RICHARD THOMPSON Five Live Box, Volume Four

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Five Live Box, Volume Four
Can Your Hard Drive Stand The Stress?

Actually, Volume Three was supposed to be the big climax for this box series. But, we’re also sitting these shows, so you might as well have them, too, right? The complete ’88 Fillmore West show is OK, but a bit maddening. The quality is good, but the handful of acoustic numbers are frustratingly quiet, not to mention the lengthy segments of tuning and silence between songs. Henry Kaiser joins RTB for a few rousing tunes, though. The Bayou tapes reveal yet another high energy, late-80s gig. It’s a radio station broadcast from WHSF (in the DC area) that we only have thanks to Camarillo Brillo (a.k.a. PhotoHop), who first posted his original open reel/cassette recording of this show years ago, upgrading it for us in 2015. Both shows at Ella Guru’s are standouts, as RT performs some interesting covers, ranging from The Bonzo Dog Band’s “Mickey’s Son And Daughter” and The Zombies’ “She’s Not There,” to The Who’s “Substitute,” among others. The Town & Country performance is an abbreviated, but lively, ban radio performance. Richard & Danny at Jake’s is excellent, while Danny Thompson’s “stand-up” spot is a hoot. There’s plenty more RT in the archives, including four more Five Live Box Sets (HERE).

The Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA – October 12, 1988
Don’t Tempt Me (4:57)
Gypsy Love Songs (8:49)
Valerie (3:27)
When The Spell Is Broken (7:32)
Two Left Feet (5:16)
Al Bowlly’s In Heaven (5:36)
Waltzing’s For Dreamers (6:19)
Here Without You (4:52)
Turning Of The Tide (5:34)
A Bone Through Her Nose (8:49)
Pepper In The Brandy/The Seven Coloured Linnet (4:59)
Wall Of Death (4:03)
Jennie (6:00)
The Angels Took My Racehorse Away (5:34)
Can’t Win (8:14)
Jerusalem On The Jukebox (with Henry Kaiser) (7:04)
Nearly In Love (with Henry Kaiser) (6:19)
I Still Dream (5:41)
Crash The Party (8:28)
Slow Down (with Henry Kaiser) (7:27)

The Bayou, Washington, DC – November 7, 1988
WHFS Introduction (1:01)
A Bone Through Her Nose (8:00)
Tuning (0:52)
Shoot Out The Lights (6:25)
Banter (1:41)
Two Left Feet (4:20)
Tuning (0:56)
Al Bowlly’s In Heaven (6:09)
Pharaoh (4:39)
Instrumental (2:15)
Ghost In The Wind (7:02)
Banter (2:20)
Pepper In The Brandy/The Seven Coloured Linnet (4:44)
You Can’t Win (8:57)
Banter (1:18)
I Still Dream (5:23)
A Man In Need (3:34)
Nearly in Love (4:11)
Tear Stained Letter (7:48)
Encore Applause (1:04)
Crash The Party (7:22)

Ella Guru’s, Knoxville, TN – February 26, 1990
Early Show
I Misunderstood (4:26)
1952 Vincent Black Lightning (5:49)
Shoot Out The Lights (7:01)
Waltzing’s For Dreamers (5:23)
Two Left Feet (5:27)
Pharaoh (5:10)
Jerusalem On The Jukebox (4:30)
Mickey’s Son And Daughter (3:08)
Banish Misfortune (3:49)
High School Confidential (3:40)
The Killing Jar (5:02)
Wall Of Death (3:18)
Willy O’ Winsbury (6:18)
Valerie (4:58)
Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (8:19)
Mind Your Own Business (3:40)

Late Show

A Bone Through Her Nose (4:09)
Reckless Kind (4:35)
Push And Shove (5:23)
Mrs. Rita (5:15)
Turning Of The Tide (3:09)
I Still Dream (4:33)
Psycho Street (8:36)
How Many Times (4:03)
When The Spell Is Broken (6:20)
The Old Changing Way (4:05)
Woman Or A Man (1:57)
Oh I Swear (4:20)
She Twist The Knife Again (2:59)
Can’t Win (5:13)
Hickory Wind (with Julian Dawson) (6:20)
She’s Not There (with Julian Dawson) (4:11)
Substitute (4:35)

The Town & Country Club, London – August 18, 1991
Read About Love (3:37)
Backlash Love Affair (4:50)
Gypsy Love Songs (6:31)
Keep Your Distance (4:28)
Tear Stained Letter (7:16)
1952 Vincent Black Lightning (5:20)
I Misunderstood (4:12)
I Feel So Good (3:34)
Valerie (3:42)
Mystery Wind (8:33)
Mother Knows Best (5:31)

Jake’s, Bloomington, Indiana – May 17, 1993
Introduction (0:31)
Easy There, Steady Now (5:25)
Mingus Eyes (4:43)
Introduction To Two Left Feet (1:17)
Two Left Feet (6:23)
Audience Participation (2:19)
Shoot Out The Lights (5:31)
Taking My Business Elsewhere (4:34)
I Feel So Good (3:45)
Introduction To MGB-GT (2:25)
MGB-GT (4:32)
Al Bowlly’s In Heaven (8:22)
Don’t Sit On My Jimmy Shands (4:10)
Waltzing’s For Dreamers (4:16)
1952 Vincent Black Lightning (5:36)
Ghosts In The Wind (6:50)
Read About Love (3:38)
I Misunderstood (6:44)
Valerie (5:41)
Danny Thompson Speaks (5:13)
In Memory Of Jan (5:10)
Don’t Roll Those Bloodshot Eyes At Me (5:13)


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    This series (and the Gathered Tracks sets) and amazing, as is RT. While I’m sure I have a lot of these sets in my own archives, it’s nice to have them all tother in one place.


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    hey there willard – just spent last three days or so stocking up on ol’ Richard here, and Gathered Tracks there.. for my old age, you know… fast approaching I fear.. saw somewhere else an exchange with you that mentioned 45 years of your record collecting, 50 for your correspondent.. i’d have to admit to 55 or so.. bought my first 45rpm at about 5 years old.. talk about addictions, eh…? been to woodstock, altamont, fillmore east in nyc so many times i cain’t recall. the magic just never stops working, does it… it’s an incredible thing to me to find others with such obvious dedication and love for all the siren songs, and words here only barely estimate the appreciation and respect for all you’ve put into your site. thar’s diamonds down them warmholes.. thank you just doesn’t say enough, but for now it’s got to suffice, and please know it comes from the heart and soul. have a stockpile going back to the beginnings of recorded sound here, all thru the decades.. ever looking for something, don’t hesitate to ask. it would please me enormously. and again thanks for richard.. into son teddy at all? the guy’s voice is astounding.. try youtube ‘water is wide’ from pete’s 90th birthday, with the sublime emmylou harris and incomparable mcgarrigle clan. ok that’s it. sorry to bend your ear. many many thanks, good guy..

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      That’s very kind, many thanks. You’re lucky to have lived in the NY area to witness all that shit first hand. Thanks again.

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