BRINSLEY SCHWARZ Hens’ Teeth (1998)

Hens’ Teeth (1998)
Speaking Of Nick Lowe…

A reader asked about it, and I was surprised myself to find this 1998 Demon release in an ancient download folder I’d yet to process. A great collection of material from various incarnations of Brinsley Schwarz throughout the years 1967-1975 – as Kippington Lodge, The Hitters, Brinsley Schwarz, The Knees, Limelight and The Brinsleys. What’s fun is the variety of styles, some of which dabble in mild psychedelia (like Kippington’s 1969 cover of The Beatles’ “In My Life,” backed with Nick Lowe’s organ-laden “I Can See Her Face”). There are too many songwriters, producers, and variations to outline here, so click on the artwork below to get a more detailed look at the contents. D/L includes the very necessary booklet artwork, too. This one’s going for an arm and a leg at Amazon. We’ve got more Brinsleys, The Rumour and Nick Lowe in the archives.

Shy Boy (2:39)
Lady On A Bicycle (3:03)
Rumours (2:23)
And She Cried (2:48)
Tell Me A Story (2:51)
Understand A Woman (2:58)
Tomorrow, Today (2:38)
Turn Out The Light (3:03)
In My Life (3:19)
I Can See Her Face (2:16)
Hypocrite (3:00)
The Version (2:56)
I’ve Cried My Last Tear (2:37)
(It’s Gonna Be A) Bring Down (2:55)
Everybody (3:02)
I Like You, I Don’t Love You (3:28)
Day Tripper (2:46)
Slow Down (2:47)
I Should Have Known Better (3:15)
Tell Me Why (3:03)
There’s A Cloud In My Heart (3:06)
I Got The Real Thing (3:34)


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    Many thanks Willi!!!!!!!!!
    Waiting for Nervous On Road (1972) !!!

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    Thank you

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    Another great example of why this blog is invaluable. Had no idea this was out there; thanks for posting. While it’s downloading, I feel as though I should pop around to a pub for a black-and-tan…

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    I’ll have a Newcastle Brown Ale.

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    Sammy Smith’s Oatmeal Stouts, all around!

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    Early in the morning of 19th December 1971 [a Sunday], the Brinsley Schwarz boys were waiting for the first ferry home from Ryde on the Isle of Wight, along with myself and the rest of the Crew.
    After a game of football [to keep warm], someone snapped a photo of us, which I recently rediscovered ~ it may be viewed [way down the bottom] here: and here:

    Ian Gomm remembers, ‘The photo was taken when the sea got too rough for the ferry to cross and we had to wait for ages.

    Paul Armfield’s mate Brian [Sharpe ?] told him that he booked the Brinsleys for the gig that previous night at the 69 Club, Ryde Pavilion and they didn’t take enough on the door to pay the group the full whack, and still owe them £60 but, ‘they were ever so nice about it’!

    We [Crew] were to open for Fleetwood Mac at the Cascadia Ballroom but, before we even left London on the 18th, our management at Space Agency told us they probably wouldn’t show up at the Ventnor gig [they didn’t] as, the ‘lady’ booking the bands was infamous for not paying … so, I doubt if we were paid and, we too played [all night] to a half-empty hall ~ and then slept in the vans!

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    I have searched so long for this . Thanks a lot Willard !!!

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