Battle Beyond The Sun (1960)

BATTLE BEYOND THE SUN (1960) Sci-fi production from the Soviet Union that centers on the space race to Mars. Features all the classic characteristics of cheesy American space movies, except in poorly dubbed form. The Russian special effects are actually pretty good, but the movie is famous in connoisseur’s circles for some of the talent involved. The great Roger Corman purchased the rights to redistribute the film in the US (originally called The Sky Is Falling) and hired a hungry young film student to oversee the film’s re-write, dubbing and new scenes… one, Francis Ford Coppola – who wisely, for the sake of his future career (and Godfather fans everywhere), used the alias, Thomas Colchart. Coppola’s name is actually seen in the credits as Associate Producer, while his father Carmen (actually Carmine) is credited with adding music to a score that already features some top notch, spooky sci-fi cues. According to one of the film’s cinematographers, one of the space monsters newly filmed by Coppola and edited into the Russian version was actually designed to look like a vagina (with teeth). And you’ll see that that’s no joke. New Movies, Fridays ‘Round Midnight

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