RICHARD THOMPSON Five Live Box, Volume Three

Richard Thompson Five Live Box3ARichard Thompson Five Live Box 3B2
Five Live Box, Volume Three
Five More Unreleased Thompson Gigs

Another five live shows from Richard Thompson. All sound fantastic, and this one is the best of the lot. Included here is Richard’s entire 1992 performance at St. Anne’s Church. As fans know, the St. Anne’s show was RT’s joint appearance with Talking Heads’ David Byrne, and these files sound better than those half-Thompson/half-Byrne, abbreviated set downloads you often see. This is Thompson’s full solo set, along with the encore tunes performed together with Byrne. Volume Three also offers two RT Band shows, one from 1986, the next from 21 years later. In the Paradiso radio broadcast from 2007, the Thompson Band’s devastatingly direct anti-war indictment, “Dad’s Gonna Kill Me” (as in Baghdad’s gonna kill me), rockets along like an ominous Highway 61 Revisited outtake. The 1990 Veteran’s Memorial Hall solo gigs are fantastic, with both early and late shows (and completely different set lists). We’ve got more RT in the archives, including the refurbished and re-upped Gathered Tracks, Volumes 1-8. Get four more Five Live Box Sets (HERE).

The Paradise, Boston, MA – November 11, 1986
A Man In Need (3:33
Valerie (3:45)
When The Spell Is Broken (7:54)
You Don’t Say (4:53)
Like A Man (5:38)
Wall Of Death (3:50)
Long Dead Love (9:15)
Al Bowlly’s In Heaven (6:35)
The White Friars Hornpipe/Shreds And Patches (5:11)
Fire In The Engine Room (4:22)
Home Is Where The Heart Is (4:46)
Shoot Out The Lights (6:53)
Tear Stained Letter (6:57)
The End Of The Rainbow (4:36)
A Bone Through Her Nose (7:43)
Jennie (6:40)
The Angels Took My Racehorse Away (9:05)
Warm Love Gone Cold (8:34)
She Twists The Knife Again (4:36)
Devonside (4:25)
Mind Your Own Business (3:30)
Open Fire (8:19)
Everything Looks Black Against The Snow (5:39)
Missie How You Let Me Down (4:18)
Valerie (3:31)
Nearly In Love (5:37)
Bird Town (4:27)

Veteran’s Memorial Hall, Staten Island, NY – June 30, 1990
Early Show
I Misunderstood (5:36
1952 Vincent Black Lightning (5:27)
How Will I Ever Be Simple Again (4:22)
Two Left Feet (5:12)
Why Must I Plead (4:33)
Now That I Am Dead (6:04)
Jerusalem On The Jukebox (4:21)
She Moves Through The Fair (5:46)
Can’t Win (6:26)
Pharaoh (5:18)
The Days Of Our Lives (4:36)
Just The Motion (3:37)
Time To Ring Some Changes (4:15)
Valerie (4:31)
Al Bowlly’s in Heaven (5:08)

Late Show
When The Spell Is Broken (7:14
Waltzing’s For Dreamers (4:37)
How Many Times (4:32)
I Feel So Good (3:59)
Turning Of The Tide (3:27)
Down Where The Drunkards Roll (5:27)
Intro To Psycho Street (1:54)
Psycho Street (5:01)
Rockin’ In Rhythm (3:37)
Devonside (3:44)
Wall Of Death (3:38)
Shoot Out The Lights (5:09)
High School Confidential (3:35)
Willy O’ Winsbury (5:49)
The Killing Jar (5:26)
Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me (4:09)
Genesis Hall (4:00)
Woman Or A Man (2:30)

St. Anne’s Church, Brooklyn, NY – March 24, 1992
I Ride In Your Slipstream (5:37
I Misunderstood (6:40)
1952 Vincent Black Lightning (4:59)
Shoot Out The Lights (5:30)
I Feel So Good (3:08)
King Of Bohemia (4:31)
Now That I Am Dead (4:52)
Pharaoh (4:47)
She Twists The Knife Again (4:08)
She Moves Through The Fair (4:02)
Turning Of The Tide (4:02)
Shake, Rattle & Roll (3:54)
Who Were You Thinking Of/96 Tears (5:37) (with David Byrne)
Dirty Old Town (3:30) (with David Byrne)
Psycho Killer (4:36) (with David Byrne)

Fetzer Vineyards, Hopland, CA – June 27, 1997
Intro (1:28)
Turning Of The Tide
Bathsheba Smiles (4:53)
From Galway To Graceland (4:03)
I Feel So Good (4:07)
The Ghost Of You Walks (4:49)
Hamlet (Dog Eat Dog In Denmark) (5:33)
Drifting Through The Days (3:43)
1952 Vincent Black Lightning (6:48)
Pharaoh (6:08)
Don’t Sit On My Jimmy Shands (5:10)
Hide It Away (4:33)
Wall Of Death (3:22)
Razor Dance (3:06)
Beeswing (5:51)
I Misunderstood (4:15)
Walking On A Wire (4:55)
Two Left Feet (6:13)
Waltzing’s For Dreamers (3:43)
Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me (8:18)

Paradiso, Amsterdam, Netherlands – October 9, 2007
Introduction (0:53)
Dad’s Gonna Kill Me
I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight (4:02)
Al Bowlly’s In Heaven (7:08)
1952 Vincent Black Lightning (5:46)
Who Knows Where The Time Goes (5:00)
One Door Opens (4:14)
I’ll Never Give It Up (3:51)
Mingulay Boat Song (4:35)
A Man In Need (3:33)
A Bone Through Her Nose (5:42)
Wall Of Death (3:48)
Read About Love (4:25)
Sunset Song (5:41)
Radio Announcer (0:28)
Mr. Stupid (2:46)


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