The Night Caller (1965)

The Night CallerTHE NIGHT CALLER (1966) – a.k.a Night Caller From Outer Space, a.k.a. Blood Beast From Outer Space. British sci-fi is no second cousin to American, drive-in sci-fi fare. Perhaps it’s their rich tradition of theater and acting, but the Brits seem to take it all quite seriously, regardless of how absurd or ridiculous the plot. The Night Caller is no exception. It casts a hypnotizing spell… at least, that’s what the singer in the title song says. Yes, that’s B-movie hack/great John Saxon in the lead, far more convincing that he usually is, in this tale of scientists tracking what they first believe is a meteor, only to learn it’s a space craft from Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter. When does it get dumb, you ask? When girls start disappearing as a result of answering ads in Bikini Girl magazine. Yeah, that’s right. Aliens are scoring chicks to repopulate their planet via the classifieds. DIALOG ALERT: “We had knowledge that could lead to eternal peace and progress, but also embodying the darker powers of universal destruction. So our civilisation ended, just as yours will end.” Find The Night Caller at Amazon, HERE. New Movies, Fridays ‘Round Midnight.

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