JERRY GOLDSMITH Seconds x 2 (1966)

Seconds (Remastered/Issued With I.Q.) (1966/2009)
Seconds (Unofficial, w/Dialog) (1966)
Like The Best Soundtracks, Jerry Goldsmith’s Score Helps Define The Film

One of Jerry Goldsmith’s finest hours. A deeply sensitive and compelling soundtrack score that successfully encapsulates John Frankenheimer’s tale of isolation, fear and self. “Quiet Isolation” echoes throughout many of the film’s more introspective scenes. It’s a delicate, melancholy, music box melody that expertly captures the characters’ lingering sadness. The soundtrack’s gothic organ interludes (just in time for your Halloween bash) add that same sinister charm that cheap 70s horror movies would later be known for. The long-awaited official release (bundled on CD in 2009 with Goldsmith’s score to I.Q.), is the one to get. Outstanding remastered sound for a long sought after work of art. Only 23 minutes (plus some bonuses), but there are many ideas and moods packed into this dreamlike musical narrative. Let this music get under your skin (with a few film viewings) and the  somber, lifeless, distance will haunt you. The largely string-driven sorrow sometimes reminds me of the longing, haunting music Stanley Kubrick used for his isolated astronauts in 2001. The unofficial soundtrack, culled from the film itself, includes dialog and screen effects. But, for long-time fans of the movie, it’s just as entertaining. Since the film doesn’t get bogged down in a lot of talk, the disembodied passages enhance the spooky musical surrounds, evocatively telling the movie’s story through speech and sound. Whichever version, this is top-notch film score that still stands up today. Artwork/booklet scans from the I.Q./Seconds CD are included with the official soundtrack, which is still gettable at Amazon, HERE.

SECONDS (Remastered 1966/2009)
Main Title (3:00)
39 Lafayette Street (2:17)
Quiet Isolation (2:14)
Nightmare (2:50)
Transformation (1:56)
Rehabilitation/Strange Arrival (2:16)
Restless Hours (2:53)
Reflections (1:59)
Begin Again/Peaceful Aftermath (2:24)
End Title (1:15)
Quiet Isolation (Contains Dialogue Bleed) (2:27) – Bonus Track
Restless Hours (Contains Dialogue Bleed) (3:12) – Bonus Track
Peaceful Aftermath (Contains Source) (0:52) – Bonus Track
Begin Again (Contains Dialogue Bleed) (1:44) – Bonus Track

SECONDS (Unofficial)
Main Title (2:59)
Train (2:15)
Bedroom (2:17)
Company (2:47)
Transformation (1:51)
Conditioning (0:20)
New Home (1:53)
Adjusting (3:08)
Drunken Sailor Source (1:25)
Beach (0:46)
Cocktail Source (1:02)
Returning Home (1:56)
Begin Again (1:42)
End Credits (1:09)


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