The Colossus Of New York (1958)

colossus-of-new-yorkTHE COLOSSUS OF NEW YORK (1958) The always confidently erudite Otto Kruger (Magnificent Obsession, High Noon) chews up his role as a brilliant brain surgeon who operates on his Peace Prize-winning son (Ross Martin, of Wild Wild West fame) after he’s killed in an auto accident. An accident that was caused by Ross’s insufferably whining son, Billy, who should have been put down long before he inadvertently killed his genius dad. The slightly mad Kruger misguidedly attempts to salvage his son’s brain for future generations, by putting it into a giant robot body. Dumb, yes… but this fantastic tale is played straight, as the characters continually debate their differing, sometimes obsessive, points of view. And, the title Colossus’s first reaction to his mirror image is about as genuine as it gets. Even his distorted, electrified voice is unsettling. The Colossus Of New York is well-conceived and well-acted, bolstered by a foreboding, dissonant solo piano score by Van Cleave. This is an excellent print, so you’ll have to sit through a few commercials for the high quality. EXCLAMATION-MARKED TAG LINE!: Towering Above The Skyline – An Indestructible Creature Whose Eyes Rain Death And Destruction! DIALOG ALERT: “Billy, y’wanna look in my pockets and see what I found for you? Aw, you’re pretty cold. That’s even colder. Now you’re warm. There!” Amazon has The Colossus Of New York in Blu-Ray and DVD, HERE. New Movies, Fridays ‘Round Midnight.


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    I saw this on the Sunday Morning Movie when I was about 12, and I’ve loved it ever since. Movies like this and “Creation of the Humanoids” may be small in scale and budget, but they have more ideas than all of this year’s realeases put together. I’ve been searching for this on DVD for years with no success.

    And the Van Cleave score is a thing of beauty.

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    NOT cool, dude!

    To explain: a week or so ago, my girlfriend started ranting loudly to anyone who would listen (including her shrink) that “something really big” was about to happen. After the doc shined her on, she doubled her efforts at spreading the word about… whatever. Then this freak weather combination came along and scenes of New York taking a beating paraded across the news channels 24/7 and she started calling her family, friends, and doctors to gloat over her successful prediction. Oh, and she declared that this type of massive multi-faceted mass storm onslaught needed a name — she decided that Sandy was not merely a hurricane, but rather was a “Collosal” or “Colossus”.

    The staff at the VA Center For Mental Health in Waco tells me that they will likely be releasing her tomorrow or the next day so I should be prepared to bring her back home by Thursday evening.

    I sincerely hope you will have replaced “The Colossus of New York” with a different film by the time she gets anywhere near this computer screen — it’s already costing me way too much in gas $$$ to keep puttering back & forth between Austin and Waco every couple of days!!!

    – mnw

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    Sorry, buddy… not ’til Friday (around) midnight. What I don’t understand is why your trying to hide her tremendous powers from the rest of the world? Since this post will only enhance her stats, I’m sensing psychic-envy on your part. Man up and show it to her. Embrace her powers so she doesn’t use them against you. She probably already knows you’re trying to hide this from her, and when she finds out… you’d better prepare for Hurricane MNW’s Girl to hit town soon.

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