The Black Gestapo (1975)

The Black Gestapo (1975)
Epitome Of No Budget Blaxploitation

I first saw this film on a DVD compilation called Non Stop Urban Action (a $4 Wal-Mart Blue Light Special that also featured The Black Six, Death Journey and Get Christie Love!). This stuff is the epitome of subblaxploitation. No stars, no sense and no budget. The original LP release obviously didn’t have much financial backing either, as some tracks are seemingly recorded straight from the film stock, complete with the movie’s dialog and sound effects. The music itself is a fun ride, just barely above made-for-TV quality, filled with raw blackness with a touch of offbeat jazz & psych. The All Music Guide calls it “deeply funky, slathered in wahwah guitars and a layer of fuzz thicker than shag carpeting.” A proper remaster of Allen Alper’s well-written score would be worth hearing. Just don’t count on it in this lifetime. Couldn’t even find the music at Amazon.

Main Theme (1:13)
The Rally (1:05)
Patrol (0:54)
Trouble (0:52)
Double Cross (3:07)
Payback (1:10)
Love Theme (1:39)
Get Some (1:13)
The Set Up (1:59)
In Deep (0:23)
Vengeance (1:06)
Love Theme (Reprise) (0:48)
Get Together (0:37)
Collection (0:54)
Big Battle (1:09)
Recognize (1:38)
Just Fine (0:25)
Big Battle (Reprise) (2:13)
My Way (1:34)
Pay Up (1:29)
End Theme (0:42)
Dialog (3:35)



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    Great find! The cover art alone is priceless. Thanks or posting this!

    PS – hate to be a grammar cop but this is driving me crazy — it's "epitome."

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    Actually, I appreciate the spell check. It makes me look a little less stupid. Just don't bust my chops on starting sentences with "And." That's way too convenient for me to stop. Thanks.

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    Freeze, Grammar Cop! Which is it, thanking or posting? Make mine day, punk!

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    Great timing, I've just started exploring the world of blaxploitation soundtracks, having seen "Coffy" a couple of nights ago.

    Thanks much for a great blog, really enjoying the surprises!

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    Thanks for the comments.

  • Capt. Willard
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    Thanks, Capt. Willard!!!

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