PSYCHODOTS Psychodots (1991)

Psychodots (1991)
The Root DNA Of The Raisins & The Bears
… And Just As Good.

If you’re already a Bears fan (the union of guitarist Adrian Belew and Cincinnati hotshot pop outfit, The Raisins), look no further for your fix. I’ve always had an unnatural attraction to the guys that comprise this group – for their smart, unique melodies & harmonies, for the relentlessly positive energy of their music, and for their endless ability to craft a catchy tune without pandering. The Raisins reigned in Ohio in the early 80s, and their debut LP was produced by Belew, who subsequently joined the band (renaming themselves The Bears.) Two highly recommended albums followed in the mid-80s before Belew went back to King Crimson (The Bears would reform in the 00s for a few more CDs). Psychodots rose from those ashes with an independently released self-titled CD in 1991. They continued to work on and off with Belew and have recorded additional Psychodots CDs since (as late as 2005), but just can’t seem to interest a major label – a crime in any dimension. Like I said, if you’re a fan of the previous incarnations, this one won’t disappoint. We’ve got all of our Raisins (The Raisins, Everything And More, Volumes One, Two & Three) and Bears (The Bears, Rise And Shine, Car Caught Fire, Live, Eureka) up and running in the archives, so feast on some first-rate rock/pop whydoncha? Psychodots is available at Amazon (not so cheap).

Master Of Disaster (4:58)
Exaggeration (3:38)
Stella (4:01)
Another Reminder (2:24)
Livin’ In A Lincoln (3:51)
Water Under The Bridge (4:03)
Artichoke (3:14)
I See Thru You (4:08)
Open Window (3:39)
Sad Little Monkeys (4:11)
Creature Of Habit (3:10)
A Walk Thru The Garden (3:38)
Less Blue (3:10)
Enough (4:18)




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    Tack ska du ha! Means Thank You very much in swedish!

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    Stort tack

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    Many Thanks, Cap’n!

    Dig it: A great 2006 ‘dots performance of the Raisins/Bears signature tune:

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    Thanks Dave.

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    Thank you from a relocated Ohio boy.

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    Thanks from one who married into an Ohio clan (oddly enough, they were all pretty cool!). Some great talent has made its way out of the Buckeye State over the years. There’s so many wonderful LPs and CDs to also back up the claim. You’re a Prince among men for sharing this!

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    Great! This is too good to miss. Thanks so much.

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    wow, no wonder I like the bears so much, any chance of getting more of the dots. Great post man.

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    This is like Christmas in January…thanks a lot!

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    Any chance of posting the rest of the Psychodots albums? Or any idea where to find them?

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      I don’t have any of the others, sorry. Google’s your best bet.

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    Supplies are very limited, but if you are looking for Raisins or psychodots CDs, they can be found here:

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