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Apparently, I was buying a lot of blues back in 1993, as you might tell from some previous posts, I guess because Chess was releasing a lot of it that year. The Essential Little Walter collects the best from the blues harpist’s career, with remastered sound (as of ’93) and a nifty informative booklet. Most of these tracks are the original 45 versions, mixed with a handful of previously unreleased tracks, providing all you need if you’re just looking to get your feet wet with Walt. 2CDs, 46 tracks and lots of stompin’ Chicago blues. Find it at Amazon, HERE.

Juke (Single Version) (2:46)
Can’t Hold Out Much Longer (Single Version) (3:01)
Boogie (3:02)
Blue Midnight (Alt.) (3:03)
Mean Old World (Single Version) (2:55)
Sad Hours (Single Version) (3:13)
Don’t Need No Horse (3:16)
Tell Me Mama (Single Version) (2:49)
Off The Wall (Single Version) (2:52)
Quarter To Twelve (Single Version) (3:13)
Blues With A Feeling (Single Version) (3:08)
Too Late (Single Version) (2:42)
Fast Boogie (2:53)
Lights Out (Single Version) (2:46)
Fast Large One (2:51)
You’re So Fine (Single Version) (3:05)
Oh Baby (Single Version) (2:46)
I Got To Find My Baby (Single Version) (2:49)
Last Night (First Version) (2:55)
You Better Watch Yourself (Single Version) (3:05)
Mellow Down Easy (Single Version) (2:43)
My Babe (Single Version) (2:42)
Roller Coaster (Single Version) (2:54)
Little Girl (3:04)

Hate To See You Go (Single Version) (2:19)
Boom, Boom Out Goes The Light (Single Version) (2:51)
It Ain’t Right (Single Version) (2:55)
It’s Too Late Brother (Single Version) (2:42)
Just A Feeling (Single Version) (2:54)
Ah’w Baby (2:54)
I’ve Had My Fun (2:14)
Confessin’ The Blues (Single Version) (3:04)
Key To The Highway (Single Version) (2:46)
Walkin’ On (2:37)
You Gonna Be Sorry (Someday Baby) (Alt.) (3:08)
Crazy Mixed Up World (Single Version) (2:01)
Worried Life (2:42)
Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Single Version) (2:50)
Back Track (Single Version) (2:50)
Blue And Lonesome (Single Version) (2:56)
I Don’t Play (Single Version) (2:19)
As Long As I Have You (Single Version) (2:40)
Just Your Fool (Single Version) (2:25)
Up The Line (Single Version) (2:08)
Southern Feeling (2:59)
Dead Presidents (Single Version) (2:50)


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    Thanks, & Happy New Year. I always find great stuff on this site. Keep up the good work.

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    Little Walter is the single most influential figure in the development of amplified harp as a lynchpin blues instrument. thanks not only for this but all the blues posted here.

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    Magnificent. Thanks.


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