Out Of 10, the variant was a result of producer Andrew Gold being brought onboard to help “Americanize” the LP for nervous US record execs. So, some of the bonuses are bonuses depending on which side of the pond you were on. Perhaps most interesting about this set is its consistency and high calibre offerings. Even after losing Godley & Creme in 1983 (who briefly came back for 1992′s … Meanwhile), 10cc routinely displayed top-notch quality, even as longtime fans were busy looking elsewhere for their pop fixes. We’ve included a couple of rarities from the Tenology box set, some single edits from The Complete UK Recordings and three sub-standard mixes from a 2006 collection entitled When The Chips Are Down, that are so bizarre it’s hard to believe they’re supposed to sound the way they do. NOTE: If you’ve previously gotten this set, we’ve got a new link for the 5 added Single Edits (you’ll have to deal with renumbering them). If you’re new here, or you just want to get it all again, the new stuff is already mixed in to the main d/l’s (except for the vinyl 45 below). We’ve got more 10cc in the archives, including the pre-cc, HOTLEGS Thinks: School Stinks and You Didn’t Like It Because You Didn’t Think Of It – The Complete Sessions 1970-1971 (HERE, also courtesy of George The Penguin), as well as 10cc’s Windows In The Jungle & the unreleased Live In Santa Monica, 1975 (both HERE), a rare, promo-only release, The Best Of 10cc Live (HERE), GRAHAM GOULDMAN‘s The Graham Gouldman Thing (HERE) & latest, Love And Work (HERE) and GODLEY & CREME‘s Consequences, L, Freeze Frame, Ismism, Birds Of Prey, The History Mix Vol. 1, Snack Attack EP & Goodbye Blue Sky (all HERE). Go below for 18 more Bonus Track collections.

Johnny Don’t Do It (Single Version) (3:56) - 10cc, 1972
4% Of Something (B-Side to Johnny Don’t Do It) (4:00) - 10cc, 1972
Donna (Single Version) (3:00) - 10cc, 1972
Hot Sun Rock (B-Side to Donna) (2:59) - 10cc, 1972
Rubber Bullets (Single Version) (4:08) - 10cc, 1973
Waterfall (B-Side to Rubber Bullets) (3:39) - 10cc, 1973
The Dean And I (Single Version) (2:53) - 10cc, 1973
Bee In My Bonnet (B-Side to The Dean And I) (2:02) - 10cc, 1973
The Wall Street Shuffle (Single Mix) (3:44) - 10cc, 1974
Gismo My Way (B-Side to The Wall Street Shuffle) (3:42) - Sheet Music, 1974
The Worst Band In The World (Radio Version) (2:49) - Sheet Music, 1974
18 Carat Man Of Means (B-Side to The Worst Band In The World) (3:28) - Sheet Music, 1974
Life Is A Ministrone (Single Edit) (4:01) - The Original Soundtrack, 1975
Channel Swimmer (B-Side to Life Is A Ministrone) (2:49) - The Original Soundtrack, 1975
I’m Not in Love (Single Edit) (3:44) - The Original Soundtrack, 1975
Good News (B-Side to I’m Not In Love) (3:46) - The Original Soundtrack, 1975
Art For Art’s Sake (Single Edit) (4:12) - How Dare You!, 1976
Get It While You Can (B-Side to Art For Art’s Sake) (2:53) - How Dare You!, 1976
I’m Mandy Fly Me (Single Edit) (4:41) - How Dare You!, 1976
Hot To Trot (B-Side to The Things We Do For Love) (4:27) - Deceptive Bends, 1977
Don’t Squeeze Me Like Toothpaste (B-Side to Good Morning Judge) (3:41) - Deceptive Bends, 1977
I’m So Laid Back, I’m Laid Out (B-Side to People In Love) (3:45) - Deceptive Bends, 1977

Dreadlock Holiday (Long Version) (5:01) - Bloody Tourists, 1978
Nothing Can Move Me (B-Side to Dreadlock Holiday) (4:03) - Bloody Tourists, 1978
For You And I (DJ Edit) (3:52) - Bloody Tourists, 1978
One-Two-Five (Single Edit) (4:06) - Look Hear?, 1980
Only Child (3:14) - Look Hear?, 1980
The Power Of Love (4:15) - Ten Out Of 10, 1981
Memories (US Mix) (4:29) - Ten Out Of 10, 1981
We’ve Heard It All Before (3:37) - Ten Out Of 10, 1981
Tomorrow’s World Today (3:16) - Ten Out Of 10, 1981
Runaway (4:05) - Ten Out Of 10, 1981
Les Nouveaux Riches (Single Mix) (4:38) - Ten Out Of 10, 1981
You’re Coming Home Again (4:29) - Ten Out Of 10, 1981
24 Hours (Radio Edit) (4:26) - Windows In The Jungle, 1983
Dreadlock Holiday (Live) (B-Side to 10″ of 24 Hours) (5:00) - Windows In The Jungle, 1983
I’m Not In Love (Live) (B-Side to 10″ of 24 Hours) (6:38) - Windows In The Jungle, 1983
Feel The Love (Oomachasaooma) (Radio Edit) (3:48) - Windows In The Jungle, 1983
She Gives Me Pain (B-Side to Feel The Love) (2:16) - Windows In The Jungle, 1983
Food For Thought (Radio Edit) (3:24) - Windows In The Jungle, 1983
The Secret Life Of Henry (B-Side to Food For Thought) (6:10) - Windows In The Jungle, 1983

Man With A Mission (B-Side to Woman In Love) (5:56) - …Meanwhile, 1992
Don’t (B-Side to Welcome To Paradise) (3:49) - …Meanwhile, 1992
Lost In Love (B-Side to Woman In Love) (4:58) - …Meanwhile, 1992
Welcome To Paradise (7″ Edit) (4:05) - …Meanwhile, 1992
Woman In Love (Radio Edit) (4:02) - …Meanwhile, 1992
Woman In Love (DJ Edit) (4:21) - …Meanwhile, 1992
I’m Not In Love (Rework Of Art Mix) (5:53) - Mirror Mirror, 1995
Yvonne’s The One (4:27) - Mirror Mirror, 1995
Margo Wants The Mustard (3:55) - Mirror Mirror, 1995
Blue Bird (4:05) - Mirror Mirror, 1995
Now You’re Gone (3:02) - Mirror Mirror, 1995
I’m Not In Love (Acoustic Session ’95) (3:32) - Mirror Mirror, 1995
The Dean And I (When The Chips Are Down Mix) (3:12) - When The Chips Are Down, 2006
The Wall Street Shuffle (Eminent Mix) (3:55) - When The Chips Are Down, 2006
Headline Hustler (3:24) SBB featuring 10cc - When The Chips Are Down, 2006
The Worst Band In The World (Lyric Two) (2:51) - The Complete UK Singles, 1974
The Recording Of ‘The Dean And I’ (1973) (7:39) - Tenology, 1973
People In Love (The Voodoo Boogie) (1976) (3:38) - Tenology, 1976

BONUS Bonus:
10cc 45“The Wall Street Shuffle” (US 45 Version) (1974)
So Sue Me

Thanks to furrball for pointing out that the US 45 version of 10cc’s “The Wall Street Shuffle” has a unique lyric variation that never made its way onto any CD, or any other vinyl 45 around the world, for that matter. When Howard Hughes’ name is evoked, the familiar lyric is, “Are you waiting for the hour when you can screw me?” But, for reasons not available online, the US 45 finds vocalist Eric Stewart singing, “Are you waiting for the hour when you can sue me?” It would appear someone was making a point about something, or maybe some masters just got mixed up at the plant. My guess is that 10cc’s label didn’t want any issues with American radio over the word “screw.” As it happens, I used to collect 10cc B-sides and still have this one, so you now get a primitive vinyl rip of it (which also happens to be about 20 seconds shorter than the LP version). Hear it below, along with the standard version for comparison purposes. BTW: Before any of you real fanatics say anything, I altered the color of the 45′s label slightly just to make it readable. Thanks furrball.

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HOWLIN’ WOLF Moanin’ In The Moonlight – The Definitive Remastered Edition (2012)

FrontMoanin’ In The Moonlight – The Definitive Remastered Edition (2012)

I’m not sure what the story is on this release. It’s billed as “The Definitive Remastered Edition” of Howlin’ Wolf’s second essential Chess LP, Moanin’ In The Moonlight… with 15 bonus tracks. But, this 2012 issue isn’t commercially available in some of the normal outlets, and information about it seems to be scarce. Further, the bonus tracks aren’t actually from the Moanin’ In The Moonlight sessions, though… “sessions” is a loose term when it comes to Chess recordings, as many of these tracks are simply “singles sessions” that were gathered together to form LPs. So it would appear that this collection is just a shrewd marketing ploy (by a Euro label, Soul Jam) to gather together a “new” single disc collection of Wolf’s material… one that has already been covered by other comps and box sets, like the Complete Chess Masters 1951-1960, for instance (linked below). The first 12 tracks are Moanin’ In The Moonlight, while the rest is just as good, regardless of how they fit in. Since the price was right (wink), I bought in (figuratively speaking)… even though I already have all this elsewhere. You may not be as fanatical, though, and a single disc set might be right up your alley – seeing as every serious record collection on earth should have these sides sitting next to your favorite early British blues heroes. Since I’ve got it, you’ve got it now, too. Besides, this provides a good opportunity to point you to the archives for the Wolf lurking within; Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog – Chess Collectibles, Vol. 2 (HERE) Complete Chess Masters 1951-1960 (HERE), Live In Europe 1964 (HERE), Memphis Days, Vols. 1 & 2 (HERE), The Howlin’ Wolf Album (1969, HERE) and The Chess Box (HERE).

Moanin’ At Midnight (2:56)
How Many More Years (2:40)
Smokestack Lightnin’ (3:06)
Baby, How Long (2:52)
No Place To Go (You Gonna Break My Life) (2:53)
All Night Boogie (2:12)
Evil (Is Goin’ On) (2:53)
I’m Leavin’ You (2:57)
Moanin’ For My Baby (2:47)
I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) (2:49)
Forty-Four (2:47)
Somebody In My Home (2:24)
Bonus Tracks
Wang-Dang-Doodle (2:22)
Spoonful (2:43)
Howlin’ For My Darling (2:31)
Mr. Airplane Man (2:43)
Howlin’ Wolf Boogie (2:37)
Mr. Highway Man (2:46)
Oh Red (2:35)
Rockin’ Daddy (3:01)
So Glad (2:07)
Nature (2:45)
Who Will Be Next (2:32)
Going Back Home (2:39)
I’ll Be Around (3:11)
Sittin’ On Top Of The World (2:31)
Come To Me Baby (2:26)

THE MISTAKES The Mistakes (1995) w/ Mike Keneally, Henry Kaiser, Andy West & Prairie Prince

FrontThe Mistakes (1995)
Lighting In A Bottle

An all-time favorite. A one-album collaboration by the great Mike Keneally (one of the few to artistically transcend his years with Frank Zappa), improvisational guitarist extraordinaire, Henry Kaiser (we have an entire site dedicated to Kaiser, which should tell you what we think about him), Andy West (The Dixie Dregs) and Prairie Prince (The Tubes). A unique gathering, to say the least, but the result of this union is a marvel. Keneally dominates, with his own brand of high-energy, off-kilter pop. Melodic, darting, animated and prone to unexpected shifts in time and temperament. Keneally’s work has always warranted deep study from fans who adore his hyperactive approach, colliding stylistic fearlessness and compositional freedom. Add to this… the blistering improvisational guitar work of Henry Kaiser – and a Sherwin-Williams catalog of colors he brings to any clambake, and you wind up with an explosion of ideas paired with bright, flaming fireworks to help bring it all to life. Personally, I love every moment of this LP, but then… I’ve lived with it for a long time, enjoying the little in-jokes, the nods to Captain Beefheart (a Kaiser obsession), Andy West’s under-appreciated bass chops, and the very subtle Zappa-esque compositional improv that has rubbed off on Keneally. Not to mention the overall audacity of it all. Maybe it’s just my familiarity, but I find it catchy beyond belief, with lively experimental guitar forays and enough twists and turns to make repeated listens not only rewarding, but mandatory to fully appreciate its depth. Don’t resort to any quick, instant gratification judgements, and you might just discover a record worthy of your time. We’ve got more from Mike Keneally, including Dancing (+ the Dancing With Myself live bonus disc), Wooden Smoke (+ the Wooden Smoke Asleep alt mixes bonus disc) and Piano Reductions Vol. 1 (all HERE)… and more Henry Kaiser than we can even list, HERE. Find The Mistakes at Amazon, HERE.

Put The Bass In The Middle Of My Head (5:05)
Aye-Aye Monster (6:15)
Haiku Andy (0:31)
Island Of Lost Luggage (4:42)
Nests (1:58)
Career Politicians (7:55)
Haiku Henry (0:43)
Ennui (Prelude) (1:30)
Transmogrification Of Chili (Ennui) (3:02)
Warm Papaya (3:59)
Shoko (0:44)
Waiting On Williams (8:24)
Hai Kuneally (0:40)
Hot Cakes Or Abbatoir? (2:40)
A Plethora Of Piñatas (1:04)
Assembly Language (4:31)
Sirenita The Greek (2:32)
Baby Blues (7:04)
Prince Poem (0:42)
The Mistakes Vs. Dropped D (9:27)