PETE TOWNSHEND The Oceanic Concerts (1979/2001), Live: A Benefit For Maryville Academy (1999) & Magic Bus – Live From Chicago (2004)

The Oceanic Concerts (with Raphael Rudd) (1979/2001)
Live: A Benefit For Maryville Academy (1999)
Magic Bus – Live From Chicago (2004)
You Only Need Two Of These, The Third Is An Inferior Reissue

Three Pete Townshend live discs, though one of them is just an abbreviated budget version of the other, so I’m not exactly sure why I’m posting it. I guess, as a buyer beware. The Oceanic Concerts is a 1979 live collaboration with Raphael Rudd, best known for his work in Renaissance, who joins Townshend in this rare performance to honor their spiritual mentor, Maher Baba. The sound is good, though not perfect, but hearing Pete (circa 1979) tackling acoustic versions of some of his better (spiritually inspired) work is a treat. Especially since Rudd’s contributions – on piano, harp and guitar – perfectly accent the show’s overall feel and sense of purpose, while adding a welcomed dimension to Townshend’s material. The 1998 benefit show for The Maryville Academy in Chicago (recorded at The House Of Blues) is a 2CD set that finds Pete (and band) exuberantly subdued, opening with a smooth-grooving surprise rendition of Canned Heat’s “On The Road Again.” The show’s overall vibe, oddly enough, seems to capture the feel of Pete’s legendary demos more than anything else, so as long as fans aren’t looking for any Who-ish bombast they should be pleased. Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder shows up on the second disc for versions of “Magic Bus” and “Heart To Hang Onto.” As previously mentioned, the third CD here, Magic Bus – Live From Chicago, is merely a single disc abbreviation of the House Of Blues show, presumably for budget bins, though, I don’t even know how I ended up it, so I can’t tell you much about it. Find Oceanic, Maryville & Magic Bus @ Amazon. Don’t miss our archival Pete, which includes his mega-rare Maher Baba LPs (Happy Birthday, I Am & With Love), the essential, officially released Lifehouse Demos, the 6CD Box Set Lifehouse Chronicles (with includes the demos) and three versions of Psychoderelict (Censored Dialog version, No Dialog version and the original).

Raga (1:46)
Drowned (5:11)
The Seeker (3:52)
Magic Grace (2:50)
Who Is Meher Baba? (2:20)
The Ferryman (7:14)
Kitty’s Theme (3:04)
A Little Is Enough (4:25)
Contact In Solitude (4:29)
Sleeping Dog (2:54)
Sound Barrier (2:30)
Bargain (5:03)
Longing For The Beloved (2:46)
Tattoo (3:15)
Let My Love Open The Door (2:43)
Awakening (8:03)
Western (American) Arti (6:11)
O’ Parvardigar (7:39)

On The Road Again (5:30)
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (7:45)
A Little Is Enough (5:36)
Drowned (6:54)
You Better You Bet (5:50)
Now And Then (4:17)
North Country Girl (3:46)
Let My Love Open The Door (5:13)
Won’t Get Fooled Again (12:59)
Magic Bus (13:33)
I’m One (3:10)
Magic Bus II (6:01)
Heart to Hang Onto (4:36)

On The Road Again (5:29)
Drowned (6:54)
You Better You Bet (5:50)
Now And Then (4:17)
North Country Girl (3:46)
Let My Love Open The Door (5:11)
Magic Bus II (6:00)
Heart To Hang Onto (4:36)


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    ..A 3 Pete! Thank You very muchly appreciated for sure. ..~junko

  • jbull49
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    Always so much better when Roger isn’t singing. Pardon my sacrilege, but we all know it’s true.

  • Colin H
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    I’d forgotten about the Oceanic concert. It’s the height of lazy, I suppose, that I’m now downloading this because it saves me from going into my studio next door and having to move the chair and table that make it hard to reach the lower shelves of my CD collection where the “T” CDs are stacked!

  • Willard
    September 14, 2012 - 18:51 | Permalink

    Pretty soon we’re going to have to start feeding this stuff to you intravenously.

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    Always like good ol’ Pete — my first guitar hero!

  • ~ junko
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    @ jbull49 — SoTRUE. .. it’s all the more Amazing that WHO can overwhomp the Dorky R. (professionally) – i cringe to see him – i don’t know if youtoobie links are ok here? – but there is ‘Teenage Wasteland’ (search Teenage Wasteland – first one up ..dark Pete -tambourine..) that will show WHY they could have been GREAT w/ Felix the Cat even singing for them …. which i would’a preferred, i think.. Greatest Who i saw.

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    Thanks for another unknown (to me) and interesting post.

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    Both samples sound great, thank you.

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    No offense intended to the Roger fans, but while there ARE numbers he did fine on, those are outnumbered tenfold by the songs Pete could have done just fine on by himself. His demos document that fairly well, I’d say.

    PS – Thanks for the weekend treat, Willard!

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