ROGER McGUINN Complete Folk Den Recordings (1995-2014) – UPDATED: 231 Songs, Over 11 Hours

The Complete Folk Den Recordings (1995-2014)
19 Years Of Monthly Releases! 231 Historic Folk Songs (Over 11 Hours) Courtesy Of The Former Byrd

UPDATED TO DECEMBER, 2014: Each month, since 1995, Roger McGuinn has been sharing free downloads of his personal recordings of mountain music, sea shanties, chain gang songs, cowboy tunes and southern spirituals on his website, The Folk Den (HERE). Essentially, the project is his own history of folk music’s evolution over the last few centuries, and each post features personal anecdotes about the composition’s history and/or his first introduction to it – often with lyrics and chord progressions. It’s a mighty impressive project – both musically and personally – though, it should be noted that the bit rate is a bit wanting (usually 128 to 192) and the fidelity is not always studio quality. But… what do you want for nothing? You can download all 231 songs directly from The Folk Den… one at a time, or you can conveniently grab them all here. I kinda hate to say this, but you’re better off getting them here. The tags on Roger’s original files are a total mess; unnumbered, unorganized and often misnamed. We’ve spent some time fixing all those issues and we’ve included all the artwork (when available) and Roger’s recollections, all fit snugly in the “lyrics” section of each MP3’s file (if you know how to access your mp3’s innards). McGuinn would later re-record some of this material for a 4CD box set in 2005, The Folk Den Project, HERE, to mark the project’s 10th anniversary. There’s also a 2001 single CD version called Treasures From The Folk Den, HERE. This complete, web-only, 19-year collection of monthly releases now brings you up to Dec, 2014. Thanks Roger. Visit The Folk Den (HERE) for future monthly releases.

Old Paint (2:42)
Virgin Mary (1:51)
The Argoanut (2:17)
John Riley (3:49)
To Morrow (1:59)
Easter (1:55)
Springfield Mountain (2:28)
Buffalo Skinners (4:15)
New York Girls (2:14)
Cold Coast Of Greenland (1:59)
Boatman (3:01)
Lost Jimmy Whelan (2:14)
Golden Vanity (2:34)
What Child Is This (2:31)
Bobbi From Chi (Tribute To Bob Gibson) (1:53)
In The Evenin‘ (2:26)
Alberta (2:57)
Sailor Lad (1:45)
Brisbane Ladies (3:02)
Wayfaring Stranger (3:08)
East Virginia (2:48)
This Train (1:30)
South Australia (3:15)
Go To Sea Once More (3:28)
Wild Goose (1:36)
Wagoner’s Lad (3:04)
Mary Had A Baby (2:04)
Cold Cold Coast Of Greenland (1:59)
Brandy Leave Me Alone (2:14)
Finnegan’s Wake (2:32)
Bound To Australia (3:14)
Handsome Cabin Boy (3:23)
James Alley Blues (3:11)
Pushboat (3:09)
John Henry (1:42)
Home On The Range (3:28)
Mighty Day (2:31)
John The Revelator (2:27)
Bonny Ship The Diamond (2:37)

Brazos River (2:18)
900 Miles (2:48)
Old Texas (2:04)
Blood Red Roses (3:26)
Alabama Bound (2:31)
Liverpool Gals (3:06)
Get Along Little Dogies (3:03)
Trouble In Mind (2:34)
Sail Away Lady (2:10)
Fair Nottamun Town (3:34)
Ain‘ No Mo’ Cane On De Brasis (3:43)
I Saw Three Ships (2:06)
Auld Lang Syne (2:18)
Greenland Whale Fisheries (1:57)
Dink’s Song (3:01)
Lilly of the West (3:13)
Kilgary Mountain (3:02)
Willie Moore (3:33)
Star Spangled Banner (3:52)
The Cruel War (4:17)
Cumberland Mountain Bear Chase (4:10)
Coffee Grows On White Oak Trees (2:43)
Makes Long Time Man Feel Bad (3:14)
The Twelve Days of Christmas (4:01)
Stewball (2:14)
The Riddle Song (1:24)
Catch The Greenland Whale (2:35)
The Colorado Trail (2:44)
House Of The Rising Sun (2:36)
The Water Is Wide (2:19)
Nancy Whiskey (3:00)
Bring Me A Little Water, Sylvie (3:10)
Streets Of Laredo (2:14)
American For Me (4:17)
Battle Hymn of the Republic (3:38)
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day (2:00)
Waltzing Matilda (4:44)
Spanish Is The Loving Tongue (2:44)
Roddy McCorley (3:52)
Rock Island Line (1:57)
Michael Row The Boat Ashore (2:41)
Tarrytown (2:52)
All My Trials (3:33)
Delia’s Gone (3:02)
Railroad Bill (2:43)
Wildwood Flower (3:03)
I Am A Pilgrim (3:21)
Away In A Manger (2:49)

When The Saints Go Marching In (4:03)
St James Infirmary (3:34)
Pretty Saro (2:11)
Wild Mountain Thyme (2:52)
12 Gates To The City (3:17)
Squid Jiggling Ground (3:02)
He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands (2:53)
Go Tell Aunt Rhodie (1:34)
Shenandoah (4:27)
Banks of Ohio (4:13)
Heave Away (2:37)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas (1:57)
The Gallows Polls (2:43)
Silver Dagger (3:50)
Drunken Sailor (2:38)
Ezekiel Saw A Wheel (3:21)
Whistling Gypsy (3:20)
Salty Dog Blues (1:47)
Down By The Riverside (3:14)
Haul Away Joe (3:30)
Oh Freedom (3:43)
Spanish Ladies (3:10)
The John B’s Sails (3:28) w/ The Rock Bottom Remainders
The First Noel (3:20)
Cindy (1:47)
Let the Bullgine Run (3:06)
Follow The Drinking Gourd (2:46)
Wanderin’ (3:28)
So Early in the Spring (3:29)
Old Riley (1:50)
On Top Of Old Smokey (2:52)
Erie Canal (3:09)
Red River Valley (2:55)
There’s A Hole In The Bucket (3:01)
Oh Mary Don’t You Weep (2:12)
Children Go Where I Send Thee (5:40)
Ruben Ranzo (2:19)
St. Clair’s Defeat (4:53)
Mary Had A Little Lamb (3:30)
Wade In The Water (3:07)
Greensleeves (5:13)
Molly Malone (3:42)
Pretty Polly (2:29)
Katie Morey (2:40)
Every Time I Feel The Spirit (2:42)
Perry’s Victory (2:37)
Whup Jamboree (2:40)
Housewife’s Lament (3:27)
Joy To The World (3:08)

This Little Light Of Mine (3:43)
House Carpenter (3:17)
The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry (3:13)
Glory Glory (2:42)
The Butcher’s Boy (2:54)
King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O (4:10)
The Coo Coo (2:45)
Sugar Baby (3:23)
Fair And Tender Ladies (2:56) – w/ Gene Clark
The Ballad Of The Boll Weevil (4:16) – w/ Barry McGuire
Old Blue (2:34)
O Come All Ye Faithful (4:15)
Away Rio (3:21)
Old Joe Clark (3:25)
Blow The Man Down (3:07)
Cripple Creek (2:00)
Come And Go With Me (2:55)
I Know Where I’m Going (2:30)
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad (3:48)
Skip To My Lou (2:43)
Darlin’ Corey (2:57)
Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho (3:05)
500 Miles (3:39)
Go Tell It On The Mountain (3:19)
No Payday In Detroit (2:00)
Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out (3:27)
My Home Across The Smokey Mountains (3:38)
Old Plank Road (2:44)
Dry Bones (3:01)
A Roving (2:17)
Old Chisholm Trail (2:24)
When I First Came To This Land (2:44)
Drill Ye Tarriers (3:02)
I’ll Fly Away (3:39)
Frozen Logger (3:22)
Christmas Is Coming (2:10)
Take This Hammer (2:44)
Randy Dandy Oh (2:50)
She Never Will Marry (3:47)
Black Mt. Rag / Soldier’s Joy (1:59)
Big Rock Candy Mountain (2:49)
All The Pretty Little Horses (2:59)
I’m On My Way (2:14)
Whoa Back Buck (2:44)
Rolling Down To Old Maui (3:06)
Pay Me My Money Down (2:07)
The Bears Went Over The Mountain (2:04)
Back To Sea (2:44)

Barbara Allen (2:31)
Henry Martin (4:02)
Polly Vaughn (3:04)
The Squirrel (1:27)
To Welcome Poor Paddy Home (2:48)
Leave Her Johnny Leave Her (2:41)
Paul & Silas (2:20)
The Coast of Peru (2:43)
Bury Me Not On The Lone Prarie (5:14)
Black Is The Color Of My True Love’s Hair (3:00)
The Cobbler (2:50)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (3:28)
Eddystone Light (1:52)
Titanic (2:31)
Paddy West (2:55)
Let My People Go (3:37)
Down In The Valley (2:39)
When Jones’s Ale Was New (2:58)
Jacob’s Dream (2:17)
Isn’t It Grand? (2:13)
Give Me Oil In My Lamp (2:38)
Darling Clementine (2:20)
Away With Rum (2:24)
We Three Kings (2:47)
John Hardy (3:14)
Banks Of Newfoundland (3:09)
The Moonshiner (1:46)
Swing Low Sweet Chariot (2:47)
Early One Morning (2:22)
We Are Crossing The Jordan River (3:41)
I’ve Been Working On The Railroad (1:47)
I Heard The Voice Of Jesus (2:35)
Jimmy Brown (3:11)
Swannanoa Tunnel (3:39)
She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain (2:01)
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (1:57)
The Month Of January (3:22)
Winter’s Almost Gone (3:41)
Engine 143 (3:44)
The Lazy Farmer Boy (2:42)
Take A Drink On Me (2:11)
Peg & Awl (2:11)
Hard Times Of Old England (2:45)
Tell Ole Gil (3:37)
Risselty Rosselty Now Now Now (1:48)
Henry Lee (3:56)
Little Moses (3:21)
The Cherry Tree Carol (4:20)


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    Wow! That's a lot of listening! Thanks to Roger of course, and to you for making these easily available.

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    Great collection. I'm going to need a day or two to download & appreciate it all. Any material from Roger's 1970 Byrds conglomeration? That's the "Untitled" period & one of my favorite line-ups from McGuinn & Co. Such good stuff (and thanks for mentioning his website. I'll be a'visiting that also.)

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    No pj, this material is far removed from The Byrds. The streaming players should give you a good idea. This is almost all folk roots stuff.

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    Understood & appreciated. I'm just an old Byrds fan from way back.It's not like I don't have six versions of "Chestnut Mare", but, damn, they all sound good. I'm just glad to see Roger up & kickin'.

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    many many thanks for all your labours – few years back tried to down all these from the very generous McGuinns site, got into a bit of a mess and to cap it all my hard drive died!


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    That was a lot of work for you getting the comments and the art included in the files. Thank you so much for this. I've listened to about 20 of these songs at McGuinn's site over the years.
    They are much more accessible in my mp3 player than listening to them piecemeal at his site.
    I do dare suggest that McGuinn's collection is as worthy as Harry Smith's Anthology.
    Another amazing post.

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    Thanks Muddy,
    I agree… this project is really something special and obviously a labor of love for Roger – as he's been at it, every month, for 16 years. Thanks for commenting.

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    The Bonus track from october 1996 is called BOBBI FROM CHI (not Bob Gibson Tribute).

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    Many thanks.

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    Many thanks for this post. The samples that I've heard over the years made me want very much to hear more.

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    Many thanks for this treasure trove: wonderful stuff.

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    Thanks for posting this. Whew, what a collection. Before and after his life as a pop visionary, McGuinn was/is a folkie of the old school, a simple balladeer with a sweet voice and a desire to entertain. Plus he was one of the first musicians to use the internet to share his love of music. Peace on him.


    • Willard
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      … and continuing every single month for 16 years. This collection includes a couple of his old school 50s/60s folk recordings, too.

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    An accomplished folk musician who became a genuine electric guitar innovator. This is possibly his greatest project. Thanks for your hard work on this one, Willard.

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      Rog did most of it, thanks.

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    A labor of love from Roger & our good Captain. Thanx. I had D/L’ed a bunch of Roger’s stuff a couple years back, from his site, but this is really nice to have a complete bundle.

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    don’t forget he was present on early Judy Collins and Chad Mitchell Trio on Kapp…even visible on one of their covers. This is a great service to us all . I admire his dedication to this project and total commitment to the LONG run. I agree that this (eventually) will be looked at like the Harry Smith Anthology some years down the road if not sooner. It actually may equal his legacy with the Byrds for sheer depth.

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    Excellent post, I didn’t know he posted on his website. Glad you took the workload so we all can enjoy. And you’re right, some of the bitrate is pathetic… 32bit? Ouch… but than again…

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    Although Catch the Greenland whale knocks it all out with 8 (EIGHT) bit:)

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    Thanks for both the original post and this update. An abnormal amount of beauty here.

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    Holy moly. You walk in Harry Smith’s shoes, W.

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      A bootlegger’s shoes would be more accurate. Roger’s the archaeologist.

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    Thanks a lot Willard. You mentioned artwork, but I could find none in any of the files. Have I missed something. Thanks again. from Mike

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      You have to know how to access your mp3’s innards. You’re probably Windows, so I can’t help. You’ll have to ask Google. In iTunes, it’s just a matter of clicking Command-I to access the “information” buried in the MP3s.

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    Thanks, W. I’ve been on another Byrds and related binge lately, so this is welcome. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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    Vielen Dank, lieber Willard, für Deine Bemuehungen mit Roger McGuinn und Joe Cocker. Die wunderbaren Erinnerungen die Du damit ins Leben gebracht hast waren sehr willkommen. Nochmal, danke sehr und ich wuensche allen ein Neues Jahr voller Frieden und Glueck.

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    Should place him up there with Bob, Jerry…

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