ANTON FIER Dreamspeed (1994) – Golden Palominos Mainstay

Dreamspeed (1994)
Only Solo Album From A Longtime Vet

For an unfamiliar name, Anton Fier’s resume is a mouth-watering read. Drummer for The Feelies, The Lounge Lizards & Pere Ubu (among others), and session work with the likes of John Zorn, Laurie Anderson and Herbie Hancock (among many others). Fier earned his rep, however, as the chief instigator and mainstay of the NYC avant-collective, The Golden Palominos, a richly inventive, free-wheeling con-fab that has, since 1981, hosted a dizzying number of alt superstars, including Bill Laswell, Buckethead, Michael Stipe, Richard Thompson, T-Bone Burnett, Nicky Skopelitis, Bernie Worrell, and dozens of other highly evolved creative types. So it’s odd that Feir has only released one solo album, 1993’s Dreamspeed (alongside an expanded edition entitled, Dreamspeed/Blindlight 1992-1994) G. Palomino fans will find this set reassuring, as Dreamspeed follows a similar, electronically enhanced, beat-based blueprint that Fier has occasionally indulged in on a few Palominos titles (Drunk With Passion, This Is How It Feels, Pure). It’s a loosely hypnotic set of mesmerizing grooves and druggy backbeats, filtered through all manner of instrumental coloring, this time by bassist Laswell, guitarist Buckethead and vocalist Phew – whose whispered, disembodied vox is reminiscent of Fier’s work with Lori Carson (HERE), strained through some Oriental cum Berlin ghost world. Dreamspeed‘s @ Amazon, HERE.

Dreamspeed (5:47)
Being And Time (3:22)
Emotional Smear (1:45)
Cloud Without Water (8:37)
Time Function (5:34)
A Vague Sense Of Order (Bloody Miles Mix) (9:44)
Never Come Morning (5:49)
Dreamspeed (Realm Of The Senseless Mix) (14:23)
A Vague Sense Of Order (6:03)


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  • G
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    Hello Captain
    Once again – amazed at the library on The Boat a/o in the Wormhole – nice to see mention of The Golden Palominos – for those who aren’t or weren’t aware – Fier worked, last year or so, on a project with Kevin Kinney and it is/was titled “A Good Country Mile” and it was listed as Kevin Kinney & The Golden Palominos and Fier and the, can I call it, some of the Syd Straw ‘version’ of the GoPals had a 2 gig reunion/show in NYC a few years back. I would have loved to have been the so called fly in the studio, years back, when the Fier, Arto Lindsay, Bill Laswell, Nicky Skopelitis and Bernie Worrell were concocting their first few albums. Fier has also put out another solo, of sorts, release called – it was the soundtrack for a film that I’ve never seen and – “The Photographer’s Wife” – credited to Stina Nordenstam and Laswell also appears on that recording. Speaking of Fier and Arto Lindsay -you can’t neglect to mention Fier’s brief time with The Lounge Lizards.
    Thanks for your service!

    • Willard
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      Yeah I saw that Kinney release when I was poking around. Apparently it was a Kickstarter project. That’s a weird combo, but Fier is kinda fearless in that regard.

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