OINGO BOINGO “Weird Science” (Extended Dance Versions) (1985)

“Weird Science” (Extended Dance Versions) (1985)
Even Weirder Science

Dedicated Oingo Boingo fans are usually a bit put-off by “Weird Science,” simply because it’s usually the only tune non-Oingo Boingo fans have bothered to remember… which is a crime. But, if it hasn’t already been ruined for you by over-exposure, it’s still a cool song, and these 12 inch extended dance versions are even cooler, as Danny Elfman and OB alter the tune’s core ingredients for a handful of alt renditions. The first four tracks are from the 12″, but (so you don’t have to ask) we’ve also included the (again slightly different) original version from the LP, Dead Man’s Party. We’ve also got OB’s outstanding swan song, Boingo, HERE, and some Danny Elfman/Steve Bartek film score work, HERE.

Weird Science (Weird Dub Bonus Beats Mix) (5:57)
Weird Science (Boingo Dance Version) (5:36)
Weird Science (Extended Dance Mix) (6:29)
Weird Science (Short Version) (3:42)
EXTRA Weird Science (Album Version) (6:08) from Dead Man’s Party


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    Search HERE

  • puffnrandy
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    Thanks Cap’n W. I’ve always liked those Boingo boys.

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    For some people the eternal musical question is “Beatles or Stones?” but for me it’s “Marx Bros. or 3 Stooges”. Elfman’s lot definitely falls in the Stooges camp, largely due to the cover of “Bickie Bye” (The ABC Song) in “Forbidden Zone”.(I’ll post my entire Marxes/Stooges comparative music manifesto sometime if requested to).).

    As far as extended remixes, them Mystic Knights knew what they was up to. A fave of mine is the Danny Elfman cut “Gratitude”. There’s a 3-mix CD single/EP with a short, medium and long version — all of which have much different to recommend them. The long version has this whole Nirvana-like middle that the others don’t begin to relate to in any way.

    (Now that I’ve looked it up online, no wonder I found it odd):

    “Initial releases of the So-Lo album featured a significantly different mix of the opening song ‘Gratitude’, including alternate backing vocals and rhythm guitar, different use of reverberation (mixed more dry) and a faded out ending with additional guitar soloing. The single release and accompanying music video used a revised mix of the song, which was subsequently issued on all re-releases of So-Lo on CD (erroneously labelled the ‘short version’). The most significant change from the original mix is the removal of a spoken verse (starting at 1:37) The original mix was only ever released digitally as part of the Beverly Hills Cop soundtrack compilation. However, the spoken verse was included in all live performances of the song, with slightly different lyrics.” – Wikipedia

    If I run across my old copy of the single (in a skinny cardboard ‘invisisleeve’) I’ll post & link it.

    Finally, as long as I’m rambling, me & some radio station people tried to take Danny to a good ‘kegger’ after a 1990-ish gig, but we kept arriving at all the parties just as the kegs floated. Finally, out of boredom (I suppose), he wound up keeping himself busy by lying down in some strange girl’s driveway and letting her big dogs lick him all over.

    – mnw

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