RANDY NEWMAN Air Force One (Rejected Soundtrack Score 1997)

Air Force One (1997)
Randy Newman’s Rejected Score

I was wasting time at a wasting time website that specializes in those “10 Things You Didn’t Know About….” posts. Well, I was checking out 25 things I didn’t know about the 1997 movie, Air Force One (a film I’m not particularly a fan of), when I saw something true to the article’s title that I really didn’t know… that Randy Newman had written a score for the film that was rejected by director Wolfgang Peterson (veteran Jerry Goldsmith wound up as composer of record). Overall, Newman’s score is a pretty good soundtrack, albeit, not very “Newman” – meaning it’s style is more akin to your standard action/thriller fare than Randy’s well-known smorgasbord of homaged Americana music. According to Wiki, director Peterson viewed Newman’s submission as more of a parody when he rejected it… which I don’t hear, but then I’m not a director. PS: All of our archive Randy Newman is back up – Cold Turkey, Live At The Boarding House and Live At The Record Plant, Johnny Cutler’s Birthday, Randy Newman Live, Live In London, Newman Sings Nilsson Sings Newman and The Randy Newman Songbooks, Vols. 1 & 2.

Get Redek
Don’t Touch This
Alice And Grace
American Bad Guy
Hijacked – Pod Deployed
No Landing
Where’s The President
Mother Russia
Prez Gets Idea
Call To The White House
Got Milk
Crossed Wires
I Never Left
Mo’ Chutes
Let’s Jump
The Executioner
Kill Korsh


  • Willard
    August 9, 2012 - 10:42 | Permalink

    Search HERE

  • Duncan Walls
    August 9, 2012 - 13:00 | Permalink

    I didn’t knopw about this one either. Cool. Now, did you know about his FIRST LP? on Epic? The soundtrack to “Peyton Place”. Used to own it. Bet it’s as rare as that Jimmy Webb LP on Epic (same BN/LN prefix I’ll bet) that was released without his consent of demos…had that one too, once. Found a post of it somewhere BUT IT”S ALL FORMATTED IN JAPANESE!) late 60s both

    • August 10, 2012 - 11:56 | Permalink

      Hey Duncan. I have a copy and have placed it in a “conspicuous” location for you and the Good Captains perusal. Love to hear your feedback on it these days. It hasn’t worn well…

  • Willard
    August 9, 2012 - 14:54 | Permalink

    Didn’t know that one. Don’t know if I’d be that interested either, having seen the show in the old days. Any good? We DO have Newman’s first (unreleased) score in the archives though, in case you missed it. It’s called Cold Turkey (link in text). Cheers

  • August 10, 2012 - 11:33 | Permalink

    Thx Willard!
    Never knew about this one, but it looks amazing. And I wasn’t a fan of the movie either. I like Harrison Ford, but man, for a while there, every movie he made seemed like a variation on the previous one. Always in danger, regardless of character, always the same look of anger/fear on his face. The formula got old, fast.

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    Wow, never knew about this either. But really, how does something like this even happen? Wouldn’t you think that the director would know whether the music was working for a film long before the composer had scored the ENTIRE film? I mean he had to have heard the main themes and music for key scenes long before the film was finished, and it seems really insensitive to wait until the whole score is finished, and then say, ‘no, I don’t like this’. Most directors work pretty close with their composers to get the style and feel they want for a film. And then to fire Randy Newman (one of the true greats) and hire Jerry Goldsmith (who I always felt was pretty derivative, but then probably the right guy for this kind of movie). Anyway, haven’t listened yet, so can’t comment on quality here, but find it really odd that they waited for him to complete the entire score before he was fired. Also hard to believe that Newman was involved with the music from the soap opera Peyton Place, back in the day, have to check that out too. Thanks for these really interesting and obscure tidbits!

  • Willard
    August 14, 2012 - 19:46 | Permalink

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, as always, BB.

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