P AND THE REVOLUTION From The Soundboard: 1984 Birthday Show (1984)

From The Soundboard: 1984 Birthday Show (1984)
Some More Live P

Thanks to Francis for recommending this one. Many of Prince’s early boots, especially from the Revolution-era, are a tough listen, but this one captures the band nicely, in a free-form mode live at Paisley Park. Not a whole lot in the way of hits… in fact, Prince warns the attendees in advance that he won’t be indulging their radio desires, so this birthday show offers a great cross-section of the familiar and the obscure. Like most of P’s music during this era, this is beat-heavy dance music, and Prince begins most of the performances with extended beats, unafraid to take his time to get the groove to his liking. He sings his balls off on “Something In The Water.” Introduces new Revolution member Wendy, and works extended versions of “Erotic City” and “When Doves Cry.” We’ve got more P in the archives, HERE.

Shortberry Strawcake (PA) + Drums Check (0:57)
17 Days (5:24)
Our Destiny (3:24)
Roadhouse Garden (4:45)
Interlude (1:21)
All Day, All Night (5:42)
Free (4:40)
Noon Rendezvous (9:02)
Erotic City (8:32)
Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) (10:10)
When Doves Cry (11:38)
Happy Birthday Interlude (2:27)
Irresistible Bitch (6:08)
Possessed (5:49)


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    Search HERE

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    Excellent rarity!

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    Thanks for this – excellent stuff.

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    You da bomb! A great era for the purple one, and his idiosyncrasies are what make it Prince. Thank you.

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    A fantastic listen and what a shock when it appeared so recently!

    Though they lack the fan-boy set lists of this disc, the sound quality of the boots The Making of Rain and First Avenue ’83 (The Time) are very good and the basis for some of the Purple Rain movie tracks.


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      Thanks. I should hunt down that Time. I don’t own any… but love ’em. Saw them when they opened for P on the 1999 LP tour and they smoked.

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        The best band I ever saw…though by my stop (LA) of the 1999 Tour they were not there anymore.

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    Thank You,I can’t wait to hear this.

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    That’s a great version of “Erotic City.”

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    Roadhouse Garden was to appear on the album “Roadhouse Garden” worked in 1998-99 but never released by P and the Revolution. This is the only recording of it released.
    Other songs from this period were:
    Witness 4 The Prosecution, Splash, All My Dreams, In A Large Room With No Light, Empty Room, and Wonderful Ass…

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    Thanks for the P !!

    Can’t have to much …………

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    I caught his birthday show in 1986 in Louisville, KY of all places- a surprise show (Mazerati opened, and the Revolution was still together at that point) that they announced maybe 24 hours prior. They brought him cake during the encore. I went straight up from work and was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans; I kinda felt a little out of place among what seemed like a crowd full of finely clad (in that Princely mid-80’s style) people!

    Wish someone had a boot of that one out there…

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      This show is available on the City Lights Volume 5 – Parade Tour.
      Well worth hunting down. It’s a fab set.

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    Thanks for this fantastic post. Brilliant

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