Dylan Hears A Who (2007)

Dylan Hears A Who FrontDylan Hears A Who (2007)
Dr. Seuss Via Dr. Zimmerman Parody

You probably know the story. It surfaced last year on a web page – a mixture of Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 style and Dr. Seuss’ other-worldly visions. Beyond that, it really all comes down to whether you get the (well done) joke or not. Apparently, Dr. Seuss’ estate didn’t, as reports surfaced that there were legal ramblings afoot over the use of the Doc’s words. Dylan didn’t seem to care one way or the other. Since the original web page has now been “retired,” here are the site’s original MP3s for your amusement.

Oh, The Things You Can Think! (4:39)
Green Eggs And Ham (3:43)
Miss Gertrude McFuzz (10:23)
McElligot’s Pool (9:11)
Too Many Daves (3:06)
The Zax (5:07)
The Cat In The Hat (12:37)


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    Search HERE

  • Kwai Chang
    July 10, 2012 - 02:22 | Permalink

    (“Bob hears a Mouse”???)
    Mouse And The Traps: The Fraternity Years-
    (A Pubic Execution was on Nuggets)

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    This seems too good a thing to pass by….should be fun….many thanks for another superb share…cheers.

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    Ted Cruz needs to hear this….Thanks Willard!

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