Phantom From Space (1953)

PHANTOM FROM SPACE (1953) An early template for a hundred future drive-in cheapies, making liberal use of stock military footage and a serious, documentary-style voice over to tell the tale of UFO landing in Santa Monica. High quality space movies were all the rage in the very early 50s, and this kind of movie is what they spawned, low-budget knock-offs with none of the late-40s noir-ish style of the films that inspired them. The spaceman himself is low-rent, looking like a deep-sea diver, which is how everyone describes him. For some reason the flat foots don’t buy it. He’s also headless and becomes invisible when he sheds his suit. The beginning is weak, but the acting and interplay gets better as it goes along. The film stock itself is its biggest drawback. The music score isn’t bad either, using a theremin, or something that sounds like one, with colorful and animated cues, though, they’re kind of generic and forgettable… like those old serial adventures. Dialog Alert: “How would you feel if somebody with a crazy helmet with pipes sticking out of it came at you in the dark?” New Movies, Fridays ‘Round Midnight.

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