Flight To Mars (1951)

FLIGHT TO MARS (1951) Made before anyone knew much about flying to Mars, so you know this one’s gonna be realistic. As you’ll see, Flight To Mars was made before acting schools became popular, too. The set up is so familiar it writes itself, opening with the military and including the brainy engineer babe who joins the mission. Why the lead scientist is wearing a fedora on a spaceship is anybody’s guess. Fans of the genre will recognize some of the same interiors and sound effects from another flight to Mars movie, 1950’s Rocketship X-M (HERE in the archives). Lush, out-of-place theme music, routine adventure score and blinding “Cinecolor.” Perennial general, Morris Ankrum, appears as a blue-suited Martian. The movie poster proclaims “Fifty Years Into The Future.” Little did they know we wouldn’t even have iTunes yet. BTW… The skirts the girls are wearing on Mars in the 50s would be considered scandalous at Mons Venus. Dialog Alert: “Personally I feel this rocket is my coffin.” The DVD’s at Amazon . New Movies, Fridays ‘Round Midnight.

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