THE BEATLES Live At The Hollywood Bowl, 23rd August 1964 (2012)

Live At The Hollywood Bowl
23rd August 1964
Tell Tchaikovsky The News

The 1977 Capitol LP was never  a go-to disc for me. Too noisy. And this refurbished version of just the August 23rd Hollywood Bowl date still suffers from too many screams and too little monitor assistance for the fabs, but it’s still a rather unbelievable document of a rather unbelievable time. The stereo separation is pretty amazing, even if the performances themselves (and the troublesome vocal mix) leave plenty to be desired. Lennon’s deep-seated cynicism – already fully developed by mid-’64 – is still a joy to hear to this day (“The next song we’re gonna do is our latest record… I hope you still remember it”). Plus… you get to hear The Newlywed Game’s Bob Eubanks (credited with putting up the money for the show) introducing “the world’s greatest act.” These recordings have made the rounds before and, frankly, I haven’t bothered to compare them. But, since we’ve posted the others in Helter Skelter’s Back To Basics series, we’re continuing the trend. Check out the archives for Vols. 1-3 (Please Please Me, With The Beatles & A Hard Day’s Night), Vols. 4 & 5 (Beatles For Sale & Help!) and Vol. 6 (Rubber Soul). There’s more Beats in the archives.

Introduction (5:42)
Twist And Shout (1:16)
You Can’t Do That (2:44)
All My Loving (2:14)
She Loves You (2:32)
Things We Said Today (2:19)
Roll Over Beethoven (2:19)
Can’t Buy Me Love (2:49)
If I Fell (2:30)
I Want To Hold Your Hand (3:02)
Boys (2:09)
A Hard Day’s Night (3:14)
Long Tall Sally (4:06)


  • Willard
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    Search HERE

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    Thanks very much for this one! have tons of these guys but up-grades are always welcome!

  • October 2, 2012 - 13:32 | Permalink

    Oh, yes… Have had the Boot LP since it came out in late ’60’s/early 70’s. Then, when Capitol released that LP in the 80’s I got that also. I d/l this version to hear what Eubanks intro sounded like… THANX, Willy!

  • October 2, 2012 - 13:38 | Permalink

    OK, I just listened to this intro… It begins with a different D.J. by the name of Dave Hull. He & Bob Eubanks both worked at L.A. station KRLA/AM, during the 1960’s. Hull then brings onstage Eubanks & another D.J. named Rebel Foster, who was also to become The Turtles manager. Great quality, here. THANX again, W……….

  • Willard
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    Is the quality good? I haven’t compared it to other recordings.

  • Newman
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    Captain Willard

    Thanks very much for this upgrade. I can’t wait to hear it in decent stereo!


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    Improved audio is indeed welcome. Thanks for this and the heads up about Zappa at the Roxy.

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