HOWLIN’ WOLF The Chess Box (1991)

The Chess Box (1991)
Not Of This Earth

Imagine some isolated, pasty-faced English teenager (like Eric Clapton, for instance) hearing “Spoonful” for the first time. Listening in on another world to hear a frightening, near maniacal Wolf, rife with passion, emotion and pain, unlike any other kind of “music” ever made. In fact, it seemed to defy the whole notion of popular music altogether, offering instead a window into a driven, tortured soul who had zero in common with a hit parade dominated by the likes of Patti Page or Perry Como. Is it any wonder young Brits turned their backs in droves on guys like Cliff Richard to become disciples of the American blues greats epitomized by the likes of Howlin’ Wolf? God bless God and his pals for understanding what they were hearing, too. Because American kids, who had easier access to this music, were successfully blindfolded en masse by puritanical interests and good old-fashioned bigotry… which is why it took a good-looking hillbilly white boy to catch us up as far as Little RIchard and Big Mama Thornton. Guys like Wolf, however, might as well have come from a whole other planet (and in a way, he did). Three discs of sublime “soul” music no collection should be without – even if you never listen to it until the day your dog dies or your wife leaves with your best friend. That’s when you’ll need the advice of someone who understands what you’re going through. There’s more Wolf in the archives; Live In Europe 1964 and Memphis Days Vols. 1 & 2. Find The Chess Box @ Amazon.

Moanin’ At Midnight [Single Version] (2:57)
How Many More Years [Single Version] (2:43)
Howlin’ Wolf Boogie (2:39)
The Wolf Is At Your Door [Single Version] (2:58)
Mr. Highway Man [Single Version] (2:48)
Howlin’ Wolf Talks #1 (1:58)
Bluebird (2:50)
Saddle My Pony (Single Version) (2:34)
(Well) That’s All Right [1991 The Chess Box Version] (3:03)
My Last Affair [Single Version] (2:58)
Just My Kind (3:03)
Work For Your Money (2:20)
Mama Died And Left Me [1991 The Chess Box Version] (3:14)
All Night Boogie (All Night Long) [Single Version] (2:15)
Streamline Woman (2:46)
Crazy About You Baby (2:22)
You Gonna Wreck My Life [Alternate Take] (2:35)
Neighbors (2:46)
Howlin’ Wolf Talks #2 (1:48)
I’m The Wolf (2:53)
Rockin’ Daddy (3:03)
Baby How Long [Single Version] (2:55)
Evil (Is Going On) [Single Version] (2:55)
I’ll Be Around [Single Version] (3:14)
Forty Four [Single Version] (2:50)
Who Will Be Next [Single Version] (2:33)

Don’t Mess With My Baby (2:39)
Smokestack Lightnin’ (3:09)
You Can’t Be Beat (3:06)
Howlin’ Wolf Talks #3 (0:57)
I Asked For Water (She Gave Me Gasoline) (2:50)
The Natchez Burnin’ (2:10)
Who’s Been Talking? [Single Version] (2:23)
Tell Me (2:58)
Sittin’ On Top Of The World (2:34)
I Didn’t Know [Single Version] (2:36)
Moaning For My Baby [Single Version] (2:49)
Change My Way (3:32)
I Better Go Now (2:43)
Howlin’ For My Darling (2:33)
I’ve Been Abused (2:39)
Mr. Airplane Man [Alternate Take] (3:22)
Wang Dang Doodle (2:24)
Back Door Man (2:48)
Howlin’ Wolf Talks #4 (0:27)
Spoonful (2:45)
Down In The Bottom (2:35)
Shake For Me (2:16)
The Red Rooster (2:28)
You’ll Be Mine (2:28)
Just Like I Treat You (2:57)
I Ain’t Superstitious (2:54)
Goin’ Down Slow (4:02)
Tail Dragger (2:57)

Hidden Charms (Single Version) (2:22)
Three Hundred Pounds Of Joy [Single Version] (3:06)
Built For Comfort (Single Version) (2:39)
Love Me Darlin’ [Single Version] (2:53)
Killing Floor (2:51)
My Country Sugar Mama [Single Version] (2:37)
Louise [Single Version] (2:44)
I Walked From Dallas [Single Version] (3:16)
Tell Me What I’ve Done [Single Version] (2:50)
Don’t Laugh At Me [Single Version] (3:15)
Ooh Baby (Hold Me) [Single Version] (2:39)
New Crawlin’ King Snake (2:57)
My Mind Is Ramblin’ (Single Version) (2:53)
Commit A Crime (3:08)
Dust My Broom (2:56)
I’m The Wolf [Acoustic] (5:08)
Ain’t Goin’ Down That Dirt Road (5:51)
Mary Sue [Single Version] (3:04)
Hard Luck [Single Version] (3:13)
The Red Rooster [False Start And Dialogue] (5:57)
Moving [Album Version] (2:45)


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    One of thee best. A giant voice & demeaner. Keep on howlin’………..

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    Thank you so much Willard!

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    Thanks, as always, for commenting.

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    Thanks Willard!

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    Howlin Wolf is double bad.

  • The Chairman
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    Still can’t believe it: from Byrds via Indie Britain and Television to the original WOLFMAN (nevermind, W. Jack – may you R.I.P. forever; by the way, can anyone over occupied Europe imagine life in the 70’s without WJ on AFN every work day morning from 10 to 11, following him the irresistilbe Charlie TUNA?) – to me that’s A PERFECTLINE OF PERFECT EDUCATION … BIG THX as ever, TC

  • ansina
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    THE Real Wild One. Many thanks.

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    To The Chairman: You gotta check out this site:
    Browse their archives to listen to the many Wolfman Jack & Charlie Tuna shows, that you had, in all likelyhood, actually heard when they were played originally!

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      Thank you, Timmy! These archives are/were new to me – i bookmarked them high, right close to the Grand WILLARD! Best, TC

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    Brilliant! Thanks Willard.

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    Thank you, W.

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    Thanks, Willard. As Sam Phillips said, “This is where the soul of man never dies.”

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    Wonderful words and wonderful post, Captain. Led Zep stole all the riffs and some of the words too, from HOWLIN’ WOLF. Thank you.
    João, from São Paulo – Brasil

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    Thanks for Howlin’ Wolf! Such a stand-out–I never tire of hearing him.

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    Words fail me when I try to describe the intensity that this artist brought to my own life…I was in 6th grade when I swapped a kid a yo-yo for a 45 rpm copy of “Moanin At Midnight”…after that, there was no looking back.

  • Willard
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    Just think, you could have been a Smothers Brothers fanatic instead.

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    Greetings Willard, I was chasing down your Howlin’ Wolf links from your recent post (yes, another new visitor) and found that MF has decided that there is a problem with disk one on this post. No problem with the other disks, just disk one. Thank you for your time and work.

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    New link up, thanks for the note.

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    WOW! Instant. Thank you.

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    Thanks for all your great posts.

    I’m sad to report that MF has doinked the links for disks 2 & 3.

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      New links up, thanks.

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    You’re FAST. Thanks!

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    I’m pretty sure I have everything of Wolf’s already, and yet I’m still grabbing this because I never had THIS particular box set, and have to be sure!! Good grief… ah, well, some artists are just that great. Thanks so much for this.

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