DONOVAN Open Road (1970)

Open Road (1970)
Donovan’s White Album

Though far from Donovan’s best release, Open Road should surely be considered one of his more genuine albums. Gone are the superstar players like Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck (who served him well on a string of psychedelic folk LPs in the late 60s), and in their place is Donovan’s only official “band,” Open Road. Released in 1970, the self-produced Open Road came across as a return to form that Donovan never really had before, featuring stripped arrangements with a hint of Celt, free of psych effects and studio crafted atmospherics. It’s still, however, an unmistakably Donovan record from start to finish, featuring a likable and consistent, beat-based, spontaneously live folk style… even producing a minor hit in “Riki Tiki Tavi,” which offers a reminder of the era’s governmental mistrust. Note the dreamy, Beatle-esque melody Donovan introduces, then instantly abandons, at tune’s end. This 2000 reissue is at Amazon.

Song for John
Curry Land
Joe Bean’s Theme
People Used To
Celtic Rock
Riki Tiki Tavi
Clara Clairvoyant
Roots of Oak
Season of Farewell
Poke at the Pope
New Year’s Resolution



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