JULES SHEAR Unplug This (1991)

Unplug This (1991)
Promo Only Live In The Studio CD

Unplug This is a promo only CD from 1991 that was an attempt by Polydor Records (promoting Shear’s label debut, The Great Puzzle) to connect the dots for those not attuned to Shear’s unique appeal. What you get here are 8 great Shear compositions, all performed solo and live in the studio. For fans, no more need be said. The joint composition with The Band’s Rick Danko, “Never Again Or Forever,” was, at the time, unavailable anywhere else. Shear’s 1989 acoustic album, The Third Party (with Marty Willson-Piper of The Church) led to Shear’s hosting the 1st year of MTV’s Unplugged.

Following Every Finger
All Through the Night
Whispering Your Name

If She Knew What She Wants

If We Never Meet Again

Jewel In a Cobweb

Sad Sound of the Wind

Never Again Or Forever


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    I've just discovered Mr Shear lately and so it's just great to find this.
    Big thanks.

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    Had this on a tape years ago. Thanks for the post!

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