HOWLIN’ WOLF Smokestack Lightning – The Complete Chess Masters 1951-1960 (2011)

Smokestack Lightning – Complete Chess Masters 1951-1960 (2011)
Lock The Doors And Hide Your Daughters

Four discs of some of the scariest music ever made. Even if you haven’t ever really listened to Howlin’ Wolf, you’ve been touched by his visions via those inspired Brits who resuscitated Wolf back in the mid 60s. Of course, hearing covers of Wolf’s music is one thing… hearing his haunting vocals is something else altogether. Willie Dixon fans should be on board, too, since he authored many of Wolf’s more well-known sides. Hear this collection’s title track below and click the art for song titles. There’s more Wolf in the archives (HERE). Available at Amazon.


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    Thanks Don. Yeah, I’m familiar with the messages. Files are being scanned and blocked when they match something in the database. Just the way of the world now. I was trying to monitor this post to see if it would happen again, but couldn’t. Thanks for the note.

  • Kevin
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    Any chance of a scan of the booklet that comes with it? I bought the download at Amazon, and neither they nor Chess could be bothered to do so when I asked. Awesome stuff, awesome site. Thanks for all you do.

    • Willard
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      Sorry, I don’t own it.

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    The scanners are scanning audio and can detect a song in the data base in something like 10 seconds.

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    thanks for the Wolf

  • Miles
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    I came to this particular page via your May 2104 posting of the ‘Definitive Remastered HW Collection,’ I was riveted by the great photo that appears on that release which piqued my interest in reading what you had to say about the ‘sessions’ recording.

    I guess I must have missed this ‘Complete’ set when you first shared it, but I thank you for pointing the way. This will help fill in a few holes on my collection. Appreciated.

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