FRANK ZAPPA The Roxy Performances (2012)

The Zappa Family Trust has announced plans to release The Roxy Performances on CD and film (via theaters & DVD) by December of this year. FZ’s fan may disagree on their favorite period in Frank’s career, but all agree that the 1973 Roxy period is one of his career highlights. There is a short trailer for the new project (below), but we’re highlighting this 32 minute segment (not officially part of the December release) just to remind everyone how much fun it was to hear FZ, and guys like George Duke, Chester Thompson and Ruth Underwood, live on stage. This video was shown at some of the 2006 ZPZ shows, and was later made available for streaming at Zappa’s website. It features freeform renditions of “Montana” and “Dupree’s Paradise.” I half expect this vid to disappear, so view while you can.

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  • boboquisp
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    Thanks for this brilliant slice of Zappa.

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