MUDDY WATERS Muddy “Mississippi” Waters Live (1978/2003)

Muddy Mississippi LiveMuddy “Mississippi” Waters Live (2003)
Expanded Set From 1978… With Johnny Winter

From the blues shelf comes this remastered and expanded 2CD edition of one of Muddy’s last albums, Muddy “Mississippi” Waters Live. Produced by Johnny Winter (who also provides some searing electric slide work on a few tracks), this is the third collaboration of the two blues greats for Blue Sky Records. It was a great time for Waters in the late 70s; riding the waves of resurgence, picking up younger fans and garnering a handful of Grammys for his swan song years with Winter. Personally, I like the way this album was reissued, leaving the original album intact on disc one, and adding over an hour of previously unreleased material for disc two – providing older fans with an unchanged listening experience, while giving the money-changers a way to re-issue it all again later as a complete, unedited concert sometime in the future. For those that care, most of these tracks were recorded in August, 1978, with three tracks captured the year before. Oh… just to have a visual image of the black, black Muddy Waters and the white, white Johnny Winter sharing a joint backstage. There’s more Muddy in the archives; Fathers And Sons, The Complete Plantation Recordings and Hoochie Coochie Man (a great 1964 live recording) and One More Mile – Chess Collectibles, Vol. 1. Muddy “Mississippi” Waters Live is available at Amazon.

1 (Original Album)
Mannish Boy (6:06)
She’s Nineteen Years Old (5:18)
Nine Below Zero (5:24)
Streamline Woman (4:40)
Howling Wolf (5:57)
Baby Please Don’t Go (4:08)
Deep Down In Florida (9:48)

2 (Previously Unreleased)
After Hours/Stormy Monday Blues (12:01)
Trouble No More (2:49)
Champagne & Reefer (4:52)
Corrina, Corrina (2:49)
Hoochie Coochie Man (3:10)
She Moves Me (6:19)
Kansas City (9:30)
Pinetop’s Boogie Woogie (4:59)
Mad Love (I Want You To Love Me) (4:16)
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (5:21)
Got My Mojo Working (3:13)


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