STEPHEN STILLS & MANASSAS MusikLaden Live (1972) – Hear & Watch The Entire Show

MusikLaden Live (1972)
Excellent Soundstage Performance

FIRST POSTED IN 2007 In 1972, with an already embarrassingly rich resume (Buffalo Springfield, Super Session (HERE), CSN&Y), Stephen Stills’ finest hour was still to come. Along with ex-Byrd/Burrito Chris Hillman, Stills co-founded Manassas and issued a 2LP declaration of independence (HERE, in the archives) that was called “a sprawling masterpiece” by the All Music Guide. Manassas was barely 6 months old when they convened at the film studios of Germany’s Radio Bremen to record this excellent 35+ minute live performance for the TV show, MusikLaden. Released on DVD in 2000 (reportedly, the only visual documentation of the band), this audio version of MusikLaden Live captures Manassas, with no audience, expertly fusing Stills’ musical passions (blues rock, Latin & country) into a distinctively potent blend. Note this set’s suite of songs, beginning with “Song Of Love” and running uninterrupted through to “Jet Set (Sigh).” Instead of concluding the run as originally recorded on the LP (with “Anyway”), Stills throws the band a live curve ball (you can actually see and hear the momentary confusion at the 20:45 mark) and, in front of the rolling cameras, kicks off an extended jam instead (at 22:00). The DVD is worth owning just to see Stills’ short-lived Manassas in performance mode, something most of us never got the opportunity to experience. Find the DVD at Amazon, HERE. Watch the entire show, below. MP3′s in comments.

Bound To Fall
It Doesn’t Matter

Hide It So Deep

Song Of Love

Rock & Roll Crazies/Cuban Bluegrass/Jet Set (Sigh)/Jam

The Treasure


THE WHO “Be Lucky” – First New Who In 8 Years

Produced by Dave Eringa (Manic Street Preachers, Wilko Johnson, Roger Daltry). To be included in the 2014 best-of, The Who Hits 50, 1CD (HERE) and 2CD (HERE) versions are at Amazon, October 27th. MP3 (made from above video) HERE.

STEVE FERGUSON & THE MIDWEST CREOLE ENSEMBLE Jack Salmon & Derby Sauce (1992), Mama U-Seapa (1996), Mo Ho Criollo: Live At Air Devils Inn (1999) + Morning Prayer (w/ Richard Mattingly 2001) – 4 From NRBQ’s Original Guitarist & Co-Founder

Jack Salmon & Derby Sauce (1992)
Mama U-Seapa (1996)
Mo Ho Criollo: Live At Air Devils Inn (1998)
The Evolution Of NRBQ’s Guitarist And Co-Founder

Absolutely fascinating array of solo albums from the criminally under-valued Steve Ferguson, guitarist and co-founder of NRBQ. Ferguson left the band he and Terry Adams created after only two albums, 1969′s NRBQ and 1970′s Boppin’ The Blues (HERE, in the archives), and mysteriously went underground, playing in local ensembles and, on occasion, informally with his Q pals. But Ferguson’s profile was enhanced in 1991 as a driving force behind Johnnie B. Bad (in comments, thanks to Steve626), the debut album by Chuck Berry’s piano player, Johnnie Johnson, before releasing his own solo LP, 1992′s Jack Salmon & Derby Sauce – a likable roots/rhythm & creole outing that would have benefitted from a bigger budget and more aggressive production. Ferguson’s follow-up, in 1996, might be his shining hour. Mama-U-Seapa is an infectious, shuffling, stewy gumbo of hoo doo/Cajun rock that emerged fully formed and ready to please. Ferguson and his band, The Midwest Creole Ensemble moved the party to a live setting for Mo Ho Criollo: Live At Air Devils Inn, stretching their creole blues to the 15 minute mark for a small but appreciative crowd. The 4th album in this collection might be Ferguson’s most interesting – a series of mesmerizing acoustic cantles and morning prayers, recorded with Richard Mattingly, that’s about as far removed from his past work as imaginable. Personally, I love the heartfelt and slightly mystical psychedelic acoustic/spoken word ambiance, though others may be roundly turned off by the religiousness of it all, which would be a shame. But… I’m a heathen, so what do I know? Hit the archives for a bunch of NRBQ (HERE and HERE). You can find Jack Salmon & Derby Sauce (HERE) and Mama U-Seapa (HERE) at Amazon.

Our pal Yotte, who runs the outstanding Sun Ra resource, Adventure-Equation (HERE), sent us these great rarities years ago to share with you, which we’re now just getting around to. Unfortunately, just this week, the powers-that-be have put the screws to Adventure-Equation, effectively shutting down one of the web’s most essential and satisfying labors of love.

Hot Walker Blues (4:17)
You Don’t Like Your Monster (6:25)
Soul Waltz (5:53)
Jack Salmon & Derby Sauce (4:35)
Hi Di Ho (4:44)
Okie McDokie (3:59)
We Be Go (4:03)
I Stand Accused (6:03)
You Snooze You Lose (5:49)
Jack Samon & Derby Sauce (tag) (0:45)
Hi Di Ho (Live from Mountain Stage) (9:03)

Fight Like You Talk (5:46)
Shake & Bake (5:10)
Hoo Doo Lovin’ (6:02)
Right String Baby, Wrong Yo-Yo (3:16)
Hey Little Brother (3:12)
Cops & Robbers (7:38)
Coo Cha (2:54)
Lyin’ Cheatin’ Blues (7:11)
You Hung The Moon (4:17)
Pig Latin Love Song (4:06)
Jungle Love (5:59)

Pig Latin Love Song (4:26)
You Can’t Fool Me (9:05)
Lyin’ Cheatin’ Blues (8:41)
Shake & Bake (7:31)
Hotwalker Blues (6:12)
Done Got Used To Doin’ Without (6:03)
Years & Tears (15:20)
Hi Di Ho (14:01)

The Seven Cantles Of Morning Prayer I (7:59)
The Seven Cantles Of Morning Prayer II (6:43)
The Seven Cantles Of Morning Prayer III (2:53)
The Seven Cantles Of Morning Prayer IV (4:19)
The Seven Cantles Of Morning Prayer V (7:33)
The Seven Cantles Of Morning Prayer VI (3:29)
The Seven Cantles Of Morning Prayer VII (4:27)

NRBQ &… CARL PERKINS Boppin’ The Blues (1970), SKEETER DAVIS She Sings, They Play (1985), CAPTAIN LOU ALBANO Lou And The Q (1986) – Plus… 9 More NRBQ Greats

NRBQ_Boppin_the_Blues_With_Carl_Perkins_Columbia_1970_aShe Sings, They PlayLou And The Q
CARL PERKINS & NRBQ Boppin’ The Blues (1970)
SKEETER DAVIS & NRBQ She Sings, They Play (1985)
Three From NRBQ & Friends

Three collaborations from the great NRBQ and some of their pals; legendary rocker Carl Perkins, legendary country singer Skeeter Davis and legendary wrestler-slash-NRBQ “manager,” Captain Lou Albano. The 1970 union with rockabilly great Carl Perkins makes the most sense on paper, as the Q & Carl offer up some early rock ‘n’ roll stylings befitting them both. Only half of the tracks are actual collaborations, however, while the other half are NRBQ-only recordings, which is a good thing, of course, but not exactly what’s advertised. The album with Skeeter Davis is actually the most successful pairing here, as NRBQ falls in behind the country songstress with ease, supporting her with an atypical, but easy-going country style, with a pop/bar band twist. But, long time fans will no doubt be drawn to the big dumb lunacy of the meeting-of-the-minds between NRBQ and Captain Lou Albano – an old school pro-wrestling trash-talker with a penchant for bad jokes, profanity and drunken crowd-rousing… which seems right at home with the Q-boys. In reality, Albano only ‘sings’ on a few numbers (though, barking might be a better description), as he mostly monologues in between tracks with the kind of motor-mouth showmanship you can probably imagine. Still, it’s a fun (mostly live) diversion that finds NRBQ writing the guy a theme song and revisiting their infectious, “Me And The Boys,” from 1980′s Tiddly Winks (below). We’ve got NRBQ’s outstanding Grooves In Orbit, HERE. Find the Q & Skeeter (HERE) and Q & Captain Lou (HERE) at Amazon. Couldn’t find Boppin’ The Blues there, for some reason.

All Mama’s Children (2:02)
Turn Around (3:05)
Tina (1:21) NRBQ ONLY
Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard (1:42) NRBQ ONLY
Sure To Fall (2:20) NRBQ ONLY
Flat Foot Flewzy (4:44) NRBQ ONLY
Sorry Charlie (4:01)
Step Aside (1:18)
Rip It Up (1:54) NRBQ ONLY
Allergic To Love (2:46)
On The Farm (2:35) NRBQ ONLY
Boppin’ The Blues (2:46)
Just Coastin’ (1:35) CARL PERKINS ONLY

Things To You (3:04)
Everybody Wants A Cowboy (2:33)
I Can’t Stop Loving You Now (3:05)
Heart To Heart (2:34)
Ain’t Nice To Talk Like That (2:36)
Everybody’s Clown (1:52)
Someday My Prince Will Come (2:49)
How Many Tears (2:10)
You Don’t Know What You Got Til You Lose It (3:26)
Roses On My Shoulder (2:47)
Temporarily Out Of Order (2:51)
May You Never Be Alone (2:55)

The Captain’s Roll Call (0:29)
Captain Lou (2:33)
Tiddly Winks Radio Ad (1:04)
Me And The Boys (3:30)
La Vie En Rose (1:11)
Lou Interview (3:31)
Boardin’ House Pie (3:01)
Terry And The Raccoon (1:22)
Introductions (1:08)
Want You To Feel Good Too (5:17)
Micheal Row The Boat Ashore (2:46)
It Was A Accident (3:49)
Don’t She Look Good (3:12)
Tiddly Winks TV Spot (1:02)
One Time (0:40)
Hidden Track (0:29)

I’ve got ‘em… you love ‘em… so here they are. Nine more from the world’s greatest bar band. You know where to find them. Click on the covers for links to Amazon’s reissues and hard copies. SCRAPS (1972), WORKSHOP (1973), AT YANKEE STADIUM (1978), KICK ME HARD – THE DELUXE EDITION (1979/1989), TIDDLY WINKS (1978), UNCOMMON DENOMINATORS (1987 Rounder-Era Compilation), WILD WEEKEND (1989), HONEST DOLLAR (1992 Live Compilation), LUDLOW GARAGE 1970 (2006).
ScrapsWorkshopAt Yankee StadiumKick Me HardTiddly WinksUncommon DenominatorsWild WeekendHonest DollarLudlow Garage 1970

Birds With Broken Wings: Musings Of Miles

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 1.01.04 PM
Take this moment to visit and bookmark Birds With Broken Wings (HERE), a favorite blog of ours curated by Miles Mellough who, after 7 years, is calling it a day. Miles and I both began blogging at roughly the same time back in 2007, and I immediately gravitated to his unique approach to sharing. Over the years, Birds With Broken Wings would rarely posts albums… any two-bit blog can do that (ahem). Instead, Miles would dig deep into a given artist’s catalog to present a creatively constructed and thoughtfully chosen musical overview – compilations dictated by artistic merit over commercial appeal – accompanied by detailed and intelligent commentary that consistently gave his readership an insight into what makes an artist’s work worthy of attention. He covered it all… from icons like Sun Ra, Van Morrison or Zappa (his extensive Project/Object series, HERE, is unrivaled), to under-appreciated greats like Ben Sidran, Alan Price or Annette Peacock, to out-of-context unknowns like Jess Roden, Alan Gerber or Chris Youlden… and a thousand points in-between. Miles didn’t just string together a bunch of random tracks. Instead, he spent an inordinate amount of time developing themes, properly mixing and matching material and adjusting levels and fades, to create first-rate, one-of-a-kind comps on a wide array of topics. As for his extensive commentaries, Miles’ expertise might best be exemplified by two Taj Mahal essays from 2011 (HERE & HERE), which included four volumes of shared music encapsulating Taj Mahal’s musical career. When Taj himself came across the posts, he didn’t call his lawyers. Instead… he called Sony Legacy, who were putting together a 2CD set of rarities, along with a 15CD career box set, and hired Miles to write the liner notes. It’s that kind of understanding of an artist’s work, and his ability to translate it into words, that typifies Miles’ approach over at Birds With Broken Wings – which boasts over 300 posts that are guaranteed to educate and illuminate… even us musical know-it-alls (that actually don’t).

Miles has been a good friend to this blog, offering numerous insights and anecdotes in our comments section over the years (always appreciated), even sending us a few obscure albums he thought might be better appreciated on this blog. Birds With Broken Wings will remain briefly in place, but the files will no longer be re-upped, so you shouldn’t waste any time making it a regular part of your musical edification regimen… while you can. You’ll not only discover artists you probably should have known about decades ago, but you’ll also find yourself growing into a more knowledgable and discerning listener in the process.

Thanks Miles.

CHAD STUART AND JEREMY CLYDE Of Cabbages And Kings (1967) + The Ark (1968) – UPGRADED

Of Cabbages And Kings (1967)
The Ark (1968)
Let’s Score Some Drugs

If Of Cabbages And Kings represented the downside of psychedelia (the triumph of style over substance), then The Ark illustrated the genre’s promise (as an additional color palette for more established formats). Both albums are typical of the glorious excess of the mid-to-late 60s, where whimsy and experimentation often overrode restraint and common sense. But, those of us who were weaning during this period wouldn’t have it any other way, and I – personally speaking – always lose my critical perspective in the presence of psychedelic music, both good and bad. These are the Japanese bonus track versions featuring mono single additions, for which we thank Don from Oregon for supplying, allowing us to upgrade this post after too many years. For fanatics, Sundazed has re-released these titles with fewer (and different) bonuses. Speaking of titles, we went with the more common spelling of The Ark (like the LP’s song title, as opposed to the album’s cover, The Arc). I’ll also point out the curious fate of “Sister Marie,” a Darrel Morrow tune covered in 1968 by Chad & Jeremy, Nilsson and the Gary Usher/Curt Boettcher psych project, Sagittarius: Present Tense (HERE). Morrow must have thought he was the hottest commodity of the era with (at least) three artists clamoring for his tune. But, not one of those cover versions ever made it to an album, as two were relegated to lost b-side status, and all three had to wait for the CD era to even be heard by most fans. Amazon has both Of Cabbages And Kings (HERE) and The Ark (HERE).

Rest In Peace (6:48)
The Gentle Cold Of Down (3:54)
Busman’s Holiday (3:25)
Can I See You (3:51)
Family Way (2:48)
I’ll Get Around To It When And If I Can (2:43)
Prologue (5:50)
Decline (4:11)
Editorial (2:56)
Fall (8:33)
Epilogue (5:10)
Rest In Peace (Mono Single Version) (3:21) – Bonus Track
Family Way (Mono Single Version) (2:49) – Bonus Track
Editorial (Mono Single Version) (2:58) – Bonus Track

The Emancipation Of Mr. X (2:21)
Sunstroke (4:10)
The Ark (4:52)
The Raven (1:30)
Imagination (2:48)
Painted Dayglow Smile (3:29)
Pipe Dream (3:35)
Transatlantic Trauma 1966 (3:21)
Sidewalk Requiem, Los Angeles, June 5th And 6th (3:05)
Pantheistic Study for Guitar And Large Bird (3:36)
Paxton Quigley’s Had The Course (3:20)
You Need Feet (4:32)
Painted Dayglow Smile (Mono Single) (2:32) – Bonus Track
Sister Marie (Mono Single) (3:03) – Bonus Track
You Need Feet (Mono Single) (3:00) – Bonus Track
Paxton Quigley’s Had The Course (Mono Single) (3:25) – Bonus Track

Great Debuts…
ROY ORBISON Sings Lonely And Blue (1961)

FrontSings Lonely And Blue (1961)
The Birth Of A Legend

After struggling as an ill-suited rockabilly singer at Sun Records, Roy Orbison had a vision. A blend of symphonic rock and doo-wop, marked by deeply emotional ballads, brooding lyrics and lushly dense strings, all designed to underscore Roy’s impeccably distinctive operatic vocal delivery. It was all quite new, in its own way, and as significant an album as Sinatra’s In The Wee Small Hours for its effective use of the Long Playing format for thematic expression. Sings Lonely And Blue was bold, original and, above all, convincing… in a way that rock ‘n’ roll had already ceased to be – rising above a musical landscape populated by vanilla ‘face stars’ in the years after Elvis got drafted, Jerry Lee got ostracized, Buddy Holly got killed and Little Richard got religion. It took multiple sessions and almost a year to complete, while the album’s close mic recording technique and succinct stereo separation made it an early favorite of a growing audiophile movement. A few singles, including “Only The Lonely,” heralded Orbison’s arrival on Monument Records, with just enough lead time to allow Sam Phillips to compile some of Roy’s late 50s Sun recordings for what would technically be his first album, Roy Orbison At The Rock House. But Sings Lonely And Blue is the true birth of Orbison’s legend. Half of the songs were written or co-written by Roy, and are easily identified by the titles; “Only The Lonely,” “Blue Avenue,” “Come Back To Me (My Love),” “Blue Angel,” “I’m Hurtin’”… you get the gist. This is the 2006 remastered version of Sings Lonely And Blue, with 4 bonus tracks. Find it at Amazon, HERE. Want another Great Debut? Find BUDDY HOLLY & THE CRICKETS The “Chirping” Crickets (1957), HERE.

Only The Lonely (Know The Way I Feel) (2:28)
Bye-Bye, Love (2:16)
Cry (2:44)
Blue Avenue (2:22)
I Can’t Stop Loving You (2:46)
Come Back To Me (My Love) (2:30)
Blue Angel (2:54)
Raindrops (1:55)
(I’d Be) A Legend In My Time (3:11)
I’m Hurtin’ (2:45)
Twenty-Two Days (3:10)
I’ll Say It’s My Fault (2:24)
Uptown (2:10) – Bonus Track
Pretty One (2:21) – Bonus Track
Here Comes That Song Again (2:47) – Bonus Track
Today’s Teardrops (2:12) – Bonus Track

GRATEFUL DEAD Fillmore West, 1969 The Complete Recordings + Bonus Disc (2005) – UPGRADED!

Fillmore West, 1969 - The Complete Recordings (2005)
The Birth Of An Art Form On 10 CDs

One of our earliest posts, from 2007. 10 CDs containing “every note” played by the Grateful Dead at The Fillmore West from February 27 to March 2, 1969. This 2005 internet-only release was limited to 10,000 hard copies, which the Dead sold on their website for an unbelievable $75. Of course, at that price, it pre-sold out before it even officially went on sale. Which makes you wonder if the Dead simply underestimated its appeal or grossly under-priced it just to be good to their ever-devoted fans. Obviously the latter… though, it’s probably a bit of both. These are the original 16 track recordings (state of the art in ‘69) that spawned the measly 1969 double LP, Live/Dead, the album that introduced the Dead’s live group dynamic on record. The Complete Recordings, however, is something else altogether. An indispensable document of the Dead’s evolution from a trippy country blues band into rock’s premier exploratory improvisers. They’d been toying with the blues/jazz/free-form concept for years, but in 1969 – and particularly here – it all came together. The lineup: Pigpen, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, Phil Lesh, Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart and Tom Constanten. We’ve been meaning to upgrade this post for years, and are now able to, thanks to Don From Oregon. Hear Disc 7′s 24 minute “Turn On Your Love Light,” below. We’ve got more Dead in the archives, HERE. Find used hard copies (maybe even my old one) at Amazon, HERE. Track Listings in are in Comments.

Fillmore West, 1969 Bonus Disc (2005)
Because 10
CDs For $75 Wasn’t Good Enough

Here’s the bonus disc that came with the box set, Fillmore West, 1969 – The Complete Recordings. It contains almost 80 minutes of unreleased recordings from The Carousel Ballroom/Fillmore West, 1968 to 1970, kicking off with a 30 minute plus “Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)” (from The Fillmore East, actually) and ending with a fragile, 1970 version of “High Time,” which you can hear below.

Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) (The Fillmore East, June 14, 1968)
He Was A Friend Of Mine (June 8, 1969)
China Cat Sunflower (June 8, 1969)
New Potato Caboose (June 8, 1969)
China Cat Sunflower (February 7, 1970)
I Know You Rider (February 7, 1970)
High Time (February 7, 1970)

DAVID HIDALGO-MATO NANJI-LUTHER DICKINSON 3 Skulls And The Truth (2012) – Members of Los Lobos, Indigenous & The North Mississippi Allstars

front3 Skulls And The Truth (2012)
Three Guys Walk Into A Bar…

Blisteringly bluesy and raucous fusion of border town barroom rock and roll, boasting a spontaneous one-take vibe, as proffered by a band of seasoned vets… including Luther Dickinson (The North Mississippi All Stars), David Hidalgo (Los Lobos) and Mato Nanji (of native-American rockers, Indigenous). 3 Skulls And The Truth delivers pretty much what you’d expect from a loose studio configuration fronted by a trio of guitarists, as they channel the frenzied energy of working man’s Tex-Mex rock, via a half-emptied bottle of Stevie Ray Vaughan with a ZZ Top chaser. The riffs are straight-up and boogie-simple, but the head-butting guitar dynamics make for a messy collision of trippy leads swirling throughout the mix. The kind of music you’d brave an across-the-border, all-night vampire’s bar/lair to hear. We’ve got some LOS LOBOS in the archives, including Colossal Head (HERE), Kiko + Kiko Live (HERE), Mt. Tabor Theater, Portland, OR 1999 (HERE), along with a bunch of Lobos offshoot projects (all HERE) including THE LATIN PLAYBOYS Dose, CESAR ROSAS Soul Disguise, HOUNDOG Houndog and LOS SUPER SEVEN Los Super Seven. Find 3 Skulls And The Truth at Amazon, HERE.

Have My Way With You (6:41)
I’m a Fool (4:24)
Make It Right (5:56)
Mississippi Clean (4:29)
Coming Home (5:48)
All I Know (4:07)
The Worldlly And The Devine (5:55)
Still Looking (6:15)
Cold As Hell (5:39)
The Truth Ain’t What it Seems (4:48)
Woke Up Alone (5:25)
Natural Comb (6:06)

THE NICE Live At The Fillmore East – December 1969 (2009)

The NiceLive At The Fillmore East – December 1969 (2009)

Here’s another band I initially missed out on when they were active. The Nice were, stylistically speaking, the organ-heavy precursor to the group that would eventually alert me to their existence, Emerson, Lake & Palmer. This 1969 live show at The Fillmore East is a great sounding, 2CD set that vividly captures the group’s prog dynamics, a blueprint of things to come in the 70s. Keyboardist Keith Emerson would carry his Hammond & Moog’s mixture of rock, jazz and classical music seamlessly into ELP less than a year later, becoming a household name in the process. So ELP fans that never took the time to trace their roots – besides King Crimson (Greg Lake) and Atomic Rooster (Carl Palmer) – will find plenty of common ground with The Nice. Two of the tracks from this previously unreleased show (“Hang On To A Dream” & “America”) first appeared on the posthumous 1971 Nice LP, Elegy. We’ve got Emerson, Lake & Palmer (the 2CD Deluxe Edition debut) in a Wormhole, HERE. Find The Nice’s Live At The Fillmore East – December 1969 at Amazon, HERE.

Rondo (7:01)
Ars Longa Vita Brevis (13:48)
Little Arabella (6:24)
She Belongs To Me (13:18)
Country Pie (6:15)
Five Bridges Suite (13:54)
Hang On To A Dream (7:30)
Intermezzo: Karelia Suite (12:30)
America (7:51)
War And Peace (5:21)

THE ZOMBIES The Decca Stereo Anthology (2002)

FrontThe Decca Stereo Anthology (2002)
World War Z, In Stereo…

Being a Yank, I missed out on The Zombies in the mid-60s. Save for a few singles, radio wasn’t much help in advising me how to allocate my allowance money as far as Colin Blunstone, Rod Agent, Chris White and friends were concerned. Which is why, in my old age, I’m now an easy mark for Zombies compilations. We’ve already got a good one in the archives, The EP Collection (HERE), and here’s another one, 2002′s 2CD The Decca Stereo Anthology. The band’s deep LP tracks make up for their lack of Top 40 hits (on both sides of the pond) and a handful of oddities and alt mixes round out this 48 track set. Check the archives for more from one of the UK’s more criminally under-appreciated exports, including their UK debut, Begin Here (expanded with 17 bonus tracks, HERE) and their psych classic (which wouldn’t have happened in the US were it not for Al Kooper’s intervention), Odessey and Oracle (with 10 bonus tracks, HERE) – plus… The Chrysanthemums’ 1989 song-for-song O&O tribute (courtesy of Miles over at Birds With Broken Wings, HERE). Find The Decca Stereo Anthology at Amazon, HERE.

It’s Alright With Me (1:50)
She’s Not There (2:22)
You Make Me Feel Good (2:36)
Summertime (2:14)
Woman (2:25)
Leave Me Be (2:06)
Kind Of Girl (2:08)
Sometimes (2:05)
I’m Goin’ Home (1:48)
Road Runner (2:04)
Sticks And Stones (2:55)
Walking In The Sun (2:37)
I Don’t Want To Know (2:08)
Tell Her No (2:07)
What More Can I Do (1:37)
I Remember When I Loved Her (1:58)
I Want You Back Again (Alternate Take) (2:08)
Can’t Nobody Love You (2:13)
The Way I Feel Inside (1:48)
I Got My Mojo Working (3:34)
You Really Got A Hold On Me/Bring It On Home To Me (3:39)
I Can’t Make Up My Mind (2:33)
Work N’ Play (2:02)
I Want You Back Again (Single Version) (2:14)
She’s Coming Home (2:35)
I Must Move (1:56)
Just Out Of Reach (2:06)
Remember You (Soundtrack Version) (2:08)
Nothing’s Changed (2:30)
I’ll Keep Trying (2:26)
Don’t Go Away (2:36)
Whenever You’re Ready (2:45)
How We Were Before (2:07)
I Love You (3:24)
If It Don’t Work Out (2:28)
I Know She Will (2:33)
Don’t Cry For Me (2:16)
Remember You (Single Version) (1:57)
Is This The Dream (2:45)
Indication (3:00)
I’ll Call You Mine (2:35)
Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself (2:28)
She Does Everything For Me (2:17)
Goin’ Out Of My Head (3:05)
Leave Me Be (Backing Track Take 1) (2:23)
Work N’ Play (Take 2 False Start – Take 3) (2:35)
Just Out Of Reach (Backing Track – Take 4) (1:53)
Whenever You’re Ready (Backing Track – Take 1) (3:10)

MATTHEW SWEET Goodfriend – Another Take On “Girlfriend” (Promo, 1992), Girlfriend (1991) + Girlfriend – The Superdeformed CD (Maxi w/ Demos, 1991)

Goodfriend – Another Take On Girlfriend Promo (1992)
Girlfriend (1991)
Girlfriend – The Superdeformed CD Maxi Single (1991)
The Evolution Of A Post…

Perusing the shelves again, I thought I’d put together a cool Matthew Sweet collection centered around his brilliant 1991 pop gem, Girlfriend, by adding the hard-to-find Maxi single, Girlfriend – The Superdeformed CD (with three unreleased demos) and the 1992 promo-only rarity, Goodfriend – Another Take On “Girlfriend” – an exquisite collection of demos, live tracks and two covers from Neil Young and John Lennon. Cool idea, huh? A little mini-tribute to Sweet’s early 90s sweet spot. Well… here it is! But, after putting it all together, I discovered that Columbia had the exact same idea 8 years ago, when they issued the 2CD Legacy Edition of Girlfriend, featuring this exact same collection of tracks. If I’d thought of it first, I’d say I was in the wrong business. Since I didn’t, and I’m not, Girlfriend Legacyyou end up with the original 1991/92 versions of the 2006 Legacy Edition. So it goes. We’ve got more from the great Matthew Sweet in the archives, including; MATTHEW SWEET & SUSANNA HOFFS Under the Covers, Vols. 1, 2 & 3 (HERE), THE BANGLES Sweetheart Of The Sun (produced by Sweet) (HERE) and Matt’s cover of “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?,” from 1995′s Saturday Morning Cartoons’ Greatest Hits (HERE). Find the remastered version of Girlfriend/Goodfriend at Amazon for as cheap as $5, HERE.

Goodfriend Front

Divine Intervention (Recorded Acoustically At Home 9/8/92) (3:06)
Girlfriend (Recorded In London For BBC1 7/22/92) (2:53)
Day For Night (Recorded Live At San Diego State 8/28/92) (3:23)
Thought I Knew You (Recorded Live At San Diego State 8/28/92) (3:59)
Looking At The Sun (Recorded Acoustically At Home 9/8/92) (4:17)
Does She Talk (Recorded Live At San Diego State 8/28/92) (4:26)
You Don’t Love Me (Recorded Live At San Diego State 8/28/92) (6:51)
Someone To Pull The Trigger (Recorded In London For BBC1 7/22/92) (3:54)
I’ve Been Waiting (Recorded Live In Cleveland 3/26/92) (3:46)
Winona (Recorded Acoustically At Home 9/8/92) (4:32)
Girlfriend (Recorded Live At San Diego State 8/28/92) (4:07)
Cortez The Killer (Recorded Live At San Diego State 8/28/92) (6:30)
Isolation (Recorded Acoustically At Home 9/8/92) (3:02)


Divine Intervention (5:37)
I’ve Been Waiting (3:37)
Girlfriend (3:40)
Looking At The Sun (4:17)
Winona (5:02)
Evangeline (5:08)
Day For Night (2:55)
Thought I Knew You (2:58)
You Don’t Love Me (5:23)
I Wanted To Tell You (4:31)
Don’t Go (3:27)
Your Sweet Voice (4:37)
Does She Talk? (3:28)
Holy War (3:26)
Nothing Lasts (3:34)

Girlfriend The Superdeformed CD

Girlfriend (Album Version) (3:40)
Superdeformed (Demo) (4:10) – Previously Unreleased
Teenage Female (Demo) (3:56) – Previously Unreleased
Good Friend (Demo) (3:44) – Previously Unreleased

VARIOUS ARTISTS Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 (4CD, 1998)

FrontNuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 (1972/1998)
Rhino’s Essential 4CD Garage Box

We’ve had some Nuggets chatter in Readers Links recently (along with a bunch of uploads, see below), prompting me to pull this one off the shelf… Rhino’s must-own Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 – an expanded 4CD version of a groundbreaking compilation, as curated by Elektra Records’ Jac Holzman and future Patti Smith Group guitarist, Lenny Kaye. The very first Nuggets, issued in 1972, was a 2LP collection of some of the mid-60s most sneering, attitude-ravaged psychedelic garage rock. These days, of course, a compilation of old music is nothing more than par for the course for record labels, so it’s hard for youngsters to fathom the impact Nuggets had in 1972. Nostalgia was still a relatively new phenomenon, and those old 60s 45s – even the hits – were largely lost to time and/or rapidly changing fashion. Nuggets was a minor punk revolution, that is largely credited with inspiring many of those that would carry the garage rock torch into the late 70s. Not only did Lenny Kaye’s liner notes practically coin the term ‘punk,’ but it re-opened the ears of those in search of a direction in the post-Beatles, Prog-heavy, Disco-comming 70s. The first disc of this 4CD box is a faithful recreation of the original 2LP set, while the remaining 3 discs offer an expanded look with even more essentials from the era. Practically every track has a story – from failed bands with legendary members, to writers making inroads before their time, to historic moments in time and space. This is a set that belongs in every collection, and one that spawned a slew of imitators over the years, including Pebbles, UK versions of the same concept, the 20 Volume Rubble Collection (HERE & HERE in the archives)… and a host of Nuggets follow-ups and reissues over the years. You can find a bunch of them in Readers Links (HERE), thanks to our many generous sharers. Search by date to find; 2001′s Nuggets 2: Original Artyfacts From The British Empire And Beyond 1964-1969 (9/11/2014), 2005′s Children of Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The Second Psychedelic Era, 1976-1995 (aka Nuggets 3 – 6/20/2013), 2007′s Love Is The Song We Sing: San Francisco Nuggets 1965-1970 (aka Nuggets 4 – 6/20/2013), 2009′s Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets: 1965-1968 (aka Nuggets 5 – 6/20/2013), Nuggets (12 Volume vinyl collection released from 1984-89) (9/14/2014), MINDROCKER The Complete Series – Volumes 1-13 (1/10/2014), Circus Days: Pop Psych Obscurities 1966-1972 (10/9/2013), Canterbury Tales – Nuggets from the Psychedelic Underground (6/14/2013). And in our archives; Acid Drops, Spacedust & Flying Saucers: Psychedelic Confectionery From The UK Underground 1965-69 (HERE), Ah Feel Like Ahcid – 24 American Psychedelic Artefacts From The EMI Vaults (HERE), Insane Times – 25 British Psychedelic Artyfacts (HERE), among others. Find Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era 1965-1968 at Amazon, HERE.

Volume 1
THE ELECTRIC PRUNES I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)
MOUSE A Public Execution
THE BLUES PROJECT No Time Like The Right Time
THE SEEDS Pushin’ Too Hard
THE REMAINS Don’t Look Back
THE MAGICIANS An Invitation to Cry
13TH FLOOR ELEVATORS You’re Gonna Miss Me
COUNT FIVE Psychotic Reaction
THE AMBOY DUKES Baby Please Don’t Go
THE MOJO MEN Sit Down, I Think I Love You
SAGITTARIUS My World Fell Down
NAZZ Open My Eyes

Volume 2
THE DEL-VETTS Last Time Around
THE SPARKLES No Friend Of Mine
THE TURTLES Outside Chance
THE LITTER Action Woman
STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK Incense And Peppermints
THE BROGUES I Ain’t No Miracle Worker
LOVE 7 And 7 Is
THE SQUIRES Going All The Way
THE SEEDS Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
THE WOOLIES Who Do You Love?
THE SWINGIN’ MEDALLIONS Double Shot (Of My Baby’s Love)
THE SONICS Strychnine
BLUES MAGOOS (We Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet

Volume 3
THE HOMBRES Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)
NEW COLONY SIX At the River’s Edge
THE DAILY FLASH Jack of Diamonds
THE CHOIR It’s Cold Outside
THE RARE BREED Beg, Borrow and Steal
THE “E” TYPES Put the Clock Back on the Wall
THE BALLOON Farm A Question of Temperature
MOUSE AND THE TRAPS Maid of Sugar Maid of Spice
THE UNIQUES You Ain’t Tuff
THE STANDELLS Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White
THE MOJO MEN She’s My Baby
THE THIRD BARDO I’m Five Years Ahead of My Time
WE THE PEOPLE Mirror of Your Mind
THE MUSIC MACHINE Double Yellow Line
THE AMBOY DUKES Journey to the Center of the Mind

Volume 4
THE CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND Are You Gonna Be There (At The Love-In)
THE LEAVES Too Many People
THE BRIGANDS (Would I Still Be) Her Big Man
THE BARBARIANS Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl
THE DOVERS What Am I Going To Do
THE MONKS Complication
THE OTHER HALF Mr. Pharmacist
WE THE PEOPLE You Burn Me Up And Down
THE LEMON DROPS I Live In the Springtime
FENWYCK Mindrocker
THE ZAKARY Thaks Bad Girl
GONN Blackout Of Gretely
THE BEES Voices Green And Purple

MISSISSIPPI FRED McDOWELL I Do Not Play No Rock ‘N’ Roll (Deluxe Edition 1969/1995) + Six More Albums In The Capitol Blues Series

I Do Not Play No Rock ‘N’ Roll (1969/1995)
Essential 1995 ‘Deluxe Edition’

This Capitol Blues series re-issue is actually an expanded version of Mississippi Fred McDowell’s 1969 album of the same name, adding 11 tracks (three previously unreleased) recorded at the original sessions. The other eight additional tracks were first released on Mississippi Fred McDowell: 1904-1972, just after Fred’s death. The original I Do Not Play No Rock ‘N’ Roll was a wryly titled classic, McDowell’s first using an electric guitar, and it still stands as one of the more engaging Delta blues albums ever. Though he had been performing since the 20s/30s, McDowell wasn’t “discovered” until the mid-60s, and it was this material that brought his name to the masses. McDowell is probably best known for writing (though, it’s disputed) “You Got To Move,” immortalized in the modern era by The Rolling Stones. We’ve got more from the Capitol Blues Series in the archives, including T-BONE WALKER The Complete Capitol / Black & White Recordings (3CD, HERE), SON HOUSE Delta Blues & Spirituals (HERE), JOHN LEE HOOKER Alternative Boogie: Early Studio Recordings, 1948-52 (3CD, HERE), SONNY TERRY Whoopin’ The Blues: The Capitol Recordings, 1947-1950 (HERE), LIGHTNIN’ HOPKINS, BIG JOE WILLIAMS, SONNY TERRY & BROWNIE McGHEE Rediscovered Blues (Live Jams) (HERE) & AMOS MILBURN Blues, Barrelhouse & Boogie Woogie 1946-1955 (HERE). Find I Do Not Play No Rock ‘N’ Roll at Amazon, HERE.

Baby Please Don’t Go (4:49)
Good Morning Little School Girl (4:28)
Kokomo Me Baby (3:02)
That’s All Right Baby (5:05)
Red Cross Store (4:06)
Everybody’s Down On Me (9:14)
61 Highway (4:45)
Glory Hallelujah (2:49)
Jesus Is On The Mainline (3:40)
Someday (4:33)

Write Me A Few Of Your Lines
Mortgage On My Soul (4:25)
Baby Let Me Lay Down (In Your Cool Iron Bed) (4:30)
Drop Down Mama (3:44)
Rap/Louise (8:18)
Somebody Keeps Callin‘ Me (3:33)
Eyes Like An Eagle (4:40)
My Baby She Gonna Jump And Shout (Previously Unreleased) (2:40)
Long Line Skinner (Previously Unreleased) (5:54)
Baby Please Don’t Go (Alternate) (Previously Unreleased) (3:08)

STcoverRediscovered Bluesamosmilburn

CARLENE CARTER Musical Shapes (w/ Rockpile 1980) + Carlene Carter (w/ The Rumour 1978)

Musical Shapes (1980)
Carlene Carter (1978)
One With Rockpile, The Other With Graham Parker’s Rumour

Carlene Carter grew up in the family business, The Carter Family business. But, when it came time for her to leave the nest, after years on the road with mom (June Carter Cash), she flew the coup to the UK, hooking up with members of The Rumour – who would produce, arrange and perform on her debut album, Carlene Carter. They brought along friends, too, like boss Graham Parker and future husband, Nick Lowe. Parker composes “Between You And Me” while Bob Andrews & Brinsley Schwarz produce. By 1980, Carter was married to Lowe, and Rockpile was her backing band on the universally praised, Musical Shapes – given the trademark of cool by her new label, F-Beat Records (of Jake Riveria & Stiff Records fame). There are plenty of treats on both of these releases, including a delightful duet with Dave Edmunds on Musical Shapes‘ “Baby Ride Easy.” You gotta figure the fanatical Rockpile boys are responsible for talking her into covering step-dad Johnny Cash’s “Ring Of Fire.” Check comments for Carter’s 1981 album, Blue Nun (with Nick Lowe, Paul Carrack & others). Carter’s LPs are out of print, but Carlene Carter (HERE) & Musical Shapes (HERE) are available as expensive two-fers @ Amazon.

Cry (2:06)
Madness (3:01)
Baby Ride Easy (3:20)
Bandit Of Love (2:13)
I’m So Cool (2:35)
Appalachian Eyes (2:57)
Ring Of Fire (3:06)
Too Bad About Sandy (2:59)
Foggy Mountain Top (2:39)
That Very First Kiss (3:05)
Too Drunk (To Remember) (3:02)
Too Proud (3:32)
Produced by Nick Lowe
Carlene Carter – piano
Dave Edmunds – guitar, backing vocals
Billy Bremner – guitar
Nick Lowe – bass
Terry Williams – drums
John McFee – guitar
Johnny Ciambotti – bass

Love Is Gone
Smoke Dreams (3:08)
Between You And Me (2:51)
I Once Knew Love (3:39)
I’ve Been There Before (2:49)
Never Together (But Close Sometimes) (2:20)
Mr. Moon (2:36)
Alabama Morning (3:40)
Slow Dance (3:44)
Who Needs Words (2:35)
Produced By Bob Andrews & Brinsley Schwarz
Carlene Carter – vocals, piano, backing vocals

Andrew Bodnar – bass
Steve Goulding – drums
Brinsley Schwarz – electric, acoustic, and slide guitars, percussion, backing vocals
Bob Andrews – piano, backing vocals, percussion, organ, electric piano, bass
Nick Lowe – bass, backing vocals
Graham Parker – acoustic guitar, backing vocal
Terry Williams – drums

DAN HICKS & HIS HOT LICKS Original Recordings (1969/1991)

Original Recordings (1969/1991)
Forgotten Pre-Rock Americana

After getting a number of comments about the
beloved Dan Hicks on our Blue Thumb Records post (All Day Thumbsucker Revisited: The History Of Blue Thumb Records, HERE), our pal Coffee Messiah was kind enough to send along this long-lost favorite for us all to enjoy. Original Recordings is the out-of-print, 1991 set of Hicks & Licks’ early recordings from 1969. The motley crew’s shufflin’, post-war, acoustic folk & jazz/blues stew was an anomaly in San Franpsychedelica in the late 60s, but somehow Hicks’ witty repartee and tongue-in-cheek sophistication easily won over the young heads’ hearts and minds. That gypsy bluegrass violin work made it easy, and it’s used to amazing effect on one of Hicks’ high water marks, the slow burning, “I Scare Myself.” You can find it at Amazon (HERE) – at collector’s prices – but the music itself is still a valued taste of forgotten, pre-rock Americana.

Canned Music (4:05)
How Can I Miss You When You Won’t Go Away (2:39)

I Scare Myself (5:18)

Shorty Takes A Dive (3:12)

Evenin’ Breeze (3:56)

Waiting For The 103 (3:44)
Shorty Falls In Love (3:23)
Milk Shakin’ Mama (4:10)
Slow Movin’ (3:10)
It’s Bad Grammar, Baby (2:32)
Jukies’ Ball (5:12)


R.E.M. Monster (1994) + 5 Maxi-Singles + “Songs That Are Live” Promo Maxi (1994-1995) – 17 LIVE TRACKS

What's The Frequency, Kenneth?Bang And BlameCrush With Eyeliner
Strange CurrenciesTongueSongs That Are Live
What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? Maxi Single (1994)
Bang And Blame Maxi Single (1994)
Crush With Eyeliner Maxi Single (1994)
Strange Currencies Maxi Single (1995)
Tongue Maxi Single (1995)
Songs That Are Live (Promo Only) (1995)
The Monster Singles + 17 Live Tracks

I was perusing the shelves when I noticed that I apparently went R.E.M. crazy in 1994/95, scoring all of the band’s Maxi-Singles released in support of 1994′s Monster. I was only a casual R.E.M. fan, at best, so I can’t always explain what I find on my own shelves these days, but… here they are for any and all interested. Five Maxi’s, each containing three unreleased live tracks – including 12 songs (almost the entire show) from a November, 1992 Greenpeace benefit at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, Georgia… in order, as it turns out, missing only two songs; the set-opening version of “Drive” (they performed that one twice), and the next-to-next-to-last encore, “Love Is All Around” (a Troggs cover). Hear R.E.M.’s live cover of Iggy Pop’s “Funtime,” below. The Tongue Maxi boasts three performances from a 1992 Saturday Night Live appearance, while the promo-only Songs That Are Live duplicates two tracks from the retail Maxi’s, but also includes two unreleased 1995 Detroit recordings. In 2014, Warners would gather all of this material together for a digital-only compilation, Complete Warner Bros. Rarities 1988-2011 (HERE, at Amazon). But… those interested in Monster (below), and the Maxi’s that accompanied it, need look no further than here. We’ve got one other R.E.M. in the archives, Live At The Olympia In Dublin – 39 Songs (HERE). We’ve also got the Hindu Love Gods one-off 1990 album, made up of 3/4ths of R.E.M. and Warren Zevon (plus the rare HLG 45, “Gonna Have A Good Time Tonight”, HERE). R.E.M. also appears on a couple of tribute comps in the archives, Where The Pyramid Meets The Eye: A Tribute To Roky Erickson (HERE) and MOJO‘s Syd Barrett tribute, The Madcap Laughs Again! (HERE).

What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? (Maxi Single)
What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? (4:00)
Monty Got A Raw Deal (Live At The 40 Watt Club, November 19, 1992) (4:22)
Everybody Hurts (Live At The 40 Watt Club, November 19, 1992) (5:42)
Man On The Moon (Live At The 40 Watt Club, November 19, 1992) (5:23)

Bang And Blame (Maxi Single)
Bang And Blame (4:52)
Losing My Religion (Live At The 40 Watt Club, November 19, 1992) (5:25)
Country Feedback (Live At The 40 Watt Club, November 19, 1992) (5:03)
Begin The Begin (Live At The 40 Watt Club, November 19, 1992) (3:48)

Crush With Eyeliner (Maxi Single)
Crush With Eyeliner (4:42)
Fall On Me (Live At The 40 Watt Club, November 19, 1992) (3:23)
Me In Honey (Live At The 40 Watt Club, November 19, 1992) (4:19)
Finest Worksong (Live At The 40 Watt Club, November 19, 1992) (4:09)

Strange Currencies (Maxi Single)
Strange Currencies (3:53)
Drive (Live At The 40 Watt Club, November 19, 1992) (4:17)
Funtime (Live At The 40 Watt Club, November 19, 1992) (2:16)
Radio Free Europe (Live At The 40 Watt Club, November 19, 1992) (4:43)

Tongue (Maxi Single)
Tongue (4:13)
What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? (Saturday Night Live, November 12, 1994) (4:06)
Bang And Blame (Saturday Night Live, November 12, 1994) (4:54)
I Don’t Sleep, I Dream (Saturday Night Live, November 12, 1994) (3:50)

Songs That Are Live (Promo Only)
Crush With Eyeliner (Live In Detroit, June 6, 1995) (4:56)
Tongue (Live In Detroit, June 7, 1995) (4:35)
I Don’t Sleep, I Dream (Saturday Night Live, November 12, 1994) (3:50)
Country Feedback (Live At The 40 Watt Club, November 19, 1992) (4:44)

MonsterMonster (1994)

Maybe not one of the band’s more lauded releases, Monster still contains some solid material, including a personal fave, “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?,” interesting for its source reference, if nothing else. The title comes from a bizarre (and ultimately fatal) incident involving CBS newsman Dan Rather, who was mugged in New York City, while repeatedly being asked, “What is the frequency, Kenneth?” The episode was so cinematic and odd that many doubted Rather’s story, and even Rather himself, until the mystery was finally solved years later, vindicating Rather and verifying his account. The perp would later be arrested and convicted for killing an NBC stage hand outside The Today Show… so, obviously, the guy had serious issues with the media. He was sentenced to 25 years for murder… but paroled after only six. Monster is as cheap as a penny at Amazon, HERE.

What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? (4:00)
Crush With Eyeliner (4:39)
King Of Comedy (3:41)
I Don’t Sleep, I Dream (3:28)
Star 69 (3:09)
Strange Currencies (3:53)
Tongue (4:13)
Bang And Blame (5:31)
I Took Your Name (4:03)
Let Me In (3:28)
Circus Envy (4:16)
You (4:54)


U2 Songs Of Innocence (2014) – Released Hours Ago

FrontSongs Of Innocence (2014)
First New Album In 5 Years

Look who just released their new album… for free, via iTunes. Songs Of Innocence is U2′s first in 5 years. According to, the album was recorded in Dublin, London, New York and Los Angeles, and its 11 tracks were largely produced by Danger Mouse, Paul Epworth and Ryan Tedder, with Declan Gaffney and Flood also contributing to the production. Songs Of Innocence will be released physically on Oct. 14 with a 24-page booklet. A deluxe edition with four additional tracks and an acoustic session of album tracks will also be released that day. You know where to look.

The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) (4:15)
Every Breaking Wave (4:12)
California (There Is No End to Love) (4:00)
Song for Someone (3:47)
Iris (Hold Me Close) (5:20)
Volcano (3:14)
Raised By Wolves (4:06)
Cedarwood Road (4:25)
Sleep Like a Baby Tonight (5:02)
This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now (5:05)
The Troubles (4:46)

THE WHO The Singles (1984/2011)

FrontThe Singles (1984/2011)
93 Minutes Of Mono 7-Inchers And Alt Mixes

Originally released on LP back in 1984, The Singles was a somewhat half-assed collection of Who tracks that didn’t seem to make much sense. It’s rebirth, in 2011, as an expanded SHM/SACD (a single disc with over 90 minutes), is more logical. Most of the 26 tracks are in mono, with a few scattered odds, sods and/or alternate mixes, making The Singles now worthy of its being. It appears to be The Who’s UK 7″ output and isn’t quite complete complete, but it’s pretty close. No lame B’s, so it’s a fun, hit-filled listen. Posting this also allows us the opportunity to plug our archived Who and Pete Townshend posts (listed below). Find The Singles at Amazon, HERE.

I Can’t Explain (Original Mono Version) (2:05)
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (Original Mono Version) (2:40)
My Generation (Original Mono Version) (3:17)
Substitute (Original Mono Version) (3:48)
I’m A Boy (Original Mono Version) (2:40)
Happy Jack (Original Mono Version) (2:10)
Pictures Of Lily (Alternate Mono Version From ‘Direct Hits’) (2:44)
The Last Time (Original Mono Version) (2:53)
I Can See For Miles (Original Mono Single Version) (4:04)
Dogs (Original Mono Version) (3:06)
Magic Bus (Alternate Mono Version From ‘The Singles LP’) (4:35)
Pinball Wizard (Original Version) (3:03)
See Me, Feel Me (Edited Single Version Of ‘We Are Not Gonna Take It’) (3:23)
The Seeker (Original Version) (3:12)
Summertime Blues (Original Live Version) (3:23)
Won’t Get Fooled Again (Edited Single Version) (3:38)
Let’s See Action (Original Version) (3:58)
Join Together (Original Version) (4:23)
Relay (Original Version) (3:55)
Long Live Rock (Alternate Version From ‘The Ultimate Collection’) (3:56)
5:15 (Remixed Version From ‘Quadorophenia’ Soundtrack) (4:52)
Squeeze Box (Original Version) (2:42)
Who Are You (Edited Single Version) (5:09)
You Better You Bet (Original Full-Length Version) (5:36)
Don’t Let Go The Coat (Original Version) (3:43)
Athena (Original Version) (3:49)

Live At Leeds (2001 Deluxe, HERE)
Quadrophenia: The Director’s Cut (4CD HERE)
Live At Hull (Official, HERE)
Rarities 1966-1972, Vols. 1 & 2 (HERE)
Tommy (The London Symphony Orchestra, HERE)
The Lifehouse Demos (Official 2CD, HERE)
The Lifehouse Chronicles (6CD, HERE)
All The Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes (HERE)
Twenty (a.k.a. Scoop 4) (HERE)
Psychoderelict (Censored Dialogue) + Psychoderelict (Without Dialogue) (Both HERE)
Empty Glass (HERE)
Bonus Tracks 2006 (HERE)
The Meher Baba LPs: Happy Birthday, I Am + With Love (All HERE)
The Oceanic Concerts, A Benefit For Maryville Academy + Magic Bus–Live From Chicago (All HERE)
Live: The Fillmore 1996, Live: The Empire 1998, Live: Sadler’s Wells 2000, Live: La Jolla Playhouse 2001, Live: BAM 1993 (All HERE)
Rough Mix (HERE)
MOJO Presents: The Route To Quadrophenia (HERE)
MOJO Presents: The Who Jukebox (HERE)
MOJO Presents: The Who Covered (HERE)
PETRA HADEN Sings: The Who Sell Out (a cappella, HERE)

THE BLUE HAWAIIANS Live At The Lava Lounge (1995) & Live At The Lava Lounge 2 (2005)

FrontFront2Live At The Lava Lounge (1995)
Live At The Lava Lounge 2 (2005)
Ice Cool Retro

Two excellent live releases from L.A. surf denizens, The Blue Hawaiians. Their 1995 release, Live At The Lava Lounge, captures the Hawaiians’ beloved style – tapping into the “essence of 50s glam, authentic Elvis swagger, retro-exotica surf and b&w noir” (to quote myself), that should register with guitar band fans of the 50s/60s. The Hawaiians sometimes have a whiff of camp-appeal, but generally sound like a working surf band with an edge, winning over modern listeners with choice, offbeat covers like Tom Waits’ “Jockey Full Of Bourbon.” Ten years later, the band would revisit The Lava Lounge with an even better twist on their long-standing formula – extending their performances up to the 15 minute mark and pulling out all their instrumental chops for glorious, powerhouse renditions that benefit from the improvisation and give-and-take interplay. We’ve also got the band’s highly recommended 1999 studio album, Savage Night, in the archives, HERE. Fans of the era may also enjoy The Blue Stingrays (featuring some of Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers, HERE) and Spy-Fi (HERE). Amazon’s got Live At The Lava Lounge (HERE) and Live At The Lava Lounge 2 (HERE).

The Wipe Out (3:13)
Pipeline/Endless Sleep (4:55)
Surfin’ Tragedy (3:31)
A Cheat (6:01)
Latinia (3:40)
Apache (3:22)
Red Top (2:24)
Jockey Full Of Bourbon (3:45)
Baja (3:47)
Caravan (6:04)
Theme For Young Lovers (2:40)
Jet Black (2:43)
Soul Surfer (3:22)
Jack The Ripper (4:36)
Slave Girl (3:09)
The Jester (3:19)
Dick Tracy (5:19)

My Favorite Martian (9:24)
Deadman’s (5:31)
Swingin’ Hula Girl/Women In Chains (7:09)
Our Man Flint (3:10)
Human Jungle (6:14)
Highlife (6:41)
Banzai Pipeline (6:33)
Beat Girl (2:35)
Dick Tracy (15:26)
Hot Rods To Honolulu (4:23)
Experiment In Terror (11:04)

R. CRUMB & HIS CHEAP SUIT SERENADERS Chasin’ Rainbows (1976/1993) & Singing In The Bathtub (1978/1993)

Chasin’ Rainbows (1976/1993)
Singing In The Bathtub (1978/1993)
Kinda Makes You Wanna Hit A Back Alley Speakeasy

There’s something sacrilegious about hearing the 1920s music of R. Crumb (famed comic artist) And His Cheap Suit Serenaders on compact disc. After all, when this group of geek misfits first surfaced in the early 70s, their style of loose, Prohibition-era music was actually first pressed on 78rpm records, as a novelty, perhaps, but still befitting the atmosphere of the times. A true connoisseur of this era would likely judge our modern plastic equivalents – and their pristine sound – antithetical to the spirit of the music. And, they’d probably be right. Chasin’ Rainbows and Singing In The Bathtub are R. Crumb’s second and third albums, not-so-originally titled #2 & #3 when first issued on 33rpm vinyl in the mid-70s. These MP3 downloads, however, are from the 1993 CDs reissued by Shanachie Records. 78s, 33-1/3rds, CDs, MP3s… step by step we get further and further from the essence. As a dumb young rocker in the 70s, this all seemed like little more than cornball novelty music, with tap-happy banjos, wheezing rhythms and singing saw solos. In reality, this is an amalgamation of blues, dixieland and immigrant-inspired Americana, a music – and a time – that is lost (along with 78s themselves) to all but directors of period cinema and the true enthusiasts. There are surely finer practitioners of this lost art, but Robert Crumb and the boys do an admirable job. Hear some examples below. Zoot suits and reefer not included. You can find both Chasin’ Rainbows (HERE) and Singing In The Bathtub (HERE) at Amazon.

Chasin Rainbows
Alabama Jubilee (2:42)
Chasin’ Rainbows (3:19)
Fine Artiste Blues (3:07)
Hula Medley (4:06)
I Want A Little Girl (3:25)
Persian Rug (4:00)
Mysterious Mose (3:18)
Crying My Blues Away (3:32)
She Lived Down By The Firehouse (3:17)
Diane (3:03)
Make My Cot Where The Cot-Cot-Cotton Grows (3:34)
Moana March (3:07)

Singing In The Bathtub
Singing In The Bathtub (3:12)
Chile Blues (2:19)
Dream Of Heaven (2:57)
Suits Crybaby Blues (3:06)
Collier Medley: Ben Hur March & Napoleon March (3:18)
Shopping Mall (2:17)
Yearning And Blue (3:24)
Hula Girl (2:20)
Pedal Your Blues Away (2:47)
La Gima Polka (2:00)
Sing Song Girl (3:48)
Home (4:07)
My Gal Sal (2:59)
Hano Hano Hawaii (3:34)

MARC RIBOT Y LOS CUBANOS POSTIZOS (The Prosthetic Cubans) (1998) & Muy Divertido! (Very Entertaining) (2002)

(The Prosthetic Cubans) (1998)
Muy Divertido! (Very Entertaining) (2002)
Avant Guitarist Starts A Cuban Revolution

Ribot is best known as a downtown, avant garde jazz player with The Lounge Lizards and John Zorn, as well as his more noticeable appearances via albums & tours with Elvis Costello and Tom Waits. In 1998, however, Ribot somehow got himself signed to Atlantic Records and recorded this breakout fusion of live-in-the-loft, downtown small-combo Cubano music. Stand-up bass, wood blocks and assorted percussion punctuate the band’s Latin urgency and Ribot’s aggressively angular guitar work is both inspiring and infectious. When Ribot easily makes his guitar sound like steel drums, you know you’re in the presence of a master. I had the pleasure of catching these guys in a small club around the turn of the century and wasn’t necessarily surprised that Ribot & Co. live sounds exactly like their debut, (The Prosthetic Cubans), at Amazon (HERE). The 2002 follow-up/finale, Muy Divertido! (Very Entertaining), is cut from the same cloth (HERE). We’ve got some of Ribot’s difficult music, Yo! I Killed Your God, in the archives, HERE. Check out Ribot’s work on John Zorn Plays The Music Of Ennio Morricone, HERE.

Aurora En Pekin (5:31)
Aqui Como Alla
Como Se Goza En El Barrio (3:30)
Postizo (4:56)
No Me Llores Mas (5:40)
Los Teenagers Bailan Changui (4:50)
Fiesta En El Solar (5:06)
La Vida Es Un Sueno (3:30)
Esclavo Triste (6:07)
Choserito Plena (2:47)

MUY DIVERTIDO! (Very Entertaining)
Dame Un Cachito Pa’Huele (3:15)
Las Lomas De New Jersey (4:37)
El Gaucho Rojo (5:56)
Obsesion (4:20)
El Divorcio (3:44)
Se Formo El Bochinche (4:30)
Baile Baile Baile (4:04)
No Puedo Freinar (4:31)
Jaguey (4:33)
Carmela Dame La Llave (3:14)

THE BEATLES Backwards/Sdrawkcab

Just Saving You The Trouble

FIRST POSTED IN 2009: Something for all you drug users and/or conspiracy theorists out there. 23 tracks from seltaeB ehT, recorded backwards, so you can bliss out, dissect its contents, search for clues or just get your chops in order for Rock Band. Funny enough, The Beatles began playing backwards games early on – in 1963 – when the band’s merchandising arm was christened “Seltaeb.” By 1965, the boys were experimenting with the concept in their music (“Rain” was probably the first prominent use of backwards recording in pop music). It didn’t take long for John Lennon to embrace the concept fully, leading to Sgt. Pepper’s’ and The White Album’s use of more sophisticated shenanigans, some fueling the Paul Is Dead rumors. As for “Revolution #9,” it was such a sonic jumble to begin with that this backwards version just sounds like a remix. So… what’s the purpose? There is none. If you’ve seen this artwork in less creative surrounds, now you know where it originated.

Nug Mraw A Si Ssenippah
Etik Rm Fo Tifeneb Eht Rof Gnieb
Ybgir Ronaele
Surlaw eht Ma I
Ynop A Gid I
Llih Eht No Loof Eht
Enif Leef I
Reverof Sdleif Yrrebwarts
Rehtegot Emoc
Yrc Ybab Yrc
Swonk Reven Worromot
Sdnomaid Htiw Yks Eht Ni Ycul
Gnol Gnol Gnol
Nos s’erutan Rehtom
Nus eht Semoc Ereh
Efil eht Ni Yad A
Esrevinu eht Ssorca
9# Noitulover
Gnipeels Ylno M’i

New Releases…. Beatles, Prince, Crimson, Dead, Coltrane, Harrison, Python, Faithfull, Zep and more

It’s that time of year again. Here are a bunch of upcoming releases that may be of interest. If nothing else, it will alert you to start checking the download sites and torrents in the next month. Click the covers or the links to pre-order (and lock in the lowest price), or just see the track listings and details. In no particular order, here’s what to look for in the coming months…

BDBeats MonoKCGD
BOB The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 – Nov. 11th, $149.98 HERE
6CD Box – The definitive chronicle of Dylan’s legendary 1967 sessions with The Band.
THE BEATLES The Beatles In Mono – Sept 9th, $374.98 HERE
14LP Vinyl. All LPs up to The White Album + 3LP Mono Masters (non-LP). Available individually, too
KING CRIMSON Starless – Oct. 28th, $225.98 HERE
27CD Box Set. Limited Pressing. Includes 2 DVD-A & 2 Blu-Ray Discs in 5.1. 12″ Box.
GRATEFUL DEAD Spring 1990 (The Other One) – $239.98 HERE
23CD Box – Limited To 9,000. Follow the link to listen to samples.

New BasementJC3rdPrince
Lost lyrics by Bob Dylan, new music from Elvis Costello, Marcus Mumford, T Bone Burnett & friends.
JOHN COLTRANE Offering: Live At Temple University (1966) – Sept. 23, $23.49 HERE
2CD Set w/ Alice Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders & Rashied Ali.
P’s first new release under his new deal with Warner Brothers.
PRINCE Art Official Age – Sept. 30th, $18.99 HERE
Another WB release, and a Deluxe Purple Rain is on the way. A sign of the new times.

GEORGE HARRISON The Apple Years – Sept. 23rd, $124.98 HERE
7CD + 1DVD, From Wonderwall Music to Extra Texture. Also sold individually.
MONTY PYTHON Total Rubbish: The Complete Collection – Sept. 30th, $136.99 HERE
9CD Box collecting all of Monty Python’s albums in one place, plus a bonus 7″.
6DVD Box. 96 full length performances from the 70s/80s, From Todd to Bootsy. Too many to list.
FRIPP & ENO Live in Paris 28.05.75 – Sept 23, $34.47 HERE
3CD set. No other info yet.

Led ZepSupercaptbeefMarrianne
LED ZEPPELIN IV (Deluxe Edition) – Oct. 28th, $16.99 HERE
The second batch of 2CD Zep reissues also includes Houses Of The Holy, HERE.
BLOOMFIELD, KOOPER, STILLS Super Session (Hybrid Multichannel) – Sept. 9th, $31.47 HERE
5.1 Surround Sound mix produced by Al Kooper.
CAPTAIN BEEFHEART Sun Zoom Spark: 1970 To 1972 – Nov. 11th, $58.98 HERE
4CD Lick My Decals Off Baby, The Spotlight Kid, Clear Spot and a 4th disc of rarities.
MARIANNE FAITHFULL Give My Love To London – Oct. 7th, $35.47 HERE
2CD set. Lots of collaborators. Video trailer with samples, HERE.

THE TWILIGHT ZONE 51 Original Television Soundtrack Scores (1959-1964) – UNRELEASED 7CD BOX + Watch “The Four Of Us Are Dying” (1960)

The Twilight Zone BoxThe Twilight Zone – 51 Original Television Soundtrack Scores (1959-1964)
Unofficial Box Of Music Scores From 51 Episodes

Submitted for your approval… 51 soundtrack scores from The Twilight Zone, culled by fans from isolated music tracks found on DVD versions of the venerable television classic. Connoisseurs of the original series know about the talent involved in the music of The Twilight Zone, including composers Bernard Herrmann, Jerry Goldsmith, Fred Steiner and Nathan Van Cleave, among others. Years ago we posted the must-have 4CD collection of scores (HERE) that was released in 1999. This unauthorized compilation, however, is an altogether different series of original soundtracks – 7 discs worth – none of which have been commercially released on CD. The wide variety of styles and atmospheres is nothing short of amazing (especially considering that most of this was penned for a weekly TV show), and the tangible unease and paranoia this music can produce is a testament to the talent involved… not to mention the impact of the series on our young, pliable psyches. Some of the titles below lack a composing credit, as the soundtracks were assembled from “stock” music cues found in the CBS Music Library. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s just some drab elevator music producers found gathering dust in the back room. Many of the cues were often penned by some of the series’ regular contributors. For instance, Jerry Goldsmith’s “Back There” wound up in the “stock” soundtracks of both “Death Ship” and “Nightmare At 20,000 Feet.” In fact, even The Twilight Zone‘s iconic theme music, written by Marius Constant, is actually a combination of two, avant-garde stock cues that were culled from the CBS Library. Don’t be put off by the occasional volume shift, which occurs when the music moves behind the (missing) dialog to the background. We’ve got more Twilight Zone music in the archives, including the aforementioned 4CD set, The 40th Anniversary Collection (HERE), THE GRATEFUL DEAD’s The Twilight Zone (1985, HERE) and yesterday’s Twilight perfecta; BERNARD HERRMANN The Twilight Zone (1999, Re-recordings conducted By Joel McNeely), JERRY GOLDSMITH The Twilight Zone: The Movie (1993, Expanded) and DENNIS McCARTHY The Twilight Zone: Music From The (1985) Television Series (all HERE).

VAN CLEAVE What You Need (Air Date 12/25/59) (11:32)
JERRY GOLDSMITH The Four Of Us Are Dying (Air Date 1/1/60) (17:21)
Third From The Sun (Air Date 1/8/60) (11:12)
LUCIAN MORAWECK The Purple Testament (Air Date 2/12/60) (12:57)
RENE GARRIGUENC The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street (Air Date 3/4/60) (11:08)
A Nice Place To Visit (Air Date 4/15/60) (6:32)
JERRY GOLDSMITH Nightmare As A Child (Air Date 4/29/60) (12:46)
The Man In The Bottle (Air Date 10/7/60) (7:47)
BERNARD HERRMANN Eye Of The Beholder (Air Date 11/11/60) (5:34)
A Most Unusual Camera (Air Date 12/16/60) (6:24)
Twenty-Two (Air Date 2/10/61) (10:36)
The Odyssey Of Flight 33 (Air Date 2/24/61) (10:28)
The Prime Mover (Air Date 3/24/61) (3:13)
The Rip Van Winkle Caper (Air Date 4/21/61) (9:31)
The Mind And The Matter (Air Date 5/2/61) (5:21)
Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up (Air Date 5/26/61) (5:50)
The Grave (Air Date 10/27/61) (3:44)
VAN CLEAVE The Midnight Sun (Air Date 11/17/61) (7:57)
Death’s-Head Revisited (Air Date 11/10/61) (5:13)
WILLIAM LAVA Once Upon A Time (Air Date 12/15/61) (10:15)
Nothing In The Dark (Air Date 1/5/62) (11:12)
ROBERT DRASNIN The Hunt (Air Date 1/26/62) (11:10)
Showdown With Rance McGrew (Air Date 2/2/62) (7:21)
Kick The Can (Air Date 2/9/62) (10:07)
TOMMY MORGAN The Last Rites Of Jeff Myrtlebank (Air Date 2/23/62) (8:17)
The Fugitive (Air Date 3/9/62) (6:35)
BERNARD HERRMANN Little Girl Lost (Air Date 3/16/62) (13:22)
The Little People (Air Date 3/30/62) (9:14)
TOMMY MORGAN Hocus-Pocus And Frisby (Air Date 4/13/62) (4:00)
The Dummy (Air Date 5/4/62) (4:54)
The Changing Of The Guard (Air Date 6/1/62) (6:21)
In His Image (Air Date 1/3/63) (7:38)
Valley Of The Shadow (Air Date 1/17/63) (9:48)
He’s Alive (Air Date 1/24/63) (12:52)
Death Ship (Air Date 2/7/63) (11:13)
VAN CLEAVE Jess-Belle (Air Date 2/14/63) (22:21)
FRED STEINER Miniature (Air Date 2/21/63) (12:32)
Printer’s Devil (Air Date 2/28/63) (13:40)
No Time Like The Past (Air Date 3/7/63) (13:16)
FRED STEINER I Dream Of Genie (Air Date 3/21/63) (13:25)
The New Exhibit (Air Date 4/4/63) (13:06)
Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville (Air Date 4/11/63) (6:26)
The Incredible World Of Horace Ford (Air Date 4/18/63) (9:38)
RENE GARRIGUENC In Praise Of Pip (Air Date 9/27/63) (5:35)
VAN CLEAVE Steel (Air Date 10/4/63) (5:04)
VAN CLEAVE A Kind Of Stopwatch (Air Date 10/18/63) (5:57)
BERNARD HERRMANN Ninety Years Without Slumbering (Air Date 12/20/63) (12:18)
RENE GARRIGUENC Spur Of The Moment (Air Date 2/21/64) (6:21)
NATHAN SCOTT A Young Man’s Fancy (Air Date 5/11/64) (10:14)
JEFF ALEXANDER Come Wander With Me (Air Date 5/22/64) (11:46)
The Bewitchin’ Pool (Air Date 6/19/64) (9:26)


THE FOUR OF US ARE DYING (Air Date: January 1st, 1960)
Written By Rod Serling (Based On A Story By George Clayton Johnson). Music By Jerry Goldsmith

The brilliance of The Twilight Zone, kick-starting the 1960s in grand style. There’s so much to take in during The Four Of Us Are Dying – the story of a guy who can change his face at will – that it’s hard to know where to start. Start, then, at the beginning, with Rod Serling’s brilliant opening monologue, referring to protagonist Archie Hammer as “a cheap man, a nickel-and-dime man, with a cheapness that goes past the suit and the shirt; a cheapness of mind, a cheapness of taste, a tawdry little shine on the seat of his conscience, and a dark-room squint at a world whose sunlight has never gotten through to him.” Note the elaborate set that mimics the floating, bar-hopping neon of old movies, the cool, jazz-era dialog, noted character actors (including Beverly Garland & Ross Martin, to name two), and the inventive set-up and camera work that captures Archie’s face-changing abilities. And, of course, there’s Jerry Goldsmith’s outstanding, seedy hotel-strip jazz score. If you’re able to suspend your disbelief, this Zone has it all, and goes a long way in explaining what set the series apart from the rest of TV at the dawn of the 60s. The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series 24 disc blu-ray is a bargain @ $150 (HERE) at Amazon.

THE TWILIGHT ZONE The Twilight Zone (Bernard Herrmann, 1999), The Twilight Zone: The Movie (Jerry Goldsmith, 1983), The Twilight Zone: Music From The Television Series (Dennis McCarthy, 1985)

BERNARD HERRMANN The Twilight Zone (Conducted By Joel McNeely) (1999)
JERRY GOLDSMITH The Twilight Zone: The Movie (Expanded) (1983)
DENNIS McCARTHY The Twilight Zone: Music From The Television Series (1985)
Speaking Of The Twilight Zone

Three alternate takes from another dimension of Twilight Zone music. The first is a tribute to the compositional work of the great Bernard Herrmann (famed score composer of everything from Citizen Kane to Taxi Driver, including numerous Alfred Hitchcock films). A 2CD set of modern re-recordings of Bernard’s work for the series, as conducted by longtime disciple, Joel McNeely (we’ve got his re-recording of Herrmann’s Psycho in the archives, HERE). It’s an excellent set that modernizes the sonic tone of many lost soundtracks, with a generally faithful obedience to the master’s originals. Also includes variations of Herrmann’s original opening theme music, later replaced by Marius Constant’s now-iconic opening (do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do). The now-legendary Jerry Goldsmith was a regular composer for the original 60s television series early in his career, so he was a natural choice to score John Landis’ 1983 Twilight Zone movie (the film that killed actor Vic Morrow). Includes his new score for “Nightmare At 20,000 Feet” (the one with the gremlin of the wing of an airplane), as the TV version only contained a few of his cues lifted from other episodes. Our third offering is the least representative of the original series’ music, as it comes from the 1985 TV re-boot of The Zone, written by Dennis McCarthy – the respected composer of such sci-fi franchises as V, Star Trek: The Next Generation & Deep Space Nine & others. The overall sound and style is a purposeful update and lacks much of the nuance and flavor of the original series composers. Those who grew up with the 1985 series – and not inclined to compare – may enjoy. We’ve got more Twilight Zone music (as well as other projects from Bernard Hermann and Jerry Goldsmith) in the archives, including original 60s recordings from The Twilight Zone – The 40th Anniversary Collection (4CDs HERE), THE GRATEFUL DEAD’s The Twilight Zone (1985, HERE), BERNARD HERRMANN’S Psycho (HERE) & The Day The Earth Stood Still (HERE) and JERRY GOLDSMITH’s Seconds (HERE) & A Patch Of Blue (HERE).

BERNARD HERRMANN The Twilight Zone (Re-recordings)
Main Title (1:25)
Where Is Everybody? (15:47)
Walking Distance (19:30)
The Lonely (14:26)
Eye Of The Beholder w/Twilight Zone Theme (2nd Revision) (11:03)
End Title (1:22)
New Twilight Zone Theme Opening (0:44)
Little Girl Lost (16:04)
Living Doll (12:18)
Ninety Years Without Slumbering (13:02)
New Twilight Zone Theme Closing (1:15)

JERRY GOLDSMITH Twilight Zone: The Movie
Main Title – Twilight Zone Theme (0:48)
Time Out (8:01)
Kick The Can (15:47)
It’s A Good Life (12:41)
Nightmare At 20,000 Feet (10:01)
Overture (Twilight Zone Theme and End Title) (6:03)
Nights Are Forever (Sung by Jennifer Warner) (3:37)
Anesthesia (Sung by Joseph Williams) (3:04)
Time Change/Questions/The Ledge (“Time Out” album edit) (3:04)
Young Again/Take Me With You/A New Guest (“Kick The Can” alternate segments) (5:03)
Cartoon Monster/That’s All, Ethel (“It’s A Good Life” album edit) (4:30)
Cartoon Music (“It’s A Good Life”) (1:28)
On The Wing/A Face In The Window/Twilight Zone Theme (“Nightmare At 20,000 Feet” album edit) (4:58)

DENNIS McCARTHY The Twilight Zone – Music From The Television Series
The Dead Earth (2:33)
Phantoms Of The Earth (4:13)
Rebirth Of The Earth (1:59)
The Family/The Nightmare Begins (2:06)
Welcome To The ‘Nam (3:06)
Roads Not Taken (3:55)
The Return Home (1:32)
The Meld/Finale (2:09)
Opening/Snooping Around (3:34)
Wonderment (2:28)
The Power Of God/Finale (3:38)
Rebirth Of The Future (4:03)
Thoughts Of A Lonely Man (3:11)
Betrayal And Guilt (3:06)
The Song Of The Stars/Finale (1:45)

VINCENT GALLO The Brown Bunny Soundtrack (2004) – Music By John Frusciante

GalloFrontThe Brown Bunny (2004)
Weird Scenes…

Roger Ebert famously called The Brown Bunny the worst movie in the history of The Cannes Film Festival. An opinion he would later revise after director/actor Vincent Gallo re-cut the film, losing nearly a quarter of its two-hour run time in the process. Gallo’s indie art house flick, the follow-up to his amazing Buffalo 66, became notorious… less for its merits, and more for the graphic blow job he gets from actress Chloe Sevigny. A real blow job, as it turns out (see for yourself, HERE, if you dare). Sadly, The Brown Bunny‘s soundtrack features no music from Gallo himself, who has been a most unusual recording artist since the early 80s. Personally, I’m fascinated by his inexplicably unique approach to music and anti-music. We’ve got examples of both in the archives; Gallo’s solo debut, When, and the Buffalo 66 soundtrack (both HERE, where you can read more about how downright bizarre the guy is), plus his 1982 avant-noise release as Bohack (HERE). When I first heard The Brown Bunny‘s haunting opening track, “Come Wander With Me,” I was sure the female vocalist was Vincent Gallo (it’s actually actress Bonnie Beecher), because the movie tough guy has an alarmingly feminine singing voice. I was further confused by how strangely familiar the song was, like it was out of my distant past. It was. The recording comes from a 1964 Twilight Zone episode of the same name…. and its moody melancholy is Gallo incarnate. Mind sufficiently blown. Between jazzer Ted Curson’s “Tears For Dolphy,” Gordon Lightfoot’s “Beautiful” and about 20 minutes from ex-Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist, John Frusciante, The Brown Bunny adds up to an offbeat soundtrack as offbeat as Gallo himself. Not for everyone, but something a little out of the ordinary for those who roll that way. You know who you are. Find The Brown Bunny at Amazon (HERE), along with s 2014 vinyl reissue made from Gallo’s master tapes (HERE).

JEFF ALEXANDER Come Wander With Me (2:58)
TED CURSON Tears For Dolphy (8:32)
JACKSON C. FRANK Milk And Honey (3:39)
GORDON LIGHTFOOT Beautiful (3:25)
JOHN FRUSCIANTE Forever Away (6:43)
JOHN FRUSCIANTE Dying Song (3:46)
JOHN FRUSCIANTE Leave All The Days Behind (1:58)
JOHN FRUSCIANTE Prostitution Song (3:07)
JOHN FRUSCIANTE Falling (4:47)

BILL LASWELL / SANTANA / BOB MARLEY / MILES DAVIS – Divine Light: Music From Illuminations & Love Devotion Surrender (2001), Dreams Of Freedom: Ambient Translations Of Bob Marley In Dub (1997), Panthalassa: The Music Of Miles Davis 1969-1974 (1998) + Panthalassa: The Remixes (1999)

Divine Light: Music From Illuminations & Love Devotion Surrender (2001)
Dreams Of Freedom: Ambient Translations Of Bob Marley In Dub (1997)
Panthalassa: The Music Of Miles Davis 1969-1974 (1998)

Laswell’s Spacey Road Trips To The Netherworld

UPDATED: While thumbing through the ol’ wall of CDs, I stumbled across Bill Laswell’s “Deconstruction & Mix Translation” of Carlos Santana’s music from Illuminations and Love Devotion Surrender – a disc I’ve owned since 2001, but completely forgot about when posting Laswell’s cool remixes of Miles Davis and Bob Marley back in 2010. So… here’s an updated post.

Mega-cool ambient/dub reconstructions from ace producer Bill Laswell. His credentials need no verification and his catalog of pro-creative utilization of sound is unparalleled, but these projects have to rank high in Laswell’s personal pantheon. The Miles disc is especially rewarding, as Laswell delves deep into the multi-colored, multi-track master tapes to reveal lost sounds and effects buried beneath the sometime noisy cacophony of Davis’ jam sessions. Many of Miles’ originals were studio creations in themselves, often live, but often cut-and-pasted together to form something just short of unattainable in real life. Laswell takes it a step further with a dark, moody, downright spooky bent. Hidden nuance found buried in the session tapes are sometimes pushed to the fore, creating something both surreal and unusual. I can’t help but imagine the ever-curious Miles would approve. The Marley disc is created in the same manner, with the emphasis on the dub, naturally, and Laswell offers some additional sounds from his stable of talent, Aiyb Dieng and Tetsu Inoue, to push Marley’s original work to ambient/dub extremes. The Santana re-imagination uses only the original master tapes from Carlos’ 1973-74 collaborations with John McLaughlin and Alice Coltrane (with Jack DeJohnette, Billy Cobham, Michael Shrieve, Jan Hammer, Tom Coster and many others). There’s less ambience (and no dub) here, as Laswell works to reconcile two stylistically different LPs from Santana’s catalog. Some scoff at tinkering with the past like this. But the past is already available in multiple forms, these re-visits only add to the variety of tone and texture, opening up new worlds using the most cherished of root sources as guides. Find them all cheap at Amazon, Miles (HERE), Marley (HERE) and Santana (HERE).

Divine Light
Angel Of Air/Angel Of Water (11:19)
A Love Supreme (6:49)
Illuminations (4:31)
The Life Divine (6:45)
Naima (4:05)
Angel Of Sunlight (14:50)
Bliss: The Eternal Now (5:51)
Meditation (1:58)
Bliss: The Eternal Now – Return (4:04)

Dreams Of Freedom
Rebel Music (3 O’Clock Roadblock) (10:19)
No Woman No Cry (4:11)
The Heathen (8:38)
Them Belly Full (But We Hungry) (5:59)
Waiting In Vain (4:40)
So Much Trouble In The World (4:50)
Exodus (8:57)
Burnin’ And Lootin’ (4:10)
Is This Love (4:32)
One Love (People Get Ready) (4:13)
Midnight Ravers (6:19)

In A Silent Way/Shhh Peaceful/It’s About That Time (15:20)
Black Satin/What If/Agharta Prelude Dub (16:06)
Rated X/Billy Preston (14:34)
He Loved Him Madly (13:40)

Panthalassa: The Remixes (1999)
Here’s the 1999 compendium, Panthalassa: The Remixes, featuring re-re-visualizations by Laswell, King Britt & Philip Charles, Doc Scott, DJ Cam and Jamie Myerson. ALSO INCLUDED: The rare bonus track remix from DJ Krush, only available on the vinyl version and promotional CD.



Sssh (Sea4 Miles Remix) (Remixed By King Britt & Philip Charles) (10:28)
Rated X (Remixed By Doc Scott) (6:41)
In A Silent Way (Remixed By DJ Cam) (5:05)
On The Corner (Subterranean Channel Mix) (Remixed By Bill Laswell) (16:42)
Rated X (Remixed By Jamie Meyerson) (8:02)
Black Satin/On The Corner (Remixed By DJ Krush) (6:20) – Bonus Track

JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON 3 Hours Past Midnight (1955-59) + Johnny Guitar Watson Sampler (1994)

3 Hours Past Midnight (1986)
Sampler (1994)
Two Sides Of Johnny Guitar Watson

The 1956 single, and the title track of this single disc Ace Records compilation, 3 Hours Past Midnight, is reportedly the song that inspired drummer Frank Zappa to pick up a guitar. You can hear echoes of Frank’s early, Ruben-esque, remedial blues passion peppered throughout Watson’s late 50s guitar-driven R&B – a lively, jumpin’ blues sound that Watson The Showman often punctuated with stagey guitar gymnastics (playing behind his back, with his teeth, etc.) that would later seem fresh and new when Hendrix did it 10 years later. And, while there are surely more sprawling compilations chronicling Watson’s early years, for newcomers, this 1986 set should suffice just fine. For those that remember Watson from his 70s reincarnation as a disco-funky superman lover (“A Real Mother For Ya,” “Gangster Of Love”), we’ve included a cool little 6-track, 30-minute promo sampler CD that hits all the high notes without all the excess. Released in 1994, two years before Watson’s death, Sampler is a rarity designed to draw attention to the Collectables Records’ reissue series. Hard core fans won’t need it, but for those who are just curious this is the perfect place to start. Find 3 Hours Past Midnight at Amazon, HERE.

3 Hours Past Midnight
Hot Little Mama (2:49)
Ruben (2:19)
I Love To Love You (2:46)
Someone Cares For Me (2:59)
Too Tired (2:44)
Oh Baby (2:44)
The Bear (2:45)
One More Kiss (2:28)
Those Lonely Lonely Nights (3:00)
She Moves Me (2:52)
Give A Little (2:56)
Ain’t Gonna Hush (2:33)
Motor Head Baby (2:14)
I’m Gonna Hit That Highway (3:19)
Love Me Baby (3:48)
Three Hours Past Midnight (3:28)

A Real Mother For Ya (5:04)
Superman Lover (5:43)
Love Jones (4:46)
Giant (3:47)
Lover Jones (5:25)
Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty (5:13)

ZOOT HORN ROLLO We Saw A Bozo Under The Sea (2001) – Only Solo LP From Capt. Beefheart Guitarist

FrontWe Saw A Bozo Under The Sea (2001)
The Welcomed Return Of Rolling Stone‘s 62nd Greatest Guitarist Of All Time…

After years of lunacy and retreat, Zoot Horn Rollo, a.k.a. Bill Harkleroad, the ex-guitarist of Capt. Beefheart’s Magic Band and Mallard, released his first and only solo album in 2001, We Saw A Bozo Under The Sea. It’s an outstanding, off-kilter, jazz fusion-oriented collaboration with drummer Gregg Bendian that illustrates Harkleroad’s dedication to his art and legacy. As the architect of some of rock’s most enduringly bizarre guitar licks – via Trout Mask Replica, Lick My Decals Off Baby and Clear Spot, to name a few – Rollo all but left the music business after his stint with The Magic Band’s brief post-Beefheart gathering, Mallard. But after penning a book about his years with Beefheart and beyond (Lunar Notes, HERE at Amazon), it took the advent of a new century before Rollo would/could re-emerge – intact – to release this stand out album. Instead of milking his legacy (he turned down a spot in The Magic Band’s new millennium reunions), Rollo went his own route… with stellar results. Fans of Beefheart (and Zappa) will only hear faint traces of the stylistic characteristics that made Rollo’s rep, but the syncopated vibes, sometimes jagged riffage and overall non-commercial approach should find favor with those who appreciate an artist charting his own course. Lunar NotesMany thanks to Zed for posting this in Readers Links a while back. And, of course, we’ve got plenty of Rollo-related releases for your dancing and dining pleasure in the archives, including: CAPT. BEEFHEART Trout Mask Replica and Trout Mask House Sessions (HERE), The Spotlight Kid/Clear Spot (HERE in Readers Links, August 7, 2014), The Dust Blows Forward (2CD compilation, HERE) and MALLARD Mallard/In A Different Climate (HERE). Poke around for more Beefheart and a bunch of 21st century Magic Band, too. Gregg Bendian fans can find his 1999 duet tribute to John Coltrane with Nels Cline in the archives, NELS CLINE/GREGG BENDIAN Interstellar Space Revisited (HERE). Find Zoot Horn Rollo’s We Saw A Bozo Under The Sea at Amazon (HERE).

Got A Buzz On (5:29)
Relocating Dirt – Life’s Work (0:57)
Miniature Mojo (6:26)
Cowboy Coffee (6:23)
Dancin’ With The Doorknob (4:55)
Temporary Tattoo (3:45)
John’s Eyes (5:28)
Solo Below (4:30)
Still Living With Mom (0:58)
Detective Charlo (4:55)
Church Of The Mowed Lawn (5:00)
Don’s Secret (5:20)
Nice Patina (5:34)
Elvis Beans (1:32)