FAUST Faust IV (Deluxe w/ Bonus Disc, 1973) + Faust V (Promo-Only Cassette, 1975) + Slipperman’s 2015 Remix

This post is actually a re-up… from a different blog altogether. Back before I first started in 2007, the very first music sharing blog I gravitated to, and was completely floored by, was The Heat Warps. A place that seemed to tickle every musical interest that tickled me. I eventually downloaded most of the site, learning to trust the instincts and concise commentary of the author – JR Heat Warp – even when I wasn’t familiar with a particular artist or release. Since The Heat Warps provided a direct pipeline to my wants and needs, I wrote JR to thank him for his work, and he offered me a valuable lesson. More in deeds than words. He graciously gave me his time, as well as a few pointers, and encouraged me to start my own first attempt at blogging, Never Get Out Of The Boat. It didn’t stop there. As a fan of Harry Nilsson (The Heat Warps hosted a handful of Nilsson albums), we eventually collaborated on the start-up of For The Love Of Harry, a dedicated blog that had, before its closing in 2013, gotten a bit out of control, boasting virtually every Nilsson rarity there was. When things got hot at Blogger in 2010, JR moved on, but kept his work in place (now called The Heat Warps Archive). Unfortunately, dying links (and dying link hosts) have taken their toll on the site’s music availability, and that’s why we’re re-posting two items that we had previously linked to at THW for years. You’re still encouraged to visit The Heat Warps Archive, if only to see how music sharing blogs should be written, with a sincere dedication to the music, and not as a platform for know-it-all writer’s gratification. The good news… is that a new edition of The Heat Warps is very much alive and well, hosted over at Tumblr, and you’re invited to visit JR and say howdy. In the spirit of the true meaning of an oft overused phrase, JR is a gentleman and a scholar, and chances are you wouldn’t even be seeing this blog were it not for his lead. Below you’ll find JR’s original text for two cool items from Faust, the bonus disc outtakes from the brilliant, Faust IV, and Faust V, a rare cassette-only promo release that, in typical THW fashion, surprised this long time fan by its mere existence. Thanks for everything, JR.

Faust IV – Outtakes and Alternates – 1973
Because even one of the most adventurous albums of all time starts to sound “tame” after the 700th listen or so… Released as a companion disc to the 2006 reissue of Faust IV, this collection of Peel Sessions, alternate takes and full-length versions not only serves as revealing, if somewhat cockeyed look at the band’s masterpiece, but holds its own against the actual album in terms of the way it still manages to sound light years ahead of its time. All told, this is hardly an odds n’ sods collection. “Krautrock” is presented in its early Peel Sessions mix, which includes much of the same 7-minute psychedelic drone intro as the original but the ending features far more subdued drumming and percussion than the version that would appear on the album. The band’s warped pop gems “Giggy Smile”, “Sad Skinhead” and “Jennifer” are all given the “alt mix” treatment with the addition of a few stray textures that were trimmed before making it onto the LP. The unquestioned gem here however, is the unedited 10:32 version of “Just a Second (Starts Like That!)”. An epic guitar head swirler which, in true Faust fashion, goes nowhere specific and everywhere else all at once. Even if you’re not familiar with the original LP, this collection will turn you upside down and sideways. – JR Heat Warp, The Heat Warps Archive

V (The Unreleased Virgin Promotional Cassette) – 1975
Following the release of their (now) legendary Faust IV LP and the subsequent tour, but shortly before being dropped from their Virgin label, krautrock pioneers Faust took it upon themselves to record their fifth album and run up an ongodly studio bill. Once Virgin got wind of the proceedings, the band had to quite literally escape from their studio and were subsequently arrested when they attempted to sneak back in to retrieve their tapes. Despite having been released from their Virgin contract, a promotional cassette of these sessions began to mysteriously circulate, and either because the result of those high-dollar sessions was so incredible or the fact that the tape was so difficult to come by, those who had heard it claimed it to be the finest work of the band’s career. Now that the tape has become readily available some 30 years on, I lean towards the former. Filled with abstract, mechanized grooves, cut and paste collages and wildly imaginative guitar freakouts, the result is quite unlike anything happening in its day, and had it been released, would join Can’s Tago Mago or Neu! 75 in the pantheon of krautrock’s elite. – JR Heat Warp, The Heat Warps Archive

Now Added… … Without much fanfare, were adding Slipperman’s Faust V updated remix, with newly researched titles and an audio tweaking to correct the pauses, gaps and glitches that can be heard in the ancient cassette mix that we (and The Heat Warps) have been using all these years. Slipperman suggested keeping the original available, too, for those that think there might be too much revisionism afoot. We’ve got tons of Faust in the archives, HERE.


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    Search HERE

    Krautrock (11:49)
    The Sad Skinhead (2:37)
    Jennifer (7:13)
    Just A Second (Starts Like That!) / Picnic On A Frozen River / Deuxieme Tableaux (3:36)
    Giggy Smile (7:47)
    Läuft…Heißt das Es Läuft Oder Es Kommt Bald…Läuft (8:08)
    It’s A Bit Of A Pain (3:09)

    FAUST IV (Bonus Disc)
    The Lurcher (BBC session 3/73) (7:52)
    Krautrock (BBC session 3/73) (11:44)
    Do So (BBC session 3/73) (2:34)
    Jennifer (alt mix) (4:50)
    The Sad Skinhead (alt mix) (3:21)
    Just A Second (Starts Like That!) (full length version) (10:33)
    Piano Piece (5:59)
    Läuft… Heisst Das Es Läuft Oder Es Kommt Bald… Läuft (alt mix) (4:14)
    Giggy Smile (alt mix) (5:55)

    Munic/Yesterday (Edit of 71 Minutes Version) (8:52)
    Party 9 (12:24)
    360 (1:44)
    Track 4 (Baby Rock) (1:59)
    Track 5 (Duck A L’Orange) (2:15)
    Track 6 (Warble Up) (2:00)
    Track 7 (Jugger’s Knot) (6:34)
    Track 8 (Triump-ent) (9:14)

    FAUST V (Slipperman Version, 2015)
    Munich – Yesterday (Edit) (10:53)
    Party 9 (Long Version) (10:01)
    (360) (3:37)
    Party 10 – Untitled (Long Version) (1:57)
    Munich – Party (1:37)
    Munich – Untitled (6:24)
    Munich – Other (Edit) (9:13)

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    ..i want to thank you Cap’m – for the opportunity to see such gracious and kind words in your intro towards JR – and such informative and well-written words from you both. A welcome reminder that there is still decent humanity in cyberspace. i was in need of that reminder today, and i am going to dig into this (i know nothing = the RAMONES were my Mom and Dad) to learn and to enjoy – and i KNOW it will be worth it – even if the thing that stays with me the most – was your presentation… tho’ they’re all great, Sir. Thank You .. ~junko RAMONE (sort of.. )

  • Willard
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    That’s very kind, many thanks.

  • ~ junko
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    ..p.s. – i thought FAUST was an old GUY, or a PLAY – and every time i saw FAUST – i thought it was yet another ‘version’ of said PLAY by that guy FAUST performed by someone else. See? This is revelatory – and GREAT. And these ARE “wildly imaginative guitar freakouts… quite unlike anything happening in…” .. in my Musicks Collection for sure. .. Sorry for the lengthy outburst, but … i really appreciate what you do, and how you do it. .. ~junko

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    … and I’ve always appreciated your stopping by and commenting all these years.

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    ..actually, i’ve only been commenting a short while. ..i’m a little paranoid, perhaps even – as some feel – an outright drug casualty. i’m always afraid the Alphabet Police will be at the door with the Wolf moments after i comment. But, sometimes you just have muster up the courage to say something – tho’ in my case, i just rely on the top of the roller-coaster to ‘be there’ at the right time. But make no mistake – i think you are one of the BEST. ~junko

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      Maybe, I’m the casualty then… or someone else used to use that handle.

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    p.s. – that is Best EVER. No kiddin’ … ~junko

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    ..wouldn’t be the first time i heard about lengthy periods of time that i remember nothing about. But the sentiment/compliment remains – i may not speak the same language as everyone else, but it’s a sincere Thank You For Everything i’d like to convey .. ~junko RAMONE (maybe that will un-confusture) and i’ll go study my FAUST now – TERRIFIC.

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    Aloha Cap’n W.
    I just want to say… the kind words you have for JR Heat Warp, is how many of us out here feel about you and your blog. Your blog is the one I check first, (almost) every day to see what interesting thing you may have posted. Having worked in music retail for 20 years, (80’s & 90’s) I thought I was pretty familiar with a fair amount of music. BUT, boy was I wrong! I have found a bunch of artists that I most likely wouldn’t have checked out if you hadn’t posted them, and albums I didn’t know about from artists I already liked. Some of the artists have been ones whose names were known to me and I had never checked into thinking they wouldn’t be interesting to me, but because you were recommending them I gave them a shot. A good example of that is the “Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger” album. I most likely would never have checked into that one if you hadn’t posted it.

    Stopping by here each day, and finding interesting things to listen to has been a wonderful experience… and one I hope to continue for a long time. So Thank You for all you do.

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    Many thanks Puff. I, too have had the same experience from bloggers in general. I used to think I was a know it all about 60s psychedelic music under I discovered downloading. Now, I realize I’ve never really known a damn thing. These are the days, eh? Thanks for the kind words.

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    This is incredibly high praise, Willard. Thank you.

    And cheers to keeping these Faust links alive and well.

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    Hey buddy. Send me an email when you get a chance (there’s a link in FAQs). I can’t find shit these days.

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    Thanks, Willard. Your blog reveals and reveals so many layers (and holes, yes) and is such a pleasure. I needed a few hours to shake off the last couple of weeks and spending some time here was more than helpful.

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    Had crazy labor day (cosmic fun) and then I finally tried the Faust stuff. Down another rabbit hole.

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      Cool, I have a couple more cued-up and ready to post before long.

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    Yes, I think our next inner journey of self-discovery I think I’ll freak his ass out with some of this shit. He won’t believe his eardrums.

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    Oh, and as always thanks for all the ear candy.

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