GARTH HUDSON Our Lady Queen Of The Angels (1980)

Our Lady Queen Of The Angels (1980/2005)
The Band’s Keyboardist Goes Space

“In 1980, artist and designer Tony Duquette prepared a special installation at the Los Angeles Museum of Science and Industry and asked Garth Hudson, best known as the magisterial keyboard player with The Band, to compose and record some music for the occasion. Hudson responded with a nearly hour-long tone poem which comprised some of the most striking and adventurous music of his life; the recording was issued on a cassette-only edition sold at the exhibit which quickly fell out of circulation, but this long-overdue CD reissue should be a real eye-opener for those familiar with Hudson’s roots-leaning music with The Band. For the most part Our Lady Queen of the Angels is dominated by spare, atmospheric keyboard textures, with massed vocals used to add mystery and resonance to the instrumental beds and horns, pedal steel guitar, and even bird songs punctuating Hudson’s soundscapes. There are moments here that suggest the influence of Brian Eno’s ambient compositions and flashes of angular abstraction, but the playful undertow of Hudson’s best known work is also audible. Also included is a recitation of poetry from Ray Bradbury by Charlton Heston (yep, the movie star) and backing vocals from Richard Manuel. A very pleasant surprise, Our Lady Queen Of The Angels confirms Hudson’s status as a master of his instrument while suggesting his gifts as a composer and arranger have been seriously shortchanged over the years.” – The All Music Guide

Music For Our Lady Queen Of The Angels (11:01)
Poetic Invocation (10:46)
Music For The Garden Of The Angels (7:24)
Music For Our Lady Queen Of The Angels, Pt 2 (10:50)
Music For The Garden Of The Angels, Pt 2 (7:05)
Music For Our Lady Queen Of The Angels (Reprise) (10:39)



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