Devil Girl From Mars (1954)

Devil_Girl_From_Mars_posterDEVIL GIRL FROM MARS (1954) A “meteor” falls near an Inn in some remote Scottish shire, but – as you might surmise from the title – it turns out to be part of a spaceship commandeered by a leather-clad, dominatrix from Mars, looking for men to replace the ones lost in the war-between-the-sexes back on the 4th stone from the sun. She talks a lot, mostly to pompously show off her species’ superiority, and has a habit of dramatically entering and exiting a room, leaving the puny Earthlings to continually debate their next move. She also looks eerily like a youthful, Nazi version of Agnes Moorehead. The Inn’s Brit babes are attractive but reserved, while the American journalist is stereotypically a fast-talking booze hound. The Martian robot is laughable, and has been reported to be an actual working robot built by the film’s producers. But that’s just not possible, as it’s painfully obvious there’s a guy walking around in there. It’s still surprising how seriously the Brits took the art of low-budget sci-fi in the 50s, playing the most absurd premise with straight-laced, stiff upper lip resolve. The music score is pleasingly offbeat and ominous. EXCLAMATION MARKED TAG LINE: Sights Too Weird To Imagine! DIALOG ALERT:Hello… Hello, HELLO! Here I am with a flying saucer in my lap, not to mention an escaped convict, and I can’t get the phone to work.” Find Devil Girl From Mars at Amazon, HERE New Movies, Fridays ‘Round Midnight.

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