JOHNNY GUITAR WATSON 3 Hours Past Midnight (1955-59) + Johnny Guitar Watson Sampler (1994)

3 Hours Past Midnight (1986)
Sampler (1994)
Two Sides Of Johnny Guitar Watson

The 1956 single, and the title track of this single disc Ace Records compilation, 3 Hours Past Midnight, is reportedly the song that inspired drummer Frank Zappa to pick up a guitar. You can hear echoes of Frank’s early, Ruben-esque, remedial blues passion peppered throughout Watson’s late 50s guitar-driven R&B – a lively, jumpin’ blues sound that Watson The Showman often punctuated with stagey guitar gymnastics (playing behind his back, with his teeth, etc.) that would later seem fresh and new when Hendrix did it 10 years later. And, while there are surely more sprawling compilations chronicling Watson’s early years, for newcomers, this 1986 set should suffice just fine. For those that remember Watson from his 70s reincarnation as a disco-funky superman lover (“A Real Mother For Ya,” “Gangster Of Love”), we’ve included a cool little 6-track, 30-minute promo sampler CD that hits all the high notes without all the excess. Released in 1994, two years before Watson’s death, Sampler is a rarity designed to draw attention to the Collectables Records’ reissue series. Hard core fans won’t need it, but for those who are just curious this is the perfect place to start. Find 3 Hours Past Midnight at Amazon, HERE.

3 Hours Past Midnight
Hot Little Mama (2:49)
Ruben (2:19)
I Love To Love You (2:46)
Someone Cares For Me (2:59)
Too Tired (2:44)
Oh Baby (2:44)
The Bear (2:45)
One More Kiss (2:28)
Those Lonely Lonely Nights (3:00)
She Moves Me (2:52)
Give A Little (2:56)
Ain’t Gonna Hush (2:33)
Motor Head Baby (2:14)
I’m Gonna Hit That Highway (3:19)
Love Me Baby (3:48)
Three Hours Past Midnight (3:28)

A Real Mother For Ya (5:04)
Superman Lover (5:43)
Love Jones (4:46)
Giant (3:47)
Lover Jones (5:25)
Funk Beyond The Call Of Duty (5:13)


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    Thanks !

  • Leon
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    I love Johnny Guitar Watson. Got turned on to him via Alex Chilton’s incredible version of Watson’s “Hook Me Up” on the “Set” album. What a song. I have a latter-day Watson comp, but am looking forward to some of this early stuff.

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    Speaking of Zappa, Johnny does some great vocalizing on “In France”.

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    Word of advice: Never try to get your peter sucked there.

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    And they’ve got the coffee, eating right thru the cup
    when you go ca-ca…they make you stand up!
    Will definitely dig into these early takes…if it turned Zappa on, we all should have it!
    Thank you, thank you!

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