The Night The World Exploded (1957)

The_Night_the_World_ExplodedTHE NIGHT THE WORLD EXPLODED (1957) A fitting last Friday Night Drive-In Movie, allowing us all to enjoy tonight’s Mayan-predicted end of the world on our computers and iPads, instead of having to watch the actual carnage and mayhem outside  our windows. Imagine, however, though some freak of nature, that it’s this move, The Night The World Exploded, that stands as the only remaining document of our world’s existence. Future generations will believe that this is how it all went down, and that people, by their very nature, walked and talked in a wooden, artificial manner. Further, they’ll note that the sultry, quietly smoldering, Mary-Ann-ish, Kathryn Grant, not only stands tall at the end of time, but also got the film’s lead billing… even while routinely making coffee for the guys. So Earth’s survivors will see all this and come to believe that it was women that actually ran things (or, at least, the film industry) and… even looked good while doing it. So maybe, when new governments are formed, we might even be able to avoid a repeat of the GOP. Of course, this earthquake/end of the world scenario is all mere speculation. As good as this movie looks (a beautifully crisp B&W print) it was still filmed on the cheap, mostly at Carlsbad Caverns. In reality, though, this is a well-made cheapie, even if the plot –  scientists looking at rocks to predict earthquakes – is the driest of source material. Dialog Alert: “Boy, it sure is something about all these earthquakes.” Find the DVD at AMAZON. New Movies Every Friday, ‘Round Midnight (Maybe).

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