JIMI HENDRIX Blue Wild Angel: Live At The Isle Of Wight (1970/2002) & The Rainbow Bridge Concert (1970/2002)

Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live At The Isle Of Wight (1970/2002)
The Rainbow Bridge Concert (1970/2002)
The Final Months

Double discs of two well-known Hendrix performances, though… the discs themselves aren’t quite as celebrated. The Isle Of Wight concert, one of Hendrix’s last performances was recorded three weeks before his death. Despite the experiments in band personnel during the last year of his life, Hendrix returned to an “Experience” trio format for his last UK gig, with Mitch Mitchell and Billy Cox in tow. Great sound. Check out the 22 minute “Machine Gun,” complete with the walkie-talkie interference coming from stage security that adds a new dimension to Hendrix’s famed anti-violence anthem. The Rainbow Bridge concert was recorded a month prior, with the same line-up. This, however, is a bootleg. One that fooled me when I bought it in the stores in 2002 because of the excellent artwork and packaging (and because I was temporarily confused by the recent glut of official Hendrix product that was hitting the shelves at the time). The sound quality ranges from OK to not-OK, sometimes thin and lacking dynamics, other times muddled and just lacking in general. The Late Show (previously unreleased in any form) fares better than the Early Show, but experienced listeners know that any live Hendrix is a quality crapshoot, both sound-wise and performance-wise. You can find Rainbow and Blue Wild Angel at Amazon. This post is also a good excuse to draw attention to our Hendrix archive, now back up and available; First Rays Of The New Rising SunJimi By Himself: The Home RecordingsJimi Plays MontereySouth Saturn DeltaThe Complete Are You ExperiencedThe L.A. Forum ConcertThe Voodoo Chile SessionsThe Winterland ReelsThe Last Interview & Winterland.

Blue Wild Angel: Jimi Hendrix Live At The Isle Of Wight
God Save The Queen (3:55)
Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (0:49)
Spanish Castle Magic (5:10)
All Along The Watchtower (5:40)
Machine Gun (22:14)
Lover Man (2:59)
Freedom (4:37)
Red House (11:38)
Dolly Dagger (6:02)
Midnight Lightning (6:24)
Foxy Lady (9:13)
Message To Love (6:24)
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (6:59)
Ezy Ryder (4:35)
Hey Joe (4:33)
Purple Haze (3:32)
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) (8:18)
In From The Storm (6:15)

The Rainbow Bridge Concert – Early Show
Lover Man (2:33)
Hey Baby (New Rising Sun) (4:36)
In From The Storm (5:00)
Message To Love (4:52)
Foxy Lady (4:45)
Hear My Train A Comin’ (9:08)
Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (7:17)
Fire (3:44)
Purple Haze (4:35)
The Rainbow Bridge Concert – Late Show
Dolly Dagger (5:09)
Instrumental (5:28)
Ezy Rider (4:54)
Red House (6:47)
Freedom (4:21)
Jam Back At The House (7:00)
Land Of The New Rising Sun (4:47)


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    Outstanding, as always, and many, many thanks for all of the related re-ups.

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    Hi Willard, nice collection.
    Would it be correct to call it an “Experience” trio with Billy Cox? On the first two Experience albums, Noel Redding played bass.

  • Willard
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    Hi Rick,
    Is it correct to call it an Experience trio? No.
    An “Experience” trio format? Yes. It’s why “Experience” is in quotes. It was just a round-about way of saying he went back to the trio format after experimenting with different configurations. Cheers.

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    Hi Wilard Great Site And A Great Up Load I Was Lucky Enough [and now old enough ha ha]
    To See The Great Man So Cheers And Keep Up The Good Work

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    This rainbow bridge album is definitely a better way to hear this music than watching the movie which is the only place i heard it before. Aside from the concert footage, that movie doesn’t seem to serve any purpose! Thanks for posting.

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    hi willard – the lately erratic deposit files has for some internally bizarre logic of their own seen fit to delete the second cd of isle of wight while leaving the first one there, perhaps
    as a tease.. but i suspect in that i attribute too much forethought to them. if time allows might the second volume re-appear some day? would be much appreciated, as is all the womdrous work and time you’ve put into your always terrific site. best – tom

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      New link up, thanks.

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    thank you so much willard. the attentions and devotion you provide to this magnificent endeavor of yours literally startles me at times. again many many thanks. your commentaries are always of great interest to me even when i am not especially drawn to the particular artist. i particularly love the ones on the friday night flicks. by the way what exactly took harry away? i have been an enormous harry fan since john ballyhooed his first lp a-way back in the 1960’s (hat tip here to the string band as well). the ftloh site was hands down simply the greatest web site these old eyes (and fingers) have ever seen since web consciousness arose for me in 1997. was it a project of yours as well? simply stunning tribute to one of the greatest artists of all time.. best to you, my invisible friend… – tom

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      Harry was a combination of things. Not worth really going into. Thanks for the kind words, though. Cheers.

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