P Welcome 2 The Beautiful Experience (1994)

Welcome 2 The Beautiful Experience
Live At Paisley Park, Feb 13, 1994

A favorite Prince boot. Great sounding live show from Paisley Park that, at the time it was released by Italian bootleggers KTS, featured material Prince had yet to release. This CD first turned me on to the bizarre “Days Of Wild,” boasting a sample heavy, nasty groove chorus anchored by a perverted version of Duke Ellington’s jazz theme, “Caravan.” A slice of Prince’s “Interactive” period, more fully examined on our 3CD posting, The Dawn. NOTE: The track below begins with a muted beat… wait it out for a few seconds, it’s not representative of the album’s sound quality.

Interactive (2:50)
Days Of Wild (4:36)
Now (4:21)
The Ride (4:23)
The Jam (4:04)
I Believe In U (3:34)
Shhh (7:05)
What’d I Say (4:05)
Peak The Technique (5:53)
Martial Lawv (4:59)
None Of Your Business (5:51)



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