LOUVIN BROTHERS Close Harmony (1992)

51iGKzZU9JLClose Harmony (1992)
8CDs Of Essential Americana

Some of, if not, the greatest harmonies in country music, inspiring generations of artists from Porter & Dolly to Gram & Emmylou. Charlie & Ira Louvin didn’t invent the stuff, but they molded the original Americana handed down by The Carter Family into a close harmony style characterized by their unmatched ability to switch alto & tenor roles at will. The All Music Guide calls it a “lonesome ghostly sound” and this out-of-print Bear Family, 219 track compilation is essential to understanding the roots of indigenous American music, especially mountain, bluegrass and hillbilly gospel. Close Harmony contains all the Louvin’s music from their Capitol, Decca, MGM and Apollo years. Five stars in any universe. Amazon’s got hard copies (HERE) for around a couple hundred bucks. Listen to “Katie Dear” from the duo’s 1956 classic, Tragic Songs Of Life.

Alabama (3:03)
Alabama (2:53)
Seven Year Blues (2:53)
(I’m Changing The Words To) My Love Song Of You (2:48)
The Get Acquainted Waltz (2:37)
Weapon Of Prayer (2:55)
They’ve Got The Church Outnumbered (2:42)
Do You Live What You Preach (2:54)
You’ll Be Rewarded Over There (2:27)
I’ll Live With God (To Die No More) (3:04)
Robe Of White (2:39)
The Great Atomic Power (2:48)
Insured Beyond The Grave (2:42)
The Gospel Way (2:45)
The Sons And Daughters Of God (2:36)
Broad Minded (2:32)
The Family Who Prays (2:56)
I Know What You’re Talking About (2:37)
Let Us Travel, Travel On (2:24)
Love God’s Way Of Living (2:56)
Born Again (2:25)
Preach The Gospel (2:29)
From Mother’s Arms To Korea (2:51)
If We Forget God (2:37)
Satan And The Saint (2:25)
Satan Lied To Me (2:23)
God Bless Her (‘Cause She’s My Mother) (2:33)
Last Chance To Pray (2:39)

No One To Sing For Me (2:55)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (2:51)
Nearer My God To Thee (2:48)
Make Him A Soldier (2:39)
I Can’t Say No (2:37)
Just Rehearsing (2:37)
Love Thy Neighbor As Thy Self (2:40)
Where Will You Build (2:37)
Pray For Me (2:55)
When I Stop Dreaming (2:32)
Pitfall (2:08)
Alabama (2:47)
Memories And Tears (2:23)
Don’t Laugh (2:35)
I Don’t Believe You’ve Met My Baby (2:10)
Childish Love (2:35)
In The Middle Of Nowhere (2:17)
Hoping That You’re Hoping (2:38)
The First One To Love You (2:41)
I Cried After You Left (2:18)
That’s All He’s Asking Of Me (2:43)
I’ll Be All Smiles Tonight (3:15)
In The Pines (3:16)
What Is Home Without Love (3:03)
Mary Of The Wild Moor (3:15)
KnoXVIlle Girl (3:51)
Kentucky (2:41)
Katie Dear (2:32)

My Brother’s Will (3:18)
Take The News To Mother (2:50)
Let Her Go, God Bless Her (2:57)
A Tiny Broken Heart (2:35)
Plenty Of Everything But You (2:30)
Cash On The Barrelhead (2:44)
You’re Running Wild (2:19)
The New Partner Waltz (2:24)
I Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone (2:29)
Praying (2:42)
Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus (2:49)
This Little Light Of Mine (2:32)
I Steal Away And Pray (2:33)
There’s No Excuse (3:03)
Are You Washed In The Blood (2:26)
Lord, I’m Coming Home (3:16)
Thankful (2:57)
Take Me Back Into Your Heart (2:47)
Here Today And Gone Tomorrow (2:21)
We Could (2:14)
Tennessee Waltz (2:28)
Too Late (3:07)
Are You Teasing Me (2:55)
Nobody’s Darling But Mine (2:45)
Don’t Let Your Sweet Love Die (2:37)
I Wonder Where You Are Tonight (2:42)
Making Believe (2:22)

Have I Stayed Away Too Long (2:30)
Call Me (2:20)
I Wish You Knew (2:27)
Dog Sled (2:35)
When I Loved You (2:40)
My Baby’s Gone (2:46)
She Didn’t Even Know I Was Gone (2:24)
My Baby Came Back (2:15)
Are You Wasting My Time (2:03)
My Curly Headed Baby (2:31)
Lorene (2:04)
I Wish It Had Been A Dream (2:33)
While You’re Cheating On Me (2:04)
If I Could Only Win Your Love (2:24)
You’re Learning (2:24)
Blue From Now On (2:16)
Today (2:28)
My Heart Was Trampled On The Street (2:32)
Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On (2:22)
On My Way To The Show (2:09)
Read What’s In My Heart (2:14)
Red Hen Hop (2:41)
She Will Get Lonesome (2:24)
I Wonder If You Know (3:20)
Blue (2:20)
The Angels Rejoiced Last Night (2:22)
Dying From Home And Lost (2:50)
Satan’s Jeweled Crown (3:00)
The River Of Jordan (2:18)

I’m Ready To Go Home (3:13)
The Kneeling Drunkard’s Plea (2:54)
Satan Is Real (3:04)
The Christian Life (2:19)
Are You Afraid To Die (2:37)
He Can Be Found (2:17)
There’s A Higher Power (2:25)
The Drunkard’s Doom (3:17)
I See A Bridge (2:43)
Just Suppose (2:57)
The Stagger (2:15)
Nellie Moved To Town (2:48)
What A Change One Day Can Make (2:28)
Ruby’s Song (2:27)
The Last Old Shovel (2:26)
Midnight Special (2:44)
Brown’s Ferry Blues (2:55)
Southern Moon (2:42)
Sand Mountain Blues (2:34)
Nashville Blues (2:38)
Blues Stay Away From Me (3:25)
When It’s Time For The Whippoorwill To Sing (2:19)
Put Me On The Train To Carolina (3:11)
Freight Train Blues (2:59)
Weary Lonesome Blues (2:47)
Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar (2:53)
It’s Christmas Time (2:58)
Santa’s Big Parade (2:03)

Love Is A Lonely Street (2:45)
If You Love Me Stay Away (2:15)
I Ain’t Gonna Work Tomorrow (3:01)
I Love You Best Of All (3:01)
I Can’t Keep You In Love With Me (2:43)
Scared Of The Blues (2:12)
I Have Found The Way (2:28)
He Set Me Free (2:27)
Kneel At The Cross (2:37)
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms (2:26)
O Why Not Tonight (3:22)
You Can’t Find The Lord Too Soon (1:58)
Keep Your Eyes On Jesus (3:13)
Almost Persuaded (3:33)
I Feel Better Now (2:31)
O Who Shall Be Able To Stand (3:31)
If Today Was The Day (2:10)
You’ll Meet Him In The Clouds (2:31)
You’ll Meet Him In The Clouds (Alt Take) (2:40)
Away In A Manger (2:22)
The Friendly Beasts (3:06)
Hark The Herald Angels Sing (2:23)
Good Christian Men Rejoice (3:01)
While The Shepherds Watched Their Flocks (2:28)
The First Noel (3:30)
It Came Upon A Midnight Clear (3:06)

O Come All Ye Faithful (2:49)
O Little Town Of Bethlehem (2:31)
Silent Night (2:57)
Deck The Halls (1:55)
Joy To The World (1:51)
It Hurts Me More (The Second Time Around) (2:26)
How’s The World Treating You (2:36)
Every Time You Leave (2:43)
Time Goes So Slow (2:27)
I Died For The Red White And Blue (3:08)
From Mother’s Arms To Korea (2:13)
Searching For A Soldier’s Grave (3:09)
At Mail Call Today (3:01)
A Soldier’s Last Letter (3:33)
There’s A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere (3:08)
There’s A Grave In The Wave Of The Ocean (2:59)
Mother I Thank You For The Bible You Gave (2:41)
The Great Atomic Power (2:44)
A Seaman’s Girl (3:22)
Robe Of White (2:37)
The Weapon Of Prayer (3:16)
Broken Engagement (2:54)
The First Time In Life (2:39)
There Is No Easy Way (2:40)
Love Turned To Hate (2:50)
Must You Throw Dirt In My Face (2:38)

The Great Speckled Bird (3:03)
Wabash Cannon Ball (3:02)
Lonely Mound Of Clay (4:01)
Wreck On The Highway (3:27)
Wait For The Light To Shine (2:11)
Low And Lonely (2:16)
We Live In Two Different Worlds (2:38)
The Precious Jewel (3:55)
The Great Judgement Morning (3:38)
Branded Wherever I Go (2:03)
Not A Word From Home (2:26)
Stuck Up Blues (2:19)
Don’t Let Them Take The Bible Out Of Our School Rooms (3:03)
I’m Glad That I’m Not Him (1:52)
A Message To Your Heart (2:26)
Thank God For My Christian Home (3:32)
I’ll Never Die (1:56)
The Price On The Bottle (2:40)
I’ve Known A Lady (2:07)
He Included Me (2:17)
Keep Watching The Sky (2:11)
Now Lord, What Can I Do For You (2:45)
Way Upon A Mountain (2:18)
Gonna Shake Hands With Mother Over There (2:49)
He Was Waiting At The Altar (2:55)
Oh Lord, My God (3:24)
What Would You Give In Exchange For My Soul (3:23)


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