EEGAH! (1962)

EEGAH! (1962) This one’s a stinker, featuring this week’s spotlight kid, Arch Hall, Jr. The “monster” is basically a cave-man with a bad beard, played by the later-to-be-recognizable, Richard Kiel (Jaws, from a couple of James Bond movies). The razor-thin plot finds Eeagh kidnapping Arch’s girlfriend (and her dad, played by Arch’s real life pop and promoter, Arch Hall, Sr.). There are a couple of happening pool parties, too, giving Arch as excuse to do some croonin’ for the kids when he’s not toolin’ around in his piece of shit dune buggy or roaming the desert looking for his girl. The movie was produced and directed by Arch, Sr. as a vehicle to catapult his son to fame. Arch, Jr. is a marvel to watch… and to hear, as the soundtrack is filled with twistin’ teenage combo rock (some of which is included on our Arch Hall/Wild Guitar! CD post, HERE, where you can also see his star turn in the d-movie of the same name). Sample dialog: “If I didn’t know they were dancing I’d swear this was a fight.” There’s more must-see Arch in the archives – his scenery-eating performance as a maniac roadside killer in The Sadist (HERE). New Movies, Fridays ‘Round Midnight.


  • wiley prybar
    October 7, 2012 - 14:49 | Permalink

    An Arch Hall film AND album?! See, this is why you’re the coolest, Willard.
    It’s a shame we’ve become so sophisticated and jaded that this kind of corny,
    campy, innocent fun just seems quaint nowadays. They don’t make movies or
    music (much) like this anymore, and that’s our loss.
    Thanks for a couple of great blasts from a lamented past.

  • Willard
    October 7, 2012 - 15:01 | Permalink

    We with enough time on our hands to appreciate the less-than-finer things in life need to stick together. Thanks Wiley.

  • Ace K
    October 12, 2012 - 08:18 | Permalink

    One of the best bad films of all time. You can actually watch it (unlike many “bad” films that are too boring), you get the songs of Arch Hall Jr.., and then there’s Eegah himself.


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