MI0000108307Mighty (1995)
Experimentalist Elliott Sharp Plays The Blues

Guitarist Elliott Sharp is most known for experimental outings that are characteristic of the late-20th century “downtown” New York scene, but he has also expressed a deep love for the blues. Even so, Hoosegow – which features Sharp on guitars and Queen Esther on vocals – will surprise much of his audience. Queen Esther and Sharp wrote all but one of the songs on their debut Mighty, which is rooted in the classic Chicago electric blues sound, although there is no instrumentation except for Sharp’s guitars and Esther’s vocals. Sharp proves himself to be quite the virtuoso on stinging blues guitar, and Esther a capable (though not thrilling) singer. The material is more restless and impressionistic than much contemporary blues, refusing to fall into good-timey clichés. It’s just off-kilter enough to confuse traditional blues fans, and may be too traditional and accessible for Sharp’s usual constituency.” – The All Music Guide. Only pennies at Amazon, HERE.

Mighty (3:38)
Dead Or Alive (3:02)
Trouble (3:57)
Junky Heaven (3:39)
You Never Can Tell (3:32)
Later (4:54)
Is It Any Wonder? (4:34)
Over My Shoulder (4:22)
Are You Waiting For Me? (3:55)
Intuition (4:48)
William’s Lamentation (2:45)
Myopia (3:36)
I’m Ready (3:25)



  • Anonymous
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    To be an innovator you have to be well-versed in the traditions of the past and that description certainly suits E#. -dandor

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    thanks – steve

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    Search HERE

  • slovenlyeric
    October 25, 2011 - 12:04 | Permalink

    Elliot Sharp did a number of different takes on the blues inclulding his Terraplane project.

    The recent 3 C.D. release on Intakt is marvelous as are his Sharp, MonK! and Octal records.

    I believe that this was one of the last Homestead Records. I often joke that he is the kiss of death for a record label as he recorded for SST, Homestead, Enemy, Knitting Factory, and a few others that went out of business shortly after he started recording with them. Its just coincidence and says more about the tough period we have been living through than anything about his work which is actually very good.

    • Willard
      October 25, 2011 - 12:45 | Permalink

      Funny. Considering how outside his work often is, it’s surprising he’s gotten so many chances over the years (which speaks to his talent). This is his only acoustic blues release, though (I think).

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    Thanks mucho for this Y Feliz Navivdad tambien to all….

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    Thanks Willard!
    Merry Xmas!

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    Thanks for this one, great blues. And all the best for 2014 of course!

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