WHISKEYTOWN Stranger’s Almanac (Deluxe Edition) & Rural Free Delivery (1997)

Stranger’s Almanac (Deluxe Edition) (1997)
Rural Free Delivery (1997)
A Brilliant Moment In Time

NOTE: We’ve upgraded this post to include the Deluxe Edition of Stranger’s Almanac – Group leader Ryan Adams’ started out in a punk band but was, at some point in the mid-90s, visited in the middle of the night by the ghost of Gram Parsons, steering him into the growing field of alt-country. What was different about Adams’ take was his considerable songwriting skills – given a boatload of authenticity by his ever-changing band line-up (mainstayed by aching violinist, Caitlin Cary) and a bout of alcoholism that lent his vocals and delivery an undisputed air of realism way beyond his years. The tone and mood of Whiskeytown’s work in 1996-97 seemed to channel some of the genre’s finest atmospherics, often bettering the work of his mentors with a kind of wasted grace. We’ve got the band’s debut, Faithless Street, in the archives. Stranger’s Almanac was the second, while the EP, Rural Free Delivery, their third. So these two sets represent Whiskeytown in 1997, and both are marked by band changes and piecemeal recording sessions, making their consistently a minor miracle. I’ve been a fanatic since first hearing them, more for the quiet longing of the slower acoustics than anything else. As a result, I was never able to appreciate Adams’ eventual conversion to radio rock in the 00s. Even his later work with The Cardinals, which partially re-visits this style, seems more studied and less “authentic” than these early forays. Must have been the alcohol. If nothing else, this post can draw some attention to the archives, where you’ll find Faithless Street (Expanded Edition) (HERE), Those Weren’t The Days (pre-Almanac demos) (HERE), Forever Valentine (demos) & The Fucker Demos (HERE), as well as Ryan’s Elizabethtown Sessions (HERE) and iTunes Sessions (HERE). Find Rural Free Delivery (HERE) and the Deluxe Edition of Stranger’s Almanac (HERE) at Amazon.

Strangers Almanac (Deluxe Edition)
Inn Town (5:51)
Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight (3:16)
Yesterday’s News (2:50)
16 Days (3:54)
Everything I Do (4:32)
Houses On The Hill (2:39)
Turn Around (5:17)
Dancing With The Women At the Bar (4:38)
Waiting To Derail (3:55)
Avenues (2:31)
Losering (4:01)
Somebody Remembers The Rose (2:30)
Not Home Anymore (5:59)
Houses On The Hill (Live) (3:43)
Nurse With The Pills (Live) (4:41)
I Don’t Care What You Think About Me (Live) (3:19)
Somebody Remembers The Rose (Live) (2:34)
Turn Around (Live) (4:26)
Indian Gown (4:46)
16 Days (Acoustic) (3:13)
Somebody Remembers The Rose (Acoustic) (2:45)
Avenues (Acoustic) (3:35)
Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart Tonight (Acoustic) (2:43)
Houses On The Hill (Early Version) (2:26)
My Heart Is Broken (3:05)
I Still Miss Someone (Acoustic) (2:24)
Kiss And Make Up (3:31)
Barn’s On Fire (1:44)
Dancing With The Women At The Bar (Early Version) (4:28)
Dreams (5:50)
Breathe (4:08)
Wither, I’m A Flower (4:54)
Luxury Liner (2:40)
Theme For A Trucker (4:29)
Streets Of Sirens (3:45)
Turn Around (Alternate Version) (4:03)
10 Seconds (4:15)
Ticket Time (Early Version) (3:54)
The Rain Won’t Help You When It’s Over (Early Version) (4:34)

Rural Free Delivery
Take Your Guns To Town (2:30)
Nervous Breakdown (2:20)
Tennessee Square (3:03)
Captain Smith (2:11)
Macon, Georgia County Line (2:30)
Pawn Shop Ain’t No Place For A Wedding Ring (4:33)
Oklahoma (2:56)
Angels Are Messengers From God (4:06)


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    I do like these guys. But I love The Drive-By Truckers

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    Ryan Adams is a great, if sometimes erratic talent. I hated his heavy rock album but these are great. Thanks!

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    Those alt-country days were a blast. Son Volt vs. Wilco almost looked like it might become another Stones vs. Beatles. Wish I’d known this band was out there too. Thanks for the introductory backward look.

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    This is a backwards intro for me too. I got a hold of the Son Volt “B Sides” CD some time ago, and liked it a lot. I don’t know squat about this genre, but these 2 discs are right up my alley. thanks a lot.

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