ARCH HALL, JR. & THE ARCHERS Wild Guitar! (2005) + Watch The 1962 Movie “Wild Guitar”

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Can You Resist? Should You Resist?

The great Arch Hall, Jr. Where to start? Bad B-movie aficionados know Arch from his largely awful oeuvre of early 60s films produced and/or written and/or directed by his dad, Arch, Sr. – including such much-maligned corkers as The Choppers, EEGAH!, Wild Guitar & The Sadist. Most featuring Arch in teen idol mode, often performing original songs, whether the plot involves juvenile delinquency, inadequate monsters or even homicidal maniacs. To be fair to Arch, he wasn’t much worse than many other z-grade acting talents of the time, even though the budget-free, thread-bare productions of his films were among the worst ever made (Dad used two aliases in Wild Guitar alone). Musically, the same sort of definitions apply. Arch’s rockin’ teen combo fare may not have any lasting appeal, but as time capsule exhumations, Arch is a fun escape to a past era of mindless innocence masquerading as rebellion. Enter this 48 track compilation of material featuring music, dialog and trailers from Arch’s early 60s career. You get his sole released 45, “Monkey In My Hat Band” b/w  “Konga Joe” (from 1959), along with tunes featured in his movies, many from Wild Guitar. The cream of this comp’s crop, however, are 12 tracks recorded live at a Pensacola drive-in movie concert in 1962, where you can hear Arch and his Archers performing a handful of originals and period winners like “Hello Mary Lou,” “Susie Q” and “Good Golly Miss Molly,” among others. This set alone will make you actively pine for a time machine, as the band sounds like the wild and horny 19 year-olds they are, let loose on the town. If you wanted to actually critique Arch’s chops and performance, I guess you could, but what would be the point? The fact is, this stuff is thoroughly enjoyable, perhaps as camp fare, maybe as serviceable amateur RnR, or maybe even as a cautionary fable of what happens when your dad bankrolls your quest for fame. But… does it even really matter if you’re having fun? And Arch Hall, Jr. & The Archers are fun. Amazon has it HERE.

The Sadist (0:38)
Dune Buggy (2:02)
Buzzola (0:12)
Konga Joe (2:24)
Theme From Wild Guitar (1:48)
Termites (0:05)
Steak’s Theme (2:06)
Monkey In My Hatband (1:51)
Back In Business (0:11)
Run Vickie Run (1:19)
Mike Calls The Shots (0:13)
Guitar Twist (1:16)
A Date With Eegah (0:27)
Theme From Eegah (3:26)
I’m Growin’ Taller (2:18)
Wild Guitar Trailer (1:27)
Stairfall (0:36)
Twist Fever (2:35)
Publicity (0:08)
Money And Records (0:52)
Steak (1:50)
Eegah Crashes The Party (0:48)
Brownsville Road (1:57)
Vickie (2:38)
Girl Bait (0:06)
Daisy Dance (1:03)
The Kidnappers (1:20)
Judy Poody (2:41)
Organ Twist (1:17)
Bud Smells A Rat (0:22)
Bud And Steak Square Off (1:42)
Pep Talk (0:14)
*LIVE AT TWIN DRIVE-IN, Pensacola, FL – December 7, 1962
*Archer’s Theme (0:56)
*If A Man Answers (3:20)
*Further On Up The Road (4:03)
*Stop Sneakin’ Round (3:04)
*Nancy Czar Interview (2:30)
*Teenage Idol (2:59)
*Good Golly Miss Molly (2:36)
*Wild Guitar (3:01)
*Hello Mary Lou (2:22)
*Susie Q (1:36)
*Yes I Will (2:19)
*Archer’s Theme Outro (0:42)
You Little Punk (0:06)
Watch Your Step (3:56)
Big Boy Pete (2:35)
The Choppers (0:35)

REGARDING ARCH’S MOVIES: Tonight’s Friday night drive-in movie will be EEGAH! (HERE), a truly awful movie featuring Arch in all his glory, and below you can view Wild Guitar, the story of a young teenager making his way into the music business in early 60s LA. But fans of the intense and bizarre need to visit our drive-in archives and watch The Sadist (HERE), a grim, twisted pre-grindhouse grindhouse movie that will surely appeal to Quentin Tarantino fans for its unapologetic homicidal nature. It’s a true classic and not necessarily “bad,” though it is in so many ways. Wiki has more Arch info, with links to most of his movies if you’re the detail oriented type.


  • Willard
    October 5, 2012 - 11:33 | Permalink

    Search HERE

  • sitarswami
    October 5, 2012 - 16:20 | Permalink

    I worked at a movie theater in the early-mid 70s and one night the manager told a few of us that he was the president of the Arch Hall Jr. fan club, Was that true? More importantly, who was Arch Hall Jr? Over the next few weeks we found out at the 1am private screenings of Eeegah!, Wild Guitar, and two or three others — all on the glorious big screen. And, I still have my “I’m An Arch Hall Jr. Fan” button/pin.

  • Willard
    October 5, 2012 - 16:38 | Permalink

    Big Screen Arch? I’m totally jealous. The guy is still around. He was (or still is) an airline pilot and has an online presence.

  • October 5, 2012 - 23:17 | Permalink

    Arch Hall! Cool!

  • Gummo
    October 6, 2012 - 00:10 | Permalink

    Don’t know if it’s still in the online archives but there was an amazing interview with Arch right around the time the CD was released, on WFMU in New Jersey. He covered most of the ground covered in the CD booklet but it was great to hear him tell stories of his dad, whom he obviously loved and whose work he avidly defends.

    We have all 6 of Arch’s movies and love’em for what they are; just wish there was a good copy available of Deadwood ’76, Sr.’s last movie as producer, writer & actor. It’s a very old-fashioned film for the mid-sixties, a classic Western with some definite charm, utterly sincere and perhaps the best thing he did — it was color and wide screen but the only copy you can buy is grainy and poorly panned & scanned. Hopefully Arch has a pristine widescreen copy on a shelf somewhere.

    Great that you’re sharing this stuff, Willard! We love Arch in our house.

  • Willard
    October 6, 2012 - 00:28 | Permalink

    Thanks Gummo. Found it, but I don’t have what’s necessary to make it work myself. Maybe others can…

  • Gummo
    October 6, 2012 - 11:10 | Permalink

    One more thing — I just want to point out that Wild Guitar is a collaboration between Z-movie greats — Ray Dennis Steckler, the writer/director/star of The Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies and The Thrill Killers — directs and co-stars in Wild Guitar! Ray and his muse, Carolyn Brandt, can also be briefly seen in the pool scene in Eegah!

  • scottdammit
    October 26, 2012 - 15:11 | Permalink

    Alan “Undercover Angel” O’Day was once Arch’s right hand man? I never knew.

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    This blog is truly awesome. Thank you for your hard work on it!

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    Any chance of a re-up? I need me some Dune Buggy!
    Thanks a ton!

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      New link up, thanks.

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